The Incident by: indiiea


Part 1

“What’s so funny?”

Startled, Jiwon swiftly turned to answer him and Sunghoon moved away from his shoulder in order not to collide. The comic must have been captivating judging by his friend’s surprised expression at Sunghoon’s interruption.

Jiwon stared at him a few moments before he began: “You see, Batman…”

Sunghoon couldn’t help but notice the way Jiwon’s still damp hair hung into his eyes as he talked animatedly about the comic. This prompted Sunghoon to reach up and softly brush it away, his fingers trailing Jiwon’s temple. “Your hair is getting long.”

Jiwon gaped at the sudden touch and immediately his hand flew up, stopping Sunghoon. “That tickles.”

“You weren’t that sensitive before.” Mouth widening into a mischievous grin, he moved his hand to Jiwon’s still bare torso. “What about that?”

A very unlike-Jiwon shriek pierced Sunghoon’s ears and he laughed, then continued the attack. Jiwon’s hand flew up in counterattack, and a minor war began.

Sunghoon alternated between laughter and screaming. The battle had almost evolved into a wrestling match and before Sunghoon knew it, he found himself on his back with Jiwon straddling his middle. Sunghoon tried to reach Jiwon’s waist again.

“Oh, no you don’t!” shouted Jiwon between strained laughter and this time Sunghoon’s attack was cut short when Jiwon got a grip on Sunghoon’s wrist.

The tickling war came to a swift end as Sunghoon found both his hands restrained against the soft blanket, Jiwon’s hands firm against both his wrists.

“Now you can’t do that anymore,” said Jiwon, a triumphant smile lighting up his entire face. “I win!”

Sunghoon shook his head to get his hair out of his eyes and beamed back up at Jiwon. “That’s not enough to stop me!” he said, still breathing hard from their play fight.

He tried moving his hand, to no avail. “Not fair, that’s cheating.” He nodded towards his hands.

“All is fair in love and war!”

Sunghoon pretended to contemplate this before pouting at Jiwon, giving him his best puppy eyes look. “Maybe. Free me, please?” Sunghoon wiggled under Jiwon to emphasize his request, when his friend suddenly went quiet.

It was then Sunghoon noticed how much closer Jiwon had come to him during their bickering. Jiwon’s face was flushed and his damp hair a mess from their play fighting, strands of hair sticking out in cute ways (he was sure his own hair must look equally a mess). Jiwon wasn’t smiling anymore, in fact Sunghoon couldn’t even read his friend’s expression right now.

Suddenly very aware of the warm touch of Jiwon’s hands on his wrists, warmth that was spreading into his body causing him to breathe a little bit harder. He was also very aware of where Jiwon was sitting on his body, his friend’s tights pressed flush against Sunghoon hips. Sunghoon’s heart pounded hard in his chest, his heartbeat loud in his ears. Sunghoon licked his lips nervously. His friend was even closer now, bending…

Then: a soft, slightly wet, press against his lips.

A rush of excitement spreading through his body… and he didn’t know what to do and couldn’t help freezing at the surprising contact.

Jiwon must have felt Sunghoon’s hands go stiff in his grip. Before Sunghoon even could react to what was going on, the weight on his lips was gone and the warmth against his wrists, hips, body, everything disappeared.

Jiwon had quickly moved away from Sunghoon’s body as if all the heat in Sunghoon had actually burned him and his sudden laughter was shrill in Sunghoon’s ears.

“Got you there,” he said. “Just joking!”

What? Thought Sunghoon and continued to stare at Jiwon.

“I was just joking!” his friend repeated louder and shrugged.

Joke? Sunghoon felt colder than he should such a sunny afternoon, pleasure from just moments ago suddenly replaced by a numb feeling in his limbs and sudden dread pooling in his stomach. What kind of joke was that?


They didn’t stay on the beach long after that. Jiwon still talked to him as usual during the car ride home but Sunghoon felt like his mind might as well be off in another universe. He couldn’t find it in him to do more than hum in answer – it was hard concentrating on conversation when all he could think of was: Did I take the joke too seriously? Why can’t I stop thinking about it?

