Still With You by: hoonified

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Part 1

February 26th 2017, YG Entertainment

“So guys, prepare yourself, next week we’re going to start your 20th anniversary promotion shoot in Hawaii. Be sure you are in your best condition, quite a hectic schedule waiting for you. We’ll be staying for 8 days there. Be ready, Ok”

Sunghoon couldn’t hide his excitement hearing the news from their YG’s manager. He is cheering loudly with the other members. Finally!! His wish comes true. Going to Hawaii with his members.

He is laughing and dancing excitedly not realizing a lovely gaze someone throw at him from across the table.

Jiwon is smiling. Proud of himself for making his brothers happy, especially that silver haired man he treasured a lot. As a leader of Sechskies, he always be the first to be asked about the upcoming schedules. And when they were asking him about their 20th anniversary promotion, he suggested to do it in Hawaii. At first, the company disagreed with the idea. They think it will be more meaningful if they are doing it in Korea. But being an Eun Choding for this past 10 years, he can’t ever accept defeat. He gave them all possible arguments he could think of to persuade the production team, even the ridiculous one.


“You know, Hawaii has beautiful beaches, the scenery will make people feel more relax. It will awaken their desire to take a break from their stressful life and they will finally making time for a family vacation. During the vacation the father can release his stress from work, the mother will be freed from house chores and the son’s brain can finally rest from doing homework all night long.

After the vacation, they all will be motivated to do better in work and school. Maybe the son will pass the medical school exam and find a cure for cancer. He will get a Nobel Prize and makes the world a better place. And who is responsible for that? WE ARE. We are making the world the better place”

‘By going to Hawaii??’


‘How come Jiwon-ah’

“Should I tell you more examples?”

‘NO!! Fine, we are going to Hawaii’

The production team are just amused by his antique and can’t bear one more minute hearing his arguments.

Jiwon smiles proudly by his winning. He surely has a hidden motive why he want to go to Hawaii so much.


His beloved dongsaeng had been repeatedly talking about going to Hawaii with the members since the reunion. He must miss Hawaii so much. And Jiwon just want to grant his wish.


‘Hyung.. did you hear them?? Can you believe it?? We are going to Hawaii!!! All of us!!! I am so happy. How can they read my mind? I really want to go to Hawaii with our members’

Jiwon is startled. The room is already empty, the members are nowhere to found, leaving only him and Sunghoon.

“They didn’t. I did”

‘What do you mean hyung?’

“I know how you miss Hawaii, so I asked them to record our 20th anniversary promotion in Hawaii”

Jiwon smiles. He is satisfied as he sees Sunghoon’s surprised face.

‘You did? Really hyung?? Thank you soooo muuuchhh!!!’ Sunghoon jumps and hugs Jiwon tightly.

Jiwon hugs him back and ruffles his hair. He really miss Sunghoon. He’s been very busy with his variety show and couldn’t spend a lot of time with him since their last concert.

“Hoon-ah. I am sorry”

‘Why?’ Sunghoon breaks the hug. Confused by the sudden apology.

“Yesterday was your birthday party, but I couldn’t be there. And I was away on your special day, I could only wish you a happy birthday by a phone call. So I want to give you a best gift ever. You said you want to go to Hawaii with our members. I’ll do anything I could to make it happen”

Sunghoon’s touched by Jiwon’s word, but seeing Jiwon talking so seriously makes him want to tease Jiwon a little bit.

‘Are you always this stingy hyung?’


‘So, your present for me is a trip to Hawaii fully sponsored by YG?’

“No. My present for you is a chance to spend your quality time with your beloved friends in your most favourite place in the world. Do you know how hard I tried to convince the production team to go to Hawaii? I spent three hours arguing with them. Three hours!!! My brain worked so hard trying to find unbeatable reasons. So, no. I am not stingy. My present is priceless”

Jiwon is really annoyed by Sunghoon. He feels Sunghoon does not appreciate his efforts to makes him happy. Sunghoon just chuckles seeing his childish hyung.

‘Hyung, you know I was joking right. Of course this is the best gift ever. But still, you should buy me another present. An expensive one’

“Are you always this greedy Hoon-ah?” Jiwon is still a little bit annoyed.

‘I am. I’m always greedy for your attentions’ Sunghoon said it with his cute voice making Jiwon blushes.

“Fine. I’ll buy you anything you want” Jiwon smiles warmly at his cute dongsaeng.

‘I knew it. You’re the best hyung in the world!!’

The truth is, Sunghoon doesn’t need anything from Jiwon. Just having Jiwon by his side is already a gift. The greatest gift.

‘Where are you going now hyung?’

“I am going home. I need to prepare for tomorrow flight to Japan”

‘With Suwonie?’ Sunghoon makes a frown face, knowing Jiwon and Suwon will spending their time together in Japan. Jiwon catches the face and thinking how he can makes Sunghoon feels better. He takes off his shoes and give it to Sunghoon.

“Sunghoon-ah, take off your shoes and wear mine” Sunghoon is puzzled but obeys his hyung order.

“I am wearing this shoes tomorrow. Now you don’t need to be jealous, I will not cheat with Suwonie.

You will always be my favourite dongsaeng” Jiwon smirks, seeing Sunghoon’s redden face.

‘I am not jealous. And I know how much you love me, no one can ever beat me’

“Said who? You should be careful Hoon-ah, or Suwonie will takes your place” Jiwon teases Sunghoon more.

‘No he won’t. You won’t let him. See you hyung.. Take care in Japan’ Sunghoon walks out the door.

Embarrassed by his jealousy.

Jiwon smiles, watching his dongsaeng cuteness.

