Dream a Little Dream By: Kang Ta’s Baby


  • a JyongWon (Jiyong x Jiwon) short story
  • completed

WARNING: contains mature content

JiYong’s P.O.V (Point Of View)

I was never able to get my head out of the clouds. I was always daydreaming about something or other..never paying attention when I suppost to be. That got me in trouble a lot of times. But other times, when I could, my mind would drift off into my only other favorite thought, Jiwon. Oh I could never get him out of my head. It didn’t help that he was around me almost twenty-four hours a day. He lived right next door to me, we went to the same grammar school, same middle school, same high school and now even same collage where we shared a dorm room together. Somewhere around my high school years I started to figure out that he was more then my best friend. I wanted to be with him so bad. But I knew he was straight.

Or rather I thought he was.

One day clear out of the blue, I see him hugging this short little mass of hair. I looked at it strangely until the mass of hair lifted up and I saw it was a really pretty girl. Already use to the idea that Jiwon was straight I went over to them as I said hi. Jiwon looked up and smiled his pretty smile as he said, “Jiyong, I want you to meet my Hoonie.” Hoonie?

I thought it was a really weird pet name. I didn’t say anything though and set of huge hazel eyes looked up at me as they said hi. A rather husky voice…then as my eyes traveled down I noticed no chest…hmm really flat girl? Must be underdeveloped…but then again by her age she looked like she was still in middle school. Was Jiwon robbing the cradle? I really thought my hyung was a pedaphile for a second. Even more then so when I realized the girl had a lump in her throat…a big lump…an Adam’s apple? That’s when I finally noticed it wasn’t a girl but a rather, feminine looking guy. My Jiwon’s “Hoonie” was actually Sung Hoon and they had been going out for months.

My heart was crushed. All that time I was so sure Jiwon would reject me because of my gender…and it turns out he would have liked my gender. It didn’t make things any easier when Sung Hoon would come to our dorm and make Jiwon play with him as they laughed and talked and ran around the room and crashed about. I was always trying to study…and I would get mad because Sung Hoon was loud. His laughing was loud, his giggling was loud, his whining was loud even his appearance was loud. He couldn’t stay quiet for more then ten seconds. It made me want to ring his pretty neck. Okay so I was jealous. He had my Jiwon and I wasn’t suppost to be jealous? I never understood what Jiwon saw in him anyway…he was too pretty for my taste. As the months rolled by and my jealousy towards Sung Hoon only grew, I started having these wonderful dreams.

Sometimes I’d even go to bed early in hope I could another dream. They were of course about Jiwon. Where else could my fantasies come true other then my head? I would dream that he would be in my room sucking the life out me, leaving me utterly breathless as he would touch my face and whisper things I could never remember the next morning. He would touch me in places I could only dream he’d touch me in, and it would feel so real I could swear it was really happening. I’d remain motionless though, just allowing him to do all these things to me. It would feel so good too. I could imagine what he’d smell like too. Sometimes he’d smell like his cologne, other times he’d smell fresh and clean like he just got out of the shower or something.

But these dreams had side-effects too. I’d wake up with the most painful hard-on that I could barely walk.

I couldn’t stand watching them together though. Sung Hoon would whine and be a big baby to Jiwon. And Jiwon put it up with it. In fact I think he liked it. But because of my

dreams, I started hallucinating that suddenly Jiwon was looking at me with lust in his eyes…sometimes his touch would linger on a little longer, his hug got a little tighter, his mouth always got closer to my ear when he spoke…but it couldn’t be. He had Sung Hoon….it was just those damn dreams again. One day as him and his “Hoonie” where laying on the couch watching a movie, I got home from class and Sung Hoon stood up as he said in his overly cheerful manner hi to me. He was way too perky for the day I had. I just waved and went to my room. As I contemplated the equation of f(x)=sin x/tan x while I had to find dy/dx, I heard sounds coming from outside. They distracted me for a few more seconds before I went back to my book and continued chewing on my pencil eraser. I was jogging some notes down as I heard the sounds again…then I realized what it was. I told you…Sung Hoon is loud.