Jiwon didn’t even mention what had happened. Sunghoon had seen him kiss girls before, it made sense it was no big deal to him. So why did it matter so much to Sunghoon that he couldn’t take his mind of it? He didn’t want to be the one to bring it up, because then he would have to explain why it even was a deal and that was something he wasn’t sure of himself.

It was tough when every look at his friend took him back to the Incident (as he started calling it in his mind) at the beach, making Sunghoon’s insides feel funny. It nagged at him all the time – he should talk like normal, if he couldn’t Jiwon would get annoyed soon. Since when did he ever worry about things like that?

Something felt broken and it was like he was the one who had ruined things now when he didn’t even have the ability to converse with his best friend.

In the end, halfway through their drive home, Jiwon stopped trying to talk and turned on the radio. The music was loud as Sunghoon looked out the window, absentmindedly watching the scenery fly by. The music didn’t help drown out his thoughts and the ride back home felt like forever.


They finished carrying in their stuff from the car and Sunghoon was just about to rush off to his room to finally be alone, when Jiwon touched his arm for attention and like habit Sunghoon automatically turned to him.

“You want to play Mortal Kombat?” Jiwon said, voice subdued.

That was one of the last things Sunghoon wanted at the moment. “I’m tired,” he said before he retreated to his room without sparing Jiwon a second glance since every look at his friend made his heart beat just a little harder when it kept reminding him of the Incident.

As Sunghoon hurried away, he didn’t see Jiwon’s upset face. He wasn’t the only one worried he had irrevocably messed up.


Sunghoon had gone directly to bed. Now he lay there hugging a pillow, confusing thoughts eating away at his mind and anxiety swirling in his stomach. It was all about the Incident and what it meant.

It was in fact his first kiss. Truth was he hadn’t thought much about kissing before and it was not because he lacked opportunity. Girls had asked him out, but he’d declined since he’d never felt the same. Even when Jiwon dated he never felt the need to.

The days went by fast enough – Jiwon’s sleepy face in the morning, school, listening to music with Jiwon and making their own covers, playing video games, going on car drives to new places… there were enough things to do and fun to be had. He was happy, content to spend his days with Jiwon laughing.

Before, Sunghoon figured things would happen once he’d fall for someone… this wasn’t what he thought would happen. His best friend kissing him out of the blue as a joke

Thinking back to the Incident, it was so easy to imagine the kiss lasting longer. He’d turn his head and respond to Jiwon’s kiss. Lips brushing against each other, Jiwon could move his hand to cup Sunghoon’s cheek, his fingers light on the skin. Sunghoon, now with his hand free could easily curl his hand in Jiwon’s hair, the same hair that he’d spent a lot of time staring at. The kiss would deepen, Sunghoon could grasp for Jiwon’s back. Jiwon could move on from Sunghoon’s mouth to press kisses from his cheek down to his throat causing Sunghoon’s breath to hitch in his throat…

Sunghoon was breathing hard.


He felt warm all over, heart pounding and excitement in his whole body. His face felt way too hot and he buried his head in the pillow.


If only he was back on the beach, back in that moment, he’d kiss Jiwon back in a heartbeat. Why didn’t he do it then? Why had he frozen up like that? Why had he done such an idiotic thing?

The kiss was supposed to be just a joke. Sunghoon wished it wasn’t. He had not only liked it, he also wanted it again. More than once.

But how could he tell Jiwon that?


Part 2

The morning after was a bad one.

Sunghoon had barely been able to sleep and it was tough to drag himself up from bed. Thankfully it was summer vacation. He stumbled over to the mirror above his dresser and looked at his face. It was horrible – dark rings under his eyes and his hair looked like he’d suffered from an electric shock. It did not tame his hair when he ran a hand through it.

In desperate need of new clothes after having fallen asleep in the same ones he’d worn yesterday, Sunghoon opened his dresser drawer. The first thing he saw was his favorite jersey shirt – white with number 13 written in black – that he and Jiwon usually shared and the second was a particularly comfy shirt he’d taken from Jiwon.

Jamming the drawer shut, he then looked at the clothes that lay on the floor. That was the shirt Jiwon had left last time he was here. Sighing, Sunghoon shoved it out of view with his foot.

