Be Well by: ginvodka

be well.jpg

“We should break up.” Jiwon startled when he heard this, yet again, from Sunghoon.

Although his parents has been nagging him to get married, he always humoured the thing so well that nobody suspected him. But deep inside, he knows that the day will come. The day when he has to choose in between his love and his family.

His lover is a man. He knows better that they will not be blessed. Their relation is unacceptable by the society even in the 21st century. People are still conservative and are especially strict to celebrities like them. The public would expect perfect behaviours. A single wrong word uttered or inappropriate action made will get them into trouble. He does not really care about his own image, he never listen to what other people has to say, but it is a significant issue to his family as a whole, due to their active involvements in the entertainment and politic industries. He thought of fleeing the country, but he dare not underestimate nor challenge his family power.

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow OK?”

He woke up the next morning to find a note on the table – “Goodbye my love, don’t look for me. Promise you’ll be well.” Sunghoon room is empty; he must have left before dawn breaks.

He has no one to blame except for himself. If only he knew how determined is Sunghoon this time, he would have sat down to talk him over and assure him that they are fine. If only he was born in a different family.

Jiwon did not contact Sunghoon. It is the final courtesy that he can demonstrate. He should not create anymore ripples to Sunghoon’s life if he could not promise anything. He has hurt him enough for his selfishness.

Every time Jiwon sees Sunghoon on the television and hears him or his songs over the radio, he would text him a message that he later deletes – “How are you?” It was a message that never got through to the recipient. Sunghoon is still smiling, but his eyes do not shine anymore. He does not seem to be the same person. Could it be because of him? He hopes not.

Jiwon indulged himself in work. He picked up acting, did variety shows, recorded albums, accepted various performance requests, formed his own company, etc, etc… He even started seeing his first love again and planned on marriage.

“First Generation Idol SECHSKIES’s Kang Sung Hoon Caught in Fraud Case” It was years later when he read the news that he realised what big trouble Sunghoon has got into. Jiwon thought he has move on without Sunghoon, he does not even think of him as often anymore.

But he was totally crushed when he sees Sunghoon’s recent photo. Is that the same person he knows? He quickly called Suwon and met up with him to learn what is going on.

“Hyung, are you kidding me?! It has been a while, but you’ve only found out about it this morning?! And I thought both of you are closed.”

“Yea… I’ve been busy…” He felt guilty for it.

“Right…” Suwon rolled his eyes on Jiwon.

“Look, I’ll transfer you some money, go help him out. Don’t tell anyone it’s from me.” Jiwon said after he listens to every bit that Suwon knows.

“Why don’t you do it by yourself?”

“Well, you know my family background… I’m in a difficult position…”

“But he should know who helped him.”

“Suwon-ah, I don’t want things to leak, the lesser people knows the better. Just do as I said.”

“OK hyung, whatever it is.”

“Suwon-ah, look after him for me, would you? Don’t let him face this alone. He might look bright but he is actually a fragile person.”

“Don’t worry hyung, I will.”

Day after day Jiwon followed the news, occasionally meets up with Suwon to dig for more details from him. He has never been so attached, not even the games that his wife thinks he love too much, which eventually leads to their divorce.

It took years to settle the messy legal battle. Sunghoon was imprisoned for few months, Jiwon could not imagine how he had survive in the jail. He still does not get in touch with him after he was released. But he was secretly cheering for Sunghoon when he finally put behind all the hardship and stepped into the studio again.

No, he should not enter Sunghoon’s life again if he wants him well. Sunghoon deserves a better person, who treasures him, who only makes him smile, who brings him happiness, unlike him who only brings him tears. He has not right to ask for forgiveness, but he hopes

Sunghoon will forget him…


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