NJTTW alternative happenings by itscontagious

NJTTW alternative happenings.jpg

The New Journey To The West shooting had ended only after one day, thanks to Kyuhyun and Na PDs bet. Jiwon couldn’t believe it. He had been skeptical about getting off of work 24 hours too early. He had asked the staff many times if it was really okay that he could go. Then as he had seen others leaving he had started to believe it could actually be true.

Now Jiwon was on his way back to home. He was totally excited. ‘I told him I would only get off tomorrow so he’ll have no idea I’m coming. I can’t wait to see his face’ Jiwon thought happily.

As he reached the apartment building where his apartment was situated in, his excitement grew. Even though Jiwon had only seen him this morning he truly missed him. Jiwon fumbled for his set of keys. He opened the door without a sound and slowly, being as quiet as possible, he entered the apartment.

The lights were on. Jiwon smiled ‘He’s home’. He lowered his back to the ground and took of his shoes. As Jiwon made his way to kitchen he heard faint music coming from the said room. Jiwon rounded the corner and his smile softened. ‘No wonder I could enter without him noticing’ Jiwon thought as he took in the view in front of him.

Standing over the counter with his back turned towards Jiwon was Sunghoon looking overly concentrated on something. He was wearing Jiwon’s T–shirt and sweatpants and his pink hair was messy-looking. He had his music player next to him.

‘Oh god he’s so fucking cute’ Jiwon couldn’t help but think when he noticed Sunghoon being fully concentrated on cooking.

Just as Jiwon was about to go over to Sunghoon and hug him Sunghoon turned around.

“Hyung!” Sunghoon cried out looking extremely surprised and baffled.

‘Shit’ Jiwon thought internally. ‘There goes the element of surprise. Well at least I got to see his surprised face.’ Jiwon couldn’t help grinning at the “too cute looking” expression Sunghoon had on.

“I almost had a heart attack. What are you doing here?” Sunghoon asked his hyung.

“What? Am I not allowed to be in my own home?” Jiwon teased the younger.

He was just too tempted.

“Hyung, seriously, what about your shooting? Did something happen?”

Sunghoon looked a bit worried even though he seemed happy to see Jiwon.

Actually Sunghoon had just been thinking about Jiwon and he had been a bit sad because he thought he wouldn’t see him before the next day. But the sudden appearance of Jiwon was a bit alarming for Sunghoon. Something had had to go wrong.

“Everything’s okay. The shooting just ended earlier than expected”, Jiwon answered truthfully.

“Are you sure hyung? That hasn’t happened ever before”, Sunghoon was still unbelieving.

Jiwon took steps towards Sunghoon until he was standing just before him. He wrapped his arms around Sunghoon and hugged him. “Don’t worry too much Hoon-ah. Everything’s really okay”, Jiwon assured him fondly.

Sunghoon nodded and he also wrapped his arms around Jiwon. “Okay hyung.

Why did the shoot end so early?” Sunghoon was curious.

“In the middle of all, the others decided to make a bet about us ending the shoot and the producer’s estimation was totally wrong. And so Kyuhyun accidentally achieved the goal in the game and that’s how I’m here”, Jiwon explained his arms still wrapped around Sunghoon.

“Really? Wow, I kind of feel bad but I can’t help but feel happy that you are here”, Sunghoon admitted sheepishly. Jiwon ruffled Sunghoon hair.

“Don’t think about it. Everyone else also went home and got a bit time off of work.”

“Well, if you say so. Welcome home hyung”, Sunghoon pecked Jiwon’s cheek happily. Jiwon was surprised but smiled nonetheless. Then he noticed the half cooked food on the counter.

“What were you making, Hoon-ah?” Jiwon asked. Sunghoon turned around to look at the counter.

“I was just trying to cook something new for your supposed return tomorrow.

Are you hungry hyung? Maybe I could just try to make it now,” Sunghoon turned to look at Jiwon and asked him a small smile gracing on his lips.

Jiwon kissed Sunghoon’s forehead softly. “Of course, what are you ma..”

Before Jiwon got the chance to finish his phone rang. Jiwon looked at the called ID before smiling apologetically at Sunghoon. “Sorry Hoon -ah, I think I need to answer this.” Sunghoon just nodded understandingly and Jiwon left the kitchen.