Jiwon’s music player was on his nightstand, posters of their shared favorite bands decorated his walls and he even had a photo they’d taken together, standing arm in arm, when they’d recently moved together on top of his on his desk.

There was too much in his room that reminded him of Jiwon. Sunghoon grabbed a shirt that was very much his own and headed to the bathroom.


After showering and freshening up, Sunghoon went to Jiwon’s room. On a normal morning he wouldn’t think twice about storming into Jiwon’s room and waking him up.

Only thing was, this wasn’t an average morning and therefore he was standing outside Jiwon’s door, debating if he should enter or not. Since he had woken Jiwon so often he could easily picture a sleeping Jiwon.

Morning light defining Jiwon’s handsome features, an image that seemed burned into Sunghoon’s mind. Sometimes his mouth would move, saying weird things in his sleep.

Sunghoon would then tease him about it later. If he spent an extra second staring at Jiwon’s lips it didn’t matter. And then, Jiwon’s chest slowly rising as he breathed. He tended to sleep shirtless since he thought it was too hot during the night.

Sunghoon swallowed hard. A fluttery sense of excitement in his stomach, and just what was he fantasizing about? Vivid images continued to play in his mind:

Some mornings Sunghoon thought it was easier to wake a stone when Jiwon grumbled and turned, dragging his blanket closer to him. Sometimes he’d bat Sunghoon’s hands away, mumbling about “ten more minutes”. Other times he’d looked straight into Sunghoon’s eyes, smiled handsomely and said: “Yeah, yeah, I’ll drive you.” Sunghoon would easily smile back those times. Once he was up he’d be right by Sunghoon’s side, throwing an arm around Sunghoon’s shoulder as they talked and laughed about nothing and everything.

Sunghoon put his hand on his hot cheek and bit his lip. That giddy happiness that he’d assumed was a normal part of hanging out with Jiwon was since the Incident something entirely else. He tried ignoring the sinking feeling in his stomach while his other hand hovered above the doorknob.

In the end Sunghoon turned away from the door and went directly to get breakfast.


Later that morning, Sunghoon lay in the sofa watching TV when a disheveled Jiwon appeared in the living room door. He stood there, leaning with one arm on the doorframe and hair looking like a bird nest. Jiwon scratched his stomach and Sunghoon tried to not let his gaze flicker down to the exposed skin where Jiwon’s shirt had ridden up.

“You didn’t wake me?”

Sunghoon averted his eyes back to the TV so he wouldn’t stare. Even the thought of seeing Jiwon in the morning made his heart race and like an idiot he could not act normal.

Was there really any good excuse for simply not going there and waking him? It wasn’t like he could say the truth.

“You didn’t have to,” Jiwon said, voice louder than usual before he quickly turned around to leave.

His heart sank when he heard Jiwon’s words. Putting his hand over his eyes, he hit his head back against the sofa pillow he was resting on. Damn, he messed that up. Not only were things wrong since yesterday, but he’d also done nothing to fix it.


A while later, Jiwon reappeared with a bowl of cereal. He made a shooing motion with his hand and Sunghoon dragged up his legs so that Jiwon also could sit on the sofa.

He glanced at Jiwon’s profile, his friend focusing on the TV and not making any attempt to speak to Sunghoon this time. Sunghoon was careful not to let his legs touch Jiwon compared to how he would usually act when he’d have no problem stretching out his legs.

Sometimes, when Jiwon was already sitting on the couch Sunghoon didn’t even have a problem laying down and putting his head in Jiwon’s lap – it was comfortable and made him happy.

Why had he done things like that? He wanted to bury his head in his hands with embarrassment. Was he so stupid it took until yesterday – until a dumb joke – to realize why he’d been acting that way?

He closed his eyes and rested on the sofa. The room was quiet except for the sound from the TV.


This had been the most awkward day of Sunghoon’s life.

Sunghoon had spent the day searching for words when conversation with Jiwon came as easy to him as breathing most of the time. It was now replaced by stilted conversation.

In the end he couldn’t stand it and had spent the day reading alone until dinnertime.

