[TRANS] Sechskies 50 Questions, 50 Answers – Ko Ji Yong

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Young Lady Ko Ji Yong


  1. Name: Ko Ji Yong
  2. Birth date: July 1, 1980
  3. Real name: Ko Ji Yong
  4. Family situation (family living with him): Grandma, parents, aunt, older sister, puppy
  5. School you’re currently going to: Jungkyung Highschool
  6. Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
  7. Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
  8. Foot size: 275mm (US size 10)
  9. Favorite food: Soybean paste stew (Doenjang jjigae), Italian food
  10. Favorite color: Blue, ivory
  11. Most memorable gift: Clothes
  12. Closest friend (in the group or otherwise): Sunghoon, Junghwan, Suwon
  13. Your personality: Hyper
  14. Your own charm: Eyes
  15. Your dancing skill: I don’t have any special skill in dancing
  16. Jinx: None
  17. Your unusual habit: Sleeping habit (Rolling), nail biting
  18. Your disadvantages: Being hyper
  19. Your advantages: None
  20. First love: Already had one (Elementary school)
  21. First kiss: Already had it(?)
  22. Hobby: Ski, appreciating music
  23. IQ: I really don’t know (I’m sure it’s 3 digits???)
  24. Stress reliever: Looking out the bus window
  25. Your favorite…

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