Farewell by: hoonified


This is hard.

But he has a promise to keep.

A promise that may cost his life.


Life for Eun Jiwon is where he could feel his soft and warm touch, hear his melodious voice, smell his alluring scent, see his angelic smile and enjoy his other beautiful features. Without those all, he is just a lifeless soul. A bee without a flower. A painter without his brush. A party without guests.




Stupid Jiwon!!! He blames himself for getting them into this situation. Seeing his shock and sad face when he gave him the news really broke Jiwon’s heart. Those sparkling eyes were gone changed into a disoriented blank stare.

His baby froze for a couple minutes, taking his time to accept the reality, before he said, ‘It’s OK Hyung. I understand. You’re a man of your word. You have to do that,’ trying to look fine, Sunghoon cupped Jiwon’s face on his hands. Stared right into Jiwon’s eyes and gave Jiwon his sweetest smile. Jiwon smiled back but could not avoid noticing his moist eyes.

He made him cry.

Jiwon felt awful. He shouldn’t have agreed to that offer. He was tempted. And betrayed. Those cruel heartless bastard!!! He’ll make sure to get a revenge someday.


Jiwon stares at the man sitting beside him who’s been quiet since the day started. He wants to hug him but afraid to him burst into tears. He knows Sunghoon is trying hard to be strong and send him away with a smile. Not wanting Jiwon to feel burden and worry.

‘Hyung,’ Sunghoon break the silence. Suddenly turns his face to look at Jiwon who’s been staring at him for quite a while.

“Yes, Hoon-ah?” Jiwon startled but also relieves that Sunghoon finally says something.

‘I’ll miss you,’

Jiwon couldn’t hold it any longer. He pulls Sunghoon into a long hug. Since the day he told him the news, Sunghoon has been hiding his true feeling. He repeatedly said ‘It’s ok’ and ‘I’ll be fine’ while Jiwon knows he’s not.

And that worry him like hell. So when he finally speaks out his feeling, Jiwon feels like a load off his mind has been lifted.

“I’ll miss you too Hoon-ah. I am sorry I have to leave you this way. This is all my fault,” Jiwon hears no answer from Sunghoon but the body inside his arms is shaking. He knows he is crying. Jiwon strokes Sunghoon back softly to comfort him as he whispers “I’m sorry” and “I love you” repeatedly.


‘Ahem..Sorry to interrupt. But we’ve been arrived since 15 minutes ago. So Hyung, you better finish your drama shooting and go out before fans find out that you’re here,’ Jiwon’s manager couldn’t stand to watch the couple’s “heartbreaking” scene for another second and decide to step into their solemn moment.

“What’s the title of the drama, Oppa? Sending My Lover Away for a 5 DAYS ONLY TRIP to India? Or Good By My Love, See YOU On 5 DAYS???” Jiwon’s stylist who’s sitting on the passenger seat butts in the conversation.

Everything she hears from the back seat makes her want to throw up. It is only a 5 days trip but they make it look like one of them is dying.

Jiwon glares at both of them and kicks the passenger seat before him while Sunghoon hits the manager’s head with a pillow.

“You two better keep your mouth shut or I’ll cut your salary for talking too much!” Jiwon is irritated by his manager and stylist words. Why can’t they understand?? If this is just like any other trips he went before, then it won’t be this hard. This trip is different because of the deal he made with Na PD a few days ago. It makes a 5 days trip feels like a one year journey.

“Take care baby, I’ll be back in 5 days,” Jiwon gives Sunghoon a last hug and kiss him on his forehead before he opens the door and walks out.

‘So that’s the TITLE,’ the stylist still makes fun of them and soon receives a second kick from Jiwon and a flying empty coffee cup from Sunghoon.

‘Ah..Hyung,’ the manager calls Jiwon as he remembers something.

“What else?”

‘You forget to give me your phone,’ Jiwon’s manager smirks annoyingly at Jiwon whose face is redden from holding back his anger.

Without saying anything more, Jiwon throws his phone on the chair then slams the door hard. He heads toward his fellow NJTTW casts and crews who’s already waiting for him at the airport gate.




“EUN JIWON, LAST PLACE!!!” Na PD screams out the result of the game and the other cast members are cheering happily. Except for Jiwon.

