Seoul a day 15 degrees, 5 hours 45 minutes and White Angel by: Silver translated: Wonylover

seoul a day.jpg


Title: Seoul a day 15 degrees, 5 hours 45 mins and White Angel

Pairing: EunKang (Eun Jiwon x Kang Sunghoon)

Author: Silver

Beta: L.J, Crys

A Vietnamese – Translated Fanfiction


Grabbing and releasing, if you want, I will play it with you.


Sunghoon rolls his wrist, roates his neck twice and stands up. He looks down on the the stack of documents which is so high as if it could touch the lamp and all the stick notes on the wall, slightly shaking his head. It’s midnight now but there remains so many things need to be done. If they can’t be finished by tomorrow, he will definitely got scolded, even worse, his salary will be reduced. Sunghoon grinds his teeth and shrinks his neck. Only thinking about it exhausts him.

– I need to go and wash my face.

Also, he finds something to eat. Staying up late working makes him so hungry.

He is walking, slightly tapping on his face. A sequence of long and short yawns keeps coming excessively. When he finally reaches the bathroom, suddenly there comes a bang from the second floor, after a few seconds, he hears his Mom screaming.

– MOM!

He shouts as he is darting upwards.

– You…

He steps back when seeing the man in black pointing a gun at him. He continually steps back until hitting the door behind.

– What do you want? There isn’t anything worth stealing.

The man changes the direction of the gun to the left, signaling Sunghoon to move aside but he keeps standing still.

Sunghoon squeezes his shirt’s edge when hearing his Mom groaning. He is pounding his left chest and desperately begging the man:

– You can take me. Please let her go. You can take away anything in this house. We don’t have anything valueable, please just take what you want and don’t hurt my Mom.

Sunghoon crouches his body and look at him with tearful eyes.

– Please….

He kneels down with his hands clasped together.

– I’m begging you!

The man approaches him. When standing in front of him, the man uses his thumb to make the gun loaded and put it on hid head.

– “Five more steps, puch his belly and then I will run to you”. Don’t think only your Mom can understand those signals. Stop doing that and stay away from the door.

Pounding his chest 5 times, pulling his hand down to the belly and rubbing his hands slowly, quickly. All is done correctly, but the man realizes those signals.

He bites his hips, moves aside a little bit, the tears keeps running along with the sound of hiccups.The man glances at him for a few seconds and kicks him on his shoulder, making him roll over and slightly hit the table edge. Finally, the man pushes her and rushes out.

– “Are you ok?”, asked his Mom.

He takes her hand to stand up and walks towards the door that he has just  kicked down.

She dirts him off and tells:

– You overreacted, son.

He shakes his head, eyebrows up, looking at her, purposely make his utterances longer with a smile:

– I just wanted to mess round with him so that I could record his voice sample for Suwon to analyze. Using voice changer tool, huh?

– Try to go to bed early.

He turns around and kisses on her forehead.

– Good night, Mommy.

He returns to his room, looks at his watch reckoning what time it is in Korea now and dial Suwon’s number. It is evening in Paris now, it’s enough for today. While waiting Suwon to answer, he cradles the phone on his shoulder and rubs his nape.

Pick up the phone, Suwon.

After 3 long ringings, his best friend finally anwers but the noise around makes their conversation barely audible. He must be wandering in the souvenirs shops or sitting with crossed legs at a café shop with Kim Jaeduk. Sunghoon can even hears the sound of Jazz music.

[I remember saying that I’m not going to anwer your phone in 3 days]

– How great! Are you ignoring me?

Sunghoon sits down at his desk and starts his laptop.

[Say it briefly]

– I got something for you. Let me check….Oh here it is. I’ve just sent it to you.

Sunghoon spins the chair and places his legs on a mattress, inclines his head a little and says it with a smile

– Ignore my sobbing voice. You will get goosebumps on hearing it. Give me the real voice of that man after four hours.

[Six hours. I can’t do it faster]

– So It’s a long date, huh?

Sunghoon whistles and tries to imagine a part of the face he saw.

(I’ve got a lot of things left to do)

– Ok, six hours.


– What? So rude of you.

He suddenly smiles.

He turns the chair around, opens the laptop’s DVD tray and withdraws a piece of paper hidden between the two metals. He gently trokes his chin and slides a finger under his lower lips.

“ Be careful with White Angel.”



Being overlapped by the murmur of the water in the bathroom, the phone ring couldn’t reach him until after a while. He reaches the water’s surface and surrounds  himself with a towel.

