The Contest by: SHforever


  • a Hoony & Jiyong short story
  • completed

Sunghoon hobbled into his room, one foot dressed in a fancy sandal softly glowing gold, and the other bare.

An annoyed expression was on his face as his threw himself on his fluffy cloud bed.

Jiyong followed him in, wearing an identical expression and the other sandal of the pair.

I cannot believe this, Jiyong fumed, pacing in front of Sunghoon. How could they call it a draw?

The immortal beauty pageant, which they had both entered, had just ended. It had been obvious from the start that first place would be a toss-up between these two. They had always been the two best-looking up in Mount Olympus, competing with each other for as long as they could remember. And even now, neither of them had beaten the other and neither could claim that they were THE best-looking.

What can you do with only one winged sandal? Jiyong demanded to know, still ranting. You can’t even fly straight.

Sunghoon pouted. Why don’t you give me yours? Then at least one of us can make use of it.

No way! Why don’t you give me yours instead, Jiyong retorted, sticking out his tongue.

Huh? Yeah right, Sunghoon snorted derisively. No way he was about to give up his prize. Then, he had a bright idea.

If the gods and goddesses couldn’t decide, let’s let the mortals do it. He grinned, proud of his idea.

Jiyongs eyes gleamed. You mean a contest?

Nodding. Yup. We go down and find a mortal to decide who is the more irresistible. And the winner gets to keep the sandals.

Deal. The two shook hands and descended to the Earth, carrying the treasured prize in Sunghoon’s backpack for safekeeping.

They walked along, trying to find someone.

Damn, my feet hurt, Jiyong complained, not used to all this walking.

Well, mine does, too. But once I win those sandals, I won’t need to walk ever again, Sunghoon said happily.

Hey, who says you’re going to win? I am. Jiyong corrected.

No way. I am.

No Sunghoon covered his friend’s mouth. Shh someone’s coming, he cautioned.

They approached the boy who was coming toward them. Hi, they chorused, stopping him.

Suwon stared at the breathtakingly beautiful being in front of him. Surely, this was a vision, dressed all in white with his golden hair framing an undeniably gorgeous face. Big, heart-melting brown eyes stared at him, making his knees weak.

Wow, he breathed, disbelieving his eyes. Are you an angel?

Sunghoon chuckled. Something like that.

Jiyong rolled his eyes, stepping between the two. Look, we need you to tell us which of us you think is more attractive.

He is. Suwon gazed adoringly at Sunghoon. He cowered a bit at the sight of the taller god, dressed in black with a perpetual scowl on his face. The look on his face was actually getting even meaner. Suwon turned and ran.

I won. Sunghoon stated, grinning widely.

That wasn’t fair, Jiyong complained. Who knew the first person wed run into would be so intimidated by my sexiness? Best two out of three, huh, Hoony? He tugged on his friend’s sleeve, giving him a puppy-dog look.

Fine, Sunghoon relented. But only cause I know I’m going to win anyway.

Just watch me amaze the next person.

They didn’t have long to wait. Another figure was in sight, headed for them.

Again, they stopped the person and put the same question to the test.

Jaejin carefully studied the two attractive boys in front of him, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. Sunghoon was very pretty, of course, but kind of boring looking, in his opinion. He preferred the dangerous looking one, who was staring at him seductively with his dark, brooding eyes. His full red lips were so luscious and yummy looking.

I think he’s better-looking, he declared, pointing at Jiyong, who smirked in triumph. Damn, he looks so good like that. Jaejin started to drool. He had always been a sucker for bad boys.

Unfortunately, the two gods had already started to walk away. Sighing regretfully, he continued on his way as well.

I told you Id win, Jiyong crowed.

You haven’t won yet.

They came across the third person.

This is it. The final person. They both put on their best faces and walked up to the mortal.

Hi. My friend and I were wondering if you could settle a dispute for us

Jiyong pouted sexily. Can you tell us which one of us is hotter?

Jiwon swallowed hard. He had never seen such a beautiful boy before. Correction, two beautiful boys. This was a tough decision.

