A Photographer’s Love by: koiniji_00 & indiiea

photographers love.JPG

WARNING: contains mature content

He is a model. He is just a photographer. And a plain one at that. How can he notice someone like him? Well, aside from the days where he become his photographer for that one shooting, that one shooting, as cliché as it sound, that made him fell hard for him. Okay, okay he admits he has a crush on the man, okay? But that doesn’t mean he cannot order the man around on what poses he wants him to do. He might as well let his fans know how heavenly this man they idolized is. Pretty sure they already know that but he looks so damn seductive and looks so damn otherworldly in that photoshoot that damn. Just damn. He might have let him see all of the pictures he have taken of him but there was this one photo that will always be his favorite, and will be his little secret. For now. The one where he was smirking at him, or at the camera, not at him. He is not guilty at all for not releasing that one. At least he already gave the one where he was smiling and waving at him, okay at the camera, to the editor of the magazine.

“Hyung,” someone was waving a hand in front of his face “i’ve been here for five minutes and have been staring at you for five minutes, you know. Where did your mind go this time?”

Kang Sunghoon asked the older.

“Just thinking about something. Why did you call me out here, by the way.” Eun Jiwon answered.

“Hyung, I want you to be my photographer again. I heard this photoshoot will be near a waterfalls, i might be going half naked too. You captured me beautifully last time. I would like you to capture me more beautifully this time.”

“Sure.” he answered directly. Oh wait. Oh hell no.

“Thanks hyung! You are an amazing photographer. And a handsome one too!”

“I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear that.”

“But it’s true. And let’s just say we have chemistry~ so it’ll be a great experience for sure” the younger said. Jiwon blinked.

Okay, Sunghoon might be saying that innocently but the look on his eyes says otherwise, or maybe it’s just his wishful thinking. “I guess that’s true.” he half-confessed, making the younger smile at him brightly. “What do you want to order, hyung?” And their day went by with the both of them talking and laughing at a cafe they frequently visited.

Might as well prepare myself for this new project. He might not admit it for now, but he is so damn happy that they are close, very very close. Might as well confess and might as well make him mine.

I cannot wait to make him mine.

“Hyung, I want you to be my photographer again. I heard this photoshoot will be near a waterfalls, i might be going half naked too. You captured me beautifully last time. I would like you to capture me more beautifully this time.”

Jiwon admired the water beads rolling down Sunghoon’s chest, wet chest glinting in the sun of the little forest grove by the waterfall they were holding the photoshoot.

He swallowed thickly as Sunghoon changed pose, stretching out his back and leaning back his head. Sunghoon stared at Jiwon with smoky eyes, his mouth slightly open.

It was hard for Jiwon to focus on his job.

“Let’s take a minute break.” He called for Sunghoon and the others dispersed and looked around, appreciating the view of the nature. “It’s too hot.” He fanned himself as Sunghoon went to him.

“What are you talking about, It’s not hot at all hyung.”

“Says the hot one.” he mumbled


“Nothing. It’s because it’s tiring being a photographer you know.”

“The view here is beautiful.” Sunghoon said, looking around. He didn’t notice Jiwon looking at him.

“Indeed. Very beautiful indeed.” When Sunghoon turned to look at him, he looked around. At the corner of his eyes he saw him walking towards him.

“Can I see the photos?” Sunghoon asked though he already had Jiwon’s camera on his hand. Jiwon gulped, Sunghoon is too close and he only has a white towel around his shoulders, he is still half-naked. “Oh, I like this one.” Jiwon looked at the photo Sunghoon is looking and it was that look in the photo that made him fan himself again.

“Which one is your favorite?” asked Sunghoon with a glint in his eye.

Jiwon’s gaze kept drifting to that one photo. He found it in himself to confess, “That one.”

“So we like the same one. I actually really like the look of it, so should we shoot some more like that?”

Jiwon just dumbly nodded, still feeling hot.

“I’ve had an idea for a photoshoot for a while.” said Sunghoon. While talking, he licked his lips, a habit Jiwon had noticed Sunghoon had. Sunghoon continued, “Since you’ve been taking good pictures you might be interested. I’ve always thought it would be cool to pose as a water spirit.”

“Water spirit?”

“They seduce men and women with their songs. It’s interesting actually. Did you know I trained to be a singer?”