“NOOOOO…..Please let me go this time Hyung. I can’t go without my phone,” Jiwon begs and showing his aegyo to the meanest Na PD. But of course, he answer is NO.

Jiwon is recording the teaser episode for the upcoming New Journey to the West season 4 at a BBQ House. And as always, Na PD offers them a really tempting deal. If they win the game, they can be themselves in this trip. No wigs, hair dye, or other embarrassing things. And they got to choose their first destination. But if they lose, they will play another game and the last place person will receive a penalty. He won’t be allowed to bring his phone or any other communication devices during the whole trip.

Some members are hesitating to accept the offer since they know how mean Na PD’s game are. But as a person who experience the wig and dress penalty, Jiwon and Mino are persuading the other members to call the offer.

Jiwon insists that their teamwork are getting better and they will do the challenge well. Trying out their luck, all members finally agree with the offer.


They lost the first game.

As expected.

They play the second game which is an individual game to find the “LUCKY” one. But without Jiwon’s knowing, the other casts ganged up against him to make him the last place.

“Isn’t it too much. You guys are *******,” Jiwon curses as he learns the truth.

‘Sorry Hyung, but I need to call my wife everynight. Soogeun Hyung and Hodong Hyung too. They need to check up on their family regularly,’ Jaehyun tries to defend himself.

“What about Mino?”

‘Yah..He is a rookie. We should treat him well,’ this time Hodong is protecting his son.

‘That leaves only you Jiwon-ah. You’re not a cute maknae like Mino and have no wife or girlfriend to call everynight,’ Soogeun said with his typical annoying face.

(“But I got my Hoony who’s waiting for my call, you stupid old man!!!”)

“How about Kyuhyun?”

‘I was the one who gave the idea Hyung,’

Kyuhyun smiles proudly by his idea.

And Jiwon swears he will make him suffer the whole trip. That evil fox!!!!


Jiwon is sitting at the end of his bed, blamming his clueless mind for the mess he is into right now. He tried to call Sunghoon millions time but the younger didn’t answer his calls at all.

How come he didn’t notice it earlier. Now is too late already. He has to go to Japan to filming Plan Man tomorrow and Sunghoon is nowhere near him.

How can he leave without saying a proper goodbye to his love. After spending 5 days trip without his phone, now he has to leave this way??? This is waaayyy harder than before.

He will not only can’t hear his voice, this time he’ll leave knowing his love is mad at him. Or worse, hate him.

But he has no choice. He can’t cancel the trip. So he decides to let Sunghoon calm himself down first and talk to him later after he come back from Japan.



@Radio Show Interview

‘As a leader do you have a favorite member?’

“Of course not. I love my members equally” Jiwon proudly answered the MC’s question.

“Eeeyyyy….Liar!!!” Suwon, Jaeduck and Jaejin said in unison.

“Of course it’s Sunghoon!” Jaeduck corrected his leader and made the later blushed from embarrassment.

“No, no, no, it’s true that Jiwon Hyung is used to favor me, but now a days I think he likes Suwon more,” Sunghoon jokingly defensed himself but Jiwon could feel an intense glare he gave him after he said it.

(Damn! What was that? What did I do wrong?)

Jiwon tried to remember all potential reasons for him to receive that kind of glare. But to make it worse, while he was still trying to encrypt Sunghoon’s words, the MC already replied in agreement.

‘Yeah, yeah, I heard that too. He likes to seat with him during the flight, right? And they appeared in a lot of variety show together. Eun leader really take a good care of his little dongsaeng. They aren’t called Lea-Mak couple for nothing’

“You right. They even will go on their 2nd Plan Man trip together soon,” Sunghoon added with a bright smile on his face but sending him a deadly glare right after.

(That’s the problem!! His 2nd Plan Man trip with Suwon! Someone please change the topic!! Save me!!!)

Jiwon sent an SOS signal to the other members with his eyes. Hoping they will come to rescue him)

“Nooo.. He just want to annoy me. I am an expressionless person so he found it fun when I am getting angry or annoyed” Suwon tried to save his hyung. And his own life.

“Yeah, Jiwon Hyung still treat Sunghoon differently. I once got kicked out of my room because of Sunghoon. Sunghoon and I were a roommate while we’re in Hawaii not long ago. But when I entered the room, I saw my stuff were already packed and changed into Jiwon Hyung’s and he told me to find another room so he can be with Sunghoon.” Jaeduck shared his sad story to support his hyung.

