IT IS CALLED FATE by hoonislife

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“Jiwon hyung! Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you so long,” a faint smile is carved in his face.

’His smile hasn’t changed’ I think as I examine him from head to toe. I can’t help but grimace over his look now. His chubby cheeks are now full of scars.

His hands are bandaged and there is still a glimpse of blood spot over it. His silky hair that I used to touch now has become ragged. And the saggy khaki uniform that’s looked unwashed for ages covers his fragile thin body. He looks miserable with his dim eyes, and I can’t help but to feel guilty over him.

‘It’s all my fault, if only you hadn’t met me,’ I regret as my eyes once again staring at his face outside prison bars, ‘I’m sorry, Sunghoonah.’



February 1993

“But, mom! I am thirteen now. You see ‘teen’ word at the back of thirteen. It means I have been old enough to take care of myself. And you have seen me for years that I have been more matured than my peers. You know it well, mom,” I determine not to let my argument lost. I have to win.

“But dear, you just visited it once, you don’t know how tough that place inside,” my mother answers while she is preparing meal.

“Mom, come on! It’s not like I live by myself there. There is Aunt Yuri that can look after me as I was studying there. Aunt Yuri has been agreed about it too mom.”

“And doesn’t all moms in the world want the best for their kids? Going to America is the best thing for me, mom!” I again insist as I sit down in a couch.

”Yah, Yoonji, help me please,” I whisper to my sister that is playing with her Barbie in the carpet. Yoonji turns around and smiles at me.

“Yeah, mom. Let Sunghoon oppa go so I can have the bedroom all by myself and live my life with peace.” She stuck her tongue out to me. I roll my eyes at her. Thanks for the help, Yoonjiah.

“If I said no, there is no other answer Hoonah.” Huh. I know that it will make me look stubborn, but it’s not Kang Sunghoon if he doesn’t have strong determination. If I said I will go to America, I will go.

July 1993

“Have fun there oppa! I hope you can stay there for a long, long time,” Yoonji pesters a wide grin as my mother and her waving their hands at me. I roll my eyes at her remarks. You can say what you want Yoonjiah, but in the end you will hug my photo every night while missing me like crazy. Yeah a bit narcissistic is not a problem. To be honest, I’m kind of feel guilty leaving my mom and my sister by themselves, my parents has been divorced couple of years ago so I’m unconsciously feel a bit of responsible for them as I’m the only man in the family. As I let out a deep sigh, I’m making my way towards the plane gate. You did the right thing, Sunghoonah. Now, let the real journey start!


September 1993

“What is this again, Jiwonah? Why can’t you let your mom be happy for just a while! What did you do now that make me receive letter from school again!” I can see my mother’s furious eyes now. She still looks scary when she’s angry. But I’m getting used to her scolding.

“It’s not that deep mom. I’m just missing a few attendances,” I answer as I cast down one’s eyes. Actually I’m not completely lying, it is one of the reason but not the main one.

“Just a few? I bet a few from you equals a month for me. Why haven’t you changed Jiwonah? Don’t you realize from what family background you came?” I roll my eyes.

Again with the family background. Many people think that having powerful connection will get you fortune but for me, it is just a useless burden to deal with. But, on the other side, I’m kind of relieve that my mother actually believes my reason. It’s not like she will come to school to fulfill the summon herself, so she will not find out the t rue reason behind this letter. Now I’m just going to bribe my “guardian” so she can keep her mouth closed from telling the truth.

“Today, I will drive you to school. That’s the way I can make sure you won’t get on trouble again.” She picks up a car key and gets into Jaguar XJ220, her expensive supercar that she has brought just a week ago. Thinking of bragging, huh?

“What? Oh no mom definitely a big no for me. I rather walk out by foot than being driven by you. I promise I will attend school now, I promise!” I rant out words in panic. It’s not that my rejection is out of reasons though.

The thing is, nobody knows my real mom is, actually nobody even knows my real family is. I was kind of being casted out to this island called Hawaii since I was in middle school because I didn’t performed well and was part of the school gang. That’s why my father decided to send me off to Hawaii to be a “better” person as he said, but I know he just didn’t want to be embarrassed of his son’s “wrong-doings.” That is possible because in my family, pride is number one. My father is a well -known businessman in Korea and a founder of Eun company, a multinational company that works on cosmetic stuff while my mother was a well-known Korean singer in the 70’s. Recently my father has joined politic with his sister, being her sponsor for upcoming mayor election. And maybe the most extraordinary one is my granduncle, he is one of former South Korean president.

And because of that, many people in my school believe that my “guardian” is my real mother, and the guardian that I refer to is my nanny. Yeah, it’s kind of embarrassing that at my age I still have nanny by my side. The truth is, I’m used to her because she has been taking care of me since I was a baby, even more than my real mom. She was actually one of the requirement from me in agreeing moving to Hawaii. I told my parent that I won’t leave if my nanny isn’t going with me. Yeah, I’m such a nanny boy.

That’s why I’m really freak out when my mom decided to drive me to school.

It becomes worse at the fact that my mom isn’t dressing like mothers in general. She looks quite young for her age and really fashionable.

I also look really different from her, I’m more in dad’s side. I have been called noona hooker for times,

I don’t want to be called cougar hunter or ahjumma chaser to make it worse.



One thing that resembles me from my mother, it is stubbornness. Because of her stubbornness, I ended up slouching myself down on the front seat hoping no one sees me on the way. But thank God my mother letting me easy by dropping me off at the eastside school gate, the gate that rarely students go through because it is kind of spooky. Now, I just have to get out and run away.

“Hold on.” My mom grabs my wrist.

“I want to give you some cash for you to hangout.”

Huh, it’s not like I have a friend to hang out with. But, no one can reject money, right? She gets out of the car and opens my door.

“Now, before I lend you some money, give me a kiss,” She says as she touches her cheek. I turn my head to the left and right checking if there is someone watching us and then reluctantly give her a peck in her left cheek.

Ugh, so embarrassing.

“Ah, that’s my boy.” Now my mom begins cupping my cheek, kissing me hard on both side marking my cheek with her pierce red lipstick, and drive home.

Thank God there’s no one insight.

But my thought is wrong. As I begin to walk my way to school gate, I hear a loud noise from behind bushes. That’s when I find out a boy has watching me from afar. Oh, crap! He must have been there since my mother drop me off. I try to calm myself and thinking of a way to negotiate with him. I have got several bad reputations to deal with, I don’t want to get another. At this rate,

I will not getting any closer with my crush.

”Excuse me,” I say as I walking my ways towards him. And to my surprise, he runs away. Not thinking straight, I begin to chase him.


‘O, CRAP, he’s still following me!’ I think to myself as I fasten my run.

Actually it’s not my fault that I have to watch that disgusted scene. I’m still fresh off the boat, yet he gives me such a culture shock. How in the world a boy that looks like my age make out with woman in her late 30s, she can be his mother for goodness’ sake! Thank God I just watched his back so I don’t know the detail of that “make out” session, if not, my innocence would be ruined!

‘Now I just have to find a place to hide,’ I think to myself, still running. Few seconds later I find an empty room that look like a storeroom. I quickly close the door and hide behind the door. My relief is not lasted long though as I hear a man’s voice storming.



“Jiwon hyung! You came!” I hear someone call out my name. I turn my back and see Jaeduck is standing in front of the gate.

“I knew you won’t disappoint us, Jiwon hyung.” He pesters a wide smile at me.

“Do you want to eat first? There is a canteen nearby and we can talked about it.” I then follow Jaeduck to the canteen and order Japchae while Jaeduck orders bibimbap. Yeah, so much for morning breakfast.

“So, have you made the decision?” Jaeduck starts off the topic right away. It startles me as I begin choking.

“Here hyung, have a sip of water.” He offered me a mineral bottle. I drink it right away and calm myself down.

“Where are Jaejin and Suwon? I thought they would come.” I change the topic in instance.

“Jaejin has to babysit his nephew because his sister has an urgent matter while Suwon has to deal with the new employee of his restaurant.”

“Back to the topic, hyung. You will help him, right?”

I can see the seriousness in his gaze. I wish we don’t have to talk about this but Jaeduck is not in the mood to be joking.

“Sorry Jaeduckah, I can’t.” I admit it right away.

“But why, hyung? Don’t you realize the one behind those prison bars is not just random person, it’s Sunghoon I’m talking about? Our Sunghoon!” Now I notice a flame in his eyes. He must be angry.

“I know, Jaeduck. But I can’t. I’m not in the position to help him.” I throw my gaze away from him. It’s too much for me to handle.

“Not it in the position? You’re really in the fitted position hyung. You know, you just have to use your family connection, maybe even the president to help him. You always complained about your family background but now it can give you the benefit. Or you can just lending some money for his ransom.

You are the most successful out of the group, hyung. It’s not so much to ask, right?” he begin rambling over solutions. To be honest, I kind of agree about his saying. I able to help Sunghoon, I want to help him. But, there is something that prevent me.

My phone suddenly rings. I grab my phone and check the number. ‘Oh, no!

Not at this time.’

“Jaeduckah, I got to go. Um, there is an urgent matter so we can talked about it late.” I start gathering my things.

“Okay, hyung. We’ll talk about it later. But please remember this. Sunghoon is miserable now. He was set up by that bastard businessman. Even his mother has left him alone. I remember you will always defend him even in small things. Please don’t turn your back on him too. He needs you the most.”

Jaeduck’s words are like an arrow that pierce my heart. Yeah, I will always defend Sunghoon and try to protect him. It always breaks my heart to see him crying. But now, the pain is worse. Not just because seeing Sunghoon in wretched situation like this, but also because there is something that prevent me to reach his hand. This person prevents me.

“Where have you been?”


“WHAT THE HECK!” That voice is like a thunder in my ear. I know this is not good.

“Is it really hard just to carry out the job I gave you, hah? It’s just one person for f*ck’s sake!” The sight that I am looking right now is horrible. I see a boy at my age was being crowded by what I think three high school student. And now they are beating up the boy like crazy.

‘I have to run now,’ I think as I reach out the door handle.

“Darn it!” I cuss as I find the door handle is locked. My cuss is a bit loud that makes those boys attention goes towards me.

“Who are you?” One student that look bigger than a normal size high school student is coming towards me.

‘Oh crap, now I’m in a lot trouble.’

“Me, who am I? Uh, uh, my name is, uh, wait, what’s my name again?” I stutter words like crazy. How come I can’t remember my name, am I in sort of a short term amnesia right now?

“Don’t mess around with us you bastard. Do we look like we’re joking right now, huh?” that big guy becomes closer to my whereabouts. I begin holding the door handle and trying to open the door. It’s no use.

‘I’m done,’ I think to myself as I close my eyes expecting a punch from that big guy. That’s when I hear the door is smashed and a punch is thrown towards that guy.

“F*CK!” I opened my eyes and see the big guy is lying down on the floor in pain. I turn my head and find the one who smacked him down was no other than, the weird guy. That ahjumma lover that chased me down has been standing beside me now.

“Are you okay?” He begin grabbing my shoulder.

‘Oh crap, now I have two enemies side by side.’ Not thinking long, I broke his grip and run away.


‘Ugh, is it so hard to say thank you to someone who save your life?’ I speak by myself as I begin to treat my wound after the fight.

‘The problem is, why did I decide to help him in the first place?’

I remember I was chasing that boy towards school alley. When I lost his sight, I heard noises from the storeroom. ‘That must be those jerks again,’ I thought to myself as I peeping the window. That’s when I saw the boy I chased was cornered by one of those jerks.

‘He has no luck,’ I thought as I making my way to my class. But I don’t know why I felt really uneased. That boy face was haunting my thought. ‘Damn it.’

As I just walked a few meters from the storeroom, I came back running and smashed the door. That’s when I began to fight those jerks again while that boy just ran away for his life.

‘You know, you owe me your life, huh’ I again speak by myself. Suddenly the door of infirmary room is opened.

‘Oh crap!’ I jump out from the bed and hide under it.

“Ugh, how come we three lost from that bastard? That’s so f*cked up!”

‘Oh man, those jerks again.’ I hold my breath forcefully.

“But Danny, don’t you remember the boy that I cornered down for seconds? I think that jerk came just to save the boy.”

“What? Save someone? Are you crazy? It’s Matt that we talked about. He will never for f*ck’s sake save someone. He’s so full of himself, don’t you remember?”

“But I agree with Eric, Dan. I saw him asking if that boy okay before that boy run away.”

“Yeah, maybe that boy is Matthew’s relative or something.”

“Huh, really? Then this is interesting. If it’s true, we can use that boy to go up against that jerk. Let’s finish that boy first.”

‘Damn. That boy is now in big trouble. But it’s not like I’m responsible for him right?’ I think to myself. Suddenly the boy face haunting my mind again.

‘Shit, what’s with my mind now? Am I going crazy now?’



“Okay class, we have a new student from South Korea. Sunghoon, let introduce yourself.” The teacher gives me a signal to come into the class.

“My name is Kang Sunghoon but you can call me Sunghoon. I’m from South Korea and I’m 13 years old now. I hope we can be friend.” I bow slightly as I survey my new class. That’s when I realize I am in the same class with my two enemies, the weird guy and the big guy. I’m doomed.

“Okay Sunghoon. Now you can sit in front of Matthew.” The teacher points an empty desk in front of the weird guy. Oh, so his name is Matthew. I walk down with fear and sit down quietly. That weird guy is just starting to sleep after hearing my introduction.

‘I’m safe for a while now.’

“Sunghoon, can you please wake Matthew up? I don’t want any student sleeping in my class.” That teacher’s request startles me out. How can I wake him up without making him angrier? But I don’t want to make the teacher angry too so I decide to wake him up.

“Hey, hey,” I shake his body reluctantly.

“Igemwoji (what is this)?”

Huh, it surprises me. I don’t know he is Korean. He wakes up and staring at myself with a weird expression. He’s weird indeed. I hurriedly turn my head forward. I don’t want to get another confrontation.


I really have been crazy now, how come I can’t get rid of that boy face. Ugh.’

I ruffling my hair in stress. A few minutes ago that boy named Sunghoon just woke me up from my nap. Usually I will fume with rage if anyone dares to wake me up from my peaceful nap. But, I don’t know. I was distracted by his face. I unconsciously stared at his face for a long time. How come a boy’s face has such that composure. I felt so much ease when looked at him. Now he must have thought me as a weird person. Damn.

As I watch his back, I feel like there’s someone else has been watching him beside me. I turn my head to the left and find Eric, one of those jerks, smirking over him. I suddenly remember those jerks’ conversation in infirmary room. Oh no. I have to find a way to help Sunghoon.




