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Hello everyone. I am only a freshman who is studying in my home country – Viet Nam. I have nothing apart from a little bit imagination and my love for SECHSKIES, especially Sunghoonie and Hawaii couple.

“No Title” is the most sucessful story of mine when I write it in Vietnamese language. I decide to translate it into English and post it here. English is not my mother language, but I will try. Hope you forgive me if I make any mistake.

Give me your opinion and support me. That will be a great motivation for me to carry on being an author. Thank you so much. Hiing~



The angry outburst explodes. Two pupils of Sunghoon’s eyes change into reddening. Look at the man standing in front of him, Sunghoon don’t want to care about what who Sunghoon is and how this world is treating him anymore, he just wants Jiwon to be because of him and then maintain this love forever. But nope. Jiwon is about to marry.

– Eun Jiwon…

– Sunghoon, please listen to me.

– You must not raise your voice. I don’t permit you to say anything more.

– I’m sorry.

The apologize is spoken out loud too easily, just like overturning a pie. Nope, it’s even easier than that. Sunghoon clenches his teeth tightly and he can’tsubdue that makes his lips quiver tremulously. The loving fire in Sunghoon’s heart blazes up and becomes the fire of feud which makes up every line in his eyeground. Sunghoon looks at Jiwon, but Jiwon wards him off.

– Don’t look at me huh? The type of people like you only know saying but not fuckin’ know keep your word. Do you think I will nobly let you go if you wanna go? I’m not tolerant like that. At the first time you were be mine, Eun Jiwon.

Jiwon still doesn’t answer, just stand there like a stone statue.

– You’re a mean and bad guy. I curse you and that fuckin’ girl.

– Don’t call her a fuckin’ girl!

Jiwon slaps Sunghoon’s face without mercy – such a strong and shooting slap that makes Sunghoon lose his balance and drop the glass on the table broken. The leopard cannot change its spot. Moreover, there is no one in this world perfect. Sunghoon had to create his life again, after leaving the gang of gangsters with the habit of a thug and swear like a trooper. However, when they were together and lived under the same roof, Jiwon never heard Sunghoon say crude thing to him like that. Now, Ji Won realizes that he has been wrong somehow. The glass fragile and breakable is shattered into pieces on the floor, right below Sunghoon’s foot. Is it time for it to be broken just like this unknown love which started by two men?

Sunghoon cannot stand up, painfully identify the direction and then hold tightly the edge of the table. Jiwon knows he is too heavy-handed to Sunghoon. He hurriedly sits down to help Sunghoon but immediately rushed.

– Stay away from me!

– If you keep acting like this, you cannot be able to live alone later.

– Leave me alone! Come to your fiancée. Scat!!!

Sunghoon runs away and closes the door. The door is just closed by an inch, he sits down, leans his back on it and cries. Jiwon’s sudden announcement about his marriage is such a big shock to Sunghoon. The news was brought by Jiwon and then it is splashed into his face like a bucket of cold water in the middle of winter that makes him so dull and his heart may stop beating from that moment. Having loved each other for more than 10 years, how can Jiwon change his heart so easily? Sunghoon rolls his hand into a fist, lays it on his heart. Jiwon not only did not comfort him but also slapped him to protect that woman. Sunghoon’s mind flashed the thought of not wanting to live anymore.

Ji Won cleaned up the broken glass’s fragments. Jiwon does it carefully and little by little because Sunghoon is very awkward and rarely pay attention to something. Over the past ten years, it was Jiwon who always reminded Sunghoon to walk and observe carefully everything in front of him and on the ground, but Sunghoon still repeatedly hit the wall, pillars or tables making Jiwon always feel great anguish, but no more now. Sunghoon insulted Jiwon and his fiancée. Jiwon thought Sunghoon had no cure.

Ji Won quickly takes out his luggage. He leaves this small apartment for Sunghoon as it is also a part of Sunghoon’s contribution. Breaking up with Sung Hoon, Ji Won is not interested in material. Sunghoon just needs to be happy that Jiwon will also be pleased.

Jiwon’s wedding, Sunghoon did not come. From Suwon, Jaeduk to Jae Jin tried to contact Sunghoon but it was useless. Until one day, when the apartment owner came to looking for Jiwon, Jiwon realized that Sunghoon was no longer there. Nobody could call Sunghoon and no one could find him among many places that he once traveled with Jiwon. All of them fell into the state of panic. Sunghoon went missing.

Two years later…

Marriage was broken. Ji Won is tired and depressed. He jumps headfirst into work as a businessman, stays at the company and backs home late every night. Jiwon’s house is empty now. The world in his mind is also a void. Jiwon realizes he still misses Sunghoon so bad.

– Suwon, two last years … don’t you get any news from Sunghoon?

