It’s Nice to Know You, It’s Great to Love You by: DaisyInApril



Eun Jiwon and Kang Sunghoon know each other since they were in high school in Hawaii. No wonder they share a deep relationship (?). Sechskies just made their comeback after 16 years and everyone started to gather once again as the member of Sechskies, including Jiwon and Sunghoon. This is all about their story from today and yesterday.


Another Jjionhoon fanfiction is here!!! Hope anyone who read this story enjoy Jjionhoon couple like I did. 🙂

The characters, places, and time may be similar to the real one but all the plot is from my crazy imagination. Hope it can get crazier from time to time :))

Chapter 1

The song started to play. He could hear it from his seat and feel uneasy. He waited for him all along but there’s no sign that he will come. He kept staring at the entrance and count the person who passes through the door. Ice cubes in his glass started to melt and make a gradation of orange color and transparent. The weather outside is at its best, today. A bright sunny day. He kept looking for that silhouette he know outside the café. While looking outside, someone with big black coat, black hat, and black mask made an entrance to the café. Everybody inside the café stared at the entrance, except one person. Sunghoon didn’t notice that person at all until that person sit in front of him. Sunghoon shocked at first but he realize that person in a second.

“Oh, you’re here, hyung,” Sunghoon happily realize the person who just take a seat in front of him.

“Hoon-ah, why you choose this place? It’s a public place,” said that person in a hushing voice while positioning to sit.

“This is the place I like, hyung,” Sunghoon with his pouty lips, normal voice and flat expression.

“Ya~ this is the reason why I wear all of this black stuffs. That’s amazing that you can recognize me in a second,” Jiwon took Sunghoon’s grapefruit juice and start gulping.

“Hyuung~ that’s mine. You can order it by yourself if you want. Or I can order it for you. I haven’t touch that drink and now you drink all of it,” Sunghoon is a bit upset about his drink and start to fold his arm.

“No, I don’t want to stay here. Let’s go somewhere else. I’ll pay for this,” Jiwon put the empty glass on the table and reach for his wallet.

“You don’t have to. I already pay for it. No, I don’t want to go to other place. I want to stay here,” Sunghoon and his cute pouty lips, again. He started to cast his sentences faster to show his disagreement. Jiwon couldn’t help but smiling. Sunghoon is too cute for him to handle. This little prince with icy blonde hair in front of him is everything for him, his whole world. Maybe if the sun dies, Sunghoon will be the center of his universe. He cannot stop himself for staring at Sunghoon’s face.

“Ya~, Hoon-ah, do you want everybody know that we are here, in a café? Everyone in this place already staring at you.

They realize that you are Kang Sunghoon. Do you want to make it more obvious that Eun Jiwon is also here? I don’t want to make a scene. We’re big now and again. Come on. My treat today. Okay? Let’s go,” Jiwon whispered to Sunghoon. He tried not to make him more upset by grabbing his hand.

“Hyuungg~ I said I don’t want to go. Why you keep making me upset? So what’s the matter if people notice that we are SECHSKIES? Can we have a normal time like other people?” Sunghoon started to yell at his hyung.

“I’m sorry, okay, but we have to leave. I’m not comfortable here. Please, do it for me this time. I will do anything for you if you granted my wish today. Okay, Sunghoon?” Jiwon put his palm together with a sad face.

“Really, hyung? You’re not lying to me, right? If you’re lying to me this time, I won’t meet you again,” he is excited because Jiwon’s promise. Sunghoon put his cute thinking expression with his hand on his chin and another pouty lips.

Suddenly, he smiled. “Okay, hyung. I let you choose the place today. Come one, before I change my mind,” Sunghoon put all of his belonging in his bag and grab Jiwon’s hand.

“Are you serious? Ya~, Sunghoon-ah, stop pulling me. I can walk by myself, okay?” Jiwon couldn’t help but follow him.

He let Sunghoon won today. Jiwon already had a plan in his mind. Today, just for Sunghoon and him. No schedule. No other members. No practices. Just free time and he will spend the rest of this day with his little brother.

Suddenly, Sunghoon stopped and turn his body to face Jiwon. “Sorry, hyung, but where are we going now? Did you drive your car today?

“What? Car? Emmm… my manager took me today, so I don’t bring my car,” Jiwon said innocently.

“Then how can we go from this place if we don’t have any car?” Sunghoon’s confusion appeared in his face.

Jiwon cursed himself because he forget that simple thing. He understood that he is getting old but this was not what he wanted right now. “I’m sorry, Hoon-ah, I forgot to tell you,” Jiwon scratch his head. “I will call him then. Wait,” Jiwon reached out his phone in his pocket and make a call to his manager. Sunghoon is mad already. He was fully understand that his hyung is careless but forgetting how he can arrived to this place is ridiculous.