Half of Jiwon’s mind was focusing at completely other things, but he was still surprised at what they had in common. He wondered how Sunghoon’s singing voice sounded.

“I was also going to debut as a singer, but it didn’t work out.”

“Ah, you got to tell me more about that later.”

Later? Jiwon felt hopeful.

“But we have to finish the photoshoot first, no? I think we can change the concept a bit to what I was thinking. We’re already halfway there.” Sunghoon was now gesturing down to his naked chest.

Jiwon sent him a confused look.

“Didn’t you know? Water spirits are naked.”


Jiwon couldn’t believe the sight in front of him as he grabbed his camera harder. How could he be this lucky?

Sunghoon lay half submerged in the water, completely naked. He looked more beautiful than ever, looking every bit like the ethereal creature he was supposed to be posing as.


Sunghoon lay half submerged in the water, completely naked. He looked more beautiful than ever, looking every bit like the ethereal creature he was supposed to be posing as.

He willed his mind to be strong and stay professional.

He was at his house, inside his studio alone, it’s already past 8 o’clock in the evening. He was looking at the pictures they took earlier. He went through them one by one, editing everything, keeping his professional self, but his mind kept on going back to the happenings earlier. He closed his eyes and remembered every details of his body, even how the water ripples around him and how the water drips off from his face to his shoulder blades down to his chest and to his stomach. He willed himself not to look down further. But he was looking at him. He feels he was looking at him through the lens of his camera. He was looking straight at him, that he can see the feelings he has hidden inside. The feelings he kept to himself. He feels like he can see right through him.

Those eyes. That face. That expression. Those lips. He was imagining him with him, beside him, under him. Maybe he was imagining too hard he felt all the blood rushing down to his member. Fuck.

Stop. Stop. You still have things to finish tonight. And he is not in the mood to have a cold shower right now. Fuck. Go away.

He was still trying to focus when someone shouted. “Hyung~” Fuck. Fuck. Why now.

“I-I am here!” he had forgotten Sunghoon knows the code to his house. He had given it to the younger when they became close hyung-dongsaeng even he knows the younger’s code. And he didn’t know he will visit him now. Why now of all times.

“Are you still working?” Sunghoon asked when he entered his studio, closing the door that he had forgotten to locked as he entered.

“Uh, well, yeah.”

“Why are you flustered?” Sunghoon asked confusedly

“Am I? No I’m not” he answered Sunghoon with a hand on his face, as if with doing that his flustered expression would be gone. Then he focused his eyes on his computer. Not really looking at anything aside from his desktop. Sunghoon felt he was not welcomed. Having second thoughts that he just came here only to disturb Jiwon, he stood up.

“Oh, uh–I’ll just–you’re busy. Bye” he said it all in one breath as he went to the door that it took Jiwon seconds to understand what he was saying before he was up on his feet and was on his way to the younger.

“Wait, wait wait.” he took hold of Sunghoon’s arm, holding him in place, Sunghoon already has half of his body outside the door. “Are you angry?”

“Huh? No Im not, hyung.” Sunghoon laughed. “Silly, I just thought I was disturbing you. I mean you are busy and I just came barging in and I don’t even know why I just want to see you right now. I–” he exhaled, relaxing himself. He seems to be more talkative right now.

“Did you drink?” Jiwon asked, moving closer, sniffing Sunghoon’s breath.

“Just one glass. I am not drunk, really.” He reasoned out when he saw Jiwon’s disagreeing face.

“I told you , you can only drink when I am with you.”

“I know. And it’s just for courtesy, that’s why it was only one glass.”

“Good.” he said and it made Sunghoon smile. It made Sunghoon smile that smile. He is just glad he was not smirking at him, right? But right then and there, Sunghoon smirked at him. He wanted to wipe that smirk off of his face, by using his lips.

“You are not working, are you.” Sunghoon said, eyes going down to Jiwon’s pants. Shit.

And he was reminded on what he was imagining earlier. He can pin Sunghoon here. He really can. But he won’t do it. No. He can’t do it to Sung–“I can help you, hyung.” Fuck. Shit. Fu–then he got kissed by the younger, on the lips. He was frozen. He couldn’t react. This can’t be happening, right? Before he could even kiss him back, Sunghoon already has his back on him.