Thank God the school is over. I just felt really distracted today. Now I have to find a way to help Sunghoon. I find Sunghoon has just gone back from the bathroom.

“Kang Sunghoon!”

He looks startled as I called him. I walk my way towards him.

“I haven’t introduced myself, my name is Eun Jiwon. You can call me Jiwon hyung because I’m older than you.” I lend my hand.

He grabs my hand hesitantly. “Uh, yes. Nice, nice to meet you, Jiwon hyung. I’m Kang Sunghoon.”

Ugh, why he is so cute when he’s nervous. I smile at him and let go of his hand. Now, how should I help him get away of those jerks’ plan? Ugh think Jiwon think.



“Do you want to live with me?”


‘What is wrong with this dude? He was chasing me down, staring at my face weirdly, and now asking me to live with him when we barely know each other? And don’t forget that he ruined my innocence while making out with that ahjumma. He is so weird for goodness’ sake! Is he hinting on me? Oh my, is he gay? But he kissed that ahjumma so I assumed he is straight. Am I making him gay? I know I’m pretty looking but is it that much to the point on changing someone sexual orientation? Huh, that’s why being pretty boy is a lot tiring than people think. Not just have to deal with a lot of fangirls, now I have to face some aggressive fanboys. Poor me have to be born this pretty,’ my thought’s rambling as I touch my cheek.

‘How come there is no school bus at this hour? It’s not that late, huh.’ I look at my watch and it shows 5:00 pm. Now I’ve been standing for 30 minutes.

“Hey, Danny, it’s the boy!”

“Oh yeah you’re right, Tony, let’s finish him right away!”

“Hey kid!”

‘Oh, no. those guys again. Now I begin to regret about coming to America. I should have listened my mother.’ I fasten my walk now. And when I know they do really chase me, I run at a speed of light. Too bad my legs are short that makes them catch me up easily.

“Where do you think you’re going, kid?”

“I’m sorry. I was wrong. Please spare my life.” I plead as I kneel down.

“What are you doing with that kid?” A voice comes behind my back. When I turn back, I see Jiwon hyung is there standing furiously. Wow, he looks charismatic when he’s angry.

“I knew it! This kid must be special to you that’s why he’s our prey, if you want this kid safe, fight with us.” One of the guy is now holding my neck. Oh no, I can’t breathe.

“Leave that kid alone!”

And after that yelling Jiwon hyung starts showing his fist and throwing punches towards them.


“We’re here! Come in.” Jiwon hyung gestures me to come into his house.

That guy really gives me a lot of surprises. He’s maybe weird but he is weird rich. His house is what basically I drew in kindergarten when the topic is about dream house. It’s a three story house with a medium pool in the backyard and a barbecue section. His living room is equipped with the newest TV and music player. There is also a karaoke room and pc room for him to play. I think I will be comfortable living here for a while.

We then sit down on the couch. There’s a silent surrounded us for about 15 minutes. That’s when I realize we’re still a bit awkward. Cannot stand the awkwardness, I decide to make a conversation. Think what you should say, Sunghoonah. You can do it.

“So, is your name Matthew or Jiwon?”

I face palm myself. Is that the best you can think, Sunghoonah?

“Both. Matthew is my English name while Jiwon is my Korean name. By the way, what is your English name? Your Korean name is Sunghoon, right?”

“Yes, Kang Sunghoon. I don’t have my English name, though.”


We’re silent again for five minutes. Ugh, why is it so hard to make a decent conversation? I gather my thought again.

“Can you give me an English name?”

Oh God. You should just stop talking, Sunghoonah.

“Um, let me think,” He begin examining me from head to toe. It is kind of uncomfortable to me.

“How about Mickey?”


“Yeah, I saw you wore a blouse with Mickey picture in it. And your school bag has Mickey key chain. I assumed you like Mickey mouse, right?”

“Uh, yeah. Mickey, uh I like it.”

“Nice to meet you then, Mickey.”

Now I have conclusion that it’s not just his personality that kind of weird. His way of thinking is also weird.



It’s 12 am now but I still can’t sleep. That’s just too much going on in just one day. I have called my aunt saying that I stayed at my friend’s house tonight. I have agreed to sleep in Jiwon’s house because it is too dangerous walking by myself towards home at night. Jiwon hyung is in deep sleep now. I share the same room with Jiwon hyung but with different bed.

“Please, don’t go, huh. I’ll be good kid, I promise, zzz.”

Wow, he must be sleep talking. I am now curious and walk towards Jiwon hyung’s bed. I surprise when I saw a bloodspot on his bed. I begin to worry and try to undress Jiwon hyung. That’s when I realize there is something wrong with Jiwon hyung.

“Jiwon hyung!”



“Ugh, what time is it?” I open my eyes and looking for my watch.

‘Crap, its 9 am now. I’m late.’ I hit myself in panic. As I stretch myself, my body aches. I can still feel the pain of last night fight. Remembering the fight, I begin to look for Sunghoon.

“Where is that kid? Has he gone to school?”

“Oh, you’re awake now hyung.” I shift my gaze towards the door and find Sunghoon is standing while holding a tray filled of what I think is food.

“Here, eat some.” Now he’s sitting on the chair near my bed and offers me a bowl of ‘I don’t know what is this’ kind of food.

“It’s chicken porridge. I made it by myself.” He gives me a proud smile and grins widely. Feeling bad for staring at his food disgustedly, I begin devouring the porridge. That’s when I realize that the taste is so bland and I don’t find any sign of chicken meat there.

“Um, where’s the chicken?” I look at his face and he looks unease.

“Ugh, sorry hyung, um while I was preparing your breakfast, my stomach grumbled and I unconsciously ate the chicken.” He looks down in embarrassment. I snort a little laugh. He is so cute.

“It’s okay, it’s still tasty.” I smile and stuffing my mouth with his ‘chicken but there’s no chicken’ porridge. Ugh, I feel like I want to throw up but I force myself.

“By the way, have you eaten something?” I realize he is staring at myself hungrily. I bet he hasn’t had his breakfast yet.

“Um, yes. Your chicken.” His answer makes me want to face palm myself.

“Do you want to eat something? I can ask my nanny to cook you something delicious.” As I start to get up, my body aches again.


“Are you okay, hyung? You shouldn’t move too much.” At this moment I just realize that my clothes has changed and my wound has been treated. I look at the bed linen and it has been replaced by the new one.

“Did you do all of this?” I point at my body and my bed linen.

“Um, yes. Sorry hyung, I did this without your permission. But, I just, worried.” He looks down again. That word hits me. Never in my life have I had someone worrying about me, even my family kind of neglect me. I feel touched by his sincerity.

“It’s okay, thank you Sunghoon. Now, let’s go down and eat some breakfast.”

As I get up from my bed again, Sunghoon grabs my hand and guiding myself towards the first floor. I just realize that he is such a kindhearted boy. That makes me feel responsible to protect him from every danger, including those three jerks; Danny, Tony, and Eric.


“Where is he? Is he not coming to school again? That as*hole!” Danny is filled with rage. Never in his life he being humiliated as severe as this. He feels his pride has been crushed.

“Not just Matt that’s absent from school, that new boy also nowhere to be seen, Dan.” Eric, his friend since grade school, come and tosses him a coke.

“Yeah, maybe they are together right now.” Tony, one of his fellow classmates, sits down and joins the conversation.

“So what should we do? At this rate we will be humiliated again if we just fight him and lost. He is stronger than we think.” Eric starts recalling last night incident. The three of them were beaten up very badly by Jiwon. He feels Jiwon was more ruthless than before. Maybe it because of that new boy that he assumed Jiwon’s relative was threatened. Now he begin wondering how strong Jiwon can be.

“Yeah, Dan. Let’s just give up. We’re not going to win from him anyway. He’s too strong.” Tony starts drinking his coke.

“What, give up? Are you kidding me? F*CK!” Danny is venting his anger again. He throws chairs and punches the wall strongly.

“Hey, easy boy, easy. What I mean is let’s just give up on fighting with him physically. I found another way to shatter him into pieces without letting our hands touch him.” Tony is now smirking over his idea.

“Without touching him? How come?” Eric is curious over his friend’s plan. He knows that Tony is a sly fellow, but he still don’t know how sly Tony can be.

Sometimes he fears Tony’s ingenuity.

“I believe there’s a saying ‘your worst enemy could be your best friend, and your best friend your worst enemy’. Implying that, we can influence that new kid to detest Matthew and turn that kid against him. You know, there’s no betrayal as cruel as your own close friend, remember?” Now, Tony’s idea gives Eric chill. He feels grateful that he doesn’t have to deal with Tony. But how can we persuade that kid to betray Matt? We’re not even close with him.”

“I have thought over it. It’s not us that will putting them against each other, but this kid. Son Hoyoung, come here!” As his name is called out, a boy steps in trembling.

“Let me introduce him, his name is Son Hoyoung. He is the same age as that new kid, Kang Sunghoon, and has just recently moved out from Korea to here. Now, what we’ll do is we send this kid to Sunghoon, making him snatch Sunghoon away from Matthew, and bring Sunghoon over to betray Matthew.

In the end, Matthew will be ruined without knowing that we are in charge of this mess. Maybe a little coward I must say, but it’ll work.”

“Hmm, that’s really interesting. You’re indeed a sly fox, Tony An.” With that

Danny feels really pleased. Now he can look forward to his revenge on Jiwon become a great success.



It’s been five minutes and Jiwon hyung still has his grip on changing TV channel back and forth. After a proper breakfast in dining room, and I must say the food that Jiwon’s nanny cooked is indeed delicious, we decided to go to living room and turn on TV. But I feel Jiwon hyung is troubled over something that makes him staring on TV blankly while keep on changing the TV channel. I don’t know what’s on his mind, but it gives me a headache.

Can we just stick on one TV show? It’s not like we’re going to have conversation either.

“Jiwon hyung.”


“If you wouldn’t mind, you can tell me what makes you troubled now.” And after that saying, Jiwon hyung turns his head on me and staring at me blankly. Now I wonder if his mental state’s still okay.

“Hyung, are you okay?” I wave my hand breaking Jiwon hyung’s daydream.

“Uh, sorry, my bad.”

“That’s okay, Hyung. Now, just tell me what’s troubled you. Maybe I can help you.” I see Jiwon hyung hesitates for a bit.

“Sunghoonah, do you remember those three guys that cornered you last night?” I start recalling last night fight. It gives me shiver.

“Yes, hyung. Of course I do. They’re the one who beat you up till like this, right?” I look at Jiwon’s face and examine him from head to toe. It still amazes me how he managed overpowering those three, but that wound in his body makes me feel guilty. That wound he got is from saving me from those three guys.

“There’s something I haven’t told you. Actually, they were chasing you because of me. They thought you are close to me and they want to use you for winning against me. I’m sorry Sunghoon, I put you in danger.”

As I hear his explanation, I notice his sadness on his face. He looks really guilty towards me until he can’t even look at my eyes.

To be honest, I’m not mad at him. In fact, I’m really thankful to him. He’s not just saving me once, but twice. The thing that troubled me right now is his safety. I can’t imagine him has to deal with them every day. I wonder if he’s got a friend that can stand up for him.

“That’s okay, Jiwon hyung. It’s not your fault.” I smile at him giving him assurance.

“Jiwon hyung.”


“If you don’t mind, can I know what makes them intend to fight with you?” I’m surprised that I can let this words out easily. As a matter of fact, this curiosity has been stirring my mind like crazy.

“Uh, well, actually, it’s all my fault. Because of me, our precious person has gone.” I see his eyes become watery. He then shifts his gaze towards TV.


“Yeah, the truth is, we were once close friends, a really close one. We used to go surfing together, skipping school together then hanging out in the ice cream stand, stayed up all night watching movies and playing games, basically just having fun together. They were the closest friend I’ve ever met, and the only ones in Hawaii. But then I ruined it. Because of me, one person that we cherished really earnestly has gone. They began to hate me since then, blaming me for that matter. It’s not like I can deny it either. It’s the truth. But they don’t know that I do feel guilty for that. I also blame myself and regretting it all the time. It really suffocates me until I can’t get nice sleep. That thought always haunting me even in my dreams. But they don’t know how bad I feel. They just blame me and hate me all the time. That’s when I began to call it enough and break loose from them. And sometimes, it needs physical conduct for them to stay away from me. That’s when we began to fight.”

That explanation hits me in the heart. I don’t know that Jiwon hyung has to go through this sad things. I feel bad for judging him as a weird guy, unaware that he has this miserable moment of life I don’t know before. My heart aches over his story. I feel like being dragged to his life, wanting him nothing but happiness. That’s when this thought occurs.

“Jiwon hyung.”

“Yes Sunghoon?”

“Can I be your close friend?”

Part 5


The sun rose and warm over the bustling life of Seoul, allowing it’s inhabitant to continue their activity through morning. As people wake up and prepare for the day, Jiwon is laying down on bed, still in his deep sleep since he was drained out over such events from yesterday. But the sun seems to overlook his weariness, as it still penetrates through a slit of the window and lighting up his room. Can’t stand its ray, he wakes up and starts to ruffle his hair.

He grabs his phone, and find 30 missed calls in it. All those came from his member, Kim Jaeduck, the one that he was just met yesterday. He then checks out the messages, and open the most recent one.

‘Jiwon hyung, are you okay? Why didn’t you answer my call?’

As he reads that message, he can feel the worry of his beloved brother. Jiwon is in devastated condition and doesn’t want to bother Jaeduck more. He thinks that Jaeduck has no relation with his problem and he has to solve it himself. Yesterday morning he had a fight with his wife, and having no excuse to back off as usual, he started to spit out all his discontentment towards her, especially over one matter that has been the core of their fighting for years, Kang Sunghoon. In fact, because of his wife call Jiwon had to go early from prison when he should have had discussed Kang Sunghoon’s matter with Jaeduck. Now Jiwon is still sitting on bed, contemplating his problem and whether he is the one to blame or not. His wife has gone to her cousin’s place, and possibly doesn’t come back today, as she had thrown divorce word in front of Jiwon.

He still loves her though. Lee soo yeon is in fact his first love, they met each other in Hawaii. Jiwon was really delighted when he met her again in Korea, the happy memories from the past was swarming over him that day. Soo yeon is the one who he shared his first kiss, his first date, and the one who introduced him to love. They are really comfortable towards each other, having shared the same hobbies and past memories, but there is one thing that creating a big chasm over their relation, it is Kang Sunghoon.