They waited for about 30 minutes for the car and Sunghoon already had bitter expression in his face. He got a feeling that today is not going to be a good day. He didn’t want to bother his hyung about his feeling because his hyung already make him mad. He didn’t want to bother to tell Jiwon. Inside the car, no one talk to each other. Sunghoon shut tight and Jiwon do not know where to start because he has feeling that Sunghoon is mad at him, very mad. Jiwon’s manager kept talking to Jiwon about his schedule tomorrow. While listening to his manager, Jiwon steal a glance at Sunghoon to make sure that everything is okay. Sunghoon realize that but he choose not to respond. After a while, Sunghoon got annoyed by Jiwon’s stare.

“Can you stop doing that, hyung? It bothers me,” he finally opened .

“What? What happened back there, hyung? Is Jiwon hyung bothering you?” Jiwon’s manager tried to in because he hear a loud voice coming from the passenger seats.

“Can you just drive? It’s not your problem,” Jiwon annoyed by his manager’s question.

“Okay, hyung. I’m sorry,” his manager got a hold of himself and realizing that Jiwon is mad at him.

“Ya, Sunghoon-ah, are you mad at me?” Jiwon couldn’t help but asking his question right away.

“No, I’m not mad you, hyung,” Sunghoon replied half-heartedly.

“You’re lying. I know that you’re mad at me,” Jiwon kept his question the same. He knows that Sunghoon mad at him but he wants to make sure whether or not Sunghoon is really mad.

“Hyung, I said that I’m not mad at you. Okay? Can you stop asking that question?” Sunghoon raised his voice now, “Jongmin-ah, can you stop here? I want to get down here,” Sunghoon tried to get down from the car since he annoyed by Jiwon’s action. Jiwon hyung already ruined the day. He didn’t want to make it more worse.

“Hoon-ah, why do you want to get down here? We’re not in our destination, yet.”

“Hyung, let me get down here, okay? You already ruined my day and I don’t want it to get any worse than this. Please, let me down,” Sunghoon beg Jiwon this time. He really want to get down from Jiwon’s car. He understood that his action is childish but Jiwon hyung’s action make him upset. It’s a small thing but forgetting that he didn’t bring his car make him disappointed.

“I’m sorry, Hoon-ah, but I keep forgetting things easily lately. I know this is my fault. Can you forgive me this time?”

Jiwon made an excuse this time. He knew that it doesn’t supposed to happen in time like this. Jiwon has to make up with Sunghoon as soon as possible. He doesn’t want his free day ruined.

He let out a sigh. ”Okay. I will let it pass this time. Just because it is you, hyung,” Sunghoon gave up. He cannot mad at his hyung anymore.

Jiwon stared at Sunghoon blankly. He lost his words. He surprised that Sunghoon will forgive him this fast. This is not him, thought Jiwon. “Are you sure, Hoon-ah?” there’s a doubt in his voice. He couldn’t believe that this just happen, Sunghoon forgive him in a sec. Sunghoon, usually, will nag him all along or he will shut for a few hours only and avoid Jiwon.

“Yes, I’m sure, hyung. Why don’t I?” Sunghoon fold his arms and look away to the car’s window.

“This is not like you, Hoon-ah. You never forgive me this fast. Tell me what’s wrong, okay?” Jiwon tried to persuade him.

Sunghoon turned his head toward Jiwon. He looked at Jiwon for a few uncomfortable seconds then said with a really low voice, “Let’s talk about it when we arrived, hyung.”


The atmosphere already dark since Sunghoon said that they have to talk about it in the car. Since they arrived in Jiwon’s apartment, no one tried to open their mouth to start the conversation. The living room felt like a cemetery. No sound can be heard except their breathing sound. Both of them were busy with their own mind and they try to guess each other’s mind. Sunghoon felt so tired today. He didn’t do anything but it feels like he practiced the dance all day long. He was tired because he waited for Jiwon for almost an hour, Jiwon changed the place and he promise that he will do anything Sunghoon asked, and Jiwon forgot his car. This was not what Sunghoon planned. He let out a sigh for the second time today. He had to take the initiative to break the silence since he knows that Jiwon hyung won’t open .

“Hyung,” Sunghoon called Jiwon.

“Hemm…” Jiwon answered with a short humming.

“You know, this is not what I planned for today. This is not what I want,” he looked up to the ceiling as if Jiwon’s face is up there. “I was a little bit disappointed today because you were late but when you said that you will do everything I asked, I got back my happiness. I didn’t really mad because you forgot your car but at the same time I can feel that everything won’t go smoothly,” Sunghoon faced Jiwon this time. Jiwon silently sat beside him, listening.

“Today is our free day, hyung, we have no schedule. I want to spend this holiday with you. Since we have no free time because our schedule is never match with each other. I know that we will meet each other again tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or even every day,” he leaned against his back.

“I know. I know how you feel, Hoon-ah. I understand that. Can you stop doing your I-have-misery-day-story? Because I feel the same. I’m sorry if I ruined the day. I never meant it to be this way. Believe me, we have the same goal today,”

Jiwon turned his body to Sunghoon, to face him.

