CHIVALRY by: Silver translation: coldwind


Part 1

– “How is it, doctor?”

Kang Sunghoon quickly drew out the result sheet that the printer had just released. He waved his hand in the air and glanced at the person sitting in front of him.

– “Heart rate is stable, blood pressure is in safety level, liver enzyme is not too high. You’re going to be alive for a long, long time.”

He said and threw the paper to his face. Eun Jiwon didn’t try to evade, no need to evade a thin sheet of paper. He propped on one hand, moved closer to Sunghoon’s scowling face and knocked on the table.

– “Doctor, you should check it again as this time I felt really strange, had poor appetite, slept restlessly.”

– “I have checked carefully. Do I need to slit your belly?”

Sunghoon tossed Jiwon’s hand out and recorded his copy, his writing stroking the paper.

-“You don’t have a heart! Well, I will not have you examine me anymore, I’ll just wait for my lover to come back and ask him to examine me.” Sunghoon did not raise his face.

– “Who says will come back?”

Jiwon took Sunghoon’s hand and played with his fingers. Sunghoon pouted at him.

– “Tonight, the old place. Don’t be angry with me anymore. These days my body has been getting the real aches, bring some massage medicine, okay?”-

“I have it here, bring along.”

Sunghoon was about to stand up but Jiwon grabbed his hand. He left the chair and lightly touched Sunghoon’s face, pulled his sweater collar up a little and smoothing his white blouse.

– “Tonight. Now I have something to do, I’m afraid I’ll drop it on the road. Besides, there must be a reason for you to come , right?”

Sunghoon sighed.

– “Don’t come here. It’s too dangerous.”

-“I miss you.” Jiwon pulled him into a deep kiss. Sunghoon hit his shoulder lightly.

-“Go quickly.”

Jiwon smiled and put his hands into the pockets, turning towards the door. Sunghoon meant to advise him to be careful but he suddenly heard footsteps approaching. Sunghoon frowned, judging for a few seconds and quickly ran to grab Jiwon. He brushed Jiwon’s hair down to his forehead, took the mask from his pocket then wear it on Jiwon’s face and pulled his hoodie up, Sunghoon says softly:

– “Suwon is coming! You should quickly go down the stairway to the second floor, turn right at the emergency exit door and go out at the back entrance . Go!. Be careful!”

Jiwon nodded, looked around and calmly followed Sunghoon’s direction.

Waiting for Jiwon’s shadow to disappear out of sight, Sunghoon closed the door, fixed his uniform, and sat in his chair. Sunghoon took all the papers in the trash can, poured some alcohol and lighted the fire. He squinted at the flames burning in the tin, his finger pressing the delete button, deleting all of Jiwon’s medical files and the images that the camera had just recorded and opened up another file. Sunghoon took the room perfume spray to get rid of alcohol smell. He looked at the slowly dying flames, waiting for the paper to burn out. He released his feet, just as the metal lid fell to extinguish the fire, Jang Suwon appeared at the door.

– “Hoon.”

Sunghoon pretended to be surprised with his appearance and smiled widely. Just as he was about to get up, he suddenly found out not everything was fixed as he thought.

Putting his hand down, he secretly pulled his zip pants up, cursing the name Eun Jiwon in his head.

– “Inspector Jang Suwon, hi!” Suwon waved his hand.

– “What’s wrong? Why are you frowning?”

– “What is the result of the crime scene? Is that the G1?”

Jang Suwon is no longer calm for chatting. The case at the real estate company made him headache the entire week. Although insisting that G1 was the culprit, there was no evidence, the clues were ruptured from the beginning. Now he can only rely on the results of the autopsy, maybe a little epidermis would be found.

Sunghoon opened the cabinet, took out a paper folder, although chuckling inside, his face still showed regret.

– “Not a piece of skin, no trace of abuse. The whole point to the conclusion: the victim suicided.”