They were now eating dinner on the couch, watching some crappy TV movie when Jiwon announced:

“I’m going out later.”


Later, Sunghoon stood in the hallway watching as Jiwon hurriedly stamped into his shoes and grabbed his jacket and car keys.

Sunghoon didn’t know if he imagined the door slamming shut a bit louder than usual.


That evening, Sunghoon was pacing back and forth across the living room. Obviously things couldn’t go on like this. First of all he had to fix things, which was obviously much easier said than done.

He stared down at the leather journal that lay on the coffee table by the sofa. The only other things written in it was some song lyrics. Crouching down, he grabbed a pen and wrote down the headline:


Underlining it with a flourish, Sunghoon smiled.

That was step number one. Jiwon had been able to act like normal since yesterday. It was only Sunghoon who focused on the incident. To start a normal conversation… he’d try.

How would he begin?

Jiwon was his best friend and he’d always been able to speak with him honestly. Yet, the mere thought of telling him that he liked… loved… him made him cringe. Abruptly standing up, Sunghoon began walking around once more. He headed towards the kitchen.

It wasn’t like he was ever going to ask Jiwon out. Sunghoon was now searching through the cupboards for something to eat. Asking if Jiwon wanted to be in a relationship?

Grabbing some snacks from the cupboard, Sunghoon started chewing on them impatiently. Ridiculous images played through his mind of a love confession and Jiwon taking his hand before they skipped off in the sunset, smiling happily. He snorted.

That wasn’t something he could tell him yet, never in a million years.

No, what he would do was regain status quo and at least make sure their friendship was back on track. To keep busy while thinking, he had continued rummaging through the cupboards when his eyes fell on some candles in the corner.

It took him back to the last time they had fought and Jiwon left the house. He’d lit candles then.

Picking up the candles, Sunghoon went back to the living room and placed them on the coffee table. Maybe it would remind Jiwon of the other time and work almost as if offering an olive branch to him.

Just like they made up that time, they might make up this time too.

Holding the lighter, Sunghoon decided to go for it and began lighting the candles. The resulting soft light from the candles made the living room atmosphere cozy. Staring into one the flames, the flame of determination lit in Sunghoon to. Cheering himself on, he resolved to talk to Jiwon and told himself it would go just fine.

If only Jiwon would come home sometime soon.

He sat down at the sofa and grabbed his journal to write down what to say. The nervous drumming of his feet joined in with the meaningless noise from the TV in the background as Sunghoon was far too occupied with thoughts of what to tell Jiwon.



Sunghoon started awake when the door slammed shut. What was the clock? He’d already put out the candles so he wouldn’t fall asleep on them since Jiwon had been out way longer than the other time. Jumping up from the sofa, he rushed to the door.


Jiwon stared at him with wide eyes. “You’re still up?”

“Yes.” He took a deep breath and squared his shoulders. Now was the moment. Opening his mouth to…

“I have to speak with you about something.”

The words died in Sunghoon’s throat. That was what he was about to say. Now he couldn’t help but worry, a nervous flutter in his stomach about what Jiwon wanted. Everything – what he planned on saying, the candles… Despite having spent the entire evening planning, not even the first step went his way. “Sure,” he said in a voice that sounded meek in his ears. Sunghoon waited for Jiwon to remove his jacket and shoes.

“Let’s not talk in here”, Jiwon said and their arms brushed against each other as he went past Sunghoon and began walking towards his room. Sunghoon’s heartbeat picked up as he followed Jiwon.

Jiwon sat down at the edge of his bed and Sunghoon followed suit. Sitting on opposite ends of the bed, Sunghoon sat straight and fiddled with his hands in his lap. Jiwon didn’t even meet his eyes and was looking to the side when he began speaking.

“I’m sorry for yesterday,” he said slowly. “It was a really bad joke.”

Sunghoon’s blood ran cold and he continued to stare at Jiwon. There it was again: a joke. It was all kissing Sunghoon was to Jiwon. He didn’t want Jiwon to be sorry for kissing him. On the contrary, he wanted him to like it.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“So why would you do it?”

