Can we have a baby? by: itscontagious

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It was a normal sunday evening. Sunghoon was lying on the couch watching television. He and the rest of Sechskies had a day of from their hectic schedule. Sunghoon was glad they could rest a bit, especially his hyungs, as they had all been working hard and his hyungs also had some injuries. Sunghoon had to admit that his toe wasn’t in the best condition either but he wouldn’t tell that to Jiwon. Jiwon had been too worried about Sunghoon’s toe when he also had his own knee to worry about. Sunghoon didn’t want to bother him. At the moment Jiwon was somewhere in their home.

The show on TV was no other than the Return of Superman. Sunghoon was watching the first episode with Jiyong and his son Seungjae on it. He was glad that Jiyong seemed happy with his life. And for Sunghoon Seungjae was so adorable that he couldn’t help but be a little jealous. He had always wanted a cute child of his own. Maybe..

“Baby, what are you watching?” came Jiwon’s voice somewhere behind Sunghoon. Sunghoon startled. He hadn’t heard Jiwon coming. Jiwon made his way to the couch and sat next to Sunghoon. While putting his right arm over Sunghoon’s shoulder he pulled Sunghoon closer to him.

“Hmm, I am watching The Return of Superman. The one with Jiyong hyung,” Sunghoon answered. He laid his head on Jiwon’s shoulder. “He seems happy”, Sunghoon added.

He knew Jiwon would be happy to hear that since he felt he was responsible for them even now with them being adults.

“Hhmm”, Jiwon hummed in response.

“Hyung”, Sunghoon started while pouting in thought.

“Yes, Hoon-ah?” Jiwon answered turning his gaze from the tv to Sunghoon. As soon as he noticed Sunghoon pouting cutely, Jiwon pecked Sunghoon’s lips. Sunghoon then smiled cutely at Jiwon.

“Why, hyung?” Sunghoon asked innocently.

“Cause you’re my baby”, Jiwon responded and pecked Sunghoon’s lips again. Sunghoon’s smile widened. They just stared at each other lovingly for a while until Jiwon said:

“What were you going to say?”

“Huh? Oh, I was just thinking..” Sunghoon didn’t finish his sentence. He was thinking Jiwon would find his thoughts weird. Jiwon noticed Sunghoon hesitating.

“What is it, Hoon-ah?” Jiwon asked.

“Hyung, it wasn’t anything important”, Sunghoon was having second thoughts about telling to Jiwon.

“I don’t think so”, Jiwon didn’t drop the topic at hand. Sunghoon just shaked his head as an answer. Therefore Jiwon had to take better means to use. At the speed of light he moved his hands to Sunghoon’s stomach and started tickĺing him. The reaction was immediate. It started as a small movement of Sunghoon’s lips and ended as a full breath of laughter and wiggling of his body trying to break away from Jiwon’s grip. However, Jiwon’s tickling only hardened. Sunghoon was laughing and Jiwon asked: “Well, will you tell me now?” Jiwon was now grinning sneakily.

“No… Hyung, let me… go!” Sunghoon managed to say between his outbursts of laughter. On the contrary Jiwon made his grip more strong. He was not accepting that as an answer.

“No way. Not before you tell me what’s on your mind.”

“Please” Sunghoon pleaded. Then he added, “Jiwonnie” When that didn’t work, Sunghoon tried, “Baby. Love.” as cutely as he could as a last resort.

“Don’t even dream about it”, Jiwon wouldn’t fall for Sunghoon’s tricks. Then Sunghoon couldn’t handle it anymore.

“OKAY, okay. I just wanted to say how itwouldbeamazingifwehadababy”, Sunhoon uttered quickly and out of breath. Then he looked at Jiwon expecting. Jiwon had stopped the tickling and was looking at Sunghoon confused.

“What did say?” Jiwon couldn’t understand what Sunghoon had said. Sunghoon took a deep breath.

“I would love to have a baby”, Sunghoon repeated more clearly now. As Jiwon didn’t answer immediately, Sunghoon pouted. He thought Jiwon was thinking it was a stupid idea.

“Yeah, I know it’s a stupid idea, but I really would love to adopt children some day”, Sunghoon said more quietly now. Jiwon was just still and not saying anything. Sunghoon began to rise from the couch attempting to leave but before he had the chance someone grabbed his hand. Sunghoon turned to look at Jiwon with a questioning glaze. Jiwon’s eyes’ were full of deep emotions.

When Jiwon had first heard Sunghoon’s words, he couldn’t believe them. Sunghoon, his Hoon-ah, the love of his life, wants to have children with him. With him! Jiwon just couldn’t fathom that. That meant Sunghoon wants to have a family with him. While Jiwon’s brains were processing the information, he didn’t realise his lack of response was making Sunghoon think the opposite of his thoughts. Quickly, before Sunghoon had the time to leave, Jiwon grabbed Sunghoon’s hand.

As Sunghoon turned to look at Jiwon, Jiwon couldn’t just stay still anymore. He moved to hug Sunghoon in a crushing but at the same time loving embrace. Sunghoon was speechless.

“Sunghoon-ah, thank you”, Jiwon said in a breathless voice. “Thank you so much”, he repeated. Sunghoon was perplexed but nonetheless wrapped his arms around Jiwon to comfort him.

For a minute they just stayed still with their arms wrapped around each other. Then Jiwon started to give light kisses to Sunghoon’s shoulder, moving along his neck to his face.

He then gave feather kisses all over Sunghoon’s face saying ‘I love you’ between every kiss.

Sunghoon didn’t know what Jiwon was about but he couldn’t help smiling as Jiwon continued with the endless ‘I love you’s.

Finally after what seemed like forever, not a bad thing in any way, Jiwon moved a little away from Sunghoon’s face and looked at his love with every bit of love and affection Jiwon had for the other man.

Sunghoon smiled at Jiwon taken with the way Jiwon treating at the moment. Jiwon was looking at him like he was the most important person in the world.

“So, does this mean you don’t think I’m weird?” Sunghoon asked Jiwon. Jiwon thought Sunghoon utterly cute being unsure about the matter.

“No, I think you’re weird”, Jiwon said faking serious. Sunghoon’s smile faltered before Jiwon continued, “But I love you more for that.”

“You wouldn’t mind getting children with me?” Sunghoon asked hopefully. Jiwon chuckled at his adorable lover.

“Of course I would love to have a child together”, Jiwon was awarded with a eyes blinding smile from Sunghoon plus a short hug.

“Hyung, really?” Sunghoon asked. When Jiwon nodded his head for confirmation, Sunghoon pecked Jiwon’s lips. “You’re the best! I love you”, he claimed happily. Sunghoon snuggled up to Jiwon and lifted his legs to Jiwon’s lap. Jiwon started to stroke Sunghoon’s hair in a loving action.

“A family with you would be the second best thing to happen to me”, Jiwon responded to Sunghoon. “But you know that isn’t possible at the moment, right?”

“Yes, but someday”, Sunghoon smiled at Jiwon.

“Yeah, someday”, Jiwon repeated Sunghoon’s words. Someday sounded like a good promise. Sunghoon was still sitting in Jiwon’s lap and Jiwon was stroking his hair with a slow motion.

“Hyung?” Sunghoon asked suddenly while keeping his head on Jiwon’s shoulder.

“What, Hoon-ah?”

“What did you mean by having a family with me being in the second place? What’s in the first place?” Sunghoon asked curiously.

Jiwon lifted Sunghoon’s chin from his own shoulder and turned Sunghoon’s head towards his own. “The best thing that has happened to me was meeting you”, Jiwon confessed and kissed Sunghoon straight to the lips.


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