-“You haven’t woken up yet, have you? Suicide? How about the G1 written on the wall at the scene?”

Sunghoon lightly grind his teeth. Damn Eun Ji Won, you always do meaningless things. Jiwon said it is his signature which he has been using for years, it’s wasted to quit using. It is a pretty work of art so he has to show for people to see

– “I do not know. But forensic medicine found nothing.”

Sunghoon leaned back, raised his hands and shook his head.

– “Aishhh! Is he a god or a devil? Every time he commits a murder, I couldn’t find any trace to connect him to it.”

Jang Suwon screams and scratches his scalp in frustration.

Sunghoon glanced out the window and smirked slightly. How could you find it while Kang Sunghoon is still in this position: high-grade forensic expert.


Each time Sunghoon arrived at the scene, he quickly went around to investigate. He ordered his subordinates to go to the bathroom, the bedroom, where Jiwon said he did not touch.

And Sunghoon himself focused on the body of the victim, looked carefully at the pool of blood at the scene to pick up the smallest things, sometimes it was only a 1mm diameter particle or a hair of Eun Jiwon. It was not enough, he used his senior status going back to the scene for a thorough review. A little trace? There isn’t a little but a lot, it’s just all of them is returned to its owner.


“Yes. What’s wrong?”

Jang Suwon strokes his chin and asks:

“Do you remember the time G1 took you as a hostage?”

How could Sunghoon forget.

“Looks like … not very impressed. It’s too long, about more than ten years ago”

“You were a student back then, weren’t you?”

Sunghoon nodded.

That time was also the first time he was stuck with Eun Jiwon, his damn lover.

“Can you try to remember how he looked like that time? On what characteristic do you have? Height, voice, body odour or anything significant”

“It’s been more than a decade since then, Suwon-ah. I already told you everything I knew in the past. Besides, currently that G1 guy is almost 40, how can you use the identification from twenty years ago to find him.”

Suwon persisted:

“Just try to remember. Maybe it you would recall something that you missed.

Sunghoon pursed his lips, knitted his brows. How the hell could he miss anything. . .

That fateful year, Sunghoon was twenty-four years old, he was a final year student of a forensic scientist faculty. That day, while he was going to buy some new gear for the graduation ceremony, he suddenly heard the bustling noise in the opposite administrative building. Seeing Suwon, his best friend,who at that time was just a rookie police officer, was trembling behind the dozens of other police officers, Sunghoon rushed out, calling “Suwon!”

Suwon waved his hands telling Sunghoon to go away but while Sunghoon still hasn’t understood anything, a shrill sound blast his ears. He sat down and squinted his eyes looking above.

The man in black coat was holding a girl in his arms, the other holding a gun pointing at the police, ordering them to get away. When he went to the door, he saw Kang Sunghoon sitting in front of him, his hands covering his head, his eyes blanked. G1 stopped for seconds, his hesitation enable the hostage in his hand to quickly grab the opportunity and run away.

Sunghoon stood up, he unconsciously stepped forward and G1 suddenly grabbed his hand, pulled him into his arm. He turned the gun back against Sunghoon’s head. He wrapped his arms loosely around him, Sunghoon was a little panic but not scare. He glanced at G1, who didn’t intend to hurt him

“Sunghoon !!! Let him go”

Suwon screamed and the officer behind him pulled him back. Guns still pointed at them. He stepped back again and again, his breath pressed against Sunghoon’s neck. Sunghoon looked up, and met G1’s eyes. G1 narrowed his eyes and gently rubbed Sunghoon’s arm.


His voice sounded very soft behind the black mask. Sunghoon was astounded for a moment, but seconds later he observed the scene, quickly thinking. Sunghoon straightened up, carefully looked at the police officers in front and moved his hand back, tucking his car keys into G1’s pocket. He spoke through his teeth:

“Take me to the white Force which is opposite the boutique. It is automatic. Go straight five hundred meters you will meet the alleyway which can only fit one car. Then turn left, past the construction site, get off the car, slip into the crowd to hide, there are parades”




“Ah! Yes!?”

