Sexy Tattoo by: koiniji_00

sexy tattoo.JPG

WARNING: contains mature content

Sunghoon didn’t know how they end up like this. He heard a groan and then the others were thrown out by their leader with the instruction of “Clean the room”, in another words, “bring the cameras with you”. He was about to get a camera too when Jiwon put a hand on his shoulder while saying “except you. You stay here, Sunghoon.”

And then as the door shut, being locked from the inside by Jaejin, here he is, already under him, kissing, hungrily, aggressively.

Before he knows it, Jiwon already is half naked and has his tshirt up on his chest. Moaning, he said “Hyung, what are you d-” Jiwon stopped sucking a spot on his neck and went back on kissing him on the lips, then he said “More action, no talking.” as he completely undressed him with his shirt.

“Alright” Sunghoon answered, getting a fist of Jiwon’s hair as he kissed him fully on the lips, tongue darting out towards Jiwon’s open mouth. He sucked on his tongue and pulled on his hair making the older groan, pulling him closer towards him as if there’s still a distance between them when there is none.

It’s not a secret that they are together. The other members know it. He might like what they are doing now, he still wonders what brought this beastly side of Jiwon out though.

His tattoo makes him salivate. The younger didn’t know this but just by looking at his sexy tattoo, the thought of being with the younger grows. It made him want him more. And his tattoo has been peeking from under his shirt’s sleeve for a while now. As if it knew that Jiwon has been slowly growing hard and it has been sneaking a peek at him, teasing him. He tried to tell Sunghoon that his tattoo has been distracting him but instead of the younger, it was Jaejin who caught on. He knows, with that glint from his eyes, he knows and they exchanged a look (on his part it was a glare instead).

Jiwon was thankful when Jaejin didn’t say anything. Even when the latter only laugh at him, loud, he was still thankful.

“Alright, alright” Jaejin said as he stand making the other members confused. They looked at him but instead of him, it was Jiwon who spoke.

“Out. Clean the room.”


“You are hard already?” Sunghoon asked, eyes at the back of the head of Jiwon who is currently sucking on his nipple. There are times when Jiwon is like this, pouncing on him without him knowing why. Everytime he asked him why, he wouldn’t answer. It’s not that he is complaining. He just wanted to know the reason… He can use it towards him. He can tease him with it.

“Your fault.” The older answered. He waited for more answer from him but Jiwon only went back on sucking on his nipple. He moaned.

Wanting to pleasure his love too, Sunghoon pulled Jiwon up. “Im already almost there.” Jiwon whined, caressing Sunghoon’s member through his underwear. He had already unbuckled and pulled down his pants to his knees earlier together with his shorts and underwear. “This is annoying” he added, fully pulling Sunghoon’s pants down and his underwear. Sunghoon helping him by stepping on it. Now that the barrier is gone, he gently grabbed Sunghoon’s growing erection making the younger moan loudly. Sunghoon in return took a hold of his already hard member, caressing it up and down. He groaned and cursed. He looked at the younger only to look at a seductive looking Hoony with his smoky eyes looking lustfully at him, he knows he is looking at him on the same way.

The younger slowly pumped his erection up and down. And he in return does the same, still looking at the younger’s eyes. It made him more arouse. “This is so hot.” He said, and with a glint in his eyes, the only warning that he gave the younger, he dived forward towards the younger’s waiting mouth.

Passionately, they kissed with hands still pumping the other’s erections. Slowly, they moved. Together.

Their prelude went on for more than thirty minutes before Jiwon went in. Still high from their intense lovemaking, they had another thirty minutes for an interlude.

After an hour and a half.

The other three came back. Jaeduc and Suwon are not looking at the two while Jaejin has that glint on his eyes again. He went beside Sunghoon, touched Sunghoon’s shoulder and caressed the part where his tattoo is located.

All this time, Jiwon was eyeing him. And when he went beside Sunghoon on the couch, he was alert. The younger has been weirdly looking at Jaejin then and at him too.

“Yah! Yah!” Jiwon swatted Jaejin’s hand, and took a hold of the younger, hugging him to his side in the couch. “Out! All of you! No, only you!” He grumbled.

Jaejin laughed hard again as he stand, ready to go out. Suwon and Jaeduc followed him. Not wanting to be with the lovers on the couch.

They still have time to film later. Ha!



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