Want me to kiss you? by: E-kite-tenjo

want me to kiss you.jpg

Sunghoon woke up as he stretched his arms trying to get rid of the tiredness he was feeling as he felt the room was cold, did someone leave a window open? He stood up as he got out of his shared room that he shared with Jiwon-hyung as he saw Jiwon still sleeping in his bed, when he noticed the heater wasn’t even on and a window in the living room had been kept open all night long. He rushed to it as he closed it and shivered as he turned on the heater. When he suddenly heard a door open in the house, it was Jiyong.

“Oh you woke up early” said Sunghoon surprised since it was mostly him who was the early bird . “I feel terrible, have you seen the medicine?” said Jiyong with a hoarse voice as he staggered to the kitchen.

“Oh Jiyong did you get sick? Don’t worry stay in bed I will find it for you ~” said Sunghoon as he led Jiyong back into his room with Jaejin and went to search for the medicine. He looked in a cabinet as he found what he was looking for and rushed to Jiyong’s room to find out Jaejin was sick as well… and Jaeduck ….and Jiwon… and Suwon…..

“Sunghoon-hyung can you get me a extra blanket..” said Suwon from his room.

“Sunghoonie can you bring me a softer pillow” murmured Jaeduck from another.

“Sunghoonie can you get me a extra pair of socks” whined Jaejin as the orders continued. Sunghoon later found a thermometer as he went to each room checking if they had a fever.

~ Jiwon groaned as he grabbed the collar of Sunghoon’s pajama “Im dying sunghoon, be sure to tell our fans I will miss them”

“Don’t be exaggerated Hyung its only a fever” said Sunghoon as he took off the thermometer from Jiwon’s mouth.

“I fell asleep early, I expected you guys to close that window and turn on the heater… but do I literally need to do all these things? I’m not the housewife of all of you, guys!” said Sunghoon loudly enough to get to the other members’ open doors.

“He’s only my housewife” said Jiwon with a hoarse voice to the other guys.

“No I’m not, and even if I was cant you at least close a window and turn on a heater” … whined Sunghoon.

“Let it go”

“But all of you guys are sick!” exclaimed Sunghoon.

“Sunghoon can you make me some tea” said Jaejin as Suwon murmured a “me too” from the other room.

“I’ll get tea for everyone!” Sunghoon said from Jiwon’s room as he stepped out and headed to the kitchen to make tea.

Sunghoon heated some water and made tea as he returned to the room as he gave everyone a cup, “Here Jaeduck I’m sure this would make you feel better” said Sunghoon with a smile as he put the cup of tea next to Jaeduk’s bed as Jaeduk thanked him and covered himself with more blankets.

Sunghoon then headed to his shared room with Jiwon as he placed the cup of tea in Jiwon’s hand, where Jiwon took a sip from the warm tea then he placed the cup on the bedside table.

“You know what I need to get better?” said Jiwon looking up at him.


“A kiss from you” said Jiwon smiling as he grabbed Sunghoon by the collar on his pajama and brought him closer. Sunghoon gasped a little bit by the sudden movement.

“No hyung what if I get sick!” said Sunghoon.

“Only a small kiss, you wont get sick” said Jiwon as he pulled Sunghoon closer and kissed him.

“Jiwon hyung~~ I’m the main vocal what if I really get sick” said Sunghoon with a pout

“Don’t worry you wont, nothing has happened” said Jiwon as he brought Sunghoon closer again and gave him a passionate kiss as Sunghoon grabbed the bedsheets so as to not fall.. as Suwon was heard from his room

“What are you guys doing?! At least close our doors so we wont hear it!”

~Hours later ~

“I told you Ji-Jiwon-hyung, ah-choo! Its all your fault~” said Sunghoon as he laid down feeling sick.

“Sorry, I’ll go make you tea~” said Jiwon with a sheepish smile as he exited the room feeling bad he asked for the kiss but then he got a childish idea as he turned to Sunghoon and said “Sunghoon want me to kiss you?”


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