Suwon’s voice calls him back to reality.

“Remember anything?”

Sunghoon shook his head.

“It’s long time ago”

“Can’t blame you for that. It was so messy at that time. Now I don’t know whether you recognize him if you meet him again. That guy hasn’t appeared for a few years, now he suddenly show his face and make us crazy!”

Sunghoon put his hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“You should take a break. G1 hasn’t been caught yet but I see you are dying.” This evening let’s go hang around with Jaeduk-hyung somewhere to relieve stress. Maybe tomorrow I will find something good for you.

Suwon sighs and rubs his temples.

“You too, this time is hard for you. Besides, hurry up find a lover, you are 38 right?”

“Ok, will enlist, I can’t stay here all the time, must find a new lover”

Sunghoon smiled slightly and thought, how would Jiwon react if he hear this.

Having finished conversing with his best friend and saw him walk out the door, Sunghoon stretched his shoulder and heavily breathed out. He looked at his watch, it’s already past five o’clock in the afternoon, ready to be prepared now.

Sunghoon drove home, took off his glasses, threw the backpack on the couch and took off his turtled collar white sweater. He took a shower, he wrapped a towel across his hips and stood in front of the mirror, slightly stroking his chin and pouring a little lotion into the palm of his hand. Today he will do a strange makeup and show Jiwon the tattoo blade on the chest.

Sunghoon took the black eyeliner pencil and drew a black line for eyes, then he began to make up his face. Lipstick, come on, what color should be,maybe something light? After that, he parted his hair to the left, intended to make his hair a little wet with feeling that the wet looking make it more stimulating.

Sunghoon went out to the closet, flipped the lab-coat aside, picked up the zombie print shirt, the red leather jacket outside. Black pants, high boots. Sunghoon smirked himself in the mirror and knocked on the glass.

“That’s OK”

He changed the car, the number plate was also fake. When he almost approaching the destination, he stopped the car and took a walk. Sunghoon laughed at himself, he was like having a “dissociative identity disorder”( a person who have multi-personality) . Once he asked Jiwon about what kind of his style he like the most? Jiwon said, “I like the time you ran towards me in a student uniform.”

That was the day before graduation. As he was walking with his friends to the gate, he saw at the other side of street, a man crossed his legs leaning on the white Force. He was taller than

1.7 meters, his skin dark and his hair drooping, covering up a part of his deep black eyes. Sunghoon looked at the number plate, not his car, but his eyes were looking at him so… His heart was suddenly strongly beating. Sunghoon said goodbye to his friend and rushed towards him. He leaned against the car, gasping for breath, his hands lifted up his backpack.

“Kid, thank you for last day.”

“Kid? How old are you to call me kid?”

Jiwon rubbed Sunghoon’s hair and gave him a crooked smile.

“Older than you. Well, why did you help me that day?”

Sunghoon puffed his chest and said:

“The macho man like me could not go on when saw a person in trouble.”

Jiwon laughed then wrapped his arms around him, pulling him into his arm. He bent down, suddenly kissed Sunghoon’s cheek lightly. That made Sunghoon startle, his body froze, his eyes wide opened.

“Does the macho man have a lover yet?”

Sunghoon shyly lowered his head and ran his hand on the backpack rope.

“There are not yet but …how a robber dare to want a swan? You!”

“Swan? You call yourself that?” Sunghoon shrugged.

“It isn’t wrong, is it?”

“Yeah. Swan, you are a swan. I’m not well-matched with you, that’s it, I’ll go”



Knowing that in the past, he shouldn’t ask him to stay, now he wouldn’t have to stick with the mass of trouble.