A sly look stole across his face. Hotter, huh? Maybe it would help if I got a kiss from each of you, he suggested.

The gods looked at each other, then at Jiwon. Shrugging, Sunghoon stepped forward and kissed the mortal lightly on the lips. Jiwon stood with a dazed expression on his face, totally paralyzed by the sweet kiss.

My turn! Jiyong pushed Sunghoon aside and grabbed Jiwon. His kiss was more forceful and demanding, his tongue slipping into Jiwon’s mouth. Sunghoon stood by watching, totally disgusted.

Hey, that’s enough. Sunghoon smacked Jiyongs arm to get his friend to stop

Jiyong pulled away with irritation. But he quickly got over it. Well? He asked eagerly, searching Jiwon’s eyes for an answer.

Jiwon opened his mouth but nothing came out. Then, he fainted, overwhelmed by the two heavenly kisses.

You killed him! Sunghoon accused.

Me?! What about you? You kissed him, too. Jiyong nudged the still figure with his toe. A content moan escaped from Jiwon as he rolled over onto his back. A silly grin was plastered on his face.

See, he’s not dead, Jiyong said, relieved.

Oh. Well, we still haven’t settled the contest.

Yeah. Let’s go find one last person. The two walked off, leaving Jiwon in a deliriously happy dream state on the ground.


One last time, right?

One last time, Jiyong confirmed. They stepped out from behind the bushes, where they had been spying on the boy.

They were both disappointed at the reaction. Or rather, the lack of. Instead of flipping out and acting idiotic in awe of their ravishing looks, Jaeduck just glanced at them casually before continuing to play his hand-held video game.

Ahem. Sunghoon cleared his throat loudly. Jaeduck looked up again. Then back down.

Look, Jiyong snapped, taking the video game from his hands and flinging it as far as he could. Can’t you pay attention to us for half a second?

Tears filled Jaeducks eyes and his lower lip trembled cutely. His hands went up to his eyes and started rubbing them furiously.

Wahhhh~~! My video game!!!

Oooh, there, there. I won’t let mean old Jiyongie hurt you, Sunghoon soothed, putting an arm comfortingly around Jaeduck. He used his powers to bring back the little gizmo. He returned it to its owner. There you go.

Jaeducks eyes grew wide. How?

Were gods, Sunghoon announced grandly, sweeping his arms theatrically. And we need a favor of you.

Jaeduck nodded, listening attentively.

See these sandals? Sunghoon opened his backpack and took them out. Jaeducks eyes grew even bigger and rounder at the sight. Well, we won them in a beauty contest but we tied for first place so we each got only one.

So we need you to decide which of us is more irresistible, Jiyong broke in impatiently.

So will you do it? Sunghoon smiled charmingly.

Jaeduck considered it. I don’t know. I’m a guy, ya know. I really can’t tell whether you’re good-looking or not.

Jiyong and Sunghoon were crestfallen. They didn’t want to search for someone else. They had already wasted the whole afternoon.

Please, they begged, sandwiching Jaeduck between them. They each gripped one of his hands and gave him puppy-dog looks.

Rolling his eyes, Jaeduck agreed. But you have to let me do it my own way.

Of course.

Jaeduck grew quiet, thinking. How about a singing contest? Sunghoon knew it was in the bag. He started to sing, his clear voice smoothly climbing up the scale and hitting the high notes perfectly. Even without any accompaniment, he sounded good, and he knew it.

Jiyong gallantly tried to top his performance, adding a dance in efforts to impress Jaeduck. How was that? He panted.

Jaeduck snapped out of his daze. Truthfully, he hadn’t been paying much attention to either one of them. Huh?

Oh, good, I guess. I’ve decided the next portion. Come on over to my house.


Sunghoon sighed loudly, clutching at his hair in frustration. He absently tapped his pencil against his teeth, then noisily rustled the papers in front of him. He snuck a peek at Jiyong, who was solving the math problems with ease. Sunghoon surreptitiously looked around. Satisfied that no one was looking, he started to copy Jiyongs answers.