[ Director is calling ]

“I’m done” He thinks

He frantically puts on his overcoat, jots down some words for her mother and leaves the house in haste. He crouches down after seeing his car being parked half on the foot path.The rain this morning wetted the parking tickets which he has received every week and made them become creased.

– Let it be. It’s only worker’s life.

Sunghoon steers the wheel and depresses the accelerator pedal. He glanced at the thermometer .


– It’s autumn now, isn’t it? – He looks outside.

Those old messy days making him hate Seoul, an overcrowded place with melancholy trap carried by persistent rains, has gone. While he’s waiting for the traffic light to turn green, he lowers the window, squints looking up the sky , extends his left hand outside and wait for a yellow leaf falling from the tree above to land at his hand.

“ So comfortable”

Then he turns the radio.

– Ah. Not this station.

[ One more woman killed in the East Seoul ]

A 30-year-old flight attendant named Morel has just been found hanged at her own house located in a alley near Sejong Daero Avenue.Acording to sources close to the investigation, a witness claimed that he saw a man in black coat fleeing from the crime scene. The murderer is tall, thin man with medium figure and he was wearing a cap.

According to the first record, lacerny is not the motive for the murder…]

He quickly turns off the radio. He leans back, against the seatand breathes a sigh:

“I really want to see that witness. It was a white one. The news gave totally wrong information.”

Sunghoon starts to play a lyric-free track , he lowers both window and has his hand rest at his chin and sings to himself.

No sooner had he entered the company, he caught the bullet-shaped eyes from the Director. He shrinks himself, lowers his body trying to sneak into the room through a gap between the Director and the door, but he quickly grabs Sunghoon’s collar.

– Kang Sunghoon! Late, unpunctual report submission, wrong uniform. You want your salary to be lowered? Or you want to be fired?

– I’m sorry, terribly sorry.

– You always say sorry. Today, you can’t leave until all the data is inserted. Got it? Buy me 4 Americanos with light iceNow!

– Ye..yes, Sir.

It suddenly becomes cold and windy. Sunghoon sits by the window looking at the coffee counter. So many people and he must wait for a long time to take his turn. Sunghoon crouches his upper body in the overcoat  and puts his hands into the pockets, he is shivering. It just needs to get a little below 15oC to make him feel cold enough to shiver.

– It’s so cold!

Sunghoon crouches with his head down, his hands extends forwards continually rubbing. Suddenly, warmth from a paper cup touches his finger tips and quickly spreads through his body. Then, a feeling that someone is holding his hands makes him astonished and get his head up. He immediately and hesitantly takes his hand back, knitting the brows.

–  Who are you?, asked Sunghoon.

The man resting his chin on his hand, looking at Sunghoon and smiles.

– I just saw you shivering, he replied.

What a special husky voice he’s got!

He suddenly freezes as if  being hypnotized by those black eyes which are reflected in the cup’s liquid.

– I’m fine.

Right at that moment, his phone is ringing. Sunghoon gives him a nod and rushes to the counter and unfortunately hits the table edge. He tightly closes his eyes, ready for the pain which he’ll get when his body hit to the floor so hard. Luckily, the man is fast enough to hold his waist, prevent him from falling.

Sunghoon removes his hand with face flushing, and scratches his head, face down.

– Th..thanks

– Hurry and get your drinks.

He just says “A” and rushes there. When holding 4 Americanos in his hands, he sees the man nowhere.

Sunghoon looks around the coffee shop. There’s a regret in his eyes. Then, he looks at the chair he sat.

– Has he gone? Well, he must have.

Sunghoon sadly pushes the door out. When his feet just land on the ground, his carry-nothing-hand is seized and pulled to the man’s side.

He astonished, eyes widely open.

– You…

He puts Sunghoon’s hand into his coat and holds it tight on purpose.

– Could you give me a date?

His phone is ringing. Sunghoon takes a look at his screen. It’s his strictly boss calling. He falters. Provoked by the man’s unexpected question, he does not want to interrupt the atmosphere

– You should answer the phone… – He advises and takes the Americanos for him, – …if you don’t want to lose your job by a stranger.

He follows his advice.

– Yes?

[Are you trying to buy my time? Just do what you want and your salary will disappear without any trace. I’m not threatening you. The Blue House will become your “Black” House right now. Arrive here in 5 more minutes or place your farewell letter on my desk.]