Soo yeon knows Jiwon’s relationship with Sunghoon, and at first she just accepted it as a friendship. But as she spent her time with Jiwon and Sunghoon, she feels suspicious towards them. Believing her instinct, she started to snatch Jiwon away from Sunghoon, forcing Jiwon to spend his time with her. She even nagged Jiwon to move out with her in Hawaii because she was worried that Jiwon’s feeling to Sunghoon would grow more. Sunghoon sensed her motive, and because of that both of them were not in good relation back then. Her effort became useless though, since Jiwon and Sunghoon went back to Korea to pursue their singing career.

When she came back to Korea couple years ago, she met Jiwon again and she realized that her feeling towards him remained the same. At that time Jiwon and Sunghoon’s group, Sechskies, had disbanded and both of them were trying to pursue solo career. Since they were so busy with their solo, Jiwon and Sunghoon had rarely met each other and Soo yeon felt that it’s a good timing in getting back with Jiwon. But their marriage isn’t as peaceful as she hoped, as Kang Sunghoon involved in fraud scandal and Jiwon began to pay him more attention. Filled with jealousy, Soo yeon started to nag him and forced him to keep his distant with Sunghoon, if not their marriage would be over. At that time Jiwon begun to realize who her wife is really is. His imagination of such perfect wife was tarnished and his love of her was starting to decease.

‘I can’t just sit down like this, I have to do something,’ Jiwon thinks as he gets up from his bed and begins to wander around his room. He has no appointment for today so he’s at a loose end. He then gets an idea to clean his room since his room has been messy over his rage yesterday. While he was cleaning his room, he finds a mysterious box under his bed. The box is dusty meaning it’s from a long time ago. He opens it and finds couples of books, photos, and some cute toys from 90’s. He looks at the photos and recognizes his face and Sunghoon were in the photos. He realized it is memory box, the one that Sunghoon and he made when they were still in Hawaii, the one he supposed to bury in his backyard but he ended up bringing it all the way to Korea without Sunghoon’s notice, because he thought that he maybe hadn’t had a chance to open it 10 years later. But because of all his bustling he ended up forgetting it, even though ten years has passed a long time ago.

He then captures an interesting envelope that caught his attention, its Sunghoon’s. They used to write down letter towards each other and put it in memory box, after that they promised to open it together ten years later, the time they thought they would have been a successful singer and living in its fullest. At first, Jiwon hesitates to open the letter simply because Sunghoon isn’t there. He feels he betrays Sunghoon for opening the box by himself, let alone open his letter without his permission. But the curiosity invades him, and in a split second he opens up the envelope and picks up Sunghoon’s letter. He surprises that Sunghoon’s letter is not just an ordinary one, but a poem. He knows that Sunghoon really hates to make a poem, simply because of his lack vocabulary in English. That’s why he always struggle in poetry assignment and asked Jiwon to write down one for him. Jiwon’s curiosity grows bigger and now he find himself staring at Sunghoon’s poem. Waiting no longer, Jiwon begins to read down every word of Sunghoon’s poem.

It is called fate
I’ve been wondering in my young ages
How the world itself works
Is it true like people said?
That there’s destiny beneath life
Or it’s simply coincidence
And we were fooled by the word fate



“Hyung, where are we going? We have been walking for hours now.” The youngest of them, Sunghoon, yell out towards Jiwon that has been walking far ahead of him.

“Hold on a little longer, we’ll soon arrive.” Not turning his head, the oldest, Jiwon, keeps on walking and leaving Sunghoon alone.

“I can’t. I’m tired. I want to go home.” Now Sunghoon is just standing by himself, watching his hyung from afar. Noticing the youngest’s lack of enthusiasm, Jiwon turns around and walks back to Sunghoon’s place.

“What’s the matter, Sunghoonah? We just walk for 30 minutes and you have been tired now?” Jiwon looks at Sunghoon in puzzle.

“30 minutes is a long time for walking, hyung. Why don’t we ride your car? My leg’s been worn out now.” Sunghoon sits down on the ground. He doesn’t pay attention whether his pant is dirty or not, he just wants to get rid of his fatigue.

“But if we go back home you will be more tired too, our home is also far from here.” Jiwon squats down and begins to message Sunghoon’s legs. Sunghoon is a little surprise by Jiwon’s random action.

“Then just stay here for a while, hyung. Until my fatigue is gone.” Sunghoon is now lying his head on the ground and closes his eyes under the ray of sunlight.

“Come on, Hoonah. If we keep stopping here, we will miss the timing.” Sunghoon doesn’t know what his hyung is talking about. ‘Timing? What’s timing? Jiwon hyung and his randomness.’ Sunghoon thinks while he starts sleeping. He then lets out a little snore.

“Huh, how come can you sleep in the place like this? You’re really a unique human being.” Jiwon pull his body closer to Sunghoon simply to wake him up, but then he froze as Sunghoon’s turns his head facing Jiwon while he still in his deep sleep. Jiwon’s unconsciously staring at Sunghoon’s face, he pays attention to Sunghoon’s thick eyebrow, lands his eyes towards Sunghoon’s closed eyes, Sunghoon’s high pointed nose, and stops at Sunghoon’s reddish lips. He notices how Sunghoon’s lips has been attracted his attention for days. His lips looks so moist and soft, Jiwon thinks boys rarely have it. Sunghoon’s is what Jiwon concludes a kissable lips, the one that he had dreamt he will kiss when he finds his lover. Still staring at his lips, Jiwon starts feeling curious on how tender his lips is. Unconsciously, Jiwon lets out his hand and touches Sunghoon’s lips. Sunghoon suddenly wakes up by Jiwon’s touch. Jiwon’s surprised and shifts his gaze away in awkward.

“Um, you’re awake now. Uh, good then.” Jiwon’s stuttering his words. Still half conscious, Sunghoon locks his gaze to Jiwon. Jiwon is now standing in front of him, under the sparkling of sunlight that is fading away creating his silhouette and the orange yellow sky behind him. He looks decent and glowing, giving a noble vibe with his tender expression.

“Yeah, I’m awake.” Sunghoon’s showing his sweet smile, a smile that Jiwon always longs whenever he meets Sunghoon.

“Hyung, can you do me a favor?” Still hasn’t let go of his smile, Sunghoon begins to show his cute expression.

“What is it?” Jiwon asks as he keeps staring at Sunghoon’s smile.

“I want you to piggyback me. You know, I’m still tired so I can’t walk now.” Sunghoon pesters a wide grin in hope Jiwon agrees to his wish.

“What? Piggyback you?” Jiwon is taken aback by Sunghoon request.

“Yes, hyung. Don’t worry hyung, I’m not heavy. Please hyung, please.” Sunghoon shows off his aegyo and unknowingly making Jiwon blushes.

“Okay then, hop on.” Jiwon is now in position to piggyback Sunghoon. In a split second, Sunghoon rides on Jiwon’s back.

“Ah, it’s so fun, hyung!” Sunghoon exclaims on top of his lung as Jiwon carries him on his back.

“What’s so fun about it? I’m simply piggyback you.”

“Yeah, it’s so fun because I never do this when I was a child. My mother has a back pain while my father was always busy working so I never experience this. Thank you hyung!”

Sunghoon hugs Jiwon tightly, making Jiwon wobbles for a second. Jiwon smiles at Sunghoon’s hug.

“I’m simply carry you, nothing else. No need to say thank you.”

“No, hyung. Thank you for everything. Thank you for protecting me and keeping me company. I feel secure every time I’m with you.”

Jiwon’s smiling again over Sunghoon’s words. Ever since the fight with Tony, Danny, and Eric, Sunghoon has been scared on coming to school by himself. That’s why Sunghoon agreed to stay at Jiwon’s place so in the morning they will always come to school together. Sunghoon will always look for Jiwon when break time, and waits for him to come home together. Tony, Danny, and Eric do not confront him again, to his surprise. Now what’s in Jiwon’s mind is Sunghoon. Jiwon has got several bad reputation and rumors, mainly because of his confrontation with Tony, Danny, and Eric leads him to some false rumors. That’s why nobody in school has guts to be friend with Jiwon, they will simply ignore him. But Sunghoon has different case. He is a new student and he doesn’t know much about the school, and about Jiwon’s reputation. Sunghoon attaches to Jiwon and follow his lead well without knowing what other people think of Jiwon. That’s made Sunghoon also being ignored by other classmates, unknowingly. Jiwon feels his closeness with Sunghoon, although it makes him more serene and glad, leads Sunghoon to an unfavorable condition, being an outcast in school just like him.

“Hyung, do you hear me?” Sunghoon waves his hand in front of Jiwon’s face.

“Uh, yeah, sorry too much thinking.” Jiwon wakes up from his daydream.

“Don’t you remember what I said, hyung. You can tell me everything that bothers you. I wouldn’t mind.”

“Oh yeah, it’s okay Sunghoon, it’s nothing.” Jiwon doesn’t want to talk about him worrying Sunghoon. He feels it’s just awkward and unnecessary.

“Huh, hyung! You said that I can be your close friend. What close friend that hiding his problem by himself?” Sunghoon’s pouting his lips. He looks annoyed.

“Tell me hyung, tell me!” Sunghoon begins showing his childish tantrum.

“Huh, Sunghoon, it’s heavy.” Jiwon starts to have difficulty in carrying Sunghoon.

“That’s why you have to tell me. Come on hyung, tell me.” Sunghoon’s still whining like a kid. By then, Jiwon stops walking leaving Sunghoon wonders.

“What’s the matter, hyung? Are you angry?” Now Sunghoon begins to worry. He forgets how horrible Jiwon when he’s mad.

“No, we arrive now.” Jiwon let down Sunghoon from his back. As Sunghoon stands, he’s staring at the scenery in front of him. He and Jiwon are standing on cliff, facing the horizon that is quilted with orange yellow ray and sea that captures the dim scarlet reflection of the sun. The sky has shown its twilight, with pinkish red color that reveal its beauty. Sunghoon is in an awe, marveled by such beauty in front of him.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Jiwon’s that still looking at the sunset, starts conversation.

“Yes, it’s beautiful.” Sunghoon answers, still gazing over the view.

“I always want to share this place with the person I care for.” Jiwon turns his head towards Sunghoon.

“That’s why I brought you.” Hearing that statement, Sunghoon shifts his gaze and look at Jiwon’s eyes.

“Me, why?”

“You’re the one that care for me when I am in slump and about to give up.” Jiwon shows his soft smile. His expression turns tender.

“Thank you Sunghoon, thank you for staying beside me till today.” Jiwon then drifts his gaze towards the sunset.

“I will cherish this moment and keep it in my mind, before I let you go.” Sunghoon discovers a glimpse of sadness in Jiwon’s eyes.

“I don’t understand, hyung. Why would you let me go?” Sunghoon can’t help asking since he doesn’t understand what Jiwon means.

“I’m not a good person, Hoonah. You have witnessed it. I fight people.” Jiwon looks down. He feels embarrassed.

“So what? They’re the one who’s in fault. You’re just defending yourself, and me.” Sunghoon locks his gaze towards Jiwon.

“But I’m the one who started it. Because of me, one person has gone.” Jiwon shift his gaze to Sunghoon. His eyes becomes watery.

“Although I don’t know what’s really happened, and I don’t force you to tell me about it, but it’s in the past hyung. You have to let it go. Everyone makes mistakes.” Sunghoon wants to comforts Jiwon so much. He knows inside Jiwon’s hard appearance, there’s a soft and gentle heart, the one that keeps hidden and open just to certain people.

“Although it’s in the past, it can be happens now too. I’m the one who’s in fault. Because I’m not good enough, I’m not strong enough, I’m not smart enough, he has gone. He has gone because I can’t protect him. He has gone because he’s with me!” Jiwon yells out his sorrow. The stream of tears has now been forming on his face.

“I just put you in trouble. The day I met you, you were chased by those jerks. The day I befriended you, you were outcasted in school. You don’t know how bad my reputation is, yet you still follow me like a saint. You live in fears because you thought those jerks will come towards you again. You’re close with me thinking that you will be safe because I can protect you, but you’re wrong. Again, I’m not good enough, I’m not strong enough, and I’m not smart enough to protect you!” Sunghoon suddenly hugs Jiwon tightly. He snuggle his face towards Jiwon’s neck and buried his head in Jiwon’s chest. He caresses Jiwon’s back and then kisses Jiwon lightly on his forehead. Sunghoon’s action gives Jiwon surprise.

“You are wrong, you are wrong of everything!” Sunghoon yells as he glances up and faces Jiwon.

“I’m with you not because I’m afraid, I’m with you because that’s what friends are for.” Sunghoon’s staring intently at Jiwon eyes.

“I know your bad reputation, many classmates have warned me before. You’re not the one who made me an outcast, I’m the one who choose to be one.” Sunghoon’s statement makes Jiwon shocked.

“I thought, if being an outcast can make me closer with you, I’m more than willing. As long I’m with you. So now, stop blaming yourself for everything!” Sunghoon lets go his tears as he begins to choke up.

“And one thing you’re wrong again. Don’t look down on yourself like this. You’re nicer, stronger, and smarter than you think. You can protect me, because it’s not just you, but me, I will become stronger like you so you shouldn’t have to put yourself in danger for me again. Don’t let me go, because I will not go anywhere.”

Sunghoon hugs Jiwon more tightly. He lets down all the tears that he has hold. As sun begins sinking, and stars starts showing their form, the eldest and the youngest are still hugging and let out their restrained feeling, all the feeling of sadness, gratefulness, and gladness for just being together, meeting each other and spending time together with beautiful sunset becomes a witness of their friendship.

Jiwon ruffles Sunghoon’s hair and kisses his forehead. “Thank you Sunghoonah, thank you for staying.”

Those minds keep swirling over my head
Thinking about all the possibilities that life circling
How it decides on occasion we must enter
Or what kind of soul we should cross
And in those intersection of life
I meet you who showed me the word fate


Part 6

January 1994

Its 6 am now and there is still no sign of activity is seen in Jiwon’s house. Jiwon himself is still in his deep sleep on his bed. He must have had a beautiful dream as his lips keeps forming straight line forming an innocent smile that is rarely to see. Unlike Jiwon, Sunghoon has opened his eyes minutes ago and still in deep thought as he hasn’t moved from his bed. After few minutes of collecting his soul, Sunghoon gets up from his bed and walking towards Jiwon. He’s now facing Jiwon and staring at Jiwon’s face. He finds Jiwon’s sleeping face is adorable to see, so childlike and peaceful. He likes how Jiwon keeps smiling on his sleep, making him looks gentler than the cocky face he used to make. Sunghoon than caresses Jiwon’s cheeks and pulling his face closer to Jiwon’s left ear.