‘What could Sugeun hyung want from me right now?’ Jiwon thought as he entered his own room and answered the phone.

“Jiwon-ah where are you?” Sugeun asked.

“I came back home”, Jiwon answered suspiciously.

“Are you home?”

“Yes, hyung. Why?” Jiwon was becoming more suspicious.

“We are having drinks together instead of going home.”

“With whom?” Jiwon had a bad feeling about that. When Sugeun answered ‘with e veryone’ Jiwon was starting to become annoyed. The shooting was supposed to be ended and everyone was supposed to be in their homes. And when he also heard that Jaehyun was even going back there from his home he couldn’t help but yell.

As he ended the call Jiwon wondered what he should do. Everyone else was going back but he had just gotten home and Hoony had seemed so happy to see him. He didn’t want to make his Hoon -ah upset.

Jiwon decided to call Mino but as the call went on he realised he couldn’t change anything by scolding him when he was just being a good dongsaeng.

After a while Jiwon still hadn’t left his room. He had also called to Sugeun the second time. He still didn’t know what to do. He was angry about the situation.

Trying to calm himself he walked back to the kitchen where he saw Sunghoon again fully concentrated on cooking.

Sunghoon heard his arrival. He turned to look at Jiwon. “Hyung, is everything alright? You were away for quite a long time”, Sunghoon asked concerned.

“Sugeun hyung just called me” Jiwon answered nonchalantly.

“You don’t look so happy”, Sunghoon pointed out. Jiwon cursed inwardly

‘Why does he know me so well?’

“Nothing is wrong. The others are just drinking and having a meal together at the moment.”

“Oh, are you going to join them?” Sunghoon asked. Jiwon thought he seemed a bit upset and Jiwon hated it when Sunghoon was sad. That was when he made the decision. His Hoony was more important to him at the moment.

“No, I’m not going.” Jiwon had finally a bit free time to spend only with Hoony. He was not going to throw it away. Even if he couldn’t call having a meal with friends as a waste.

“Are you sure it’s okay? After all, you are the only one not there”, Sunghoon pouted askingly. Jiwon just wished to kiss that pout away.

“For now I’m just gonna stay with you. So how’s the cooking going?” Jiwon changed the topic.

“It’s going to be ready in half an hour. Hyung, you can just go and rest while I cook”, Sunghoon smiled warmly at Jiwon. ‘He must have had a hard day shooting’ Sunghoon thought.

“Thank you Hoon-ah”, Jiwon said affectionately and went to take a shower.

While in the shower Jiwon was still uneasy because of the call. He had decided not to go but he wondered if the others were bothered by him not being with them. ‘No, I can’t think about that, I can’t make my Hoony bothered by the fact that he’s the reason I’m not going’ Jiwon decided.

As he got out of the shower he put on more comfortable clothes.

When Jiwon returned to the kitchen he saw that Sunghoon had al ready set the table and was doing finishing touches to the dinner by the stove.

Sunghoon noticed his arrival.

“Hyung, the food is almost ready, you can just sit already and I will bring the food in a minute”, Sunghoon smiled his always contagious smile and Jiwon couldn’t help smiling back. As Sunghoon turned back to face the stove, Jiwon, instead of sitting at the table, walked behind him and wrapped his arms around Sunghoon in a back hug. Jiwon also laid his chin at Sunghoon’s shoulder.

“Hyung, didn’t I say that you could go to sit?” Sunghoon said smiling despite his words.

Jiwon tightened his hug and said: “But I’m much more comfortable standing here.”

“Well the food is ready, so if you prefer eating standing I’m not gonna stop you”, Sunghoon said grinning as he turned around to look at Jiwon. Jiwon set his hands to the counter behind Sunghoon. Sunghoon was locked between Jiwon’s arms. Jiwon looked at Sunghoon with a gleam in his eyes. “Yes, I prefer eating standing, especially if the food is in front me”, Jiwon said seductively. Sunghoon blushed from the words and the intense look with what Jiwon was eyeing him.

“You look so damn delicious”, Jiwon said in a low voice and Sunghoon’s blush deepened. That just made Sunghoon look more attracting to Jiwon.

“Hyung”, Sunghoon’s heart was racing.