“So, what does it mean, hyung?” Sunghoon had a big question mark in his face.

Jiwon put his hands on Sunghoon’s shoulder. He looked at Sunghoon’s eyes. “I just have the same feeling as you. Do you think how long do I know you?” Jiwon’s memory went back to his Hawaiian days. Sunghoon and he used to be a classmate and housemate in Hawaii before they debuted as SECHSKIES. They’ve spent a lot of time together and start understand each other since. Jiwon cared so much about Sunghoon and vice versa. Let’s say that nothing can separate them in this world. They are just inseparable. Jiwon had to make sure that Sunghoon is well and Sunghoon would nag to his hyung all day long to remind him that he has to take care of himself, too. Jiwon would blame himself if something happened to Sunghoon. A few years back, when Sunghoon got into an accident with fraud case and everything, he blame himself because he cannot be with Sunghoon. He suffers too, watching his dear Sunghoon got into a trouble and imprison for a few months. All he could do just gave him the money so that the court will lessen his punishment. But money was not what Sunghoon needed. He needed his hyung present but Jiwon cannot fulfil that.

Jiwon, in other hand, had to deal with the biggest problem in his life. He had to take care of it since he didn’t talk to anyone about it. Jiwon felt so thankful to the other member that help Sunghoon. He didn’t want to make Sunghoon suffers any problem.

“Hyung, hyung, what do you want to say?” Sunghoon wave his hand in front of Jiwon’s face.

“Uh, what? Oh, I’m sorry. I just lost in my thought,” Jiwon blinked his eyes few times.

“What’s this? Tell me, hyung, if you have any problem,” Sunghoon started to worry about his hyung.

“No, it’s nothing. Forget it. So, what I want to say is that I understand you, Hoon-ah. I know that you’re mad at me. So, here we are, my promise. I asked you to change the place and this is the place,” Jiwon open his arms to show him his apartment.

“Your apartment?”

“Yes. Actually, I want to ask you to watch a movie with me but I decide we should do it in my apartment. Since the cinema will packed with a lot of people.”

“Really, hyung? That’s even better than my plan,” Sunghoon’s bright face was back.

“Of course my plan always better than yours,” Jiwon smiled proudly. “Now, prepared some snacks and drinks and we will ready.” Jiwon walked to the kitchen to take the snacks and drinks. Sunghoon followed him all the way to the kitchen, in case Jiwon needs help.

“Did you prepare all of this, hyung?” Sunghoon surprised by the look in his kitchen cabinet. “Is this all for today?”

Sunghoon keep staring at the cabinet. Jiwon’s kitchen cabinet was full of snacks. The two cabinet in the left are full with foods and the other two cabinet are full with beverages. Jiwon felt so proud of himself seeing how Sunghoon react.

“Hemm… I prepared all of this for today’s event,” Jiwon take the snacks one by one and put it in Sunghoon’s hands.

“Hyung, why you put all of the snack in my hand?”

“Bring it to the living room, Hoon-ah. I will bring the beverages,” Jiwon continued his activity not noticing that Sunghoon’s pouty lips is coming back. Sunghoon realized that his hyung always try to impress him. He would do the sweetest thing in this world that will make people’s fingers curled because it is too cringy. He still remembered one event that his hyung prepared for his birthday. The one that made Sunghoon’s heart warm and make his cheeks turn pink.

Chapter 2 “Hoony’s Birthday”

Hawaii. 1996.

“Hyung, let me do it, okay? This is my part. You already finished your part, yesterday. Okay, hyung? Please!!!”

Sunghoon made a cute face to Jiwon. Today was his turn to wash the blanket and clean the house but Jiwon didn’t let him. Jiwon kept washing the blanket by himself. He even pretended not to hear Sunghoon’s cry. Jiwon had a plan in his mind. He wouldn’t let Sunghoon work. Today was Sunghoon’s birthday and he wants to make it special for Hoony.

“Hyung, please!!!” Sunghoon tried harder this time.

“What?” Jiwon turned his head and look at Sunghoon for a second, after that he wash the blanket again.

Sunghoon puzzled by Jiwon’s action, ‘Did he just pretend not to hear me or he didn’t hear me for sure?’ Sunghoon went inside and head to the kitchen. Since both of them living together, Sunghoon in charge of cooking and Jiwon in charge of eating Sunghoon’s food. Sunghoon decided to cook for lunch and he hope there’s no other disturbance. He wanted to cook Korean food since today is his birthday. Sunghoon open the fridge and taking out some of the ingredient he need. He will cook seaweed soup and beef stir fry. At least, he’s confident with that menu. He never cooked any Korean food before. He take out some of the ingredients he need and washed all of the raw ingredient and start to cut it.

Jiwon already finished washing the blanket and head inside the house. From afar, he saw Sunghoon in the kitchen doing something. Jiwon noticed that Sunghoon is cooking. In a speed of light, Jiwon rushed to the kitchen and start to stop Sunghoon form cooking.