“Jiwon hyung, wake up!” Sunghoon whispers softly at Jiwon’s left ear.

“Huh, don’t want to wake up.” To Sunghoon surprise Jiwon do response. He thought maybe Jiwon is not in deep sleep after all.

“Jiwon hyung, wake up! You remember you’re going to teach me how to swim this morning, right?” Sunghoon keeps on caressing Jiwon’s face and now touching Jiwon’s nose. Jiwon then scrunching his nose by Sunghoon’s touch and Sunghoon finds it a cute sight.

“Okay, give me five minutes, I still haven’t finished my dream.” Now Jiwon’s grabbing his other pillow and hugging it tightly.

“Haha you’re funny hyung. How can you still manage to continue your dream when you have woken up now? What’s your dream anyway that makes you refused to go out with me? Aren’t I your most important person?” Sunghoon smiles cheekily and nudging his head expecting hit from Jiwon. He knows what he said is too cheesy. Jiwon then opens his eyes and locking his gaze to Sunghoon.

“Because I dream about you.” Sunghoon is taken aback by Jiwon’s answer and how he delivered it. Jiwon is staring intently at Sunghoon eyes with his dazzling eyes. That looks makes Sunghoon unintentionally mesmerized for Jiwon.

“Haha your face now is so funny!” Jiwon breaks the ice and now holding his laughter. He then gets smacked with pillow by Sunghoon.

“Huh, you surprised me, hyung. Since when you become so cheesy?” Sunghoon has finished his pillow-smacking.

“Since I met you.” Jiwon grabbing Sunghoon’s neck and trying to keep his serious face again but failed into laughter. He automatically get hit by pillow again.

“Save your act to your future girlfriend, hyung. And remember, it is just me that have the right to be cheesy.” Sunghoon stick out his tongue to Jiwon.

“Haha, okay then my cheesy honey Hoony.” Jiwon winks towards Sunghoon and giving a cheeky smile. Sunghoon wants to use the pillow again but too late, the pillow has been in Jiwon’s hands.

“Ew hyung I’m done. Find me in the kitchen, Sassy Wonnie.” Sunghoon exited Jiwon’s room with wide smile on his face. He is now kind of used to Jiwon’s antic. He hears Jiwon’s chuckle from the room and he begins chuckling himself.


“Straighten your leg now. No, don’t bend your knees like that. Keeps your leg straight.” It’s been three hours since Jiwon and Sunghoon arrived at a desolated beach. Right now Sunghoon is in big swimming tube while Jiwon is holding Sunghoon’s leg and arms.

“Ah, I’m tired hyung. Let’s get some rest.” Sunghoon starts whining like a child to Jiwon.

“Haha it’s just been three hour. We promised that we stop after you be able to swim, right?” Jiwon himself is also tired after teaching Sunghoon some swimming technique. For a long time Sunghoon kept on asking Jiwon swimming to sort of giving some examples while Sunghoon himself was sitting on the sand eating mango. But Jiwon seems hasn’t given up yet because deeply inside he wants to see Sunghoon’s proud smile and he will get it when Sunghoon gets to swim.

“Hyung, I’m tired. My skin is burned by the sunlight. I don’t want to be tanned.” Sunghoon is pouting and it urges Jiwon to pinch his chubby cheeks.

“Ugh, hyung. It hurts.” Sunghoon touches his cheeks after Jiwon’s pinching.

“Why don’t you want to be tanned? I’m tanned myself and I have no worries for that.” Jiwon is now holding Sunghoon’s both cheeks and pulling them making Sunghoon looks chubbier.

“Ugh hyung don’t play with my cheek like that. Yeah you are tanned but it suits you because it makes you looks manly, while me, if I’m tanned skin I will just look dirty.”

“What dirty? You will still look like snow white to me.” Jiwon’s response makes Sunghoon chuckles. Although Jiwon did say it sincerely, but he begins chuckling too.

“Haha, what Snow white? If you saw my toddler photos you will admit that I look like monkey there.”

“Yeah, a cutie monkey. Ah come on, Hoony. You know you’re pretty every time, right?”

“Pretty? I’m a boy, hyung. It should be handsome.” Although Sunghoon admits that he kind of fluttered by Jiwon’s compliment, he still doesn’t want to be called that way. He thinks of himself as a real man.

“Yeah, you’re still looks pretty if you keeps on minding your look like that. I will call you handsome if you stop worrying about it. You know you have to stop thinking about that Korean beauty standard. People can be beautiful regardless of their skin color.”

“Haha, okay then hyung. I know I’m beautiful.” Sunghoon’s smile widely and showing his cute eye smile. Jiwon smiles too.

“You said that you don’t want to be called pretty because you’re a boy.”

“People can be called beautiful regardless of their gender, hyung.”

“Haha you cheeky Hoony, you just copied my saying, did you?” Jiwon splashes water towards Sunghoon.

“Yeah, because you are my role model. I will copy everything about you hyung.” Sunghoon wipes off his face that has been splashed by water.

“Huh, your words make me flutter. Why should I flutter because of you? I should be doing that because of woman, not you.”

“Haha, it’s because Hoony attracts both gender. He is just overflowed by charisma.” Sunghoon laughs and cringes at his words at the same time.

“Huh, I’m cringing over your words now. When did you become so cheesy like this?” Jiwon keeps cringing and laughing too.

“Since I met you.” Sunghoon winks and automatically gets splashed with water by Jiwon. They begin splashing and chasing each other with water. Jiwon then pulls Sunghoon’s tube and unknowingly making Sunghoon flipping over. Suddenly Sunghoon is dragged by the waves.

“Help. Jiwon hyung. Help. I. can’t. swim.” Sunghoon is in struggle to keep his face up from drowning. Meanwhile, still in panicked, Jiwon rushing himself by swimming so fast until he is closed to Sunghoon.

“Grab my hand, now!” Jiwon is still in struggle to reach Sunghoon’s hand because of the wave.

“I. can’t. see. you!” Sunghoon is now close to drowning and unable to see Jiwon clearly.

“I’m right here. In your left. Faster Hoonah! Before the waves become bigger!” Jiwon is paranoid. His head is now aching and restless. There are some dreadful clips keeps on playing in Jiwon’s mind as Jiwon still in force to save Sunghoon. The horrible memories that for months has left Jiwon’s head are now swarming again and making Jiwon having a mental breakdown.

“Sunghoon, hold my hand! Hold my hand now!” Jiwon keeps calling Sunghoon and extend his hand. But, the waves seems overlook Jiwon’s effort as it comes bigger and separate them far.

“Sunghoon! Sunghoon! Where are you?” Jiwon is now close to the shore and loosing contact with Sunghoon. He is restless and the tears has been streaming down his face. He is trying to swim against the waves but it just making him reach closer to the beach.

“Sunghoon! Answer me! Sunghoon!” Jiwon keeps on getting himself back to the water, but no luck, he keeps being dragged to the shore again. Just then, a boat that seems to be a fisherman boat is coming towards the shore. Jiwon straightly run towards the boat.

“Sir, please help me! My friends is drowning in the sea, please save my friend!” Still crying, Jiwon pleads the fisherman.

“What drowning? How come? This side of beach has not been destined for swimming because the waves are usually big, how you kids know this place?” the fisherman seems to be puzzled.

“Uh, I know it from a friend. It’s a long story, sir. Please help my friend first sir, please!” Jiwon is now wailing so much. He feels so guilty bringing Sunghoon to that place. In fact, he doesn’t know that this place is dangerous because he found this place with his friend. His dearest friend.

“Okay then, hop in! We will look for your friend now.” Jiwon hops into the boat and they begins to sailing towards the deep part of the sea. The waves are rolling on end making it difficult to see deep inside the sea.

“Sunghoon! Where are you? Sunghoon! Answer me!” Jiwon is yelling in fright while crying so hard. Just then, he finds a lift of Sunghoon hand few meters from the boat.

“Sunghoon! Wait for me!” Jiwon suddenly jumps and swimming towards Sunghoon direction. The fisherman is in panicked and keep yelling to Jiwon because he sees the waves rolling bigger and bigger.

“Kid! Come back! Kiddo!” Jiwon goes deaf over the man’s yelling. His ultimate goal is to save Sunghoon, although by means of risking his own life. The waves seems coming in troops, and Jiwon is struggle to approach Sunghoon. He keeps swimming, forcing his own arms and leg, with all his might and strength, and eyes attached to Sunghoon’s whereabouts. His gaze becomes intense, no longer a wailing face, but an eyes filled with so much determination. After minutes of battling with the waves, he finally reaches Sunghoon. Sunghoon is now half conscious but he still has a chance to see Jiwon.

“You save me again, hyung. Thankyou.” Just after he said that, Sunghoon goes fainting. Jiwon quickly drags Sunghoon to the boat and they sail towards the shore in no time. As they arrived at the shore, Jiwon carries Sunghoon to the sand.

“Sunghoon, wake up! Wake up! Sir, please call the ambulance now!” The man quickly takes his phone and dialing the nearest hospital number. Jiwon’s still shaking Sunghoon’s body and starts to do some CPR. The ambulance arrives just in a minute and they quickly bring Sunghoon to the hospital.

Your mesmerizing eyes keep me in captivity
Making me raving over serenity
Thinking about the future I’ll carve with you
And the past I’ve drawn for you
Nothing much I have asked
Staying beside you is just enough


Jiwon is restless. He is now staring blankly towards the floor. His eyes has gone swollen after all the tears he let go. His mind seems to do much work as it always plays all the nightmare he got from the past, and now from today. Just then he finds a familiar woman in her 30’s running towards him.

“Kid, is my Sunghoon… wait, Matt? What are you doing here?” The woman has just taken off her sunglasses and surprised by Jiwon’s presence.

“Mrs. Lee, it’s been so long.” Jiwon stands up and extend his hand to shake her hand.

“No need for shaking hands. You haven’t answer my question. What are you doing in front of my nephew’s room?” The woman is glaring at Jiwon.

“I’m so sorry Mrs. Lee, it’s all my fault.” Jiwon looks down and doesn’t dare to look at the woman’s eyes.

“What do you mean it’s your fault? What are you doing now, Matt?” The woman raises her tone of speaking. She looks so angry.

“This morning I brought Sunghoon to the beach for teaching him how to swim. We’re kind of joking with each other and I unintentionally flip Sunghoon’s tube. Suddenly big waves come and dragging him to the deep part of the sea. He was drowning and I came late to save him.” All the tears start raining again on his face. He is filled with so much guilty that his body begins shaking in fear.


A hand is thrown forward, whipping across Jiwon’s face. A stinging pain spread through Jiwon’s left cheek and leaving a red mark. The woman that’s just slapped Jiwon are now in crying. Her eyes are fume with rage with the stream of tears forming.

“You bast*rd! Do you really want to ruin my life till the end? First my son, then my nephew. Why don’t you just take my life, huh? You’re really have no heart! Poor my Sunghoon,” the woman is weeping and kneeling down in grief.

“So I assume you are Jiwon, the guardian angel that Sunghoon keeps talking about. Poor him doesn’t know that the angel he keeps on talking is actually a devil in disguise.”

“I’m sorry Mrs. Lee. I’m truly sorry.” Jiwon can’t do anything except keeps on saying sorry. He is overwhelmed with guilt, his mind keeps replaying all the past memories, the memories that he really wants to get rid off.

‘Hyung, you know between Tony, Danny, and Eric hyung I cherish you the most?’

‘Why me?’

‘Because you’re always there when I need you. You are my guardian angel, hyung.’

‘Huh, you are so cheesy, Heejunah.’

‘I’m just telling the truth, hyung. You’re so precious to me. That’s why I want you to promise me something.’

‘What promise?’

‘Promise me that you will remember me forever, even when I has gone.’

‘Huh, why the sad atmosphere. You won’t go anywhere.’

‘Just promise me hyung.’

‘Okay then, I promise.’

I’ve been wondering in my young ages
How the word fate does really exist
Because I must be such a lucky soul
To witness how my fate and yours be intertwined
Tangled over a straight string of life
And tighten in a bond of promise


Part 7

February 1994

“Jiwon hyung!” Sunghoon opens of the classroom door and searching for his dearest brother, Jiwon.

“Excuse me, do you see Matthew?” Sunghoon comes towards one student that is sitting near Jiwon’s desk.

“Sorry, haven’t seen him in three weeks.” The student answers with his eyes attached to the book.

“What? Three weeks? Where is he anyway?” Sunghoon is surprised of Jiwon’s long absent.

“Don’t know and don’t care. Move out, I’m going to canteen now.” By then, the student gets up from his seat and push Sunghoon away.

“How rude. I’m just asking.” Sunghoon begins pouting and looking lost. He doesn’t know what to do as his favorite hyung doesn’t come to school. Usually Jiwon and he will spend their break time at the rooftop and occasionally at the canteen if they are hungry. Jiwon always bring his Walkman and turning the volume to maximum and begins dancing to the beat.

Sometimes, Jiwon plays some of Korean music that they watch at home and copy their moves. Sunghoon’s favorite song is from Seo taiji and boys, and although Jiwon doesn’t like them very much, he tries to learn their dance moves just for showing it to Sunghoon. Sunghoon will be in awe and praises Jiwon so much for his dancing ability and making Jiwon feels proud, while Jiwon will teaches Sunghoon some of the dance moves in return. It becomes a habit for Sunghoon in his 6 months of studying in Hawaii, to the point that he doesn’t have any activity except that. Sunghoon will always follow Jiwon’s lead, so having been in school by himself makes him lonely. Realizing how he just awkwardly standing after the student left, he decides to walk towards his seat and open a textbook. Just then a non familiar boy comes closer to his seat.

“Hey, can I sit here?” says a boy that seems in Sunghoon’s age. He’s now standing in front of Sunghoon.

“Sure, it’s empty anyway.” Actually, the seat that the boy reffered to is Jiwon’s sit. At first, Sunghoon just focus on his book for a couples of minutes. But, he seems uncomfortable as he feels the boy is watching him reading book. His feeling turns out to be true. The boy do staring at him weirdly. Can’t stand it anymore, Sunghoon closes his book and facing the boy.

“Um, what are you doing?” Sunghoon asks to the point. He is just in bad mood now because of Jiwon’s absent and disappearance for three weeks so he doesn’t have any desire to do some sweet talk like he used to do.