“I know, I know… I didn’t think it through. I just… wanted to surprise you.”

That doesn’t even make sense, Sunghoon thought.

Jiwon shrugged. “It wasn’t that pleasant.”

Each new word from Jiwon just made Sunghoon uneasier – he didn’t want to hear any more from Jiwon. Sunghoon clenched his jaw.

“It was a bad kiss. Terrible, actually.” Jiwon let out a breathy chuckle.

Please stop. That cold, stunned feeling from before was gone. Now Jiwon’s words were a faraway buzz in his ears. Everything: hurt, confusion, embarrassment was becoming too much. He stood up, the words just welling out of his mouth:

“Could you just shut up? I don’t want to hear any more!” Would Jiwon think he was that horrible for enjoying it? “Going around saying you’re sorry?”

“Sunghoon.” Jiwon’s hand came up to rest on Sunghoon’s wrist. “Sunghoon, I… I’m never going to do that again.” Jiwon was breathing faster now, odd brittleness to his voice.

Sunghoon dragged his hand from Jiwon. “Don’t touch me if it was so disgusting, right?” Sunghoon blinked at the words that came out of his mouth.

Jiwon didn’t answer him and averted his gaze, his eyes shiny.

Oh no.

Sunghoon’s stomach dropped when tears began rolling down Jiwon’s cheeks.

Part 3 (Final)

This was something new for Sunghoon, because while he’d seen Jiwon get angry, he’d never seen his tears. Jiwon turned his head downwards as if it would somehow hide them. He raised his hand to furiously wipe at his tears as Sunghoon watched in horror.

Sunghoon took a step forward and put his hand his hand on Jiwon’s shoulder. “Jiwon,” he started blabbing, barely aware of what he was saying. Anything to make Jiwon stop. “Don’t cry, I didn’t mean it like that…” Sunghoon’s eyes were stinging.

Jiwon lifted his head and stared back up at him with desperation written all over his face, his eyes red and cheeks wet. “You’ve been avoiding me since yesterday!” he said between ragged breaths, voice trembling. “You barely spoke to me the entire day.”

“I didn’t…”

“Ignoring me when I tried speaking to you… I thought you were mad at me since I…!”

Sunghoon gripped Jiwon’s shoulder harder, his words hitting him like brick.

Jiwon continued: “Since you were mad at me, I just tried to ignore things and act like normal but nothing helped… you kept being angry!”

Perspective shifted as facts fell into place, like they’d been the missing pieces to a puzzle. Compared to before the day’s events were different. Not only had he focused on his own troubles and been a nervous wreck, but he’d also spent the day upset at Jiwon for glossing over things without once considering his friend’s feelings or thoughts.

Admittedly, he’d been selfish. Sunghoon sat down beside Jiwon and moved his hand from Jiwon’s shoulder to his lower back as he enveloped him in a tight hug. Jiwon went still in his embrace as Sunghoon rested his head on Jiwon’s shoulder.

Sunghoon’s voice cracked as he whispered in Jiwon’s ear: “I was just surprised when you kissed me and didn’t know what do to. I was kind of freaking out. But I’m not mad at you… I promise you that.”

After that Jiwon responded to the hug and grabbed Sunghoon in return, burying his head in Sunghoon neck.

Jiwon’s hands warm were they gripped at Sunghoon’s shirt.

“I’m sorry. You seemed like you didn’t even want mention it. Talking to me like normal when I’ve been nervous about it all day. I was upset since you kept calling it a joke and when you started talking about how horrible it was kissing me… I shouldn’t have shouted at you,” mumbled Sunghoon while he stroked Jiwon’s back until Jiwon’s sobs gradually wore off.

Jiwon had yet to say a word.

Once Sunghoon had begun talking, it was easy to continue: “I’m sorry, I didn’t think it was disgusting – I didn’t actually mind – I was upset because I liked it…” Sunghoon went stiff as he realized he said too much. Jiwon’s grip at his shirt lessened. His friend was just as still in Sunghoon’s arms, until he suddenly chuckled.

Jiwon was talking now, breath warm against Sunghoon’s neck and voice low in his ear. Sunghoon’s skin there tingled. “I lied when I said it was terrible. I thought you hated it.”