They were having sex right now! I turned a million shades of red as I tried not to listen to it. But with Sung Hoon’s groans, his pleas and begs and his ‘Oh, God!’ being shouted over and over again, it was kinda hard to concentrate.

Finally I turned off my lights as I threw my books down on the floor and pulled the blankets of my unmade bed over my head and pulled the pillow over that, trying to drown out Sung Hoon. But even through my pillows and blankets I could hear them still going at it. Damn they had some stamina! Finally I just gave up and pulled my head up from under the covers and listened. I could do nothing else. The groans, the shouts, the creaks coming from the bed all became a pattern of sound. It was interesting to know how long Jiwon could go on. And after a half hour, I heard what had to be the shout heard ’round the world, and then silence. Finally peace and quiet. I turned to my side and got ready for my own little time of pleasure. It started the same way as usual, Jiwon’s heavy body on top of mine. He was kissing me so that when he pulled away my mouth hurt from the pressure, I was breathless and dazed but I always wanted more. I could feel his body right on top of me as he grounded his body right on top of my lap.

He was straddling me as he held me down with his hands on my shoulders. My arms, as always laid lifelessly beside me as he did this to me…but I didn’t care. He would reach down and pull up my T-shirt I wore for bed as I fondled my chest, rubbed his hips and took my breath away. Then his lips moved away from mine as I gave a gasp of disappointment and wanted them to return. He made me sit up as he took off my shirt and then laid me back down as he got off me and pulled my boxers down. I let him of course. As he fondled me over and over again, rubbing his hand hard on my body I gave a moan and I cried out from frustration. I drew my legs up, wanting him to take me right there and then, but he didn’t. Great even in my own dream I was being rejected.

He continued kissing me until I felt I had no more strength left. Then I could feel his fingers probe deep inside me and it gave me back all my strength ten fold. He started to pump my arousal as he explored my insides making me arch my back and turn slightly wanting release, loving what he was doing because it was Jiwon, my Jiwon that was doing it.

Finally I came and I shook violently as he slowly let me go. I felt his lips on me once more as he then disappeared my dream ended.

The next morning when I woke up I felt a little achy. My arms were a little sore and so were my legs. As I sat up from my bed rubbing my face I felt a draft and I looked down and saw my shirt was gone. I looked over on the floor and there it was, along with my boxers. Damn…was my dream that real that I stripped myself? I then pulled my sheets back and saw my own semen sticking to me and my sheets and it kinda grossed me out. I got out of bed and put on my boxers as I started to walk to my door. I felt so achy.

And I actually hurt a little…but it was just a dream…like all the others. I refused to believe anything else. I put my T-shirt back on as I slowly walked out of my room and headed to the kitchen were I saw Sung Hoon sitting at the table. He was wearing my Jiwon’s T-shirt like an oversized nightgown as Jiwon stood in front of the stove cooking while he was wearing his blue flannel pajama pants and nothing else. Sung Hoon looked up at me as he smiled and said good morning. I waved as I sat down and asked for a cup of coffee. Suddenly Sung Hoon began wooing at me as he said, “Looks like someone got a little action.”

I didn’t know what he meant so I looked at him as if he was stupid and ignored his comment. Jiwon turned with a frying pan in his hand as he looked a me and smiled then began giving Sung Hoon his breakfast. I didn’t know what they smiling at me for so I got up and walked over to the toaster as I picked it up and used it as a mock-mirror. I saw on my bottom lip a collection of bruises. They looked fresh…I didn’t remember having these. As I stared at myself surprised to see those I suddenly thought about my dream…in the beginning when Jiwon was kissing me…he sucked on my lips so hard that…it hurt. I put the toaster down as I turned around and looked at Jiwon. No…it was a dream. It’s always been a dream. But he just looked at me, and smiled.