“Uh, sorry. I. uh. I don’t mean to distract you.” The boy is startled by Sunghoon’s “confrontation.” He seems embarrassed as Sunghoon caught him staring at Sunghoon. Seeing how perplex the boy become, Sunghoon feels sorry for responding that way. His eyes become soft towards the boy.

“It’s okay. You did nothing wrong. So, I just wondering why were you looking at me like that?” Sunghoon then gives his killer smile, the sweet and tender smile that just makes other people smile.

“Uh, it’s just, uh.” The boy is still baffled with Sunghoon’s question. He keeps scratching his back head although it seems he’s not itchy.

“Haha why are you so puzzled? Don’t worry I won’t bite you.” Sunghoon chuckles over the boy innocent act. The boy reminds him a lot with Jiwon.

“It’s just, uh, I just.. I just want to be friend with you!” The boy suddenly blurted out the words that keeps bothering his head. When he realized what he has said, he closed his mouth.

Sunghoon is taken aback with the boy ‘confession’. He feels butterfly in his stomach. He’s confused because it’s not love confession anyway. He also finds the boy cute, the way he speaks and the way he keep being nervous athough there is no reason to be. Sunghoon then smile at the boy.

“Haha sure. Let’s be friend! My name is Kang Sunghoon, my English name is Mickey Kang. You can call me both Sunghoon and Mickey, just what you prefer the best. What’s your name?” Sunghoon extends his right hand. The boy shakes Sunghoon’s hand.

“My name is Son Hoyoung, but you can call me Hoyoung.” The boy then smiles back at Sunghoon. Sunghoon pays attention at Hoyoung and just find how delicate his look is. Hoyoung is smiling delightedly and showing his cute eyesmile. His skin looks ethereal with his fair skin and rosy cheeks. His dimple is shown in the left cheek as he smiling.

“Son Hoyoung, I see. Perhaps, are you Korean?” Sunghoon starts the conversation. He finds Hoyoung to be an interesting fellow.

“Yes, I’m Korean. I just began study here in last September. You are Korean too, right?” Now Hoyoung seems to be more confident.

“Yes, I’m Korean too. How old are you by the way?”

“I’m 14 this year. My birthday is on 26th March.”

“What? Wow we are same age then. I’m 14 too this year and my birthday is on upcoming 22th.” Sunghoon is excited to meet same age friend, and to add it up, a Korean too. Sunghoon is a smart and diligent boy, and because of that he is placed in two years ahead of his actual grade after he did his placement test in Hawaii. So all his classmates are older than him, and he finds it hard to socialize with them, let alone with his status as Jiwon’s best friend.

“Yeah, I know. That’s why I want to be friend with you.” Hoyoung just realize that he again slip his tongue. He closes his mouth again and Sunghoon does notices it.

“Haha so you do know. Are you my stalker?” Sunghoon is now comfortably teasing Hoyoung.

“Ah, no, definitely no. Trust me, I’m not your stalker.” Hoyoung is taken aback by Sunghoon’s teasing thinking Sunghoon is serious with it.

“Hahaha you’re so serious. I’m just joking you know. Who am I to have an actractive stalker like you?” With that compliment, Hoyoung starts blushing and Sunghoon again notices it.

“Hahaha your cheeks turn red? Are you blushing, Hoyoung?” Sunghoon chuckles at that sight. In his mind he keeps saying how cute Hoyoung is.

“I’m not, I’m not blushing.” Hoyoung is now touching his both cheeks and trying to hide his blushing.

“Yes, you’re blushing, Hoyoung. Haha.”

“Uh, I’m not. I’m not blushing. It’s just because of the heat. Why it’s so hot here?” Hoyoung is fanning face with his hand and wiping his imaginary sweat.

“Because I’m hot!” Sunghoon winks at Hoyoung, making Hoyoung becomes more baffled. Sunghoon then chuckles again.

“Haha it’s so fun teasing you Hoyoung! Why don’t you hit me anyway, if Jiwon hyung hear this he will automatically hit me in the head.” Sunghoon keeps laughing and touching his tummy.

“Jiwon hyung? Who is he?”Hoyoung looks confused.

“Jiwong hyung? Um how can I describe him. Hah, soulmate. Jiwon hyung is my soulmate.” Just the thought of Jiwon making Sunghoon’s beaming. He is busy with his thought of Jiwon that he doesn’t know the sudden change expression of Hoyoung. Before Sunghoon notices it, Hoyoung pulling his smile again.

“Soulmate? But isn’t he a boy that’s why you call him hyung? How can your soulmate be a boy?” Hoyoung keeps smiling although there’s a trace of unknown expression beneath his smile.

“Who says soulmate should be the opposite gender? Soulmate can comes from every category you know.” Sunghoon sounds hurt as it’s not just the first time people questioning about it.

Many people thinks that Jiwon and Sunghoon’s relation has become unhealthy and it makes Sunghoon feels hurt. Seeing Sunghoon’s sudden annoyed expression, Hoyoung feels panicked.

“Ah, I’m sorry Sunghoon. I don’t mean to say it seriously. Umm.. I’m just.. I’m just kidding.. Yeah, just kidding.” Hoyoung finds it hard to put words that will not offend Sunghoon again.

Sunghoon realizes that Hoyoung did not means nothing it and regrets for being too sensitive.

“Ah yeah, I know you didn’t mean any harm. It’s just I’m tired over many people’s advice to stay away from Jiwon hyung. They say Jiwon hyung is a not a good person, a bad influence, and even some people says Jiwon is a gay and our relationship has been unhealthy. They don’t know who Jiwon hyung really is, and I know Jiwon hyung well. They don’t know that behind that hard expression, Jiwon hyung’s heart is so tender and soft. He often helps me with everything, and even protecting me from anything. He means so much to me, and I mean so much to him too. That’s why I call him my soulmate.” Sunghoon is now in daydream. He reminds by all the memories of him and Jiwon over six month they has met. And what he loves the most is when they were in the beach, the first time Jiwon opens up about his worries, and the first time Sunghoon ables to reconcile Jiwon’s mind. Just remembering it making Sunghoon smiles.

“Ehem, Sunghoon, are you okay?” Hoyoung’s waving his hand in front of Sunghoon’s face. Just then Sunghoon realizes that his mind is flown away somewhere.

“Uh, sorry, just can’t focus. What did you say, Hoyoungah?”

“Oh, nothing. I just say that Jiwon hyung must be a really good person.” The unknown expression is found again on Hoyoung’s face.

“Yes, indeed he is. You should meet him and you will find how good he is. Hoyoungah, this evening I want to come to Jiwon’s house, do you want to join?” Sunghoon seems excited for Hoyoung to meet his dear brother, Jiwon.

“Really? Is it okay to join you guys?” Hoyoung is hesitated with Sunghoon’s offer.

“Of course it’s okay. Jiwon is same with me. We don’t bite people.” Sunghoon gives Hoyoung an assurance smile.

“Okay then. I am actually free this evening so I will join you guys. But, can we go to Jiwon hyung’s place together? I’m still not familiar with this place.”

“Of course we can. Okay then, met me at the school gate after school.” Just then, the school bell rings.

“Okay, see you then, Sunghoon.” Sunghoon is delighted and excited to show Jiwon his new friend, Hoyoung. He assures that Jiwon and Hoyoung will be a good friend and they will then hang out together. He sees Hoyoung as an innocute cute child, just like Jiwon when Jiwon is with him. Sunghoon is now imagine the three of them cycling together, buying ice cream together, playing games and just spending time together. He seems thrilled with his own imagination and really looking forward this evening.

part 8

“Sunghoonah!” Hoyoung is running towards Sunghoon’s whereabout.

“Sorry I’m late. I was called by the hometeacher to finish some administration.” Hoyoung looks tired after the running. He wipes his sweat with his right hand.

“Hahaha, you don’t have to report everything. I’m not your mother anyway. Here, some tissue.” Sunghoon lend some tissue to Hoyoung.

“Ah thankyou, you’re the best.” Hoyoung straightly wipes off his sweat with Sunghoon’s tissue.

“You’re done? Now let’s go to Jiwon’s house.”

Sunghoon and Hoyoung are taking a bus to Jiwon’s house. Since the day Sunghoon was drowning, he hasn’t got a chance to meet Jiwon. He doesn’t know why Jiwon hasn’t visited Sunghoon when he was in hospital. But Sunghoon is always a positive person. He casts away all the negative thought of him towards Jiwon and just trusting Jiwon only. He thought maybe Jiwon was busy with stuff that’s why he hasn’t had a chance to pay a visit. Or maybe in Sunghoon’s wild imagination Jiwon is preparing for Sunghoon’s welcoming celebration after three weeks in hospital. Thinking about that has made Sunghoon grinning. But although how positive Sunghoon is, there is still one piece that he feels not right. After checked out from the hospital, Sunghoon went home not to Jiwon’s place, but his aunt’s place. All his things that he kept in Jiwon’s house has been return to his aunt’s house. And to add it up, his aunt is always angry whenever Sunghoon asks if can come back to Jiwon’s house. She said that he shouldn’t ever thinking of Jiwon, let alone coming back to his place. He doesn’t know why his aunt seems to hate Jiwon so much.

“Jiwong hyung! It’s me Sunghoon.” Sunghoon ring the bell of Jiwon’s house. Just in a minute and the door opens.

“Ah Jin nanny! Long time no see!” Sunghoon greeted Jiwon’s nanny.

“Ah Sunghoonie. It’s been a while. Why did you stop staying here?” Jin nanny greets Sunghoon while opens the gate.

“Huh, didn’t Jiwon tell you? I was admitted to the hospital for three weeks.” Sunghoon is suspicious. Did Jiwon has no clue about him admitted to the hospital? But although he barely remember that day, there is a memory of Jiwon saving him from drowning. So to Sunghoon’s believe, Jiwon must be the one who brought him to the hospital.

“What, hospital? How come? Are you still sick now? Oh poor Hoony.” Jin nanny is concern with Sunghoon now.

“I’m recovered now, nanny, so don’t worry. Is Jiwon at home?” Sunghoon has been closed to Jin nanny after six month living with Jiwon, even Jin nanny has thought of Sunghoon as her real son along with Jiwon.

“No. Hasn’t Jiwon told you? Jiwon is in a club this time working as a dj.” Jin nanny seems puzzled by all this misinformation.

“What? A club? He didn’t tell me anything,nanny. Do you know where the club located?” Sunghoon is perplexed by all this misinformation. Jiwon has never hide anything from him.

Sunghoon feels betrayed.

“Wait a minute. I bring down the paper and pen.” After getting the address, Sunghoon and Hoyoung hurriedly go to the club.


The flashing light greets Sunghoon and Hoyoung as they enter the club with all the loud pumping sound surrounds the place. They found it’s interesting as how most adult keep dancing vigorously to the beat while the dj is the one who leads the crowd with his remix. Not long after arriving the place does Sunghoon finds Jiwon, sitting near the bar with glass of what seems to be alcohol drink in his right hand and a girl’s hand in his left hand. In front of Jiwon is standing a pretty lady with sexy outfit and sophisticated make up, grabbing Jiwon’s left hand and laughing flirtily. Jiwon himself is smiling like a fool, his eyes keep wandering over the lady’s face and sometimes touching her cheek. His cheeks even his nose turn red, showing how much drink must he have had this night. His eyes seems heavy, as he keeps resisting his eyes from closing because of drowsiness. The sight that Sunghoon is looking right now has made Sunghoon feels unease. There’s a bit of unknown feeling that keeps bothering Sunghoon. He feels angry, frustated, and dissapppointed at the same time. He doesn’t know how to describe that feeling. One thing he knows, it isn’t a good feeling. It’s far from good.

“Sunghoonah, what are you looking at?” Hoyoung’s question breaking his blank stare.

“Huh, oh yeah Hoyoung. I see Jiwon hyung.” Hoyoung hears a dissapointed tone in the way Sunghoon’s speaking.

“Really, where is he?” Sunghoon point towards Jiwon’s direction.

“Is he the one with that red outfit lady?” Hoyoung is in disbelief now. He often hears the rumor of Jiwon, but he thought it was just false rumor.

“Let’s go Hoyoung, let’s just go home.” Sunghoon can’t hide his dissapointment. Hoyoung that witness this scene is thinking hard right now. Then, with his unknown expression, he calls Sunghoon.

“Wait Sunghoon! Do you just give up?” Sunghoon turns his head and faces Hoyoung with a confused face.

“What do you mean, Hoyoungah?”

“Yeah, we have come way so far. Didn’t you say Jiwon is your soulmate? What I see is far from soulmate, it’s just two stranger with one person avoiding the other.” Hoyoung’s statement make Sunghoon surprised and changes his mind.

“Yes, you’re right Hoyoungah. I will not avoid him. I will ask him right away.” By then Sunghoon straightly walks towards Jiwon while Hoyoung is just witnessing the scene, and unknowingly smirking towards them.

“Jiwon hyung!” Sunghoon has arrived at the bar. Right now Jiwon is alone because the lady he’s been talking to goes to the bathroom.

“Huh, Hoonah! What are you doing here?” Jiwon is startled by Sunghoon’s presence. He never think Sunghoon will go to this kind of place.

“I come here to meet you, hyung. What are you doing in this nightclub anyway,hyung? It’s really not you.” Sunghoon is forcing himself to be calm.

“Huh, nothing. It’s not your business anyway.” To Sunghoon surprise, Jiwon’s response is so cold, and Jiwon doesn’t even bother to look at Sunghoon eyes.

“What do you mean it’s not my business?” Sunghoon still in struggle keeping his tone calm although deep inside has he been resentful and hurt.

“Yeah, it’s not my business. You’re nothing to me, Sunghoon. So, just mind your own business his tone of speaking. He looks so angry and pissed, but his eyes show something different.

Sunghoon notices it and he knew something is wrong.

“You can’t fool me, Jiwon hyung. I know you better than yourself. Now tell me what’s going on.” Sunghoon’s gaze has become softer. He knows Jiwon so much until he can even read the sudden change of Jiwon’s expression. And right now, Jiwon’s expression shows gloom.

“What are you, a psychic? Stop pretending you know me so much when you know nothing!” Jiwon yells in frustration. But Sunghoon hasn’t given in yet. Just as the situation becomes hotter, the red outfit lady comes.

“What’s the matter Matthew? And who is this guy?” The lady is now standing behind Jiwon while giving him a back hug.

“Nothing happens. I don’t know this guy. Let’s go, Soo yeonah. My mood is now ruined.” By then, Jiwon and Soo yeon, the red outfit lady, leaving Sunghoon behind. What Jiwon just said really hurt his heart, but he restrains himself from crying.

