The Birthday Present by: jiwonz1004

the bday present.jpg

  • a EunKang short story
  • completed

WARNING: contains mature content

It was another dark and lonely day for Eun Jiwon. The sky seemed ready to open up and soak him with the thunderous storm. He was in another one of his bad moods. He had seen a boy being beat up by a group of other boys.

He hated seeing people fight, especially if it wasn’t him that was fighting.

He was walking down the sidewalk towards Sunghoon’s house. Sunghoon had called and told him to come over as soon as possible, that he had something to give him. He reached his door and placed his finger on the doorbell, but before he could push it, the door opened in front of him. ‘What the fu*k?’ he thought to himself. He walked in quietly and saw a letter down by his feet. He picked it up.

Dearest Wonnie, Happy Birthday! I hope you will like my surprise for you~ Please come upstairs to my room as soon as you read this. Love Hoonie

Jiwon carefully walked up the stairs and saw that there were candles lined up from the top of the stairs to the open doorway of Sunghoon’s bedroom. He could not imagine what Sunghoon was doing in there with the lights all turned off…all by himself. He walked towards the door, and peeked inside.

The shades were all drawn, and there was a light scent of Sunghoon’s cologne that drifted through the open doorway.

He stepped inside, and the door slowly closed behind him. Jiwon quickly turned around but found no one there. When he faced in front of him again, Sunghoon was there, looking at him sweetly.

“Happy birthday hyung,” he said softly. “I missed you…” Sunghoon stepped up to Jiwon and brushed the hair away from his face. He brushed his fingertips across his lips slightly. Jiwon tingled from the light touch.

“I missed you too…” he replied huskily. In actuality, he had seen him just yesterday at school, but that didn’t matter.

The truth was, they had missed each other. Sunghoon held onto Jiwon’s hand tightly and led him over to his bed. He turned so that Jiwon’s back was facing towards the bed. He looked at his hyung’s face who seemed to be a little nervous. How could he resist a face like that? He placed his lips on Jiwon’s and put his hands around his waist. Jiwon slowly raised his hands to Sunghoon’s shoulders and lightly touched the back of his head.

That was all the encouragement that Sunghoon needed. He lightly nipped at Jiwon’s lip and at the first chance, stuck his tongue inside his mouth. Jiwon responded very slowly. At first, he was thinking about how wrong it was to be doing what they were doing. But he couldn’t resist his feelings anymore than Sunghoon could at the moment. Sunghoon carefully started to unbutton Jiwon’s white shirt. He quickly threw that on the floor, and then took his own shirt off. He knew that Jiwon wouldn’t do it. After unbuckling his own belt and shedding from all of his own clothes…boxers and all, he carefully put his arms around Jiwon’s waist.

The next thing Jiwon knew, he was stripped from his pants and boxers as well. Sunghoon lightly pushed him onto his bed while still exploring his mouth with his tongue. Jiwon was tasting him for the first time, and he was enjoying the new feeling. He could never have imagined the inside of Sunghoon’s mouth to be so sweet and soft. Sunghoon broke the kiss when he was laying on top of Jiwon’s naked body. He looked at Jiwon who was sweating lightly already and smiled. Jiwon smiled back…not knowing what was coming next.

Sunghoon lightly kissed his chest. He traced his nipples with his tongue and went lower and lower until he reached his penis. He lightly licked the tip of it, and chuckled at his erection. He nipped it softly with his teeth, and Jiwon could feel himself starting to blush fiercely.

Sunghoon then moved back to his lips and kissed him again. While distracting him with his kisses, Sunghoon spread Jiwon’s thighs farther apart with his own legs. He placed himself between the two soft pieces of flesh. He moved his hands lower and placed them on Jiwon’s buttocks. He cupped the mounds of flesh and lifted Jiwon’s backside a little off the bed. He spread the cheeks apart slowly while breaking the kiss that they had been sharing.