Dream On

The continuing of Dream a Little Dream

 Ji Yong’s P.O.V

I was too embarrassed to ever look at Jiwon ever again. I wasn’t sure if he was really

coming into my room while I slept and pretty much molested me in my sleep or where they just really, really, vivid dreams I wanted to come true so badly that I was delusional when I saw Jiwon smile at me.

I think I was just wishing really hard.

The dreams came sometimes, sometimes they didn’t. In the dreams, we always seemed closer to having sex but something always happened where that wasn’t the case. He would touch me deeply though, making my whole body burn and flash with heat as his mouth would explore parts of me that I thought no one would ever discover.

His kisses were soft and tender on my body but when he kissed my mouth it would be with crushing force as he pried my mouth open and licked my lifeless tongue. He would suck on my neck leaving wet marks and tingling sensations on where he bit me. His fingers would probe deep into my body making me moan in my mind as he would thrust in deeper and harder everytime.

What made me think they were dreams is that number one, I would sometimes be fully dressed as I was when I went to bed, other times I wouldn’t be. Two, I would sometimes be achy, sometimes I wouldn’t be. That could be explained by bad positioning as I slept and three, I never woke up. It had to be a dream. What else could it be? Besides, Jiwon was always happy with Sung Hoon. They were always together, kissing, talking, hugging, working, watching TV….you name it, they did it together. I was starting to think maybe they even go to the bathroom together. But anyway, since they were together, I started realizing how pathetic I seemed, sitting in a dream world waiting for someone that would only come to me in a dream while he lived and breathed with his real life lover.

So when this guy at school named Suwon started making passes at me, I started passing back. At first I just ignored him…I wanted Jiwon. But when I saw how I was just waiting around, I felt like a doormat. And a loser…I was so pathetic.

Finally Suwon asked me to go see a movie with him and I accepted. I couldn’t wait forever right? Especially for a taken guy. After the movie, we had dinner and we talked and I found out Suwon was a really nice guy. He had a big crush on me too. I was flattered. I never had anyone crush on me my whole life. Or maybe they were but I was too busy crushing on Jiwon to notice. Suwon and I continued seeing each other for a long time.

About three months later, we finally kissed. It felt so good to be kissed by a pair of lips that I could actually feel and kiss back to. Things between me and him only got deeper.

But meanwhile, things between me and Jiwon got more shallow.

Ever since I started seeing Suwon, he stopped talking to me as much, and he didn’t have any time to spend with me and basically he got more distant. My dreams were still there but they got more vague mostly because now Suwon occupied my mind. I didn’t love him, I still loved Jiwon, but I wanted to let go. There was no point in me holding on.

One night however, things got a little strange.

I was sleeping, tired from laughing all night with Suwon then loosing most of my oxygen supply to him in his car. I had changed out of my clothes…or rather made an attempt to and found myself laying in my undone jeans and my shirt pulled half way off. I laid on my stomach, dreaming away as usual when I felt body weight on me. My dream had come back to me. It was Jiwon…and he smelled so good. His usual scent of cologne surrounded me as he kissed my back and lifted up my shirt. My arms started to move but only because Jiwon was making them move. He then slowly turned me on my back as he pulled off my jeans and then my boxers, leaving me naked for his eyes. I’m always motionless, expressionless in my dreams, but in my mind I felt very exposed and worried. Jiwon climbed on top of me as he continued kissing my lips with bruising force, biting me softly on my bottom lip as he then let go and latched on to my neck. I felt his teeth nibbling slowly as his hands made my legs spread as he moved them between my thighs. I then felt so ashamed as I realized he had moved my legs to expose the most private parts of my body…but as always it was all in my mind.

My senses were running in circles, my mind wild with lust and passion as I wanted him to have sex with me…and then I felt the tip of his length at my entrance. I mentally panicked….but then calmed down when I realized I was dreaming.