“Hoon-ah, what are you doing?” Jiwon asked Sunghoon as if he doesn’t know anything.

“You can see, hyung, I’m cooking right now,” Sunghoon lifted the spatula in his hand and continue to stir his stir fried.

“Ahh~ okay. Is this for our lunch?” Jiwon asked as if nothing happened in his mind. Jiwon’s failed. He worried to hell about his plan. He afraid that it will be a total failure.

“Yes, hyung, this is for our lunch. Now, you go sit and I will cook for you since you didn’t let me wash the blanket, hyung. I know you’re tired. Common, hyung,” Sunghoon put his spatula and push Jiwon to the living room. He turn on the television and run to the kitchen to get a glass of water. “Here, hyung, drink this and rest for a while. Lunch is ready within a minute. Just wait for it okay, hyung?” Sunghoon ran again to the kitchen.

Jiwon, who is sitting in a sofa with a glass of water in his hand, puzzled. He never had the thought that Sunghoon will be this sweet in his own birthday. He thought that Sunghoon will go after him and ask for a gift or ask Jiwon to take him somewhere. He watched Sunghoon from afar. He watched Sunghoon’s back. It seems that Sunghoon enjoy his cooking time. Jiwon gave up to stop him. He will surprise Sunghoon with other plan. Jiwon let out a sigh. ‘I have to come up with a better plan than this’ Jiwon emptied down his glass of water.

“Hyung, come here. The lunch is ready. See, I can finish it within minutes,” Sunghoon smiled proudly.

“What’s the menu for today?” Jiwon asked curiously from his seat.

“Just come here and you will see my master piece,” Sunghoon placed a bowl of beef stir fry and smile proudly.

“Smells good. What is this? Korean dish?” Jiwon got up from his seat and walk toward the dining room. “Wow, you cooked this? This is unbelievable. How do you know that I miss Korean dish so much, Hoon-ah?” Jiwon was excited by the look of the dish. He pulled a chair and ready to dig in.

“Wait, hyung. You don’t wait for me,” Sunghoon pulled another chair in front of his hyung and take Jiwon’s bowl. “Of course, I know, hyung. I miss this too. But first, I’m sorry if this taste bad. You know, I can’t cook properly. I just recall the recipe from my mom’s recipe, hyung,” Sunghoon smiled bitterly.

“It’s OK. It doesn’t matter. Now pour me the soup first, Hoon-ah,” Jiwon gave Sunghoon his soup bowl and received the other bowl. Sunghoon went into the kitchen and comeback to the dining room with two bowls. Jiwon received one bowl and the other goes to Sunghoon’s side. Jiwon observed his soup and he realize that it is a seaweed soup. ‘Oh no, he cooked this. What kind of reaction that I have to give to him?’ Jiwon couldn’t stay still. He’s worried now.

Both of them couldn’t express anything. Sunghoon’s waiting for Jiwon’s reaction to his dish but nothing come from him. Sunghoon’s afraid that maybe his food taste really bad. In the other side, Jiwon not eating the food but gulping the food. He wanted to tell Sunghoon his opinion about his food but he cannot open . He kept repeating ‘What should I do? What should I do?’ to himself. ‘This is not good. Why he is so silent?’ Jiwon repeatedly look at Sunghoon’s expression. He wanted to make sure that he is not mad or something and in the end, his food choke him.

“Hyung, are you okay?” Sunghoon ran to Jiwon side and help him.

“Yes, I’m okay. Thank you.”

“Be careful when you’re eating, hyung.” Sunghoon’s worried about his hyung. “Are you thinking about something when you eat?”

“Thinking? No, I didn’t think anything. Why would I thinking something when I’m eating? You must be kidding me, Hoon-ah,” Jiwon tried to deny the fact that he was thinking about Sunghoon.

“Because you’re chocked by your own food, hyung. Just finish your meal and after that you have to come with me,”

Sunghoon went back to his seat and start eating again.

“What? Come with you? Where?” Jiwon’s panic. ‘Why in the hell I cannot tell his mind at all? His act make me frustrated’ Jiwon’s thought.

“Just finish your meal and you will know,” Sunghoon silently finished his meal before and head to the kitchen. “Hyung, you do the dish, okay?”

“Okay, I will do the dish.” Jiwon need a reason to avoid going out with him. He need a good reason right now.

“Sunghoon-ah, I don’t think I can go with you after this. I have another plan and this plan come from long time ago,”

Jiwon finally has a reason to avoid Sunghoon.

“What plan, hyung?” Sunghoon looked a bit disappointed.

“Uhh, I have to finish my game right now or I cannot finish it in forever,” Jiwon checked Sunghoon’s expression. He’s afraid that Sunghoon’s angry at him. “Or I can call a companion for you?” he came up with other brilliant idea.

“A companion, hyung? Who’s that?” There’s a disappointment in Sunghoon’s voice, Jiwon notice that but he has to pretend that he didn’t hear it.