Jiwon leaned his face closer to Sunghoon’s. For a second they just stared at each other’s eyes. Then Jiwon’s gaze wandered to Sunghoon’s lips and he closed the gap between their lips and kissed Sunghoon. First the kiss was gentle and soothing. Then just as it was about to get heated a voice interrupted them. Jiwon’s phone was ringing, again.

They broke apart. Jiwon looked annoyed at the distraction as also did Sunghoon even though not so much annoyed than flushed from the kiss.

Jiwon answered the phone without looking at the caller ID and annoyedly said “What!”

“Where are you?” It was Kyuhyun’s voice, Jiwon registered in his mind.

“Home”, Jiwon was still irritated but he tried to act more civil. He looked at Sunghoon who was now eyeing him.

“Are you home?”

“Yes, now, why did you call again?” Sunghoon seemed to realise who was calling him as Jiwon answered. His expression changed.

“I called you because we’re in Yeoui -do.” Kyuhyun said.

“What? Why did you come all the way here?” Jiwon was starting to get suspicious. ‘If they came all the way here, there must be something going on.

Maybe the ending was a bluff’, Jiwon thought. He had actually been thinking that they would call him again.

“I wanted to have a drink with you to apologize, so we came here. Could you come out for a while?”

“I was actually already waiting for your call”, Jiwon said jokingly, not noticing the expression Sunghoon had. Sunghoon had realised from where the call was coming from and that they were already new their home. He thought he had been selfish keeping Jiwon here and he understood that Jiwon might go with them now that they had come all the way here. But as he heard Jiwon saying that he had been waiting for the call Sunghoon felt betrayed. ’Had Jiwon been meaning to go with them from the start? Was he just playing with me?’ Sunghoon didn’t know what to do so he just looked at the ground while Jiwon ended the call.

Jiwon sighed in frustration. He knew he had to go outside to meet the others but he didn’t know what to say to Sunghoon. ‘I’m now ruining the evening’ Jiwon thought bitterly. Then he looked at Sunghoon who had his head lowered and wasn’t looking at Jiwon.

“Hoon-ah, I’m sorry. I will have..” Jiwon didn’t get the chance to end his sentence as Sunghoon raised his head and said:

“To leave, yeah I know. That’s what you were planning the whole time, right?”, Sunghoon was smiling bitterly. Jiwon was confused ‘What is he talking about? Why does he think I was going to leave the whole time?’ He voiced his thoughts aloud: “No. Why do you think that?”

“Hah, like if you didn’t just say that you were waiting for them the whole time”, Sunghoon was becoming annoyed.

“What?” Then Jiwon understood why Sunghoon was so bitter. ‘He thought my joke was serious.’

“No, that was just a joke. I didn’t mean it that way.” Jiwon said trying to sort out the misunderstanding.

“So you’re not going?” Sunghoon asked in disbelief. Their food had been long forgotten.

“No, I’ll go. But only ‘cause they came the all here to meet me and for that they’ll have to have a good reason”, JIwon explained.

When Sunghoon didn’t respond, Jiwon continued, “Hoon -ah, I’m sorry I’m ruining the evening.” Jiwon said sincerely. Sunghoon nodded, now understanding.

“No hyung, it’s not your fault. I understand”, Sunghoon smiled a faint smile.

Jiwon felt bad for making his Hoony unhappy but he was glad Sunghoon had understood. ‘He clearly is the best person I know’ Jiwon thought fondly.

Jiwon moved to hug Sunghoon. “I’m sorry Hoon-ah”, he repeated. Sunghoon nodded silently not saying anything. Jiwon knew he would have to make this up to Sunghoon somehow.

“I will quickly pack my things and then go”, Jiwon said and left the kitchen.

After a few minutes Jiwon had already put his shoes on and was ready leave.

He turned towards Sunghoon who was watching him. Jiwon was feeling a bit awkward leaving like this.

“I think the shooting might continue so I don’t know how long it’ll take.”

“I’ll just make the food again the next time you come back.” Sunghoon said jokingly.

“I’ll be waiting for that”, Jiwon said and opened the door of the apartment before walking through it. When he was outside he turned to look at Sunghoon one more time. Sunghoon smiled at Jiwon with an understanding smile. ‘He understands me so well. I’m so lucky that he’s mine’ Jiwon thought as closed the apartment door and left.


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