I’m finished! Jiyong sang, waving the completed homework in the air like an eager little kid. Jaeduck put down his game controller and wandered over.

I don’t see why we have to do this, Sunghoon complained, crumpling up his own paper, which was mostly filled with unintelligible scribbles.

Because, Jaeduck explained patiently, Beauty contests aren’t only about looks, there about brains, too.

And it’s obvious who has the brains here, Jiyong snickered. Sunghoon shot him a nasty look.

And tell us again why we had to wash the sink full of dirty dishes, throw away the garbage, clean your room, do a months’ worth of laundry, and mend your clothes. Sunghoon sucked on his thumb, remembering how much he had poked it with the dumb needle earlier on. Who knew sewing could be so difficult? It looked easy enough when mortals did it.

Jaeduck hastily changed the subject. Time for the final part! Why don’t you guys assemble in different clothes and model for me.

Grumbling a bit, Sunghoon followed Jiyong into the bedroom. They emerged seconds later, dressed to kill.

Even Jaeduck was impressed by their ensemble, especially Jiyongs dark suit, which made him look very GQ.

Jiyong paraded out, unbuttoning his jacket to reveal the spiffy vest and white dress shirt underneath. He twirled slowly, one hand in his pocket and the other holding a cane. His tall, slender form was definitely a plus.

Jaeduck had to reevaluate his judgment when it came to the swimsuits. Jiyong did have nice, shapely legs, but his upper body looked somewhat scrawny and well, long, compared to Sunghoon’s bare bod. Sunghoon had a very pretty figure, with broad shoulders and firm round buttocks emphasizing the slenderness of his waist. He strutted around the living room, flexing his arms.

This is very tough. You’re both highly desirable people. Let me sleep on it, and I’ll have the results in the morning.

As soon as Jaeduck was settled in his bed, a knock sounded on the door.

I thought you might like a little snack, Dukkie. The rich aroma of brownies wafted in.

Jaeduck bit into the square that Sunghoon offered, relishing the taste. He washed it down with a cold glass of milk as Sunghoon perched on the edge of his bed.

Have you decided yet? Casually asked, while Jaeduck reached for another piece.

Jaeduck shook his head, his mouth too crammed with the gooey treat to speak.

Oh. Well, here, have another piece. Sunghoon started to hand-feed Jaeduck as Jiyong barged in, wearing an apron and carrying a tray of piping hot cookies in his oven-mitted hands.

Jiyongs eyes narrowed. Hey, what are you trying to pull here?

Same thing as you, obviously, Sunghoon replied pointedly, folding his arms angrily across his chest.

Jiyong scowled. Coming over, he plopped down on the other side of the bed. Here, my double fudge chocolate chip cookies are the best, he enthused, taking off the mitts and cooling one by blowing on it. Jaeduck obligingly opened his mouth and accepted it.

Don’t fill up on those yucky cookies! Wouldn’t you prefer eating my delicious brownies? Sunghoon whacked Jaeduck on the back, making him spit out most of the cookie. Then, he filled Jaeducks mouth with his own treat.

Mine is better. Jiyong put a fresh cookie in addition, leaning toward Sunghoon menacingly.

Sunghoon leaned forward as well, taking another brownie and somehow finding room to shove it in. No it isn’t.

Yes! Two cookies more.

No! Another brownie.



His arms flailing, Jaeduck gasped for air. Their eyes locked in battle, Jiyong and Sunghoon were oblivious to his distress, continuing to smear their baked goods all over his face.

Finally, the assault ended as the supplies dwindled and Jaeduck managed to gulp down the nauseating food. He would never eat brownies or cookies again.

Get out, the both of you! He yelled, picking up a pillow and thwaping them. Out! Out! Jiyong and Sunghoon shrieked, covering their heads and running.

We’re going! We’re going!