Think again, Sunghoon might have been crazy back then. Who the hell in this world loved a guy whose even the name is unknown like Sunghoon did. When they has just started their love, Sunghoon hadn’t known who he is, where he comes from, what he does. Everything about him was black curtain. But Sunghoon was still following him. He strove in his career, tried to climb to the top position for standing behind and protect his lover. Remember once, he took the order of transferring the body to the car, while struggling with the mount of evidence that he had hidden, he suddently detected the vein of the victim is beating again. He swallowed and gritted his teeth, making the most brutal decision in his life: he wore gloves, cover the victim’s nose to totally death. For all a week after that, Sunghoon could not breathe. Luckily that case was assigned to him to conduct so it wasn’t exposed. G1 was also unscathed. When it was done, he rushed into Jiwon’s arm sobbing, crying and feeling disgusted himself. Jiwon said it was him the one who killed that man, it wasn’t related to

Sunghoon. But Sunghoon still couldn’t forget. Jiwon said again, “Don’t do forensics anymore”. Sunghoon heard that, he pushed him out and stubbornly said: “No! I have to stand in the highest position! So you could be safe, later as whatever goes wrong, I can also help you clear evidence. In the worst case there will be no evidence to convict you! ”

Sunghoon reminded then walked faster. Now, of course, Sunghoon is much more skillful and artifice, every Jiwon’s secret crimes which given into his hands are so mysterious that no one can find out anything suspicious.

Sometimes Sunghoon is also afraid that Suwon will know but Suwon believes in him, believes more in glorious feats of arms that Sunghoon has found in numerous difficult cases that helped him complete his mission.

“Baby! baby!”

While Sunghoon was thinking, he was dragged into the house by Jiwon.

“Changed the shampoo,huh?”

“Had bought it recently. “

“Let see how it smells.”

Sunghoon said between the kisses while Jiwon was kissing and hugging him to the bed:

“What is the smell of the forensic doctor besides the odor of blood, the smell of corpses.”

Jiwon stopped when he noticed a new tattoo on his chest.

“Did you see? How it look? I just tattooed a few days ago, still a bit pain, later do not touch it.”

Jiwon laughed and pinned his body.

“Looks so deadly seductive.”

“Of course. Who am I? I do whatever with style!”

They dragged each other into their love affair. Sunghoon looked up at the ceiling, then gasped and said, “I’ll tell you this, it’s funny.”

“What … aa .. What?” Sunghoon hit his shoulder and scolded him.

“Lightly! Yeah….that’s it.” Jiwon stroke his sweaty hair.

“Let tell your story.”

“A patient was transferred to the hospital the day before. I intended not to receive because there was a lot of things to do that day, but the patient’s family was an acquaintance, so I had to receive … Hey! I told you to do lightly!”

“Lightly for you and how about me?”

Sunghoon waved his hand.

“Do what you want. Continue my story. Oh my goodness! That day I was upset about us but they kept complaining in my head. I’m also tired so I didn’t even examine what with him, only took the medical file and recorded as appendicitis. Then it was needed a surgery, right?”

Jiwon nodded, still snarling.

“That’s it. At the operation, damn it, I wanted to swear right in place. Do you know what’s wrong? He slept with a toothpick in his mouth then swallowed, not the damn appendicitis. When I saw the toothpick in his stomach, my dear, I wanted to get mad. The people around me didn’t dare to talk a word when they saw me annoyed. I tried to finish surgery and then scolded the subordinate as venge my rage upon your case. Hush, how is it? Funny, right?”


“What? Not funny?”

Eun Jiwon glanced at him and said, “Do you want me to pull out then lay down and laugh with you?”

Sunghoon laughed and hugged his body tightly. He stopped talking and focused on what they were doing. As pressing his body up and down, he found under the pillow a gun. Sunghoon took out and touched.

“Jiwon, this is a silencer, right?” Jiwon glances at the thing in his hand.


“Can I borrow it for playing?”

Jiwon growled: “What do you play now !?’

Sunghoon scratched his chest and tilted his head.

“Now I count to 3, you come and I shoot,both up and down at the same time! So, does it listen stimulus? Hurry up, hurry up! Want to play!”