“Although how many times you deny it, it still remains a fact that I know you better than yourself. You said you don’t know,right? I’ll show you who am I. I show you who is your soulmate, Kang Sunghoon.”

You the one who crushed my boundaries
Reveal how great the world can be
And release my desire to own dreams
As we always interlink our hands
I have no fear in trailing your path
And ignore how fate sways our steps

“Matthew, how long have you been waiting for me?” Sooyeon just come and sits beside Jiwon. They are now at the school canteen.

“Um, not too long. Maybe, one hour?” Jiwon smiles cheekily.

“One hour? Oh my I’m sorry you have to wait this long.” Soo yeon shows her concern. Jiwon that keeps on staring at Sooyeon face just smile.

“It’s okay. Even if I have to wait for thousand years for you, I would be more than willing.” Jiwon then winks at Sooyeon. It is welcomed by a small hit on his shoulder.

“You’re so cheesy, Wonnie.” Sooyeon chuckles at Jiwon’s saying.

“Cheesy is my middle name, don’t you know?”

“Haha yeah now I know what nickname I will call you.” Sooyeon is now smiling cheekily.

“What is it? What nickname?” Jiwon I curious about it.

“My cheesy Wonnie. Isn’t it cute?” Sooyeon is now rubbing Jiwon’s cheek with affection.

“Huh, why does my nickname sound ugly? Don’t want it.” Now Jiwon pretending to be annoyed.

“Haha so what do you want? What nickname that suit you?” Sooyeon is now thinking hard.

“Just call him blacky woonie or ugly woonie, he wouldn’t mind.” From nowhere. Sunghoon shows up and force himself to sit between Jiwon and Sooyeon. Jiwon and Sooyeon is taken a back and move an inch.

“Oh, I know what suits him the most. Wonnie the pooh. It’s cute right?” Now Sunghoon is grabbing Jiwon’s spoon and eating Jiwon’s meal.

“Hahaha, yes. Wonnie the pooh. I like it!” Sooyeon is laughing so hard hearing Sunghoon’s suggestion. Sunghoon smiles as he is proud by his random ideas. But Jiwon that see all of that is not pleased.

“Huh, Sunghoon. What are you doing here? Why are you disturbing my date?” says Jiwon with a stern look.

“Nothing, just bored. And hungry. Noona, would you mind if I join you guys?” Sunghoon is looking at Sooyeon’s face with his adorable puppy eyes. Sooyeon seems to be attracted by Sunghoon’s cuteness as she begins smiling.

“Sure! Go ahead. There’s still plenty room to sit.” Sooyeon’s answer making Sunghoon feels satisfied with his plan.

“What? No way! Huh Sooyeon, it’s suppose to be just two of us. We’re on a date, remember?” Jiwon is in disbelief by how Sooyeon agrees to Sunghoon.

“Noona, I’m so sorry. It’s just all my friends have got some assignment to work on and I am just the one who is free.” Sunghoon is still staring at Sooyeon with his trademark puppy eyes and cute pouting lips. Sooyeon can’t resist his cuteness as she is now ruffling Sunghoon’s eyes while chuckling.

“Hey don’t lie! You don’t even have any friends.” Jiwon is now pissed off.

“How did you know? At the club you said you don’t know me.” Sunghoon’s response is making Jiwon’s baffled. He doesn’t know how to react. He is lost.

‘As I said before hyung, I’ll show you who is Kang Sunghoon. The stubborn boy that will do anything to get what he wants. And right now what he wants is you. I’ll make sure you’ll come back to me.’ Sunghoon is now smirking at his thought. He believes that it’s just a matter of time for Jiwon to opens up the truth. And maybe, in the mean time he can finds out more about Jiwon’s dark past.

The fear of losing your presence
Lashing out my peaceful night
The thought of we break apart
Crippling my days of blissfulness
I keep praying to God
That our life entangled forever


Part 9

“Sunghoonah, what are we doing here?” Hoyoung pats Sunghoon’s shoulder to ask him.

“Sshh, be quiet or they will hear you.” Sunghoon turns his head, puts his index finger on his lips signaling Hoyoung to be quiet.

“They, who are they?” Hoyoung pats Sunghoon’s shoulder again, still doesn’t give in his curiosity. He thinks it is weird how he is now hiding behind wall while peeping someone he doesn’t even know.

“Ishh of course Jiwon hyung and his girlfriend. Who else?” Sunghoon is annoyed by Hoyoung lack of sense. He doesn’t bother to turn his head again till he feels someone pats his shoulder again.

“Aissh what again Hoyoungah? You will make us get caught by them!” Sunghoon just turns his head to scold Hoyoung when he just realizes that the one who pats him this time is not Hoyoung.

“Ah, noona!” Sunghoon is surprised by meeting Sooyeon, the one who he intend to stalk.

“Haha, why did you seem so startled? And who did you mean by them?” Sooyeon chuckles at Sunghoon’s reaction.

“Ah, um, nothing.. Definitely not you!” Sunghoon can’t put his words together and it’s just giving Sooyeon a reason to be suspicious.

“I know it, haha. You are stalking me and Matthew, right?” Sooyeon’s assumption leads Sunghoon to panick.

“Ah, sorry Soyeon noona, I didn’t mean anything.” Sunghoon looks down in embarrassment.

“Haha, it’s okay. But why are you stalking us anyway? You can just talk if you want to get on with us.” Sooyeon smiles at Sunghoon. She just can’t resist Sunghoon cuteness, especially when he is embarrased like this.

“No way! Jiwon hyung will shoo me away.” Sunghoon pouts making Sooyeon pinch his chubby cheeks. Sunghoon then grimaces over the pain.

“Aisshh, noona. It’s hurt.” Sooyeon just chuckles at Sunghoon’s expression now.

“Sorry, you’re just too cute haha. And what makes you think Matthew will shoo you away? He couldn’t resist your cuteness, let alone shoo you. So, do you want to come with us, Sunghoonah?” Sooyeon smiles at Sunghoon. Sunghoon hesitates to accept Sooyeon’s offer because he’s simply scared if Jiwon will hate him evenmore. But then he think it’s no use if he just goes silent like this. If he should take a risk, he’ll do it, just for Jiwon’s sake.

“Okay, I’ll come, Noona.” Sunghoon switches his worried expression to sweet adorable smile. Sooyeon can’t help but smiling back.

“Okay, meet us at school, 22nd, at 5 pm.”

“Sunghoon, but isn’t 22nd is your..” Hoyoung that has been silent for minutes just has a chance to open up his mouth when Sunghoon suddenly put his hand closing Hoyoung’s mouth.

“what is it Sunghoonah? Do you have some plan that day?”Sooyeon asks curiously

“Ah, nothing Noona. There’s nothing special that day.”Sunghoon still grabbing Hoyoung’s mouth signaling him to stay quiet.

“Okay, then. I’ve got to go now, Sunghoonah. See you later.” By this, Sooyeon leaves Sunghoon and Hoyoung alone. Sunghoon let go his hand from Hoyoung.

“Aissh, what did you do that, Sunghoon? You make me look like fool.” Hoyoung can’t hide his annoyance for what Sunghoon just did. How can Sunghoon dare to treat him like that?

“And it’s not like what I was going to say is wrong, I’d say the truth.” Hoyoung still trying to let go of his anger. He is displeased, really displeased.

“I’m sorry Hoyoungah. It’s just this is a good chance for me to be back with Jiwon hyung.” Sunghoon feels sorry the way he treated Hoyoung minutes ago.

“What! You still want to be back with that guy after what he has done? Are you out of your mind?” Hoyoung is in disbelief by how naive Sunghoon is. How can Sunghoon still want to go back with Jiwon when Jiwon just treated him like shit?

“Yes, I’m out of my mind. And I will still be until Jiwon hyung surrender.” Sunghoon says that with a smirk, sending Hoyoung shivers.

“What do you mean surrender? I don’t get it?” Hoyoung is perplexed by Sunghoon’s sudden change. His gaze looks different, not the soft delicate Sunghoon he used to speak.

“Yes, he will surrender. By then I will get answers of everything I’ve been curious of him, and in addition he will go back to be the Jiwon hyung I know, my soulmate.” Sunghoon is smiling now, but not a cute tender smile he used to make, but a strong smile that shows his determination, confident, yet sadness. Although how positive Sunghoon trying to be, he still has doubt over his relationship with Jiwon. He doesn’t know if his plan to fix his relation with Jiwon will work.

“So, Hoyoung, do you want to come too?” Hoyoung’s been silent for a minute. He hesitates for a while and sigh.

“You can’t be save by going there alone. I’ll come.” With that, Sunghoon gives off his cute smile to Hoyoung. He feels thankful to find friend as nice as Hoyoung, especially when his relationship with Jiwon hasn’t been working really well.


February 22 1994

“Sunghoon, is this really a good idea? You know how scary Jiwon hyung is when he is pissed off.” Hoyoung shows his concern expression. He looks so worried.

“Just count on me. I’ll make sure he doesn’t do any harm to you.” Sunghoon gives an assuring smile, although deep inside he is indeed worried.

“There’s still time to cancel this plan, Sunghoonah. Let’s just go somewhere else. I can buy you some meal, if you want.” Hoyoung still trying to pursue Sunghoon to cancel the plan. He makes his worried expression again.

“It’s okay, I’m not hungry anymore. Let’s just go there and finish it.” Sunghoon is still sticking to his plan. He then walking to the destined place followed by Hoyoung. Hoyoung just sigh but the weird thing is there’s a trace of sudden change of expression on his face. He looks annoyed.


“What are we waiting for,Sooyeonah? Let’s enter the cinema. It’s so hot here.” Jiwon is whining towards his new girlfriend and his first crush, Lee Sooyeon. Right now they are waiting outside the cinema, under a bright fierce sunlight that burns Jiwon’s skin. They have been waiting for 30 minutes, enough to make Jiwon annoyed.

“Just wait a minute, they’ll be here.” Sooyeon is now worried. She’s afraid that they get lost or something happens towards them.

“Who are they? And why are they butting in our date?” That’s actually what makes Jiwon annoyed. He feels he never have a chance to have a proper date with Sooyeon. There’s always people that disturb their date, it includes Sunghoon. Just then, Sooyeon notices something from a far , smiles, and waves her hand.

“There they are. Come here.” Sooyeon’s signaling them by hand. They seems to find Sooyeon’s whereabout and running towards her. Just then Jiwon notices familiar faces.

“Sunghoon? What are you doing here?” Jiwon is baffled by Sunghoon’s presence. He doesn’t know how Sunghoon got information of him dating Sooyeon here. But, what makes him more confused is his feeling. He usually feels annoyed by all people that disturb him, especially during his date. But with Sunghoon, he feels relieved and thrilled. It’s been a week he avoid Sunghoon, and it’s making Jiwon feels empty. He misses all the moment of him and Sunghoon, even dreaming about him. He really love spending time with Sunghoon, but he knows he shouldn’t be selfish. He then change his expression of relieved to annoyance. But too late, Sunghoon has already noticed his relief. He smiles.

“Jiwon hyung, hi! Long time no see.” Sunghoon gives his most endearing smile to Jiwon. Jiwon is perplex by how bright Sunghoon is, but he still able to maintain his hard expression.

“You haven’t answered me, what are you doing butting in my date?” Jiwon raises his tone to scare Sunghoon but Sunghoon remains calm.

“Sooyeon noona offers me to join you guys, so I accept her offer.” Sunghoon shift his gaze to Sooyeon. He wants Sooyeon’s help.

“Yes, Matthew. I’m the one who ask him to join us. I think it will be fun. So, you wouldn’t mind, right?” Sooyeon gives her best smile. She knows Jiwon loves her so much that he will do anything for her sake, including letting them join their date.

“Ugh, but.. Huh, alright, they can come.” Jiwon shows his dissatisfied expression. But, deep inside his heart, he feels happy.

“Yey, thankyou Jiwon hyung.” Sunghoon unconsciously hugging Jiwon in joy. Jiwon is taken aback by Sunghoon’s sudden move but he just let him be. He actually misses Sunghoon’s hug and this hug just brighten up his mood. Sunghoon that see how Jiwon remains calm by his hugging feels relieved. He thinks that he is getting near to success.

“Okay then, let’s go in.” Sooyeon leads the group to enter the cinema. Sooyeon herself has ordered four ticket of Night of Demons 2. It is her favorite movie and Jiwon and her has agreed to watch it. But, unfortunately Sunghoon and Hoyoung have no idea what movie they will watch. Just as they enter the cinema, Sunghoon sees the Night of Demons 2 poster and he hides behind Hoyoung.

“What’s the matter, Sunghoonah?” Hoyoung is confused by Sunghoon’s sudden change.

“Ah, it’s just, the poster looks scary.” Sunghoon can’t hide his fear. He detest horror movie so much, and all the things related to ghost and something frightening. He even peed his pants when he was told by his sister that there was a monster living under the bed. He ran towards his mother bedroom and slept in there for a week.

“Haha, you couldn’t watch the movie then. Don’t you know that we’re going to watch it?” Jiwon chuckles at Sunghoon.

“What, we’re going to watch it? Noona, why didn’t you tell me?” Sunghoon is aghast.

“Ah, sorry Sunghoonah. I don’t know that you don’t like horror movie. How about we just change the ticket to something else?”

“What, no way! We have planned it before. It’s his fault to not be able to watch it. He’s still a baby boy then.” Jiwon’s stare shows dissatisfaction. Night of Demons 2 is also his favorite movie.

“What? Baby boy? I am not a baby boy!” Sunghoon is angry at Jiwon’s remark. He doesn’t like to be called that way. He always think of himself as the most mature and responsible boy from his age. In conclusion, he is really proud of himself and doesn’t want anybody to talk otherwise.

“Yeah, of course you are baby boy. If not, you can handle this kind of movie.” Jiwon is now enjoying how he teases Sunghoon. He just like seeing Sunghoon’s mad expression. Sunghoon looks so cute when he is mad.

“Who said I can’t handle this movie? I will watch this movie. I will watch it till the end.” Sunghoon is now burning by his ambition. He doesn’t want to lost. He will show Jiwon  that he is indeed a real man.

“Haha, okay then. Let’s just do some betting. If you can get yourself to watch the entire movie without afraid, I’ll let you join our dating forever. But if you can’t, you have to leave me and Sooyeon alone, forever too.” Jiwon is confident of his betting.