Slamming the door, Jaeduck scrunched up his face in frustration. Damn crumbs, he grumbled as he returned to bed. He waved the sheets, shaking the bits to the floor. Exhausted, he flopped down on his bed, using the same sheets to wipe his face clean.

Damn pesky gods, he mumbled, burying his face in his pillow.


Jaeduck was drifting off to sleep when he felt someone lying down next to him. He rolled over and opened his eyes. He was staring straight into another pair of dark eyes. Not wasting a second, Jiyong threw his arms around him in a passionate embrace, his long legs twining Jaeducks own limbs in an intimate way. He wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing, and his warm body was very soft and not unpleasant, to Jaeducks surprise.

What Jiyong silenced him by kissing him, shifting around until he was lying on top. As Jaeducks words faded, forgotten, Jiyongs hand worked busily under the sheets, yanking down the pajama bottoms and fondling the arousal beneath. The other hand stroked his bare chest, the nails lightly scraping his nipple. Jaeduck decided to forget the fact that he didn’t like guys that way and just enjoy what was being done to him.

Don’t you think I’m nicer than Sunghoon? Jiyong whispered huskily, teasingly squeezing the erection. Hmm?

Don’t you think I’m better looking?

Jaeduck moaned in mixed pleasure and agony. Yeah just don’t stop

A self-satisfied expression on his face, Jiyong slid down on the bed, dragging the sheets with him. He lowered his head to the tip of the penis, mere inches away. He flicked his gaze up at Jaeduck, who looked tortured by the wait. He had the boy eating out of his hand.

Jiyongs lips moved closer grazed the skin Jiyong? Hey, where are you? Sunghoon’s voice floated in from the hallway, halting the activity.

Damn, Jiyong swore, disappearing in a puff of smoke. But Jaeduck was the more disappointed of the two, left feeling hot and uncomfortable.

Sunghoon stole into his room, wearing a resplendent white robe of a slightly sheer, silky material. Flowers were entwined in his golden hair and his cheeks were tinged pink. There was an aura of beauty and innocence around him.

Jiyongs not here, Jaeduck informed him, pulling the blankets over him and pretending to sleep. He could feel himself getting even more worked up. When was he going to leave? Sunghoon went around the bed to face him. Tenderly, he lifted Jaeducks face and kissed him, which didn’t help his condition any.

What was that for?

I’m really sorry about bothering you earlier tonight, he apologized, never losing his bright smile.

It’s okay. Jaeduck replied. But instead of leaving, the Sunghoon lay down next to him.

No, let me show you how sorry I am Sunghoons clothes faded out as he slowly undressed a much willing Jaeduck. Sunghoon was determined to win, not for the material prize, but for pride and reputation. No way was he going to be second place to Jiyong, not when everyone knew he was the prettiest


When morning came, the two gods anxiously showed up in the designated spot the front of Jaeducks house.

They set the prize down between them and sat down to wait.

Finally, past noon, Jaeduck came out. Yawning, he blinked at the sudden sight of them. Then he seemed to remember the events of the past day.

Okay, I’ve made my decision, he announced, clapping his hands together.

Sunghoon and Jiyong shot each other smug looks, each confident in his own victory.

The most irresistible guy is He paused dramatically. They leaned forward in anticipation.

Me, Jaeduck finished. The other twos jaws dropped open.

Just look how the both of you came on to me last night, he explained, seeing the shock on their faces. Can either of you say you scored with two beautiful gods in one night?

They stared dumbly, unable to claim such a feat. Didn’t think so. Jaeduck grabbed the sandals and slipped into them. He lifted himself experimentally off the ground.

Whee! This is fun! He shouted, doing a somersault in the air. He zipped off happily, twirling and tumbling as he did so.

That punk

Can he do that? Sunghoon wondered.

I guess so, was the doubtful answer.


We still haven’t settled the bet, Sunghoon finally said.


More silence.

Hey, Jiyong?


Best three out of five?

A slow smile spread across Jiyongs face. It’s a deal.

The two shook hands and hurried off, in search of new judges.

~The End~


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