Jiwon sighed and followed his idea. Sunghoon clenched his teeth, one hand on Jiwon’s body, one hand raised the gun, pointed at the wall clock a few meters away.

“1. 2. 3!”


Jiwon collapsed into the mattress and took a short breath. After that, he lifted his body up, looked at the clock that had just fallen into the aquarium, he turned to see Sunghoon blowing his gun.

“Who taught you to shoot, doctor?”

Sunghoon pouted.


“You are getting dangerous, even more dangerous than me.”

“I’m dangerous from before, just my boyfriend underestimates me.”

Jiwon laughed and turned to hug him, wear his white wide shirt for Sunghoon. Sunghoon was resting his head on Jiwon’s arm, still enjoying the gun. Actually he have been studying shooting guns for a year, in case of emergency only. Sunghoon yawned, was about to fall asleep while suddenly Jiwon body hardened. He turned to look at him, they both understand

what’s with the footsteps echoed from the door. Jiwon put on his clothes and jumped down to the bed, huddled to the door, his hand groped for the gun in his bag behind.

[Knock Knock knock]

“Anybody inside? If no one answers, I will push the door.”

Sunghoon frowned looking at Jiwon. Big trouble! It was Jang Suwon. He looked up at him. Jiwon put his hands on his lips, motioned for him to silence, and Jiwon stepped back, pointed his gun straight at the door. He cocked the gun and waited quietly.


That was Jang Suwon really. He was still wearing police uniform, in his hand is also a gun. Suwon glanced back, realized Sunghoon lying on the bed. He clenched his gun and the veins emerged.

Jiwon stepped forward, pressed his gun against Suwon’s head and asked coldly:

“Who showed you to come here?”

Jang Suwon smirked, jerked his chin to Sunghoon and said, “Guess who? Your lover, G1!”

Jiwon raised his eyebrows, hold the gun in one hand, other hand put behind waving for Sunghoon.

“You think I’ll believe you or my lover?”

“Love each other so deeply, huh? Trust each other like this surely you in relationship for a long time?”

Sunghoon sat up, just came close while answering Suwon’s question.

“Thirteen years.”

Suwon widened his eyes, his gun pointed toward Sunghoon.

“Are you crazy, Kang Sunghoon? Thirteen years? Many cases which are deadlocked for a long time because of you? I had wondered , you has helped me a lot of difficult cases, why a genius like you couldn’t find a clue for many years? If I did not accidentally see him at your clinic, would you hide me for the rest of my life ?!”

Sunghoon nodded. He blamed himself, for how much he was careful, there was still negligence

“Damn it, Kang Sunghoon! Do you know who this guy is?”

Sunghoon said: “I know. Some kind of killer, illegal goods smuggler, underworld magnate, too many crimes, can’t remember all.”

“Kang Sunghoon !!”

“Suwon-ah, for our friendship, can you please release us this time?”

“Release? Are you crazy? I kill him eight times even not enough for his sin! Release! You come here, hurry up! If you still stand there, do not blame me not respect friend.”

Sunghoon frowned. Definitely push each other to the corner like that. He slowly raise the gun up, direct to Suwon.

“I also tell you, if you touch a hair of Jiwon, do not blame me for not respect friend.”

“Kang Sunghoon! What were spells or poisons he had given you?”

Suwon screamed and shifted his gun toward Jiwon, gritted his teeth.

“Damn it, you two …”

“That’s called love, Suwon-ah.”

Both Jiwon and Suwon were stunned. Sunghoon saw Jiwon’s body trembling and his best friend could not even open his mouth.

“With whom do you come today? You release me, we end our friendship, I will not appear in front of you anymore. Looks like this is what I beg you, Suwon-ah.”

“I came alone. However, to get the G1 go, you have to step over my body first, Kang Sunghoon.




Guns were cocked.

“Hoon! Stop!” Jiwon yelled while still facing Suwon.