“You’re friend at school, of course. I’m so sorry, Hoon-ah, I cannot go with you today. I will call him, okay?” Jiwon ran to telephone and make a call. “Hello, Jimmy, this is me, Matthew. What? No, not me. I want to ask for a help. Can you accompany Ricky to go out today? Right now. Can you? I have something come up. You know, I have to finish my game.

Cannot finish it next week. Oh, okay. I will tell him. Thanks, Jim.” Jiwon hung up the telephone. “Hoon-ah, Jimmy will accompany you today. Are you okay with that?”

“Uhh, yes, hyung, no problem,” Sunghoon forced his smile. “When he will be here?”

“Just wait for him. He said he will be here soon,” Actually, it was not the plan that Jiwon has made but the situation is never on his side. “Sorry, Hoon-ah. Hyung cannot accompany you today. You know how much I love my game right? And next week is our final exam so I have to finish it this week. After that, you can help me study,” Jiwon gave Sunghoon his big smile.

“You always choose your game rather than your bestfriend and this little brother. No, you are the one that should’ve teach me, hyung!” Sunghoon laughed at his comment. “Okay, hyung. Because today is very special to me. I will let you win. I don’t want to ruin my mood for this happy day. I will go to my room and get ready.” Sunghoon left the room.

Jiwon still amazed by his acting. He felt bad to lie to Sunghoon, but he has to. He let out another sigh for today. ‘So, the game is already started, Jiwon-ah’ Jiwon said that to himself as a reminder. He get up and walk to his room. Jiwon has to go after Sunghoon go with Jimmy and come back before Sunghoon does.

There’s knock on the door. Sunghoon, who is waiting in the living room, run to the front door.

“Hi, Ricky, what’s up? Ready to go?” Jimmy greet Sunghoon with a big smile in his face.

“Of course, I’m ready, Jim. Do you want to come inside first? Matthew is inside, in his room, you can say hi to him too.”

“Oh, really? Well, I will greet him first then we’re ready to go,” Jimmy agreed to Sunghoon and follow him.

“Hyung, where are you? Jimmy is here!” Jiwon poked his head from his room, “Ah, wait.” Jiwon rushed to the living room and greet his friend. “Hi, Jim. Thank you for helping me. I cannot go with him today because I have to finish my game.”

“It’s okay, Matt. That’s what friend for. But where are going, Rick? Matt didn’t tell me in the phone,” Jimmy’s looking at both of Jiwon and Sunghoon.

“I didn’t tell because he didn’t tell me too,” Jiwon point his finger at Sunghoon and laugh.

“Yes, I didn’t tell him. So, I won’t tell you too” Sunghoon smile happily after teasing his friend. “Let’s go, now. Hyung, I go. See you,” Sunghoon walked toward the door and he close the door behind him.

Suddenly, the house become so quiet. Jiwon also head out to prepare something. He has to make this special for his Sunghoon. He has to make it perfect.

It’s already 10 PM but Sunghoon is nowhere to be found. Jiwon feel uneasy. He already prepared everything. He’s playing the candle in front of him, fortunately, he hasn’t lit the candles. Waiting for Sunghoon feels like forever for Jiwon. Jiwon already sit in front of the front door for 2 hours straight without going anywhere. He’s worry growing bigger and bigger. It’s not so Sunghoon. He will call if he will be late to come home but until now, there’s no sign of life in Jiwon’s phone. He keep playing with the candles, counting the candles one by one. After that he checked the cake and everything that he had prepared. He already doing that for the past an hour. He changed his sit position so that he can reach the cake easily. Suddenly, he heard voices from the front door. He heard someone’s chuckle. He keep his ear in the door to check whether or not that is Sunghoon.

“Jim, thanks for today. I never been this happy before. Thanks, bro,” that is the voice that Jiwon heard. He realize that was Sunghoon’s voice. Jiwon’s chest feels so tight. Sunghoon also laughing when he said that to Jimmy, their close friend.

“No, Rick. Today is the ultimate amazing for both of us. Why Matthew didn’t want to come with us? Today’s so fun.

Thanks again, Rick.”

“Yeah, Matthew missed the fun and he chose his game over us, right? But, still, I will tell him everything,” Sunghoon’s laughing together with Jimmy.

“Bet you do. You guys live under the same roof, why won’t you? By the way, I need to go now or my mom will kill me.

Thanks for today, Rick, I’m having the best time in my life. See you on Monday at school. Bye.”

“Bye, Jim,” The house still dark and there’s no sign of life inside. He wonders where Jiwon hyung is right now.

Sunghoon walked toward the door. When he open the door, he saw two lines of candles align in front of the door.

‘Wow, this is beautiful. Who’s arranging this?’ Sunghoon keep walking while questioning everything. He went inside and found a cake with burning candle on it but no one’s there. He keep looking for the person who prepared all of this but all he can find is a dark house with only light from a bunch of candle.