“When I corrected Sunghoon’s dance, I was the one who’s getting scolded by Jiwon Hyung instead of Sunghoon,” Jaejin also came to rescue the leader.

(Nice. Thank you guys!!! I owe you..)

‘But love-hate relationship is so popular now a days. People find it sweet. That’s why a lot of people love seeing you together in a show”

(That’s it! I’m dead.)


Jiwon had another schedule after the Radio Show, so he couldn’t talk to Sunghoon about their problem when the show ended. But he had planned a scenario to apologize to Sunghoon and he was 100% sure it will be a success.

He was rushing to his apartment right after finishing his work, smiling while imagining Sunghoon’s happy face. But he was shocked when the elevator stops and he saw Sunghoon was waiting in front of it with a big suitcase.

“Honey, where are you going?” Jiwon asked with his soft voice.

‘I am staying at my Mom’s tonight,’ Sunghoon shortly replied.

“We can talk about it. Let’s go back to our apartment,” Jiwon grab Sunghoon’s arm and tried to escort him back to their room.

‘We’ll talk after you come back from your trip. With Suwon,’ Sunghoon jerked his arm and went into the elevator.

“Don’t be like this, dear. I’ll miss you. Please don’t go,” Jiwon plead.

‘If you miss me, then go kiss another man in Japan. Just like what you did with Kyuhyun-ssi,’ Sunghoon said with a bitter voice

(Good! He already watched the teaser) “Honey, it was just for entertainment purposes. Please let me explain it,” Jiwon tried to hold the door but he was too late. The elevator door closed and Sunghoon was gone.




“Yah!!! Suwon-ah!!! Where are you going? Did you run from home?” Jiwon burst into laugh seeing Suwon bring two large suitcases with him.

‘Don’t laugh! This one is yours,’

“What? No, I bring my own suitcase,”

‘Your boyfriend dropped this suitcase last night at my place. He forced me to give it to you. You guys live together, he can just give it to you by himself or just leave it in your room if he’s still mad at you, why should I bring it for you? This is so annoying. Do you know how heavy this is?’ Jiwon is puzzled hearing Suwon’s nag.

“I don’t understand. What is inside?”

‘Don’t ask me, ask your crazy boyfriend. I refused his request at first but then he barged into my house and sat in my living room for two hours, refused to leave before I promise him I’ll bring this suitcase to you. I had no choice but to agree with his stupid request. I was about to have a romantic dinner with my girlfriend for God sake. He ruined my date!!

Why you always dragged me into your love quarrel? Can’t you guys solved your problem alone?’ Suwon is continue nagging but Jiwon’s no longer listening. He take his phone out of his pocket and make a call. This time, his call is answered.

‘Did you receive your suitcase?’ Sunghoon asks him right after he answer the call.

“Yes. That’s so sweet, honey. I’ll leave my suitcase and bring the one you prepared for me. Thank you so much, dear,” Jiwon already packed his favourite clothes in his suitcase but he doesn’t want Sunghoon to get mad at him again if he doesn’t bring the suitcase.

‘I didn’t do it for you. I did it to annoyed Suwon. I punished him for stealing my man. Twice!’

Jiwon smiles hearing his jealous boyfriend. He is about to answer him when Sunghoon continues his sentence,

‘And don’t leave you suitcase. You must bring both,’

“But that’s too much, dear. It’s just a 3 days trip,”

‘You will not use the clothes in my suitcase while you’re in Japan. After you finish filming, you will go to Bali with a direct flight. I’ll wait for you there. So go tell your manager to book you a ticket now and clear your schedule for the next full week. And don’t you dare to say no if you still want me to talk to you,’ Sunghoon still says it with a stern voice that heard cute in Jiwon’s ears.

“Yes sir, your wish is my command!” Jiwon smiles when he hears Sunghoon chuckles softly. Feel the tension a bit lessen, he courage himself to talk about the other problem,

“Hmm.. Sunghoon-ah, about the kiss..”

‘You were wrong,’

“I know, i know, I am sor…”

‘You were doing it wrong,’


‘That’s not a right way to kiss a man. I’ll show you how is kissing a man should be. So you better book the earliest flight to Bali or you’ll miss the class,’

“Hell no, I won’t!”


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