“Okay,deal!” By then Jiwon and Sunghoon finishes his argument. Sooyeon and Hoyoung that were watching it just shaking their head. They amused by how childish Jiwon and Sunghoon can be. They straightly enter the cinema and to their relief, the movie has just started. They find their seat and Sunghoon’s seat is in the edge, the pathway on the left and Jiwon’s seat on the right. Sunghoon is happy to be able sit near Jiwon. Jiwon realized Sunghoon’s seat and he smirks.

“Haha, is your life always this unlucky?” Jiwon starts his teasing again.

“Unlucky? What do you mean?” Sunghoon turns his head to Jiwon.

“Yeah, you just got the most uncomfortable sit for watching horror movie.” Jiwon cheekily smiles.

“Why does this count uncomfortable?” Sunghoon is puzzled by Jiwon’s statement.

“I don’t want to scare you, but I had heard a story from a friend regarding this seat.”

“What story? Stop beating on the bush.” Sunghoon is really curious of Jiwon’s saying.

“Uh, I don’t want to scare you.” Jiwon shows a fake concern.

“What? Tell me, tell me!” Sunghoon is urging Jiwon to tell him.

“Okay if you insist. My friend told me that he used to sit on the edge where beside him is the pathway while he was watching horror movie. He was really serious while watching it that he didn’t realize that it had been long for a long black haired woman standing beside him. She was smiling at him during the entire movie. Just as my friend turn his head owards this woman, the woman disappears. My friend said that the woman looks like a ghost of the movie he watched. After he finished watching, he went home and he felt that someone was following him. He turn his head and found the ghost woman he saw in the cinema.” Jiwon is telling the fake story to Sunghoon seriously and pause for a moment.

He pays attention to Sunghoon’s face and now Sunghoon’s face is so pale in fear.

“What happened to your friend?” Sunghoon’s asking curiously.

“I don’t know. He just passed out. Later he found himself in bed at the hospital.” Jiwon smiles cheekily at Sunghoon. He knows that Sunghoon is really afraid by how terrified and pale his face is.

“Why are you doing this to me?Why are you scaring me like that?” Sunghoon is mad at Jiwon now. He is so afraid and can’t look at the pathway. He just look at Jiwon.

“You insisted me to tell you. If you can’t watch it, just go and watch your kiddie safe for child movie.” Jiwon is smirking at Sunghoon.

“No way, I won’t leave!”

“Okay, it’s up to you. Now stop bothering me and let me watch this movie.” By then, Jiwon turns his head to the screen while Sunghoon slumps his body and fearfully look at the screen. He moves closer to Jiwon and doesn’t dare to see the pathway beside him. Sunghoon pays attention to the movie for minute. Just then, the scary scene come making Sunghoon’s surprised and clutching Jiwon’s arm. He then hides his face on Jiwon’s shoulder.

“Hey, what are you doing with my arm? Get off.” Jiwon is struggling to get Sunghoon away from his body but that just makes Sunghoon’s grip tighter.

“No way, I won’t let go.” Sunghoon is still hiding his face on Jiwon’s shoulder and clutching Jiwon’s arm.

“Hey, we have betting, you know? So, are you declaring that you’ve lost?” By that question, Sunghoon let go of Jiwon’s arm and turn his gaze to the screen.

“No, I haven’t lost.” Sunghoon eyes full of determination as he pays attention to the movie seriously. Jiwon that see it just chuckles. Fifteen minutes has passed and Sunghoon is still holding himself to watch the movie.

“Haha, see, I’m not afraid.” Sunghoon smiles proudly at Jiwon while Jiwon just rolls his eyes. Even when the scary scene appears again, Sunghoon still lock his gaze to the screen. Sometimes he let out a small scream, but that’s just it. Seeing how Sunghoon becomes more brave, Jiwon is now worried that he will lost the betting. Just then, his eyes spark as he find a new idea on making him win. He move his arm at the back of Sunghoon and sneakily poke Sunghoon ‘s left shoulder. Sunghoon turn his head and find no one on his left.

“Jiwon hyung? Did you poke me?” Sunghoon turn his head to Jiwon.

“What, poke you? I didn’t do anything.” Jiwon forces his face to remain serious.

“It’s weird, I feel like someone is poking my left shoulder.” Sunghoon is now confused.

“Don’t be funny, Kang Sunghoon. I’m on your right, how could I poke your left shoulder. Now stop bothering me and let me finish this movie.” Sunghoon is puzzled by this event.

He then brush it out and concentrate on the movie. Just then, he feels someone poking his left shoulder again.

“Hey, Jiwon hyung! You poke my shoulder, right?” Sunghoon can’t think of anything except Jiwon being the culprit.

“Hey, I just told you. I didn’t poke your g*damn shoulder. So stop being sensitive and just enjoy the movie.” Jiwon shows his annoyed expression when the truth is he’s in struggle to hold his laughter. Now Sunghoon is scared and remind of Jiwon’s scary story. He is now slumping on his seat trembling with fear. He doesn’t dare to see his left or the screen. He just looks down to his feet struggling to get the memory of Jiwon’s story away from his head. Just then, he feels someone pokes his shoulder again and when he turn his head to Jiwon he screams.

“AHH JIWON HYUNG!” Sunghoon screams at the top of his lungs, making all the people inside the cinema shift their gaze towards him and Jiwon. Jiwon realizes that he’s now in the center of attention. Sunghoon himself screamed at the face that Jiwon made. Jiwon was flashing his torch below his face in the darkness and made a spooky gaze, making Sunghoon surprised and yelled at Jiwon.

“Hey why did you scream? You’re making me embarrassed.” Jiwon just finish saying sorry to everyone on his back when he turn his head to Sunghoon and sees his most hated scene, Sunghoon’s crying.

“What? Are you crying now? Why are you crying? I’m just joking you know.” Sunghoon is taken aback by Sunghoon’s crying when suddenly Sunghoon hugs Jiwon and burry his head on Jiwon’s chest. He is now weeping in fear. After seeing it, Jiwon’s expression change. There’s a trace of sadness and guilt beneath his face.

‘I make him cry. I make him cry again.’ By then, Jiwon carreses Sunghoon’s back and ruffles his hair.

‘I have broken my promise, my promise to not make you cry again. I’m sorry Hoonah.’ Jiwon feels ache all over his body. Seeing Sunghoon cry, especially him being the cause of it, is what Jiwon hates the most. He hates to be the reason of all his beloved people suffering, not just Sunghoon, but also the late Sunghoon’s cousin, Moon Heejun.

Human’s relation is such a mystery
And also the word love itself
Now I begin to wonder if love relate to fate
And how their work is similar
As I observe how my life and yours
Are meant to be together


Part 10

“Now, is there anyone here can tell me what had exactly happened?” Jiwon and Sunghoon sit side by side while Sooyeon sits across their chair with a stern look. They are now in the foodcourt of the mall in which the cinema is located. She is now interrogating both of them seriously while they have remained quiet for a few minutes.

“So no one want to speak, huh? Okay then, I leave now!” Sooyeon gets up pretending to leave when Jiwon reaches her hand signaling her to stay.

“Please don’t leave.” Jiwon is giving his best puppy eye with adorable pouting while in his head he does curse himself for that .

“Yeah, noona. Don’t leave us! I won’t be safe with him.” Sunghoon points Jiwon and it straightly answered by murderous stare of Jiwon. Sunghoon sees that and pretend to be scared in front of Sooyeon.

“Hey, Matthew! Why are looking at Sunghoon like that?” Sooyeon is now angry at Jiwon.

“He’s always like this to me Noona. You don’t know that he often bullies me at school.” Sunghoon shows his fake depressed expression.

“What? No I don’t!” Jiwon is furious by Sunghoon’s defamation towards him.

“What? Does Matthew really bully you? Bad, bad Matthew!” Sooyeon is concern with Sunghoon and shift her gaze to Jiwon.

“Yes, bad, bad Matthew!” Sunghoon turn his head to mock Jiwon too.

“No, he’s lying Sooyeonah. Hey Kang Sunghoon, stop defaming me and why did you dare calling me by my name? I’m older than you!” Jiwon’s still in disbelief that now Sunghoon is the one who pisses him off. He even see Sunghoon lightly smirks at him.

“So what if you’re older? We’re in America anyway so Sunghoon is not required to call you hyung. And although you’re older you don’t act that way.” Sooyeon is still angry and stand on Sunghoon’s side.

“Noona is right! I don’t have to call you hyung, Matthew!” Sunghoon smirks at Sooyeon’s defend. He feels he has won from Jiwon.

“Ugh, why do you defend him, Sooyeonah? I’m your boyfriend, not him!”

“I won’t call you my boyfriend if you don’t tell me what had exactly happened at the cinema. You know that now our relationship is in your hand.” Sooyeon is now threatening Jiwon.

Jiwon is taken aback by what Sooyeon had said.

“Okay, okay. I admit. It is my fault. I was scaring him during the movie and he cried because of it. But it is because he didn’t stop bothering me and mocking me during the entire movie.”

Now Sunghoon is the one who being surprised.

“What? I didn’t mock you and bother you. He’s lying noona. Matthew is lying!” Sunghoon is baffled at Jiwon’s sudden attack.

“Don’t pretend to be innocent. Just because you act like baby boy and has a face of five years old toodler it doesn’t mean you can get away with this. I saw it by myself how rude were you to me during the movie.” Jiwon lets out a small smirk for his teasing.

“What? Baby boy? Face of toodler? Hey Matthew you’re so rude now!” Sunghoon is now standing up and shows his furious face.

“You’re the one who started it first! And it’s a well-known fact that you look like toodler and act like one.” Jiwon stands up too and sticks his tongue out at Sunghoon.

“At least I look young, not like you that have already had wrinkles on your face and that big gigantic eyebag. Are you cosplaying panda now?”Sunghoon sticks his tongue out too in return.

“What, panda? If I’m panda than guess what, you’re not more than a puppy!”

“What, puppy? Is that the best you can think of?” Hoyoung who has been so quiet voices out his opinion and rolls his eyes.

“Huh, um, it’s not cute or ordinary puppy. Um, it’s stray puppy. Yes, you look like stray puppy!” Hearing that just make Hoyoung face palm. He shares the look with Sooyeon signaling her to end this nonsense.

“Okay, stop arguing you people! Now I have conclude that you both are in fault. So now shake hand and say sorry to each other.” Sooyeon can’t stand all this unclear argument and decide to step in.

“What? No way!” Jiwon and Sunghoon answer in unison and that make Sooyeon just shakes her head. Suddenly, she gets an idea.

“Okay, if you won’t make up, you have to take a stroll in this mall for two hours before coming back here. We won’t accept you guys if you don’t do my request.” Sooyeon smiles cheekily at both of them.

“What? Stroll together? For two hours? No way!” Jiwon abruptly refuse when Sunghoon suddenly speaks.

“Okay! We’ll do it! Come on Jiwon hyung! Let’s go for a walk! See you Noona and Hoyoung!” Sunghoon switches his annoyed expression to excitement in no time. Sooyeon and Hoyoung just amuses at what in sight. Right now Sunghoon is pulling Jiwon’s arm that is welcome by refusal from Jiwon. Jiwon struggles to remove Sunghoon’s grasp but Sunghoon just seems too strong. So now Jiwon is being pulled by Sunghoon while Jiwon still keeps on resisting on going.

“Noona, will they be okay?” Hoyoung turn his head to noona and ask.

“I don’t know. I don’t know, Hoyoungah.” Sooyeon just sigh. She doesn’t know that dating can be this tiring. It’s like bringing three kids with two being the trouble maker and one being so quiet until that sometimes you forget he exists.


“Jiwon hyung! Walk faster or we will run out of time!” Sunghoon turns his back and find Jiwon is in struggling to carry all the shopping bag.

“Hey, it supposes to be punishment for us but you seems enjoying it too much.”

“Yes, I’m enjoying everything related with you. Even our fight hours ago.” Sunghoon winks at Jiwon making Jiwon unconsciously smile.

“Haha. You smile! Jiwon hyung smiles at me!” Sunghoon celebrates his excitement with dancing randomnly in the way.

“Hey, Hoonah. Stop it. You’re making me embarrassed.” Jiwon shows his annoyed expression while deep inside he can resist Sunghoon’s cuteness.

“Haha sorry hyung. It’s just I’m really happy that we can be close again.” Sunghoon shows his adorable smile making Jiwon ruffles Sunghoon’s hair and smiles back. Jiwon just want to say something when suddenly

“Hey Kang Sunghoon! Where are you going?” Jiwon runs following Sunghoon.

“Jiwon hyung! Come here!” Sunghoon just stop and waving his hand at Jiwon. Right now he is standing beside a claw machine. His eyes’ sparkling.

“Huh. Why did you have to run? I’m tired now.” Jiwon bend down his knees to catch some breath.

“Look! There is a Pikachu here.” Sunghoon points inside the claw machine.

“Pikachu? You mean Pikachu doll, right?” Jiwon walks towards Sunghoon and stares at Sunghoon and the Pikachu doll. He sees how Sunghoon’s eyes attaches to the Pikachu doll and seems in awe with it.

“Do you want this Pikachu?” Jiwon just grasps the situation now. He knows that Sunghoon wants the doll.

“Yes, I want it. I want it so much!” Sunghoon nods excitedly. Jiwon then inserts some coins and begins to move the claw. In no time, he has grabbed the doll and throw it away into the container. Sunghoon takes the doll and hugging it really tightly.

“Ah, thankyou Jiwon hyung! Thankyou!” Sunghoon moves towards Jiwon and suddenly kisses Jiwon’s cheek. Jiwon is blushing and his cheek turns red. He then stares at Sunghoon that still being excited over his new Pikachu doll. Sunghoon turns around and starts singing Pikachu song and dancing cheerfully. Jiwon smiles at Sunghoon and stares at Sunghoon’s bright face. But his smile doesn’t last long. Suddenly, a glimpse of painful memories swarms over his head.

“Jiwon hyung! Look at me!”

“Hey Heejunah! What are you wearing haha. You’re so funny!”

“Huh, it’s a limited edition of Pikachu hat. Aren’t I cute with this hat?”

“What, cute? Haha you’re not cute, you’re hilarious haha!”

“Pika pika pika pika Pikachu! How about this, now I’m cute, right? Pika pika”

“Haha stop it okay okay I admit you are cute, Heejunah. Now stop dancing strangely like that.”

“Okay! Pika pika”

“Haha stop it!”

“Sunghoon, let’s go back. It’s been two hours already.” Jiwon says at Sunghoon without looking at him, he just straightly walk few steps.

“Wait for me, Jiwon hyung!” Sunghoon runs towards Jiwon and walk beside Jiwon.