“Hyung, Jiwon hyung! Where are you? Are you home?” Sunghoon calls for his hyung. No answer. “Jiwon hyung, where are you?” Sunghoon walk around the house to find his hyung and shout again, “Eun Jiwon hyung, Matthew Eun, are you home? Where are you? If you’re home please come out,” Sunghoon shout louder than before. He walked to Jiwon’s room and there’s nothing there, his computer is off. He checked back yard and he can find a silhouette under the tree.

“Hyung, I know you’re there. Please, come. I know that you prepare all of this. Please come here, hyung,” Sunghoon beg his hyung this time.

“You know?” innocently Jiwon surprised by Sunghoon’s words.

“Yeah, I know. I know everything, hyung. So just come here, okay? Don’t be so child like this. I’m the one who is younger here not you, hyung,” Sunghoon shout another persuasion. “Jiwon hyung, you know, you’re so bad at throwing a surprise,” Sunghoon laugh.

“No, I’m not bad at throwing surprise,” Jiwon didn’t want to lose from Sunghoon. Jiwpn walked toward the house and stop right in front of Sunghoon. “Who said that I’m bad at throwing a surprise?”

“You, hyung! Look at that! If you’re good at something like this, you won’t let the candle lit like that. Do you want to burn this house?” Sunghoon pointed the candle that Jiwon prepared in front of the door.

“I changed my plan, okay, after I heard that you’re having fun with Jim,” Jiwon cannot hide his jealousy.

“Wow, are you mad at Jimmy, now, hyung?” Sunghoon teased Jiwon.

“No, I’m not,” Jiwon walked to his room. “Ahh~ that cake is for you. Eat it.” Jiwon closed the door behind him.

“Hyung, you haven’t say happy birthday to me,” Sunghoon shout at him back, hiding his smile. Jiwon is such a cutie whenever he is jealous.

Jiwon open his door and shout, “Happy birthday, Kang Sunghoon. That’s it, okay?” he closed the door.

Sunghoon went to Jiwon’s room and open the door. “I know you’re jealous hyung. I can tell from your face and action.

Don’t be jealous! Who’s the person who reject my invitation? That’s you!

Don’t be like this, hyung, okay?” Sunghoon calmed his hyung.

“I’m not jealous, okay! I just don’t like you laugh with Jim like that, Hoon-ah. It supposed to be me. It’s all my fault to prepare something useless like that. And one more thing, I’m so mad at you because you didn’t tell me where you go.

I’m nearly losing my mind if I’m not remember that today was your birthday. Can you just call me through the phone booth in the street to tell me that you’re okay? Why don’t you do it?” Jiwon let out his anger now. Sunghoon realize that his hyung prepare all of it by his heart. Now, he feels bad toward Jiwon.

“I’m sorry, hyung. I’m sorry because I didn’t tell you. I didn’t go anywhere actually. I know that you prepare something for me, so I chose to let you work with your plan. I just stay at Jim’s and we didn’t go anywhere. I just having a conversation with his mom and we decided to play a play in front of our house, Jim agree with that.”

“You didn’t go anywhere with him?” Jiwon back to his state.


Jiwon tried to hide his feeling.

He’s happy inside knowing that Sunghoon didn’t spent his happy time with Jimmy.

“Actually, I want to go with you, real bad. But you play a game, hyung, so I joined your game. I really want today become one of the best birthday in my life. I just want to spend today with you since I have no one here and you’re the only family I have.”

“A family? Are you sure we are a family, Hoon-ah?” Jiwon tease Sunghoon now.

“Of course, hyung. What else?” Sunghoon cheeks turn pink.

“See, you blush!” Jiwon laugh at Sunghoon expression.

“Stop it, hyung.”

Jiwon still laughing at Sunghoon, “I’m sorry, Hoon-ah. I’m bad at throwing a surprise because you already know it. Happy birthday, my precious little brother which turns out not only my brother,” Jiwon smiled and hugged Sunghoon so tight. Sunghoon smiled in his hug and he promise to himself to treasure this memory, even though this is not the best day ever but he can spent the last 2 hours of his birthday with someone he love.

Chapter 3

“Hyung, what kind of movie that we’re going to watch today?” Sunghoon rummage in Jiwon’s DVD collection.

“I have something in mind but I think you’re not gonna like it. Still, I want to watch it,” Jiwon smirk to Sunghoon.

“Aisssh~ hyung, since when we have the same movie taste? You’ll always go with superheroes thingy and I choose fantasies. Am I right?” Sunghoon make a funny face, his cute-in-question expression.

“You know me so well, Hoon-ah. Come here, sit. I will choose the movie,” Jiwon pat the seat beside him and he wake up from his seat.

Jiwon carefully choosing the dvd in the dvd shelf. He hold a new Blu-ray DVD movie that still in its package. “Is that brand new, hyung?” Sunghoon pointed the DVD in Jiwon’s hands.