– That’s right. From your wedding day until today, he is completely newsless.

– Do you think where Sunghoon will go?

– He is not here nor come back to his home. I … really don’t know.


– Jaeduk, have you heard anything about Sunghoon during two last years?

– Nothing even a little bit, hyung~. I have never stop being worried about him.

– Where do you think Sunghoon can go?

– I … Ji Won, I think Sunghoon isn’t alive anymore.


– Three of us, his family, the police and the media, all has been looking for him for 365 x 2 days … Didn’t it have any result? Even the police have given up.

– You can’t say that Jaeduk. You must have faith.

– You still love Sunghoon, right?

Before the straight question as a sudden psychological attack, Ji Won keeps silent. He also does not know. Is it because Jiwon still loves Sunghoon, or because it is a habit when he always worries and care about Sunghoon? On the contrary, is that habit to prove Jiwon is still deeply attached toSunghoon? Jiwon suddenly feels angry with himself. He cannot understand himself so he is unable to answer to Jaeduk.

– Don’t ask me such questions.

– Go to find Sunghoon, hyung.

Jaeduk hangs up. Jiwon sits in a solitary space in the darkness. Being alone in the middle of the room, he feels like the Earth is turning its back on him. Jiwon is completely helpless and he screams out loud in vain.

One day, Jiwon suddenly receives a call from Jaejin when he is in the office. His inner feeling reminds him to think of something not good.

– Jaejin.

– The police station said that someone had found a set of bones buried in a snowstorm. According to the forensic science, the time of the accident was very close to the time Sunghoon went missing. Does Jiwon hyung want to wait for news?

– What do you say?

Jiwon becomes panicked and scared. His lips twitches and he cannot stop praying it will not be Sunghoon. Sunghoon likes climbing on snowy mountains, but it does not mean that person is Sunghoon. The head reels, Jiwon seems dizzy. He hurriedly leaves the company, calls his car to take him to the place Jaejin and the others are waiting.

– Everybody.

– Jiwon hyung is coming.

Sunghoon’s mom and his sister – Yoonji did not come because his mom suddenly was not well so Yoonji had to stay at home to take care of her. Suwon and Jaeduk came early, Jaejin also came to the rendezvous quickly after calling for Jiwon. Their hearts are like the same beats and all are very strong and fast. Jiwon knits his hands. Waiting for too long makes him lose his temper.

– Where are you going? – Su Won asks.

– Going to the police station.

– For what?

All people are very surprised. Is Eun Jiwon still ordinary or not?

– For asking the forensic scientists to take the DNA quickly.

– Don’t be so crazy.

Ji Won begins to show his impatience. He breaks into inside when Jaejin and Suwon runs after him. Jiwon cannot beat his two powerful younger brothers so he is pushed into the back seat of the car.

– I must know that it isn’t Sunghoon. I don’t believe Jaeduk is right. I never believe it!

Jaeduk suddenly feels guilty. Last night, he should not have put a hypothetical argument that made Jiwon’s mood become worse. Jaeduk sits in the car next to Jiwon then whispers:

– I’m sorry.

This statement makes Jiwon calm down. He realizes he has just reacted quite extremely. It is just because Jiwon is too scared. He is afraid Sunghoon will never back here again.

– Sunghoon will be okay.

– Did you think yesterday …?

– No, Jiwon hyung. Sunghoon and I have been friends for over ten years. We are very intimate. My most recent feeling tells me that Sunghoon is alive.

– Jaeduk, I … I’m really confused, you know? I… Actually, I always thought about Sunghoon, even when I was married.

This is the first time Jiwon has opened his mind to Jaeduk. He used to think he would have to bury that secret in the depth of his heart with full of thescratches that cannot be healed. However, a gentle and profound Jaeduk has given Jiwon a hold to believe and bare his heart. Indeed, Sunghoon’s image is still in Jiwon’s mind persistently throughout the months when he was happy with the seemingly perfect marriage. Jiwon was always annoyed with his wife when she mentioned Sunghoon because there were many moments between Sunghoon and Jiwon that he never wanted to throw away, even for a while. Finally, a divorcing petition is brought to the lawcourt only because of “not get along with each other”.

– Do you still love Sunghoon? Please tell me the truth, Jiwon hyung.

– I don’t know. Sunghoon needs to come back so I can stand in front of him to redefining my affection.

Seeing Jaejin and Suwon come into the police station, Jiwon is anxious. He stands up but being stopped by Jaeduk. There seem to be a burning fire in his body that burns every nerve and blood vessel. Jiwon’s forehead and his palms sweat profusely. Jiwon is scared. He is really scared.

“You are so bad Sunghoon. Do you take revenge on me by this way?”

Chapter 2 & 3 ~



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