Jiwon stared at him intently, wondering what was to happen next. Sunghoon gave a reassuring smile and pushed his penis into the opening slowly.

Jiwon’s eyes became wide as he felt the skin around that area starting to stretch slowly. He raised his legs instinctively and placed them around Sunghoon’s waist. He could feel his skin starting to tear and, wanting to get through the pain as quickly as possibly, pushed himself upwards to meet Sunghoon’s treasure halfway there. Jiwon moaned slightly as Sunghoon’s penis could now move easily due to the blood flowing from the opening.

Sunghoon looked at him, asking him with his eyes if he was okay. Jiwon nodded slowly, even though he could hardly breathe. He began gasping for air as Sunghoon started to pull himself in and out of Jiwon’s body. After a while, Jiwon felt Sunghoon explode inside him. He let out a cry as Sunghoon withdrew himself from Jiwon. Jiwon felt numb all throughout his body…but he could not even describe how new and good the feeling was. Sunghoon squeezed his hand and whispered into his ear, “Your turn.”

Jiwon looked at him like he was crazy but then quickly regained his composure. He nodded and rolled over slowly. He looked at Sunghoon who was now lying back down on the bed. Jiwon, despite the pain between his legs, straddled Sunghoon’s body. He wasn’t very sure of himself…but he did what he thought was right. Sunghoon’s penis was limp from the exertion of the exercise before, but Jiwon gave it a light squeeze with his hand. He leaned forward a little and licked Sunghoon’s chest lightly. He followed Sunghoon’s example and moved downward with his tongue. He explored the rest of Sunghoon’s chest and then licked the tip of Sunghoon’s penis. It tasted salty. Jiwon didn’t know if that was the way it was supposed to be, but now was not the time to wonder about things like that. He bit the tip of the penis, but looked up quickly when Sunghoon jerked a little. His eyes were opened wide as Sunghoon reassured him that it was okay, and that he was doing a good job. Jiwon just looked back down and then pushed Sunghoon’s thighs outward with his knees. He was shaking as Sunghoon highered himself a little off of the bed.

Sunghoon had wrapped his arms around Jiwon’s shoulders and his legs around Jiwon’s waist. Jiwon shakily let himself enter Sunghoon’s body.

Sunghoon didn’t even flinch as Jiwon could feel the skin around his penis expanding and then ripping. Jiwon could feel the blood covering his penis as he moved in and out of the hole. Jiwon took a look at Sunghoon’s face while he was doing this…Sunghoon’s face showed a look of pure peacefulness, and he wondered how he could handle the pain so well. Jiwon was still sore around the lower area, but he wanted Sunghoon to be happy with him. Even though he was older than Sunghoon by a year, Sunghoon seemed to know what and when he wanted something while Jiwon was always unsure of himself. Sunghoon smiled at Jiwon and then cried out a little when he pulled himself out. Sunghoon smiled widely and unwrapped his legs from around Jiwon’s body. Sunghoon pushed Jiwon lightly so that he was again laying on the bed. He placed his body on top of his, and let their penises meet each other. Jiwon was still shaking ever so slightly as his whole body once again went numb. He could not even feel what Sunghoon was doing to him anymore.

After a while, Sunghoon too, got tired of playing around and laid down next to him. He placed his arm around Jiwon and whispered in his ear. “You were great hyung. Surprise…”

The next day, Jiwon woke up to find Sunghoon still sleeping soundly. He needed time to think. He quietly got up from Sunghoon’s bed and limped towards his clothes. He winced while dressing himself, and then walked slowly to the door.

He let himself out of the house and then headed for the park. He sat down slowly, painfully on a bench and let himself think back to what had happened the night before. He was still confused about right and wrong, but then he remembered Sunghoon’s beautiful face looking down at him and smiling sweetly. He decided that he would give

Sunghoon a call and ask him to come over to his house once in a while. After all, that was a one of a kind birthday present.


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