My Birthday Present by: igraine

my bday present.jpg

  • a EunKang short story
  • completed

Where are you going? I asked him as he tried to slip out the door.

Out there, he pointed outside with a perfectly calm expression.

You’re abandoning me on my birthday? I exclaimed with a hurt face.

Yep. Have a nice life. It’s been nice knowing ya! He said happily. With that he left slamming the door behind him.


Woah! Thanks Suwon! I exclaimed at the Gucci watch he had just presented me with. I quickly put it on.

You’re welcome hyung. He smiled, glad that I had liked it.

I looked at all the presents I just reaped in. It’s been a pretty rewarding birthday this year. We were all sitting around my living room drinking beers. It feels good to be surrounded by my four closest friends, Jaejin, Suwon, Jaeduc and Jiyong, on my birthday.

So how old are you again? Forty? Man! You’re getting old hyung! Jaeduc joked.

I’ll show you old! I raised a fist at him. He hid behind Suwon like a scared little girl and everyone laughed.

So what else do you want to do? It’s your special day so anything goes. Jaejin asked.

I don’t know. I answered honestly. Surprised me, I challenged.

They all looked at one another mischievously.

Good we were hoping you would say that, Jaeduc said slyly. He looked over to Suwon who pulled out a black piece of cloth from his pocket. Because we already have something in mind, he continued. But its a surprise so you’re going to have to wear this. Suwon covered my eyes with the cloth.

Hyung can you see what I’m doing? Jiyong asked.

No. What are you doing?

I’m flashing you, he answered proudly.

Eww I don’t want to see you naked! Good thing I can’t see then. I teased.

Humph! Meanie.

Aww poor Yongie. Don’t worry I want to see you naked. He doesn’t know what he is talking about! Jaejin soothed.

Jaejinee hyung you’re so nice unlike the OTHER hyung I know!

I thought you guys were going to surprise me, not try to make me PUKE!

Alright, alright let’s hit the road! Suwon announced thus ending the petty argument.


They helped me out of the car and led me through some doors. Inside wherever we were was very loud. There was loud dancing music pumping in the background along with various vocal exclamations of men. I also smell liquor and cigarettes. A bar?

Well I didn’t have to guess any longer as my blindfold was removed and I was given the sense of sight again. I looked at my surroundings. Hordes of men were sitting at tables drinking beer waving money bills in their hands and making various calls at the scantily clad women dancing on the little stage.

A strip club?!

They all smiled at me proudly. Well I wanted to be surprised and boy oh boy was I surprised. I applauded them while bowing repeatedly.

The least you can do is bring me to a male strip club ya know! It is my birthday! I chipped.

Well we figured that SOMEBODY is going to give you a private show later anyway so Jiyong didn’t finish but he had a knowing smirk plastered across his face, in fact they all did.

I smiled and blushed despite myself knowing full well what they were getting at. Seeing me all embarrassed they started nudging each other and laughing. I gave them a threatening look. They quickly recovered themselves.

Well shall we? Jaejin inquired.

We shall! Suwon answered huffily.

We all sat down and ordered our drinks. I wondered what the hell we were going to do now. Watch the show?

That’s hilarious, a bunch of gay men looking at female strippers.

Well I didn’t have to wonder for long. Jaeduc beckoned for one of the girls with big honkers to come over. He whispered something in her ear and pointed towards me. She glanced at me and nodded to him.

She eagerly came towards and sat in my lap. She proceeded to give me a lap dance. She twisted her hips and moved her butt all over my lap. And teasingly she would ever so slightly rub against my penis. It wasn’t enough to make it stand at attention but enough to make it throb.

I tried to act natural and as if I was enjoying this whole experience so they wouldn’t laugh at me. Suddenly the girl twisted around and swung one of her legs over my head so that she was now facing me. I stared at her not knowing what to do, not knowing whether she expected me to do anything.

She reached behind her back and unhitched her bra. The bra comes sliding off and hung by the straps at her elbows. My jaws dropped and I stared at her enormous breasts. Before I got my senses back she reached behind my head and pulled my head into her enormous breasts. She started rubbing my face over her breasts moving from one to the other. I gasped for air with my mouth and caught one of her nipples in my mouth.

Finally it was over. I was panting from the lack of oxygen, my hair was tussled and my shirt was untucked at the front. She smiled and winked at me before she left. They all burst out laughing. I glared at them.

Oh you guys are so going to pay for this. Just wait until your birthdays roll around. I forewarned.

