THE SPACE BESIDE HIM by: koiniji_00



He loves to be near him. And the space beside him is the space that he has claimed to be his own, only his, but the others seem to not notice… or are they trying to mess with him? They really are messing with him, aren’t they?

“What’s with the frown, hyung?” Sunghoon asked him one day on their dressing room when the arrangement was not on his taste again.

“Huh? I am not frowning” He replied,

“I know you though. And you are frowning.”

“You are too far.” He said truthfully.

“Aigoo, our hyung. Are you trying to be cute? We are just a sit away.”

“Tell Jaeduck to move.” He whined to Sunghoon

“Okay, then I’ll tell Suwon to sit beside you.”

“Hoon-ah~” he whined more.


He loves it when Sunghoon would gravitate towards him unconsciously. Privately or not. He loves it.

Sunghoon always sat beside him on their fansign event, unconsciously following his movements on where to sit.

Body gravitating towards him like he is the younger’s center, he smiles, satisfied. Without caring even when fans are around, he played with him, touched him not too subtly like how he used to do when they are in public, and smiled and laughed with him, his expression shining. Satisfaction can be clearly seen. And with Sunghoon not caring if he has been too touchy with him just fuelled his desire to tell the world he owns him, especially the space beside him.

Can’t the others see it is supposed to be this way?

Well seems like they are really messing with him.

The fifth and last fansign, they were end to end. He badly wanted to strangle Suwon and Jaeduck for claiming the two sits beside him and near him. He was sure they were messing with him on how they subtly doubled up their pace when they were on the stage.

Sunghoon-ah, why are you being dense and just continued on sitting there at the end beside Jaejin when you saw

that the space beside me was occupied by Suwon? I thought I was your center! Yah! Look at me, please! Yah!

He whined in his mind.


They are about to guest on Thinking of Oppa. And Jiwon is tired of always scolding the other members in the dressing room or on their meetups about the sitting arrangement. And they just always laughed at him. Telling him he is too clingy.

He got tired on stopping his hands… on strangling J-Walk.

But now that he have found a way on how to claim his right spot, now that he knows what to do, no one and he mean it, no one can stop him now. It is easy. Just stand behind Sunghoon or walk together, in sync with Sunghoon, it always works.

And Jiwon, just always be alert. Secure your position when you see the others doubling their pace.

And as a punishment for those times that they mess with him, he cut them again and again and scold them again and again on air.

Left side or right side, as long as he is beside his Hoony, he doesn’t care who will be at the other side. Well, if that person on Sunghoon’s other side does something, he can always reach the other side with his hand, you know.


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