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Sunghoon took a glance towards Jiwon, who calmly wash his hair on the sink. He was cleaning all of his make-up and tried to ask something to Jiwon.

“You didn’t angry, did you?”

“What?” Jiwon said while he began to drying his wet hair with a white towel.

“I said, you didn’t angry, did you?”

“Of course no. Why would I angry?”

“You are okay with Suwon touching my butt?” Sunghoon asked curiously. He looked to Jiwon and Jiwon just simply nodded.

“That’s strange.” Sunghoon said while he tilted his head

Jiwon chuckled for a while. Sunghoon’s reaction is too funny. “Because Suwon is Suwon.”

“But, you always angry if Suwon showed his affectionate to me.”

“He was just kidding. No further reason.”

Sunghoon still curious. This hyung is always taking it seriously if someone acted close with him, but suddenly he said that he didn’t angry when he saw Suwon touched Sunghoon’s butt.

“But you are angry when Kangta suddenly touched my shoulder?”

“I repeat, I didn’t angry, honey.”

“Then why you sneakily stand up behind me and lean into my shoulder so Kangta can’t touch my shoulder?”

“You’ve got the point. I’m not angry, but I think I must stop Kangta for touching my girlfriend.”

Sunghoon pinched hard Jiwon’s arm and Jiwon yelled, “What was that for?”

“Calling me as your girlfriend.”

“But you are!” Jiwon insisted and Sunghoon pinched Jiwon’s arm once again and Jiwon added, “Okay, you are’nt my girlfriend, but you are my wife.”

“You’ve got the point.” Sunghoon said while he followed Jiwon to the changing room.

“Honey, do you see my black sweatpants?”

“I’ve packed them yesterday. You are so busy and I choose to help you pack your luggage for your work in India.”

Jiwon sighed and said, “Thanks, honey.”

“I packed ten packs of ramyeon, a jar of kimchi, one pack of sausage and one pack of ham too, in case you cannot eat anything in India.”

“Just don’t remind me that I have a schedule to India.”


“I still want to spend my time with my precious wife since he is so beautiful during this comeback.”

“Oh, stop it.” Sunghoon yawned, “Just wear my sweatpants. You can catch cold if you just wear your boxer around.”

Jiwon ruffled Sunghoon’s hair and said, “I thought I don’t need any sweatpants.”


“Well…I want to spend all night long with my beautiful wife.” Jiwon smirks.

Sunghoon chuckled and then grab Jiwon’s neck, then made a long passionate kiss before the long night started.


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