Sunghoon’s heart soared with hope after the admission, light feeling spreading into his limbs.

Jiwon continued to whisper in Sunghoon’s ear: “It’s okay.”

Sunghoon let go of the hug to look at Jiwon’s face. He looked tired, both from the late hour and having cried but his expression wasn’t sad. Their eyes met, mutual understanding between them.

Jiwon’s voice was soft when he spoke: “My head hurts and I’m tired. It’s late, let’s talk tomorrow – eh, wait, that is today. There are things I want to say…”

Sunghoon understood him. At the same time Sunghoon didn’t know what exactly Jiwon wanted him to do and made an awkward motion to the side. “I guess I should leave…”

“You can stay here,” Jiwon said, an oddly shy smile tugging at the corners of his lips. He looked at Sunghoon hopefully.

“Okay.” Sunghoon was smiling back at him so hard his cheeks hurt and he was almost embarrassed by how enthusiastically he shook his head. “Okay, I will.”

Now everything was fine, except one thing:

“This shirt is kind of yuck,” said Sunghoon and pointed to where his shirt was wet from Jiwon’s crying. “Can I take one of yours?”

Jiwon laughed. “Since when have you ever asked?”

Sunghoon stood up and went to grab one of Jiwon’s T-shirts, but it wasn’t until he was about to take the old one off when he got a little bit more aware of his surroundings. Jiwon was now leaning back on the bed, gazing at Sunghoon from across the dimly lit room.

A daring idea came to Sunghoon. As he slowly dragged off his old shirt, he made sure to maintain eye contact with Jiwon. He still held Jiwon’s T-shirt in his hand when he walked back to the bed. Swallowing hard before speaking, Sunghoon said: “I think it’s a bit too hot to wear that.”

Jiwon looked up at him from the bed. “Come here,” he said and grabbed Sunghoon’s hand to drag him into bed.

The T-shirt was left on the floor.

They were lying next to each other and Jiwon was just about to say something when he was interrupted by a yawn.

Sunghoon couldn’t help laughing because of Jiwon’s frustrated face afterward. “Goodnight,” he whispered. It wasn’t the first time they’d fallen asleep together, but compared to all those times this one couldn’t feel more different.

Jiwon, who seemed to give up fighting his sleepiness, whispered goodnight back to Sunghoon before he threw an arm around Sunghoon and closed his eyes.

Sunghoon enjoyed the feeling of skin against skin with Jiwon’s arm on his back. Thinking of his confession earlier, he smiled. Despite all the worry he’d felt since the Incident it had all worked out. The last thing he saw before he closed his eyes was Jiwon’s peaceful sleeping face.


“I weren’t joking when I kissed you,” confessed Jiwon, “It’s just… you froze up, it was a bad idea and I realized what I was doing… I thought you didn’t like it so I just threw out the first idea I got.”

They lay there in Jiwon’s bed, bathing in the morning light. Jiwon was resting on Sunghoon’s chest, almost reminding him of a sleepy puppy. Their legs were tangled together. Sunghoon was playing with Jiwon’s hair, feeling happy and at ease for the first time since that Incident.

“Why would you even kiss me?”

“I thought,” began Jiwon, cheeks red, “it’s stupid… but you know that other time we fought and fell asleep like this?” Sunghoon nodded.

Jiwon brought up his hand to Sunghoon’s chest and started tapping his finger against Sunghoon’s heart. “And that was…” tap, “when I,” tap, “realized I liked you. I woke earlier than you, and seeing you next to me, it hit me how happy it made me that you were here for me.”

The words made Sunghoon’s heart flutter. Jiwon’s hand was now splayed open on Sunghoon’s chest and Sunghoon laid his own hand on top. Sunghoon stared at Jiwon, full of expectation and waited for him to continue.

“And after that I started reading into all you did! You touch me all the time! We spend all our time together. It made me think that maybe… you… thought that way too,” said Jiwon, not meeting Sunghoon’s gaze and mumbling into his chest.

He still felt stupid about it, because what Jiwon said was true – he had felt it but just never realized it. “I just didn’t get it until yesterday,” said Sunghoon.