But when he pushed himself into me, I felt pain as my skin stretched and tore and I felt blood. I moaned for the first time out loud as I struggled to open my eyes. But I guess it took to long because when I did, I saw myself alone. My body hurt though…and I could feel the blood sliding down my inner thighs…it was real.

Jiwon was really coming into my room and he just penetrated me. I was too achy to move so I just went back to sleep.

The next morning, the pain racing through my body hurt so bad I had to cry out as I sat up. I pulled the sheets off me and saw the blood that collected on my sheets and around my legs as I got out of bed and put my bathrobe on. I went to the bathroom for a shower and then got dressed, all at a slow rate. By the time I was done, I was late for class. I couldn’t run though, I felt too sore. When I left my dorm room I saw Suwon sitting on a bench waiting for me and I went over to him. He took me in his arms as he asked what was wrong. I shrugged it off to my back hurting and he took my book bag as he walked me to class. All day I couldn’t get the feeling of Jiwon violating me out of my head…I didn’t consent this….so it was rape…but it wasn’t really because you can’t rape the willing.

I decided to leave it out of my head for now as I continued with class then found Suwon later on. We went to his dorm as we made out there for a long time and then finally he took me back to my dorm. As I walked in, I could hear Sung Hoon screaming and moaning from Jiwon’s bedroom as the bed springs made a creaking noise. I rolled my eyes as I went to the kitchen and poured myself a drink and then went to my room, closing the door and blasting my radio to drown Sung Hoon out. I started on my homework as listened to some slow songs come on. They made me think of Suwon but at the same time, they made me think of Jiwon. Eventually the moaning from Jiwon’s room stopped as I lowered the volume and I finished my homework. I changed for bed and then got into bed, the sheets already changed and thrown in the garbage to avoid explanation and I went to sleep. All was well for a long time until I started to feel those rough kisses again. I moaned inwardly as I laid motionless as always. I liked this…I still did…now even more because I knew it was real…it was my Jiwon doing this to me….and it was perfect. I could still feel his hands going down my body, stroking every inch of me as he moved my arms and positioned them as he liked. He did the same thing with my legs, pushing them up and then apart as he settled between them. He continued kissing my neck and under my chin and I was loving it. I wanted to move, to react to give some sign I knew it was really him but I couldn’t. I would just lay there as he did all these wonderful things to me. I couldn’t help but feel happy..even though I had Suwon and Jiwon had Sung Hoon….I was still content with this. Before I woke up though he was gone as always and I was wide awake, in my bed fully dressed this time. When I got out of bed and went to the kitchen I saw Sung Hoon there he was already to go in his school clothes but not Jiwon.

They argued for a little bit before Jiwon sent him on his way saying he would be there in a few minutes. With a slight smack on his butt, Sung Hoon was out the door and I was left alone with Jiwon both of us in our pajamas. He turned and looked at me as he sucked on his fingers because he was having breakfast and I looked at him. I slowly sat down as I smiled and said for him to pass me some juice. He did…and he still had a smile on his face.

I was wondering, if he knew that I knew….because now that I realized it wasn’t a dream….it just made all my dreams come true.


Dreams End

The conclusion of Dream a Little Dream and Dream On

Ji Yong’s P.O.V

Now that I knew, Ji Won seemed a little funny. He acted strangely towards me…I guess maybe because he knew I knew.

I continued with Suwon…my love for Jiwon never changing, always there…but Suwon was here for me, not when I needed him and not just at night when it was convenient for him. After maybe a month or so, my dreams stopped.

Jiwon stopped coming to room and he spent nights now fucking Sung Hoon. You can’t imagine my disgust as I would get home every night and hear that pretty boy screaming at the top of his lungs as he called out Jiwon’s name. It got so bad, I stopped being home a lot of the times. I’d stay at Suwon’s dorm and just be with him.

It was nice having all this peace and quiet, all alone with someone that cared about me.