“I’m sorry hyung. I shouldn’t have done that. I might be tipsy. I might be drunk. Let’s just pretend I didn’t kiss–”

“Oh hell, no.” And with that, he grabbed the younger back to him, kissing him fiercely, grabbing him by the waist, their lower body rubbing and Jiwon couldn’t believe the younger is letting him do it to him. He couldn’t even believe Sunghoon is answering him fiercely as he was. Their hands are all over, grasping whatever they could grasp. Tugging the clothes, wanting to feel each other’s bare body.

The both are already half-naked when Sunghoon noticed Jiwon is not slowing down at all. While he wants to savor each moment with the older. He wants each moment to be special and memorable as their first. Or maybe that’s just his wishful thinking.

“Hyung, Jiwon, wait a moment, let’s do this slowly” but Jiwon wouldn’t, he couldn’t stop. He feels like he’ll gonna explode any minute now. “I can’t.” he said instead. Knowing his hyung’s problem, Sunghoon went down on his knees, dragging with him Jiwon’s pants and underwear.

“Sunghoon-ah what are you–fuck.” He cursed when Sunghoon took him by the mouth. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck” he kept on saying but his hands were at the back of the younger’s head, holding him in place. A minute later, he came hard, into Sunghoon’s mouth, the younger swallowing everything he can swallow. Breathless and amazed, he called the younger. “Kang Sunghoon” the younger looked up at him, one look at the younger’s aroused face who still have his cum on the corner of his mouth, made him hard again. He can feel his shaft going hard again. “Come here.” Sunghoon stand, while he wiped his mouth with his thumb. Eyes not leaving Jiwon’s, the other doing the same. They were staring at each other’s eyes. Jiwon moved closer, aiming to kiss Sunghoon when the younger asked

“Is this just for tonight, hyung?”

“No” he answered truthfully, pecking Sunghoon on the lips. He stared at him. Looking at him with all the love he has for the younger. Softly and sincerely, he said “I want you. I want you to be mine.

Only mine. I love you. I am in love with –” he couldn’t continue talking because Sunghoon’s full lips was on his again. He didn’t waste a second this time, he grabbed Sunghoon’s head and pulled him close. Devouring his lips, drinking every inch of him, touching him everywhere, he didn’t want to stop but his lungs says otherwise. Breathing hard, they looked at each other’s faces. Gazes running all over their faces, then he heard it, the answer that he thinks he knows because of what they just did earlier–the kissing and the coughcough–but hearing it from his beautiful mouth is different from just thinking about it .

“I am in love with you too. I came here to confess. I had a drink as a boost. I just– I am so– I am so in love with you.”

Eun Jiwon smiles and Kang Sunghoon smiles seeing that bright smile on his hyung’s face.

“Now, shall we continue romancing, darling?” he asked

“Gladly, my love” the younger answered him.

In an instant, he had Sunghoon pinned on the door. With their lips still entangled with each other, Jiwon was able to free Sunghoon from his pants and underwear. The younger thankful that his aching member has been freed. Sunghoon pulled Jiwon closer, letting their bare bodies touch each other igniting the fire that has been growing ever since Sunghoon swallowed Jiwon’s cum.


“Yes, hyung” Sunghoon answered, panting

“I can do it right?” Jiwon asked. He doesn’t want to stop but if Sunghoon doesn’t want to do it, then he will stop or rather slow down.. He can do to him what he did to him earlier if he’s not yet ready to have sex with him.

Chuckling, he answered the older. “Yes, hyung. Of course, you can.”

He happily answered him by grabbing Sunghoon’s aching shaft on his hand, making the younger moan loudly. “There, sing my Hoonie~” Sunghoon licked his lips as he seductively looked at Jiwon. He bite his lips, it made Jiwon clicked his tongue.

“Don’t bite your lips. Here, bite mine instead.” And he catch the younger’s lips with his. Slowly kissing him at the same time slowly grabbing the younger’s member. It was his turn to moan when Sunghoon’s right hand traveled from his nape up to his chest down to his own aching member. The other hand slowly massaging his scalp.

Jiwon left Sunghoon’s mouth only to travel down to his neck. There he showered him with kisses, sometimes biting, sometimes sucking. “Hyung.”

“I’m going to make you feel good. Like what you did to me, My Hoonie.”

The editing was left undone. He can do that later.

Oh right. He can do that tomorrow.

… well then, he has the weekend to finish everything.




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