Jaejin raised his hand to calm their laughter. Alright, alright, he started. He glanced at his watch. Well our time is up. Come on lets go.

We filed out with them still giggling. I was just glad that it was over. But I vowed to myself that they will pay for this, oh yes.


So what do you think pretty boy is going to get you? Jaeduc asked as he kept his eyes on the road.

Seeing that I was still mad and refused to answer the question they decided to carry on the conversation without me.

I think he is going to do a little striptease for hyung here, Suwon suggested patting my shoulder.

Nah. He is probably home right now hiding in the dark waiting to jump him the minute he walks through the door. Jiyong added knowingly.

I think he has the bathroom lit up with nice smelling candles, scattered the floor with red rose petals and he is sitting half submerged in a bubble bath waiting for him. Jaejin said.

We all turned and stared at him. What the hell?

You sure that is not your own fantasy about Suwon? I inquired. They both blushed.

Let’s not get off topic here. They are all good suggestions. What about you hyung? Got any ideas? Jaeduc asked eagerly.

I went back to giving them the silent treatment.

Very well then. After hearing all suggestions I think it’s safe to bet that no matter what pretty boy gives him they will be ending up fucking anyway. Jaeduc declared officially.

They applauded in agreement. I don’t know these sick perverts sitting around me. Where did I find these guys with such dirty minds?

Finally we were at my place. I got out of the car without saying a word to them.

Have fun hyung! They yelled and sped off laughing wildly.

It was totally dark inside. I half expected Jiyongs suggestion to come true but nothing happened.

I sat down on the couch without turning the lights on. I sat in the dark with my head lying on the back of the couch. I sat there thinking about my present to come. An hour passed before I heard the door open.

Oww I winced to the blinding light greeting me as he flipped the lights on.

You’re home! He exclaimed happily. Why were you sitting in the dark?

Cuz I felt like it. I said childishly.

Uh oh. Somebody’s moody. He knelt down before me.

What you expect? You left me all alone with those sickos! I whined.

Aww were they mean to my baby? He cooed as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

Uh huh nodding my head.

Don’t worry Ill spank them for you tomorrow ok?

I thought you left me? I reminded.

I could never leave my baby besides who will spank those meanies for you if I left?

I smiled as I ran my fingers through his soft hair. This day is definitely starting to look up.

So what did you get me? I asked dying to know.

He got up and stood in front of me. He smiled at me seductively as he started to unbuckle his belt.

Sweetie if you are thinking of giving yourself to me, might I remind you that you already did three years ago?

He continues without answering me. He undid his button and unzipped the zipper. His jeans go falling down his knees revealing his white boxers with little cute animal prints. I was getting extremely turned on by his little striptease.

Now close your eyes.


Close your eyes!

No! You’re just getting to the good part and you want me to close my eyes? Hell no!

Close your eyes!!


You want your present or not?

I obediently shut my eyes. I heard some shuffling.

Ok now open!

I opened them expecting to see him standing naked before me but I saw his butt instead it was like three inches from my face. My eyes refocused and I saw it. Right on his left cheek was a heart and in that heart was written; Sunghoon luvs Jiwon. I was so touched I felt my heart melt. I raised my hand to touch it.

Oww! He winced in pain.

Aww my poor baby. Does that hurt?

You try sticking needles in your skin repeatedly and see if that hurts!

Aww poor thing. What did I ever do to deserve you? I kissed the tattoo as softly as possible.

Beats me!

You know you love me.

Yeah, yeah.

Are you done looking at it yet?


Because I have to put this back on. He shoved a bandage in front of my face. The guy said that I have to keep it covered for a few days so that it doesn’t get infected.

I immediately put the bandage back on. I pulled his boxers back up along with his jeans. I pulled him to sit beside me.

I can’t sit. Its hurts too much. He said pouting.

I pulled him onto my lap instead with him straddling my hips.

I don’t know what I ever did to deserve a sweet and beautiful creature like you. I cooed as I played with his hair. He gave me one of his killer smiles. I held him against me hugging him tightly afraid that he was too good to be true.

You still haven’t told me if you like you birthday present yet.

I love it, I love it and I love you!

Hahaha I love you too. Happy Birthday Jiwonnie. He pecked my nose.

I pouted my lips.

What’s wrong?

I like your present three years ago better.

Smiling. You can have that too.

I thought you couldn’t sit.

Yeah but I can lay on my back. Or my stomach which ever you prefer.”

“I’ll take the back cuz I want to be able to see your pretty face.”

“Then back it is!”


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