Hope It’s You by: koiniji_00

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Author’s note: Another one! And this is for you~~~~ thank you for always reading my stories! Hope this one is good. Haha!


This is wrong.

He didn’t know how their situation becomes like this. He was just playing UNO with friends earlier. Then they went home except Suwon and Sunghoon. They are helping him cleaning the things that they used before his wife comes home.

This is wrong.

He couldn’t even remember what exactly happened. Sunghoon was just teasing him earlier. Something like how he didn’t win even once. Then he dashed towards the younger. Sunghoon ran to his room, trying to get away from him. That’s it, right? Then how did it become like this?

This is wrong.

Why are they hugging and kissing each other hungrily? Why are there tongues mating together in a dance that seem like they couldn’t and wouldn’t stop.

But it feels so right.

When they heard Suwon’s voice, calling for them from the living room, that’s when time stopped. And one look from their position, they sprung apart in an instant.

“We–uh–how–what–huh?” Sunghoon couldn’t even properly speak

“I don’t–we–uh” he, too, couldn’t speak his mind.

Jang Suwon entered the room, “Yah we are not yet finished clean– something happened?” he asked instead, looking at the flustered faces of the two who couldn’t look at each other on the face.

“Hyung, I’m sorry. that didn’t happen, right?” Sunghoon asked nervously.

“Yes, I’m sorry too. That was nothing.” he said.

If it was nothing, why does his heart hurt so much?


Sunghoon has a fiancee. He has a wife. Sunghoon was even his best man during their wedding. Then why? Why is he feeling this way towards his best friend. When did it happen? Why did that happen? The kiss during that one night was like a wake up call to him. But he couldn’t just act on his feelings. He has a wife. And even when their marriage life has turned sour for a year now, they have talked that they would try. They would try again to make their relationship work… but now, will it ever work?


He didn’t see Sunghoon ever since that night. The younger always has an excuse to not be present when they–his friends– would meet each other. He couldn’t blame Sunghoon if he has been avoiding him though. Because that is also what he has been thinking, right? He always asks whether Sunghoon is there or not. But he thinks a month is enough. Is it enough? He didn’t bother to check on Sunghoon too. He is still trying to work things out with his wife. Sunghoon couldn’t be added to his mind right now.

Or so he thought.

He is all he ever think about.


Two months. Still no Sunghoon. Even his friends have been upset when Sunghoon started avoiding their calls. Okay that’s it.

One morning, he called Suwon. He is going to make things straight with Sunghoon. It is now or never. His relationship with his wife has gone south. After a year and five months of trying to make their relationship work, they gave up. They couldn’t make it work. They just finalized their decision a week ago. They are going to have a divorce. So now he can check on Sunghoon’s well-being.

“I am going to check on Sunghoon.”

“Hyung, I think we should let him be for a while.”

“No! He has been avoiding us for too long! That idiot!”

“Hyung, we just saw his fiancée. Ex i might add.”

“…what?” he was dumb stricken. Ex? How? What? He was about to get married. No? “What the fuck happened? Isn’t the fucking reason why he was not around because he was busy with his wedding?

Now you fucking tell me , you met his —”

“We didn’t even know either, she told us… she fucking told us while she was with her new man.”

“Where are you right now, I’m gonna—”

“It’s alright, Jaeduck has ruined her dress already.”

“Wait, what?”

“He “accidentally” dumped ramen on his I quote 650$ dress.”

“I knew it! I knew that girl is just fucking on him. I knew it!”

“How about you hyung. We haven’t heard from you ever since last week.”

“We are getting a divorce”

“So it didn’t work out with you too,huh”

“My situation is fucking different.” the idiot just laughed at him. “Anyways, we are going to hunt for Sunghoon tomorrow. Are you still going to look for him today?”

“Yes.” he answered in a heartbeat.

Because Sunghoon, his best friend needs him now. He fucking needs him now. Putting aside any non-platonic feeling towards his best friend, he went to Sunghoon’s house.

He knew no one would answer the door for him. Isn’t he thankful he knows what code to enter? What he saw inside crushed his heart though. Sunghoon was on the floor, sleeping, looking as if he haven’t been sleeping for days with a dark bag under his eyes. There were bottles of beer all around him, he couldn’t even count how many there were. He went towards the younger, shaking him awake.

“What–huh? Hyung?” Sunghoon whispered in a small and tired voice.

“Come here.”

And without a word, Sunghoon get up and hugged him, tight. He cried on his shoulder. All the pent-up and mixed emotions he has been feeling, he let it all out. Jiwon hold him as he cried. This is what best friends do. Be there during each other’s worst time.

“Let it all out Sunghoonie, I’m sorry I was late.” he softly said, he felt Sunghoon shaking his head in a no. “You are just in time. Thank you for coming hyung. I thought of disappearing if you haven’t come here.”

That statement shocked him “What the fuck?”

“The thing is, I was glad hyung. I was glad! And I couldn’t even understa–or maybe I know the reason why but it feels so so wrong to be glad that she dumped me five months before our wedding. And I thought I ruined my relationship with you because of what happened that night. I thought I should just go to Hawaii and stay there till I die.”

“Are you crazy?” he asked in a loud voice

“…I might be”

“One, you didn’t ruin our friendship. Our friendship is still intact and it will be until our next life. And two, being glad that she dumped you is good. Do you want to be like me instead?”

“Why? There’s nothing wrong with you hyung”

“We are getting a divorce.”

In an instant, he was an arm length away from Jiwon “Oh my god. Hyung, why didn’t you tell me it was that serious? I mean yes you told me the both of you are having problem but divorce? Im so sorry hyung I wasn’t there. I didn’t know. You love noona so much, hyung. I was there . I saw how you looked at her on your wedding day. You love her so much. How can your relat–”

“That’s life, Sunghoon-ah. In the end, we are just not fated to be together” he said, grabbing the younger back on his arms. “What if I told you I was glad when she suggested the divorce? What if I told you I felt relieved when she said it?”

“But you–”

“Yes yes, i loved her. I had love her. It just didn’t work out in the end.. do you want to know about something?”

“…let’s not talk about that for now.” Sunghoon answered him. He was glad at the same time disappointed because the younger is not yet ready to hear his words. He might be disappointed but the younger have a point. So he hold it in. For now. For now, only. At least Sunghoon knows what he is gonna talk about. He just doesn’t want to think about it at the moment. “…i’m still enjoying your hug for now.” The younger added, which made him smile, wide.

“Well then, I’ll give you five more minutes before we’ll clean your house. What kind of house is this?” he added with a shake of his head, making Sunghoon slapped his back, lightly.





He didn’t know what will happen in the future. All he knows that right now, he wants to stay with the younger. So he stayed with him.

And in the future, they are still together.

Till they are old and with white hair, In Hawaii.


im kinda disappointed with this one. kinda love the plot but dont know how to beautifully execute the plot. HAHA. well here it goes. hope you like it. or not. haha thank you for reading~

eunkang forever


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