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Clarifications about this fic:
– It is based on the current Sechskies
– Please do take note that Ko Jiyong might not have an appearance in this fic at all (I love Jiyong but I’m not sure where to incorporate him TT)
– It is not AU
– I will try to portray the members to the best of my ability but there but be some discrepancies between this fic and real life
– It is pretty angsty (?) and will definitely be in the mid-chapters
– Any similarities between this fic and others are purely coincidental, this is my own work
– This fic will not contain any 18+ scenes as the writer is still considered a young turd
Sorry if the prologue is a bit confusing but everything would be clear in the next few chapters so please wait for it T^T


When he first woke up, all he saw was white. His head felt heavy, and his limbs doesn’t cooperate. He felt like he had been hit by a truck. He couldn’t remember a thing. All he remembers now was waking up in a hospital, alone.

He couldn’t find the most important person to him anywhere.


“Hoon-ie ah, look! I’m Superman!” the older of the two exclaimed, running around the pool of their house in Hawaii.

“No you’re not! You’re just wearing a red towel! Stop being like a kid, babo!”

“No Hoon-ie! I’m your Superman. If you need me, I’ll always be by your side,” a wave of seriousness washes through the older one, “this is a promise for a lifetime, Kang Sunghoon.”

Was that a lie? I need you right now, Jiwon-hyung. You said you’d be here. Are you going to break your promise?

The others told him he had a car accident. He was driving and skidded off the road. That he was in a coma for months and he was lucky to be alive. But he couldn’t remember the accident at all. He didn’t know how it happened. Was someone with him when it happened? The doctor said it was usual for him to forget a traumatizing accident, especially if it almost cost him his life.

But he hates it. There is something about that accident that no one is telling him. And he hates that he couldn’t remember a thing from it.

He had asked Jaejin about the leader when the older had visited him in the hospital while he was recuperating. Although it was just for a passing moment, Jaejin felt like he couldn’t breathe. He didn’t want to lie, but Sechskies’ most beloved member is now too fragile and weak. It was for his own good.

Jaejin pursed his lips before replying, “Sorry, Sunghoon. Jiwon-hyung had a lot of variety shows that he couldn’t cancel. He’s really busy.”

Sunghoon nodded, but he really couldn’t believe what Jaejin said to be true. He had always been the most important person to Jiwon.

How could his variety shows be more important than me?

More days passed without any notice from Eun Jiwon and the older man not even visiting him at the hospital, Sunghoon couldn’t take it anymore. Even with Jaejin’s assurance that Jiwon was just busy with his variety show schedules, he just wanted assurance from the man himself. The man he loves.

He opens the drawer beside his hospital bed and took out his phone, heaving a sigh of relief as the phone lights up. He then dials the number he remembers from heart.

“Please pick up, Jiwon-ah…” He just wanted to hear the voice of his lover again.

The number you had dialed is no longer in use.

What? Thinking that he could’ve entered the wrong number, he dialed again. The same female robotic voice hummed into his ears.

The number you had dialed is no longer in use.

And again.

The number you had dialed is no longer in use.

He couldn’t believe his ears. Why would Jiwon suddenly change his number? The leader had never changed his number so suddenly, and if he did, the first thing he would’ve done was to tell the members. Why did Jaejin not mention that?

He tries to rid that thought from his mind. Maybe Jiwon couldn’t tell him because he was so busy with his schedule. Maybe the thought to let him know slipped from Jaejin’s mind.

He turns on the TV in his hospital room to distract him from thinking that something happened to Jiwon, or worse, that something had happened to their relationship while he was unconscious.

The TV blared and the news was on.

“Sechskies officially on an indefinite hiatus? Member and leader, Eun Jiwon had decided to terminate his contract with YG Entertainment on an undisclosed reason, removing his participation immediately from the group of five. Will Sechskies continue as four members or will they be on hiatus? Will they disband without their leader? KBS News are still trying to get in touch with Yang Hyun-suk for more information, please stay tuned.”

His phone slipped from his hands, falling to the floor, the same time as tears flowed freely on his face.

At that moment, Sunghoon felt like he didn’t knew who Eun Jiwon was, anymore.

“I’m sorry, Sunghoon-ah. This is for the best. I’ll only drag you down,” Jiwon switches off the television and wiped away the tears he had while watching the news report his termination of his contract.



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