“You made me a mixtape for my birthday! With love songs! Do you do that with your other friends?” Jiwon gave him an incredulous look.

“I don’t,” said Sunghoon and stared up into the ceiling, dragging a hand through his hair while his face felt like it must be burning up. He liked those songs! After having spent weeks worrying over what to give as a gift, it just made sense to him since it was a common interest between them both. “It took me until yesterday, but I guess or ‘friendship’” – he made air quotes – “has always been pretty special.” He looked back at Jiwon.

Jiwon was staring at him intensely. “’Friendship?’” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

It was hard to meet Jiwon’s gaze. He mumbled: “Not just friends.”

Jiwon smiled in response, the action causing Sunghoon’s insides to feel funny. Jiwon then began to talk quickly, as if the words was something important he had wanted to say for a long time:

“You know, when I first came to Hawaii I was most lonely I’ve been in my life. Then I met you. You stayed by my side then and made me less lonely.”

“You made me less lonely too.”

They smiled at each other.

“And for what you asked me earlier. At the beach I was caught up in the moment and kissed you. When you reacted that way I thought I’d misunderstood things so that’s why I made excuses and ignored it all when I thought you were mad.”

“When you kissed me… I was just surprised… that’s was why I was acting weird. But when I thought about it… I didn’t mind it. You could do it again. Just give me a warning next time.”

They were lying chest to chest.

“You get a warning this time,” promised Jiwon. He made a funny gesture. “Is this a good warning gesture?”

Sunghoon giggled and rolled his eyes.

“Or a word?” Jiwon was just about to utter another suggestion, which would delay the kiss even more.

“I’m prepared enough now. Just kiss me,” commanded Sunghoon, face was all warm at his boldness and the feeling of Jiwon so close to him.

Jiwon reached up to cup Sunghoon’s cheek, his fingers light on the skin, before kissing him.



However Sunghoon could imagine one of many kisses, this was definitely one way.

It was a sunny afternoon at the beach with Jiwon, reminiscent of the first one which had started it all.

Sunghoon was lying next to Jiwon on a blanket they’d laid out on the sand. Once again there were no people around them at the part of the beach they occupied. Jiwon was holding up the comic book they were both reading and Sunghoon turned his head so he was resting against Jiwon’s shoulder. Lips close to Jiwon’s shoulder, Sunghoon pressed a kiss against it. This caught Jiwon’s attention and he looked at Sunghoon, their eyes meeting meaningfully. Because of that Jiwon put the comic book down, now fully focused on Sunghoon.

“Let’s do it again!” said Sunghoon.

Jiwon stared at him with wide open eyes. “H-Here?”

“NO!” Sunghoon blushed. “Not that,” he said, voice several pitches higher than usual. “I was thinking, last time we were here, things didn’t go so well… I just want to do it right this time.”

It didn’t take them long to end up in the same position. Jiwon was back on top of him, warm touch of Jiwon’s hands on his wrists, warmth that was spreading into his body causing him to breathe a little bit harder.

Once, he’d thought that only if he was back on the beach, back in that moment, he’d kiss Jiwon back in a heartbeat.

And now he was back in the same situation, though many things had changed. Jiwon was closer now, bending down…

Sunghoon licked his lips and didn’t bother to wait. Raising his head a little to meet Jiwon’s lips with his own, a rush of excitement coursed through his body.

It was no longer just imagination, and it hadn’t been for a while.

The kiss deepened and Sunghoon curled his hand in Jiwon’s hair. Sunghoon enjoyed it all – kissing the sensation of Jiwon’s hands on his torso, the feeling of Jiwon’s tights pressed flush against his hips. Jiwon moved on from Sunghoon’s mouth to press kisses from his cheek down to his throat causing Sunghoon’s breath to hitch in his throat…

When Jiwon suddenly stopped Sunghoon couldn’t help to feel frightened for half a second he’d done something wrong. Jiwon’s face was flushed and his damp hair hung into his eyes.

He shouldn’t have worried, because Jiwon just frowned and said:

“Are we actually doing it here?”

~ END~


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