While Buzzed/Fuddled translated: Jyeonhoon_Eunkang

while buzzed2.jpg

Sunghoon’s POV

Part 1

Sunghoon’s car is parked in the underground parking when Jiwon suddenly appears and try to wake up an alcohol smelling Sunghoon. Sunghoon has not called or sent him a message since he went out with the staff after the fan meeting and he has been very worried because of that. No matter how hard Jiwon wakes him up, Sunghoon wouldn’t even open his eyes. In the end, Jiwon drove the heavily intoxicated Sunghoon home.

“Sunghoon-ah, we’ve arrived. Let’s go and sleep. You need to wake up.”

As Jiwon touched his shoulder, he frowned, turned his head and falls deeply into sleep again.

“Huh, Sunghoon-ah, wake up. Hoon-ah.”

“How much did you drink? I want to see you and even called you. Huh! What am I even saying in front of a drunk person?! Let’s go in.”

Sunghoon tried to wake up while grabbing his hurting head and stared at Jiwon. Sunghoon sees his hand was holding Jiwon’s arm. Sunghoon thinks, ‘Let’s not open the door and see what will happen.’

‘Oh oh, what’s with you?”
“Let’s stay like this. I’m tired.”

He leans his head on Jiwon’s chest and lays down his weak body. Jiwon hesitated for a while but then bowed down to hug Sunghoon tightly.

“Huh, you’re behaving like a child because you’re drunk? You’re not like this in front of others right?”
‘Well? I normally have a lot of aegyo. Hyung-ahya”
“What? You! In the future, you can only drink if I’m with you. Do you understand?”

Jiwon’s eyes became really serious and sharp like an ax. Sunghoon have a lot of aegyo originally and it’s increased when he’s drunk. Jiwon is really worried when Sunghoon drinks without him. Jiwon’s hands tremble and shake even at the thought of it.

“He. You are jealous hyung?
“I’m not jealous but worried. I’m afraid someone will do bad things to you.”
“Who’s brave enough to do bad things to me when I have you? Besides I’m not the 18 year old Kang Sunghoon anymore you know? I’m an adult too. I can take care of myself! You don’t have to worry about me.”

Part 2

Not long before he debuted, Jiwon remember seeing Sunghoon go into a bar when he was still young. ‘How much did you drink when you went to Hyung’s bar back when you were a minor?’ Sunghoon was really drunk even though he didn’t drink a lot. Sunghoon rolled his dark eyes at Jiwon and said ‘I like you hyung’ while he was drunk back then. He probably didn’t know how shaken Jiwon was as Sunghoon leaned on his shoulder.

“Hyung, why are you laughing?”
“You were laughing alone.”
“What? Just thinking about the past. The first time you drank alcohol.”
“Ah, I didn’t drink much that time but I was really drunk. keke.”

Jiwon laughed and stroked Sunghoon’s hair gently and lovingly while Sunghoon leaned on his shoulder. Sunghoon was laughing deep in his heart.

“Hyung is busy, you have a lot of schedules overseas. It’s hard to see you. It’s hard to contact you. It’s like I’m waiting for you all the times. I can’t see you whenever I want.”
“It is because I have a lot to shoot. That’s one, two is I need to focus on our group activities.”
“When are you going to focus on me?”
“Hoony is always lonely. Eun Jiwon is really expensive. You’re mine but you don’t seem like mine.”
“How many times do you think of me in a day? For me, it’s from the start until the end of the day. I always miss you. What about you?”

Sunghoon looked up and he is turning a blind eye on him when he can’t answer him properly. Jiwon finds it hard to turn his head and face Sunghoon. ‘I like you even like this.’ Jiwon was still awkward to say anything.  ‘I miss you every day too. I stop myself from opening my phone while filming in case I’ll be scolded. I’m going crazy. I love you. I’m afraid if I say these words to you, your hands and feet will be twitching.’ Jiwon tried to wrap his arms without saying any words around Sunghoon who is waiting for the answer but his arms were pushed away by Sunghoon.

“Fine. Why can’t you answer me? Hoony is upset.”

Sunghoon’s aegyo increases when he’s drunk.

‘You’re always cute even if you’re getting older. My baby. I want to grab and kiss you right now.’ Jiwon always smile at that thought but he just didn’t reveal himself. It’s been quite a while since he started any activity. But he can rarely see Sunghoon between the breaks. Jiwon smirked and laugh. Sunghoon pushed him but Jiwon grabbed Sunghoon tightly.


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