“Yes. I only have the chance to buy this. I still have tons of brand new DVD that I haven’t watch,” Jiwon pointed the upper row of his DVD shelf full with DVD in its package. Jiwon opened the package and squat in front of the DVD player.

“Then why don’t you go to the movie to watch it?”

“You know me, Hoon-ah, I hate going to the movie alone. I hate being alone. So, I just buy the DVD and watch it at home,” he looked at Sunghoon in the eye. Sunghoon smiles. Sunghoon knows that his hyung has a phobia of loneliness but his hyung also weird. Jiwon enjoys his self-time at home too much. He even forget to eat when he plays his game all day long and too lazy to order some food whereas there’s a technology that people called it as delivery service. Sunghoon always run to Jiwon’s apartment whenever he called and tell Sunghoon that he’s hungry. Jiwon always make Sunghoon worried to death, especially when he is drinking with Jaeduck and Suwon or other friends.

Jiwon will be fine if he is with Jaeduck and Suwon because they will taking care of him but if Jiwon with his senior or collagues, Sunghoon has to come to Jiwon’s apartment just to check if his hyung still alive or not.

The movie started and Jiwon already positioning his head on Sunghoon’s lap.

“Hyung, what are you doing?” Sunghoon shocked by Jiwon’s action.

“I want to lay here and make your lap as my pillow. It’s the comfiest place ever.” Sunghoon smiles and continue to watch the movie. Jiwon chose Doctor Strange for their movie date. It’s not the best option for a movie date but Jiwon didn’t care about that. He enjoys Sunghoon present so much. Lately, it’s hard to find free time between their tight schedules. He understand that his schedule is very packed and Sunghoon, on the other side, has a lot of free time.

Jiwon take a look at Sunghoon and he smiles.

“What’s wrong, hyung?” Sunghoon look down into Jiwon’s eyes, “Why you keep staring at me like that? Is there something on my face?” Sunghoon automatically touch his face.

“Nothing. I just love my view from down here,”Jiwon smiles. Sunghoon caresses Jiwon’s hair.

“What are you doing now, Kang Sunghoon-ssi?”

“Caressing my love ones, aren’t I?” Sunghoon smiles proudly with his anwer.

“Uhh~ you’re so cheesy today, Hoon-ah. What’s wrong with your head now? You just mad at me like 5 minutes ago and now you praising me as your loved ones,” Jiwon giggle and Sunghoon stop caressing his head.

“Okay, I won’t call you as my love ones, Jiwon-ssi,” Sunghoon fold his hands in front of his chest.

“Uhh~ my icy prince pout at me,” Jiwon wake up and playing Sunghoon’s chin, “So, sensitive today. Ahh~ I think my little brother need something to lift his mood,” Jiwon positioning his body and tickle Sunghoon.

“Hyuuuunnngggg~ stop it! Nooo~ Hyunggg!!! Stopp ittt~~!!! I can’t take it. Hyuuunggg~ pleaseeeee~. Okay, I won’t be like that again. Please, stop hyungg!!!!”

“This is the fun part when you turn into sensitive little brother.” Jiwon smirk.

“Hyung, your phone is ringing,”

“What? My phone? Where is it?” Jiwon get up and looking for his phone on the table.

“In your pocket, hyung,” Sunghoon reminding his hyung.

“Ohh, it’s here. Thanks, Hoona-ah,” Jiwon check the caller ID and familiar with it then pick up the phone.

“Yes, Jaeduck-ah, what?”


“Tomorrow? Emm… I don’t know, maybe we can talk about it first. Did Hyunsuk hyung called you by himself? “


“No, he didn’t call me but his manager told me about having a new song for our comeback,”


“Okay. Let’s meet tomorrow,”


“Just us right?”


“Okay. I will tell you the place later and you can announce this to everyone except Sunghoon. He’s with me right now,”


“Thanks, Jaeduck-ah. Bye,” Jiwon hang up his phone.

“What happened, hyung? What’s with tomorrow? Who’s that?” Sunghoon curious about Jiwon’s conversation in his telephone.

“One by one, Hoon-ah. That was Jaeduck. He told me that Hyunsuk hyung called him and asked if the member ready for a comeback,”Jiwon open a bottle of coke and drink the coke.

“Comeback, hyung? When? I thought you already have a meeting with Hyunsuk hyung about this matter, since you’re our leader.”

“Yeah, I’m supposed to have a meeting with Hyunsuk hyung last week but I can’t because of my schedule didn’t match with hyung’s. So, his manager called me and tell me to get ready with one or some new songs. Jaeduck told me that we have to talk about this. We haven’t see each other after our last schedule and YG is ready with the comeback for us,” Jiwon drink his coke again and take a handful of popcorn.

“Tonight, hyung? Emm… how about my favorite Korean restaurant, the fancy one?” Sunghoon position his body facing Jiwon.

“They don’t have my favorite stir fried meatball. Do they have meeting room?”