“Of course no one can ever replace you”



February 28th 2017, Japan

‘ have eels for lunch hyung?? It looks delicious. I know you will like it. I am glad you trusted me and gave it a try. Enjoy your lunch hyung… Say hello to Suwonie for me. Miss you both!!’

Jiwon smiles at his phone, reading Sunghoon’s text about the pictures he shared on his Instagram.

He knew Sunghoon will text him when he saw the picture, that’s why he posted it.

“I ate it because you told me I can eat it. You know me better than I know myself” Jiwon is replying the text when he hears Suwon knocking the table. He turns his gaze to his trip partner in front of him.

‘Why are you smiling to your phone hyung? Are you going crazy? Should we go to hospital and check your brain?’ Suwon tries to annoy his leader.

“What’s your problem maknae-ah? Am I being too nice with you today? Should we level up our trip?”

Suwon pretends not to hear the questions and tries to change the topic.

‘Well, why do you choose this place hyung? I thought you don’t like eels?’

“I do like eels”

‘No you don’t. You said when we were in Busan that you can’t eat eels’ Suwon attacks Jiwon with his own words.

“I said, I never saw something like that so I couldn’t eat it. But since I saw it before, I can eat it now” Jiwon defends with a childish argument.

‘That doesn’t makes any sense. How come you….’ Suwon can’t finish his sentence because Jiwon puts a large piece of eel into his mouth.

“Just shut your mouth and eat Suwon-ah” Suwon glares to his hyung who is now enjoying his meals pretending like nothing’s happen.

“Have you finished?” Suwon just finished his meal and realize that Jiwon waits for him impatiently.

“Let’s go!! I am going to show you how to travel like a pro. You will never regret it!!” Suwon stares at him quietly. Scared of what’s going to happen to him today.

(‘Aish, why did I agree to come to this program? Everyone knows I won’t be safe with him’)

For Suwon’s surprise, the trip was quite interesting. Jiwon hyung did scold him a little bit but he still enjoys the trip a lot. It is almost 11 pm, when they arrives at their hotel.

“Thank you for your hard work” Jiwon and Suwon say goodbye to the staff before going to their room.

‘Hyung, thank you for today. I don’t know having a trip with you could be this fun. I thought it will be a stressful day for me’

“Yah, you disappoint me Suwon-ah. How dare you doubt my love to you? Now, rest well. Tomorrow we’ll start early in the morning”

‘Hahaha… I will not doubt you anymore hyung. See you tomorrow’

Jiwon is about to close his eyes when his phone’s ringing. He smiles and answer the call.

“Miss me that much?” It is Sunghoon who calls Jiwon at 00.00 am.

‘Are you sleeping hyung?’

“No, I am not. Is everything ok Hoon-ah?” Jiwon senses something wrong in Sunghoon’s voice.

‘Hyung, what did I do in my previous life to be given such a great love and blissful life now? I messed up so bad years ago. I thought my fans will hate me and turn their back on me after what I did back then. But somehow the opportunity came. Life gave me a second chance with you and the other members. And now here I am thinking am I really deserves this second chance? I hurt my fans a lot because of my thoughtless mistakes. Why are they forgive me and give me such love. How can I repay them? What if I hurt them again?’

Jiwon confused by Sunghoon sudden confession. But he also feels sad hearing how Sunghoon’s think about himself.

“Hoon-ah, it’s not about what you did in your previous life. You fans love you for what you are now.

For making their day bright with your pure smile. For giving them strength with your beautiful voice.

For making their heart warm with your kind and thoughtful actions. For being such an angel.

Everyone deserves a second chance, and for me, you deserve more than a second chance. You deserve all chances in the world. You are not a bad person Hoon-ah. And no, you will not hurt them again. You will repay their love by being how you are today. You are lucky for being loved by your fans, but they are also lucky to love someone as beautiful as you who cares a lot about them”

‘Thank you hyung. I feel better’

“What this is all about Hoon-ah?”

‘Nothing hyung. I’m just being ridiculous. I saw a lot of fans coming to my birthday fan meeting even from outside Korea. It’s just touched my heart. And now I am opening gifts from fans. I can see the sincerity and efforts they put on each gift. They even advertised my birthday all month long. Can you believe it? I don’t think I deserve this much love. A year ago I couldn’t imagine this kind of situation.

I guess I just too shock by the sudden changes and afraid I will screw all of this again’

“No you will not Hoon-ah. You are not alone. You have me, Jaeduck, Jaejin and Suwon. We will work hard to repay all the love we got. Now have a rest, do not think about it again”

Sunghoon feels thankful having Jiwon by his side to share everything. Jiwon can always makes him feels better no matter how hard his problem is.

‘Thank you hyung. Sorry to bother you at this hour. Sleep well hyung. Good night’

“Good night Hoon-ah”


Morning comes fast. Jiwon is sitting on the bus with Suwon, going to their next destination.

‘Have you seen this hyung? Sunghoon fans really taking it to another level. They are really passionate. I am glad he got the love he deserved’

Jiwon smiles quietly, watching Sunghoon’s video showing fans gifts. The background music is so beautiful and express Sunghoon’s feeling very well.

‘Wait!! He’s posting it at 2.30 in the morning. What is he doing at that hour? Doesn’t he has schedule to do today? Such a vampire’

“He’s appreciating his fans love Suwon-ah. You should learn from him. Start by wearing those earrings your fans gave to you”

‘I told you it will not goes in. It is closed’

“Should we change our destination to piercing studio? You should make an effort for you fans Suwon-ah. Just like Sunghoonie”

‘Yeah hyung, you will always taking his side forever’

Jiwon ruffles Suwon’s hair and pinches his cheeks

“You know you are adorable maknae-ah. But he is my baby angel”


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