Untitled by: Jekki Angel


  • a EunKang short story
  • completed


“Hyung!!” Sunghoon whispered to the older boy sleeping soundly beside him.

“Hyung! There’s something down stairs!!”

“Go back to sleep…it’s your imagination…there’s nothing down stairs….”

Jiwon murmured in his sleep.

“Hyung~! I wasn’t imagining! There IS something down stairs!” Sunghoon whined softly. Wonnie never believes him.

“Honnie…there is nothing…”


Jiwon’s eyes shot open. “Sunghoon!” He gave Sunghoon a nudge. “There is something down stairs!” He whispered back, fully alerted.

“I told you…” Sunghoon smiled victoriously.


Another noise came from down stairs. The two boys laid on their bed staring into the ceiling with wide opened eyes and their ears straight up.

“Hyung, what do you think it is?” Sunghoon asked tilting his face slightly towards Jiwon.

“I don’t know…but let’s go find out!” Jiwon was about to climb out of the bed when he felt a small hand grabbing onto his.

“Wonnie don’t go!!” Sunghoon held on Jiwon’s let in fear. “I don’t want to go down stairs!”

“Just stay behind me. Come on.” Jiwon gave Sunghoon’s hand a little squeeze.

Sunghoon grumbled but got up anyways.

Silently, they tip toed put of the bedroom door. Jiwon grabbed two baseball bats and handed one to Sunghoon.

They moved slowly down the stairs, taking extreme caution with each step, making sure not to make any noise.

As they approached the kitchen, fidgiting noises could be heard from of it.

Being so close, Jiwon felt Sunghoon’s slight shudder. He reached back and held onto his hand. Sunghoon held onto it tight and thanked Jiwon with a soft peck on his eardrop.

They slid along side of the wall, dissolving into the shadows of the night.

When they finally reached the entrance of the kitchen, Jiwon suddenly saw a shadow moving on their right and he froze.

Sunghoon who was concentrating smelling on the light cologne Jiwon had left on his neck to notice the shadow, bumping straight into Jiwon.

“ooouuuu!” The two boys growled loudly in pain.

“shhhhhh!!!” Jiwon quickly placed his index finger on his lips while rubbing his painful foot with the other. With a twisted painful face, Sunghoon nodded his head and mouthed ‘sorry’.

They turned around from their little conversation and flicked on the light switch.

In front of them, two white petrified cats stood beside the window, looking at jyunghoon in alert.

Four pairs of big eyes stared at each other not daring to make one move.

Time slipped away.


“Awwwww….” Sunghoon bent down and picked up a fluffy white kitten beside his feet.

The poofy white fur ball gave a little meow and place it’s tiny paw on Sunghoon’s nose. Sunghoon giggled with joy.

Holding the kitten between his hands, he awed his way to the fridge and took out some milk.

The two adult cats took this chance and hopped out of the window.

With his back to Jiwon, Sunghoon stared lovingly at the little kit ten licking away the milk on the plate. “Aww….Can we keep him hyung?” He found this little thing to be extremely cute.

Rather, Jiwon found Sunghoon in his light blue boxers to be extremely cute.

And sexy. “No…I’m only having one pet in this house.” He said fondly.

He walked up to Sunghoon, not taking his eyes off those soft, round, delicious buttocks and silky smooth back. With his finger, he trailed down Sunghoon’s spine, scratching his skin lightly with his nails as he went along.

Sunghoon’s body tensed immediately due to the tingling touch. He turned around with a tiny pout on his face.

“Hyung~! Babo! Who’s your pet?” He whine and clutched his arms around Jiwon’s neck. “ Aww please Wonnie? Can we keep him please~?”

“Mmm…” Jiwon looked at Sunghoon’s pouty red lips. “I’ll have to think about it…” He bent down and lightly licked Sunghoon’s lower lips. “I’ll think about it…” He smiled teasingly, speaking in his husky voice and continued to taste Sunghoon’s delicious red lips.

Sunghoon let Jiwon work on his lower lip, trying not to enjoy too much of it.

He could see the cute little thing from the corner of his eyes. “Aw but hyung, every time you say you’ll think about it, you never…Mmph…”

He’s words were blocked by the thirsty Jiwon. He could feel Jiwon sucked on his lips softly, licking along the seam of his lips, trying to part them. But Sunghoon was still pouting because Jiwon won’t allow him to keep the little kitty. He closed the seam tight, not allowing him in.

Jiwon knew this was going to happen. His baby is angry. He broke off the tempting kiss and stared into Sunghoon’s big brown eyes. He’s decision softened by Sunghoon’s pleading puppy eyes. “Hoonie ah…we can’t keep him…”

Sunghoon smiled inwardly. He didn’t invent this look for nothing. He knew Jiwon was softening up, he know he’ll get the kitten in the end. Now all he have to do, is work on the details.

“Wonnie~” He leaned closer to Jiwon, gently rubbing his half naked body with Jiwon, rubbing against his boxers. Jiwon moaned in pleasure. Within a few seconds, he felt Jiwon’s erection. Sunghoon took a look at Jiwon’s closed eyelids and half gapped lips and smiled. He’s hands slid along Jiwon’s smooth skin and stopped at the edge of his boxers. “Can we please keep him?”

Jiwon growled. “We can’t Hhoonie…” He moved his hands, meeting with Sunghoon’s hands and tried to push them down further. But Sunghoon kept his hand firmly at that position, pressing into Jiwon’s lower stomach.

Without a word, Sunghoon broke off the touch and walked back to fiddle the kitten. Jiwon stood in the middle of the kitchen very uncomfortably with his erection. “Honnie ah~ Come back~” He called out. Sunghoon just kept on playing with the kitten.

Thoroughly turned on and frustrated, Jiwon limped his way towards Sunghoon. “Hoonie ah…” He embraced Sunghoon from the back and lightly bit his neck. “Come on…”

“No.” Sunghoon said short and firm, and stood stiff.

“Hoonie~!” It was Jiwon’s turn to whine. “Please?”


“Aww…don’t do this to your hyung~!” Jiwon looked at Sunghoon’s determined profile and sighed. “Alright, fine, we’ll keep the cat…”

He turned around and was about to limp out of the kitchen when he felt Sunghoon’s soft hands coming around his waist and a gentle kiss landing on his bare shoulder.

“You are the best hyung there is! ” Sunghoon giggled. “Come on, let’s go back to the bedroom where it’s more comfortable.” He held on to Jiwon’s hand and gave him a sexy, inviting glare.

Jiwon following Sunghoon’s lead smiled devilishly inside.

“I’ll get you back Kang Sunghoon….”


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