– I have to go. Five minutes.

– Damn it. I thought I could have a longer conversation with you. – He shrugs his shoulders. –  Forget it. Are you free this evening?

– Evening? – He gently fondles his finger and curls his lips withdrawing his hand out of the pocket.  – I’ll try to finish my work early. I shouldn’t let myself be sacked by a stranger, right?”

Sunghoon grins.

– Exactly.

– By the way, Stranger, may I know your name? I’m Sunghoon. Kang Sunghoon.

– Eun Jiwon.

– And your phone number?

Jiwon takes his mobile and inserts his number.

– What should I save your name as?

– Eun Jiwon. Jiwon. There are many options. Or “Stranger.” – His eyebrows are up.

– Done. We have each other’s phone number. Hmm, Stranger, that’s a good idea.

Sunghoon puts the phone into his pocket again and slides on the man’s chest with his finger.

– Obviously, I can’t go back in 5 minutes, for sure. And you, officially or unofficially, are my company in causing this trouble. I’m about to get scolded because of  a weak moment in that coffee shop. You have to be responsible for this.

– Ok. Call me whenever you want to run away from your boss. And now, you shouldn’t waste time standing here.  You only have two mins and 42 seconds left.”

– I can’t come back in time. I told you. Anyway, the sooner, the bette. 3 minutes late is always better than 5. – He glances at the watch. – OK, then I’ll go now. Bye, Stranger.

Jiwon puts a kiss on his right cheek all of a sudden.

– Don’t forget to call me.

Sunghoon touches his blushing face and has his head turned downward, whispering:

– I won’t.

– Hurry up.

He is nodding his head and quickly runs back. After a few meters, he turns around looking at him and gives him a blowing kiss in reply to his heaty wave.

While standing in the elevator, he moves his hand to the position that he kissed and smiles.

The phone vibrates again.

[ Dr. Jang is calling]

– Say it briefly.

[You seem happy]

– Oh. Of course. – He taps his fingers on the wall rhythmically.

[ Have you seen the voice analysis? I also attached his real voice together with the gun]

When the elevator almost reaches it. He presses 1st floor button.

– I read it this morning. So charming.

It would be more charming if you have a chance to hear it directly. It runs in his mind.

– What about his idenity?

[ It was not easy to detect. You owe me a thank you]

– Hmm. Jang Suwon, who persuaded Jaeduck for you? It wasn’t worth this?]

The elevator is going up to the 18th floor.

[ Eun Jiwon. The end!]

– “Eun Jiwon. The end!” . Are you kidding me?

[ That’s all. I’m saying the truth. By the way, Sunghoon…]

– Huh?

[ Be careful with him. I think he’s the knot you’ve been looking for.]

Sunghoon steps forwards the terrace. He takes an Americano and grinds his teeh, pouring it on him. He needs a reason to avoid the boss.

– Gosh! It’s so cold.

[What are you doing? By the way, eveything is going well, right?]

He stands still, knitting the brows due to feeling cold.

– It’s not. That she kept vigorously fighting back fatigued me

[ That’s because you didn’t shoot her]

– Have you gone blind by love? “A flight attendent was shot by a Glock 22”

[ Ok. I was wrong to say that.]

He is smiling and ends the call.

He puts his hands into the pockets and walks to the edge of the terrace and casts his eyes down.

Ok. He will get himself involved in this game.

At least, he didn’t cheat on him at the beginning.

“I’ll leave at 7.30 or more. Could you come and pick me up?”

Soon, he replies.

“No problem. Do you want me to bring you something?”

“Why you have to do that?”

“ The first step of winning someone’s heart”

Sunghoon drags a half-smile out of his lips.

“Then, I’ll be 15 minutes late.”


“It’s the first step of ignoring someone”

“ It’s up to you.”

Sunghoon leans against the parabet and slicks his hair back and gives a quick answer

“Flowers and teddy bears, especially, I have no taste at all. Speaking of “Metal”, it’s not right time”

“So what do you want?”

A White Angel statue

The message is typed but he deletes it right after that. Sunghoon raises his brows and fleers




Review Part 2: 5 hour and 45 mins 

Sunghoon quickly withdraw a wet hankerchief with chloroform on it and snatches the baby.

– I’m begging you. My baby…

Sunghoon holds the baby that is unconcious in his arms and gets his gun loaded. The picture behind the father is stained with blood .

–If you know this day will come, you shouldn’t have been that careless, Mayor.


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