I spent the night so many times with Suwon, I might as well have moved in there. A lot of my stuff was there already…I even had my own towels and my toothbrush. But when he ran the idea of me moving in with him, I couldn’t accept. Something kept me to that room with Jiwon…and even though things had gotten so strange…I wanted to stay. I simply smiled and said it wasn’t necessary…I had my own room. Suwon urged me a few more times to stay with him…but I couldn’t leave Jiwon.

One night after about two months of just coming home to change my clothes and pick up a fresh set, I came home to see for once Sung Hoon’s absence. I heard silence in the entire room as I went to my own room and dropped off my dirty laundry as I went into my closet to get some cleans clothes. After packing my bookbag and I walked out of my room, picking up a few CD’s on my way I walked out to see Jiwon coming in. I said nothing…it felt so strange seeing him again after all this time. So I acted as if everything was normal.

“Hey Jiwon. What’s up.”

“Nothing much. You leaving again?”

“Yeah…I was gonna…where’s Sung Hoon?”

“He’s in his dorm…he had to study for a test.”

“Oh. Then maybe I shouldn’t go tonight.”

“Why did you go every other night?”

“Sung Hoon’s loud. I couldn’t sleep.”

“Oh…well he’s staying at his own place tonight.”

I nodded as he went to the living room and turned on the TV and then his video game system as he sat down and played a game. I went to my room and set my pack down as I called Suwon and told him I would be staying home tonight, Sung Hoon was at home. I spent the night in my room, which was pretty boring since I could have been in Suwon’s arms sleeping or talking or kissing him. Eventually around ten at night, I shut off my lights and went to bed. I could hear the TV in the far off background as Jiwon played…I could hear him shouting and cursing as he lost and his chants of ‘die,die,die’ rolled through my mind as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I was on my back when I felt soft kisses on my neck. I shifted slightly only to feel Jiwon’s spiky hair near my cheek. It poked me to sit still and he froze for a second. When I stopped moving he continued kissing me, nipping at my neck and ear lobe as he then crushed his lips against mine and pried them open with his tongue as he began rubbing his body against mine. He moaned into my mouth as he fondled me with one hand as his other rubbed my chest. He then pulled away from me as he kissed my cheeks, my ears as he then sat up and pulled the sheets off my body as he then eased my shirt off and then my sweats and eventually my boxers. Once got back on top of me I felt he was already naked, his body tense and slick with sweat as his length pressed against me. I could feel everything…everything he did to me was in vivid detail. I could feel how he made a path down my body and stopped as he licked my belly button and then took me in his warm wet mouth. He had only suckled on me a few times before I moaned. He stopped, his mouth still around me as I finally woke. My eyes blinked a few times seeing the dark ceiling above me, the moon and the curtains casting shadows all over it. I drew my knee up, still feeling it was a dream somehow though I knew it was very much real. I could feel the breeze of the cold air blow around me as Jiwon emerged from between my legs. It was surreal…I still couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know what to expect at that moment…it wasn’t like he could get up and leave me there…so he crawled over me and crushed his lips against mine. Only this time I responded.

I put my arms around him as I laid back down, bringing him with me as I responded eagerly to his kiss. Oh God how good he tasted…it could have lasted forever. But I had different plans. I waited until he was lost in the kiss too before raised my hips and rubbed against him feeling the delicious friction between us. I moaned as I dropped one arm beside me and then moved my head back slightly as I stared into his eyes…they were so dark…but so beautiful. I then felt his hands on my thighs, massaging the skin there as he motioned me to open my legs further. I did as he set himself between them and the moved down to my neck, kissing the skin there softly as I moved my head to the side, sighing as I felt in peace as his warm breath tickled my ear, and his wet tongue lapping at me gave me chills. He moved down lower as he returned to his original place and opened his mouth as he devoured me. I watched with wide eyes as I disappeared into his mouth. I couldn’t believe I was watching this…but the moment I felt him suck I closed my eyes as my body reacted, shuttering in sheer ecstasy. I moaned again as he continued until I felt close to coming. I warned him as I gasped from the sheer shock of the orgasm as I emptied myself in his mouth. I panted, breathing so hard I felt as if all the life had been drained out of me. He then rose again as he kissed me, as he said, “You taste so good…”

I held the side of his face as I kissed him back and said, “Better then Sung Hoon?”

