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Jiwon teased Sunghoon with splashes then fled laughing. He was too fast Sunghoon couldn’t catch up.

“Ouch!” Sunghoon cried.

Jiwon turned back to check out what happened to find Sunghoon’s mischievous smile. He pretended that he hurt his toe. He caught up to Jiwon and tackled him. They both lost balance and fell to the sand.

Sunghoon laughed while trying to drag both of them up. He didn’t realise Jiwon’s intense gaze shifted from his eyes to his nose then his lips. He sealed Sunghoon’s lips with a kiss, long and good, leaving him no time to catch his breath. His tongue went deep. Sunghoon’s heart raced as he slipped his arms around Jiwon’s waist and drew him closer.

“Hyung! Get a room!”

Sunghoon blushed, he buried his face underneath Jiwon’s neck. Jiwon sank his hand into the soft sand and grabbed a handful of it. Suwon ran before Jiwon flung sand at him.





Jaejin took many photos of the scenery, of himself, of the members, and of course photos of the lovebird. His favourite is the one which captured them chasing each other on the beach. Those are genuine emotions.

Perhaps he should paint the picture on a canvas as their wedding gift, if they ever have one.

Even if they don’t, he can always sell it to them.


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