“Stir fried meatball again, hyung? As expected from you. Yes, they have. If it’s okay with you, I will reserve the place for 8 or 9 o’clock. How about that?” Sunghoon reach his phone and ready to make a call.

“It’s still 6.30. I think 8 is a good choice, Hoon-ah.”

“I will reserve the place for 8 o’clok then,” Sunghoon then make a call. While Sunghoon reserve the place, Jiwon call Jaeduck again.

“Jaeduck-ah, Sunghoon make a reservation in his favorite restaurant at 8. Can you make it?”


“Okay. Don’t forget to tell the other and for Jaejin, just send him a message. I will send you the address,”


“Bye.” Jiwon hang up the phone and stand. “It’s time to get ready, Hoon-ah.”

“What do you mean by that, hyung? I’m ready,” Sunghoon looked at Jiwon, confused.

“I mean, I’m the only one who need to get ready. I will take a bath first. Enjoy the movie, I will be back shortly,” Jiwon heads to his room.

The room full with a big table and 6 chairs, 3 chairs on each side. 5 people already sit in every sit available, 2 and 3 people on each side. The five of them already arrived. Thanks to Sunghoon, Jiwon was not the last one to show up.

Suwon is enjoying his conversation with Jaeduck. Jaijin is busy with his drawing. The appetizer has arrived and each of them is enjoying their foods.

“Ya, Jaeduck-ah, you can start telling us about our future plan. What did Hyunsuk hyung say to you?” Jiwon start the conversation while chewing his food.

“Hyunsuk hyung? What happen between Jaeduckie and Hyunsuk hyung?” Jaijin take a look at the others.

“It’s about our comeback, Jaijin-ah,”Jaeduck answered Jaijin question.

“Ah, I’m glad it’s not me,” Jaijin enjoy his meal again.

“Today, I met Hyunsuk hyung when I practice in YG Building. He asked me about our comeback plan for next year. We only have 4 concerts left on December and January. We already finished our preparation for our repackage album. Hyunsuk hyung said this is the right time to talk about our comeback next year. It will be our 20 Anniversary and I believe that everybody waiting for our ‘real’ comeback,” Jaeduck stop his explanation to see everybody’s expression, “Hyunsuk hyung asked me to meet him after I talk about this with you guys and he will arrange a meeting with the staff. Since we are senior, Hyunsuk hyung won’t really control us. He will let us do something that we want but still under his watch. That’s all that Hyunsuk hyung told me.”

“So, he only asked you to check on us whether we are ready or not?” Suwon summarizing Jaeduck’s explanation.

“More likely,” Jaeduck answer him, “What do you think, hyung?” Jaeduck asks Jiwon.

“For me, I’m ready if all of you are ready with our comeback,” Jiwon, as usual, will place him after the member.

“I’m okay with that,” Jaeduck speak his opinion.

“Me too,” Suwon this time, always go after Jaeduck.

“I’m ready for the comeback and I already prepare something for our anniversary,” Sunghoon this time. Jaijin only nod, “I’m in but Hyunsuk hyung didn’t tell me anything about this.”

“Because you are too busy with your drawing, Jaijin-ah,” Jiwon chirped.


“I will call Hyunsuk hyung later and inform each of your agency, except Sunghoon and Jaijin, that we will have a meeting with YG soon,” command the leader.

“Why me and Sunghoon, hyung?” Jaijin protest.

“You are with YG, you fool, issshh~” Jiwon seems cannot control his anger toward the number 2.


“We’re finish here and let’s enjoy our dinner,” Jiwon started to take the food from the plate and everyone is following their hyung.

After the dinner and the short meeting with the member, Jiwon take Sunghoon home. The road at that night is not packed with car. His car can move freely among other cars.

“Hyung, are we gonna be okay?” Sunghoon starts the conversation. He’s been quiet since Jiwon start the engine.

“What do you mean by that?”

“The fact that we’re coming back after 16 years of hiatus is scary. I know we were success with our first single but who knows after this what will happen?” Sunghoon feel uneasy in his seat.

Jiwon let out a simple smile, “You agreed with this. Why you let out your worries right now?”

“I don’t know, hyung. I just can’t believe it. It’s almost a year since we’re back,” Sunghoon staring at the road.

“You have me. Don’t be so pessimistic, Hoon-ah. I’m the one that should worry about all of this but I believe in all of you and our new team. It won’t be like the old time,” Jiwon faced Sunghoon and let out his big smile.

“I know, hyung. Sorry for making everything harder for you,” Sunghoon smiled to Jiwon.

“It’s okay, Hoon-ah,” Jiwon pat Sunghoon’s head, “You have to take a rest tonight. We will be busy tomorrow.”

“You, too. I’m the one who should’ve said that to you. Get some rest, hyung, or you won’t be able to take care of us tomorrow,” Sunghoon is always worry about Jiwon. He rarely have enough sleep because of his crazy schedule.

“I will.”



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