I don’t know what made me to say that. I thought that might have been the end of the whole thing but he kissed me back a little harder as he said, “Yeah…much better then Sung Hoon…”

I could still feel his neglected arousal around my thigh as I said, “Jiwonnie…you still haven’t-”

“Shush…I’ll take care of that in a minute.”

He then pressed his mouth against me as he his hands traveled down the sides of legs and stopped right beside my knees. His fingers tucked underneath them as he drew them up and pushed them as far as they would go until I winced.

He positioned himself at my entrance as he rubbed my stomach as to prepare me until I looked up at him and nodded saying it was all right. Very slowly, he pushed himself into me. It didn’t hurt as much as it did the first time but it still hurt. I cried out but once he was fully inside me…it began to feel better. I looked down at our bond and I reached up and held him closer to me. I kissed the side of his neck as I rose my hips and rolled them slightly, wanting him to continue.

He then pulled out as he pushed back in, making me moan slightly. I closed my eyes as I felt him pumping into me, slowly at first then gradually speeding up. So this was what it’s like to make love to Jiwon. Now I knew why Sung Hoon would scream his name…it was like dying and going to heaven. Pure pleasure, absolute bliss…my own piece of heaven…just for me. His whole body was tense, a thin coat of sweat on his body as it trickled down the sides of his face.

My moaning only got louder until it turned to groans and heavy breathing. I didn’t want this to end. If I could have Jiwon forever inside me, I would always be happy. I panted as I clenched his arms feeling him continuing pounding into me until he groaned and finally came, coating my insides with his essence. I followed a few moments later, arching my back as I exploded. Finally…all my pleasure, my dreams, my fantasies….all came true that night. He pulled out of my body but laid on top of me as he kissed me until he finally fell asleep. I didn’t care that he was heavy and we were both filthy…all that mattered was feeling him, having felt him…and knowing it wasn’t a dream.

When I woke up the next morning, I felt his arm draped over me as he slept peacefully.

My room had that rare aroma of sex that still clung in the air from last night. My mind was settled for a moment until I heard the phone ringing. I sat up as I reached over and picked up as I answered. It was Suwon…it was then that all my actions finally came into my mind. I had cheated on Suwon…and he didn’t deserve it. He cared so much about me but I was laying beside someone else. We spoke for a moment before Jiwon opened his eyes and asked who I was talking to. Luckily Suwon knew I had a roommate so he didn’t ask who that was. When we hung up I turned to Jiwon and said, “What happens now?”

He rubbed his eyes as he said, “Well….it’s up to you. How you want this to work? Do you want me?” “Of course I do Jiwon. I would figure that was obvious.”

“I mean, do you want me to stay with you? This could have been a one night stand for all I know.”

“It’s not a one night stand if I’m still here the next morning. I want you…I want to be with you…I love you..”

It felt good to let those words out in the open…to say them out of my head. He smiled as he said, “Good…because I love you too.”

I was confused….

“But…if you loved me, why where you with Sung Hoon?”

“I didn’t think you would be interested in me. So I gave up and went after him. But then I saw you with Suwon and I got so jealous…”

I couldn’t help but smile…the whole time we could have been together…but we gave up before we even tried. That also explained why he kept coming into my room at night.

I ended with Suwon not long after that…Jiwon ended it with Sung Hoon.

And we were finally with each other. So after all those years of wanting and thinking I couldn’t have him…I actually had him the whole time…

So that’s how out of a little dream, Jiwon stepped out and became my reality.

The End


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