Kang Sunghoon was standing against the wind, two laps of the white shirt were thrown backwards. In the dim light shining from the windows of the motel rooms his white upper body suddenly became prominent.

“Put the gun down!! Kang Sunghoon, I tell you not to shoot !!”

Sunghoon tilted his head, squinted and aimed his gun at his close friend standing at the door and said coldly: “Old rule, I’ll count to 3.”

Suwon looked straightly at Jiwon, keeping his gun right in his head, his finger was ready.

“Jiwon, direction 11 o’clock, lie down !!”




Suwon’s gun actually had no bullets.


Sunghoon dangled his arm. He stood rooted to the spot, lowered his face quickly wiped the tears and dropped the gun.

“Damn.” Jiwon stood up, grabbed Sunghoon’s hand and ran away. As Sunghoon crossed the Suwon, his bare feet drooped straightly down to the blood pool.

“I’m sorry, Suwon!”




Jiwon and Sunghoon were in the car, they were stopping in front of a big river, space before them was deep darkness, there was no a small spot of light.

“How is inspector Suwon?”

[Inspector Jang has been transferred to the emergency room, luckily the bullet just hit the shoulders, not life-threatening.

Doctor, where are you? Doctor, doctor!]

Sunghoon dropped the phone to the ground and hold his face in hands. He yelled and screamed loudly, his hands strongly hit forward.

Jiwon turned around, gently hugged him.

“Your friend…I’m sorry!”

Sunghoon clutched his back, crying. He hit his back hard, his mouth didn’t stopped cursing, damn, damn, damn it.

Jiwon tightened his hug, Sunghoon screamed louder until the voice became hoarse, only left the hiccups jerked. He released his body , his glassy eyes looked at him.

“Jiwon … I shot my friend. I shot Suwon.”

“I told you not to shoot! You … really …”

Sunghoon lowered his head and said: “I’m done now.”

“Sunghoon …”

“I just have only you.”

Jiwon looked at his pale face, looking at his unseeing eyes. He squeezes Sunghoon and said:

“I’ll give myself to the police. You come back to your place, Jang Suwon will forgive you.”

“No way!”

Sunghoon pushed him away and looked at him directly.

“I won’t let you do that. Whatever will happen, you must be by my side. Maybe I’m selfish, maybe I’m wrong, I can not lose you, Jiwon! Suwon had his decision, I have my decision, do not use Suwon to persuade me. You can not go anywhere! I will not let you leave me!”

Jiwon frowned glaring at him.

“So what do you want now?”

Sunghoon bit his lip thinking.

“I’ll follow you.”

“Do not be mad! You can’t!”

Sunghoon lowered his head, tried to think but he can not find any ideas. Normally he is very intelligent, in any urgent situation he could find the way helping him, why is his head so emty now?

“I can not think of anything else. I can’t, Jiwon-ah…”

He took Sunghoon’s trembling hand.

“Calm down. No need to think anymore, no need to think anymore.”

Sunghoon followed Jiwon’s eyes , looking out into the deep darkness of night, looking out at the cold, calm river.

“I intend to …”

Jiwon pulled his head, lightly kissed his forehead and started the car.

“Baby, listen to me.”

Jiwon turned the key and started the car.

Every story must has its end, whether happy or not …

Three years later.

Jang Suwon leaned his head backward, releasing a breath of smoke and breathed heavily. He took the key in his pocket and opened the wooden drawer, filling the photo on the table.

“You two… ”

In the picture, Kang Sunghoon’s white lab-coat was fluttering gently. He kneeled one foot to the ground, lifted the baby’s face in his palm, tilted his head and smiled. His other hand was put behind, tightly hold the tan skin hand of that man. Eun Jiwon wore a light blue shirt with old sneakers, behind his back were hidden some wild flowers. He was standing against the sunshine, using his back to cover his lover, caressingly looking down at him and smiled softly.

The end


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