“Jiwon hyung, isn’t this doll cute? Pika pika.” Sunghoon moves his doll in front of Jiwon while making Pikachu’s sound. Jiwon just keeps staring on the ground.

“Hey, Jiwon hyung. Look at this. Don’t look at the ground. This doll is so cute. Pika pika.” Sunghoon pokes Jiwon’s shoulder and playing the doll in front of Jiwon’s eyes.

“Just stop it Sunghoonah. I’m not in the mood right now.”

“Why? You should see this Pikachu. It’s so cute.” Sunghoon is still moving the Pikachu doll.

“Just stop it, Sunghoon.”

“Just look at this for a moment, hyung. Pika pika.”

“Just stop playing that g*damn doll, Moon Heejun!” Jiwon let out his anger and yells at Sunghoon. Sunghoon is taken aback by Jiwon’s sudden change.

“I’m sorry, Jiwon hyung. I didn’t mean it. ” Sunghoon is in the verge of crying. Seeing Sunghoon’s cry, Jiwon’s eyes soften. But the painful memories keep coming back and giving Jiwon a headache. Jiwon touch his head to reduce the aches.

“Jiwon hyung, are you okay? What should I do to help you?” Sunghoon wipes his tears and concerns with Jiwon’s condition now.

“What should you do, huh? You should stop cosplaying My Heejun for f*ck’s sake!”

“My Heejun?” Sunghoon is perplexed by Jiwon’s answer. He has heard his cousin’s name been spoken twice by Jiwon. He suddenly remember Jiwon’s story of one of his dearest friend on the first day Jiwon and him meet. He begins to connect all the pieces of plot he got until he come into a conclusion that Jiwon’s lost friend is no other than Moon Heejun, his cousin.

His down syndrome cousin that has been suffered heart defects since birth, and died because of it.

I believe love come in different sense
And human the one who illustrates it
It feels wrong to confine the meaning of love
As even soulmate comes in different shape
Although no one knows its provision
Yet we’ll find them in the right time


Part 11

“My Heejun?” A plenty of questions stuffing Sunghoon’s mind. He tries to connect all the information he get and waits for Jiwon’s confirmation.

“Huh, nothing. You don’t need to know.” Jiwon is baffled now. He just shows the tiny bits of his deepest secret to Sunghoon, the one that he want the least to know.

“My Heejun, Moon Heejun, Is it the same person that I know? It is my cousin that you’re talking about, right?” Sunghoon is tired of beating on the bush. He has been wanting to unfold Jiwon’s scars for months. He straightly ask to the point.

“So what if he is your cousin? It’s not like your bussiness anyway!” Jiwon raises his tone in anger. His headache is still there, and his heart has been unease with Sunghoon’s question.

“It’s certainly my business because it includes two of my beloved people, Heejun and you!”Sunghoon doesn’t want to lose. His mind is firm to unwrap Jiwon’s hidden secret.

“I care for you and I don’t want you to suffer alone. Now tell me your problem, Jiwon hyung.” Sunghoon eyes soften at Jiwon’s sight. His eyes show deep concern towards Jiwon. Jiwon looks and pays attention at Sunghoon’s eyes. And in his confusion, he finds peace and warmness from Sunghoon’s eyes. He feels attracted by the serenity and assureness that is captured in Sunghoon’s eyes, and unconciously has he locked his gaze to Sunghoon.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what to do, Hoonah.” Jiwon lets out all his detained feeling and sorrow. His eyes has drained tears that filled his eyes. Suddenly, Sunghoon pulls Jiwon into his hug. He carresses Jiwon’s back while Jiwon burries his head in Sunghoon’s chest. Minutes has past, yet both of them are still lost in the world they created. The warmness and cozy feeling wrapping their cold body, erasing all the uneased thought that used to binding Jiwon’s mind. They are now enjoying the moment, on how their body attach to each other, on how serene feeling is formed, and on how the universe seems harmonising their feeling as a peaceful silent surrounds them. There has been no words come out their mouth, just a small breath that is heard. It’s like they invented a new way of communicate, not by letting few words come out to do the work, but by just using their body heat do they know how they both enjoying the moment. Just then, Sunghoon takes out his walkman and put one side of headset on Jiwon’s ear and other side on his. He turn on a song and starts singing along.

I just laughed over what you said
But you wouldn’t know
I like everything about you but I’m scared right now

Jiwon eyes suddenly open. He looks at Sunghoon’s eyes that’s still closed to feel the song. He pays attention to Sunghoon’s full lips that’s making some words and his tender smile that sometimes comes out showing his love towards the song. Jiwon’s eyes is now mesmerized by the beautiful sight in front of him.

Too many thoughts are blocking you
But you smile at me (I’m just thankful)
Your innocent heart is still so pretty
But I don’t know why but everything is so hard

Jiwon is now singing along with Sunghoon. Sometimes he even harmonises Sunghoon’s melody. He feels something warm about this song. It’s like he has ever heard about it before and it was considered a happy memory to him.

The world will definitely change
Our thoughts will change, think about it
It’s just hard
When you look at my warmly
I sometimes turn away
But do you feel it?
It’s not because I don’t like you

Jiwon is quiet for a moment. He wants to hear Sunghoon’s sweet voice more. The way Sunghoon is singing is so magical to his ear. A soft alluring voice manage to open Jiwon’s both ears.

He feels that his soul has been healed, just as hearing Sunghoon singing.

After meeting you, starting from some point

I started to have worries

After I started to like you

When I think of you, I only sigh

Sunghoon opens his eyes and throw his gaze to Jiwon’s feature. Although he remains silent while waiting for the next part of the song, his eyes are sparkling and wanders over Jiwon’s countenance. It’s like there’s a deep message that Sunghoon wants to convey with his eyes.

When I see your lovable eyes

My heart gets peaceful

When I’m holding your hand (I dreamed these kinds of dreams)

When you kiss my cheek, it feels like the whole world is mine

I just want to hug you like this

But there are still so many things in this world that are in front of you

Just then a tiny bits of remembrance come to Jiwon’s head. He finds that this song is surely familiar. He hears of another lullaby inside his head, not come from Sunghoon but from someone else.

Think about it, it’s just hard
All of the new things that you’ll experience
Everyone will start to turn their eyes on you
Do you know how I feel?
I don’t want to hurt your small heart
That’s what it is
Adults always tell me, there are still more things you don’t know
I just hope your innocent heart won’t change

As the song has finished, has he also found his hidden memory. This song is indeed a special song to Jiwon, because it is a song that Heejun sang the last time he met Jiwon.

“Jiwon hyung! How do you think of my voice?”

“Wow it’s amazing! You do have a great voice, Heejunah!”

“Thankyou hyung! Guess what, this is my favorite song of all time.”

“Really? This song is good, I think.”

“Good? It’s the best song in the world hyung! Why did you just say good?”

“Haha, sorry Heejunah. Yes, the song is the best!”

Jiwon just can’t take it anymore. His heartbeat becomes unstable as the distress wrapping Jiwon’s feeling again. He really want to get rid of all that remembrance, he hates to be reminded by his big mistake as he always blame himself of the death of Heejun. But everytime he does want to move on, there’s always something that bringing back those memories, and he realises how Sunghoon’s the one who does that. His expression turns sour, and then resentful. His heart is full of wrath as his mind can’t be handled and goes wild. He then let go of the hug forcefully and push Sunghoon away.

“Enough!” Jiwon yells at Sunghoon, making Sunghoon becomes more baffled.

“What’s going on, Jiwon hyung?” Sunghoon is trying to remain calm when deep inside he is hurt.

“I said enough! Enough of this nonsense you’re trying to pull!” Jiwon is still not in his right mind and let his anger prevails him.

“I can’t stand you anymore! So now leave and never come back to my life again!” Jiwon gives his deadly stare as he is fuming with rage.

“Why Jiwon hyung, why?” Sunghoon tries to hold his tears from escaping from his eyes.

“I just hate everything about you! I hate your smile, I hate your laugh, I hate your hug, and I hate how you always making me suffered on remembering your cousin, Moon Heejun!” Jiwon rants out a few words that he can think of. Hearing that, Sunghoon can’t hold it anymore and the tears is now forming.

“You’re lying to me, Jiwon hyung! You smile when I smile, you laugh when I laugh, and you hug me back.” Sunghoon stares Jiwon with his puffy red eyes.

“It’s because I often see you as Heejun, nothing more. You’re nothing to me, Kang Sunghoon. You’re just a cosplayer of my dear Heejun!” By that, Sunghoon has it enough. Still in crying, he runs away from Jiwon without speaking anything. His heart that used to be strong is now crumbling into pieces. Jiwon just looks at Sunghoon’s running, still in rage. The rage itself is not addressed to Sunghoon, In fact, from the start has it addressed to himself. Jiwon loathes himself so much. As he turns his back, suddenly a strong punch is thrown at his face.

“You b*stard! How could you hurt him like this? You really have no heart!” Jiwon’s eyesight becomes blur, but he still recognizes the face in front of him, and it’s no other than Son Hoyoung.

“Yes, I’m b*stard! I’m a lucky b*stard!” With that a punch is thrown again at Jiwon’s face. Jiwon just lets out a small chuckle.

“Are you crazy? Why are you laughing like that?” Hoyoung then grab Jiwon’s collar. To him surprise, Jiwon put his head on Hoyoung’s shoulder and crying.

“I’m messed up! I’m really messed up!” Hoyoung is taken aback by it. His gaze turns softer to Jiwon.

“If you know you’re messed up, why did you do that in the first place?”

“It’s just I’m sick of it. I’m sick to see Heejun’s shadow everytime I’m with Sunghoon. I’m sick of being remembered of my guilt over and over again.”

“What’s guilt?”Hoyoung is now curious at Jiwon’s saying.

“My guilt of letting Heejun died in my arm. My guilt of being so weak and stupid that I just do nothing to save him.” Jiwon’s confession gives Sunghoon a surprise. The thing that make him more surprise is how different Jiwon’s story and Sunghoon’s story about Heejun’s death.

“What do you mean? You have no connection to Heejun’s death, whatsoever.”

“No, I have. And that’s a fatal one.”

“Jiwon hyung! I’m here. Catch me if you can.”

“Where are you going, Heejunah? Wait for me!”

“No way! You have to catch me first haha!”

“Don’t run like that, you’ll be tired.”

“I’ll stop if you can catch me, Jiwon hyung.”

“Okay, run for your life, Heejunah!”

“You won’t be able to catch me, haha, you won’t AHH!”

“Heejunah, are you okay? That’s why you shouldn’t run like that, you ended up fall, right?”

Ugh, huh, I can’t breath hyung, ugh huh.”

“What’s the matter, Heejunah? Are you okay?”

“Ugh, huh, my chest hurts. I can’t breath. Help me Jiwon hyung, help me!”

“Ugh, what should I do. Wait here, Heejunah. I’ll ask for help.”

“Heejunah, I’m ba..Wait, Heejun wake up! Why are you sleeping like that? Heejunah wake up! Sir help me to carry him now!”

“Heejun’s death is all my fault.”

“What do you mean it’s all your fault? Heejun’s death is because of his heart defections since birth. And his condition had been worse as hi grew up and the doctor said it’s just the matter of time.”

“What? Heart defections? Since birth? How didn’t I know about that?” Jiwon is perplexed by this revelation. Never did he know that his dearest friend suffered from that deadly disease.

“Yes, because Heejun wants it to be a secret towards all his friend, and even her mom. Her mom used to leave him when he was born so she has no clue about his son’s heart defections and Heejun didn’t want to tell her either. So you’re absolutely not the cause of his death. It’s just his heart attack happened when he was with you. So stop blaming yourself and Sunghoon for that.” That moment is a huge shock to Jiwon. So all of his guilt that has been hauted him for years is false. He at once feels relieved that he is not the cause of his dear friend death, but then one problem arises. He remembers what he did to Sunghoon a while ago.

“Hoyoungah. Do you know where Sunghoon is?” Jiwon is in panicked as he remembered how rude he was to Sunghoon and how Sunghoon cried leaving him alone.

“Why did you ask me? You’re the one with Sunghoon couples of minute ago.”

“Oh yeah, my bad. Um, Hoyoungah, do you know where Sunghoon’s house is? Or where did he plan to go after this?”

“Um, I don’t really know. But he actually had to attend a birthday party at 7 pm that being held by his aunt. But I don’t think he’ll come there.”

“What? Whose birthday party?”Jiwon is baffled now.

“You didn’t know? Today is Sunghoon’s birthday. What a failed friend you are!”

“What? Is today February 22? D*mn I’m screwed up!” Jiwon scratches his head in panic.

“Yes, you’re really screwed up, hyung. But I guess you won’t be more if you find him, say sorry, wish him happy birthday, and give him present. It’s ten pm already and you’ve only got one hour and fiftynine minutes to find him.”

“Oh yeah, I still get a chance. Thankyou so much, Hoyoungah. I’ll repay your kindness later.” Just as Jiwon want to leave Hoyoung, Hoyoung intercepts him.

“Wait, are you sure you want to celebate Sunghoon’s birthday with empty hands?” Hoyoung gives Jiwon skeptical look.

“Oh yeah. I forgot. I’ll buy present for him now.”

“No use, all the stores has been closed. But don’t worry, I’ve got something for you.” With that Sunghoon shows a little black box that looks like jewelry box.

“What is this, Hoyoungah?” Jiwon is curious on what’s inside the box.

“It’s couple earrings. Inside the box there are two silver cross earing the Sunghoon likes. We went to the mall couples of day ago and Sunghoon saw this earing and said how he really like the model and ask me to buy it together. I refused him saying that boy shouldn’t wear earrings when in the truth I saved it to be my present for him.” By then Hoyoung lends the box to Jiwon. Jiwon opens the box and see a shiny glowing earrings that have cross shape.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful Hoyoungah. Thankyou so much Hoyoungah.” Jiwon is in an awe with those earrings.

“Who said I give you for free? You have to pay it, five times from the usual price.”

“What? How dare you extorting my money like that?” Jiwon is angry by Hoyoung’s request.

“There’s no such a thing is free in this world, hyung. And don’t you remember that you want to repay my kindness later? I’ll count it paid off by this. And actually I don’t think my kindness is that small that you can pay with something, but I’ll let you easy this time.” Jiwon just rolls his eyes at Hoyoung’s statement. It’s not that what Hoyoung’s saying isn’t the truth, but he is now contemplating wether meeting Hoyoung right now is indeed the best idea.

“Okay, here’s the money. And can you take the shopping bag that I left near the coffee shop? I’m in hurry now.”

“Huh, again with your request. I should have charged you more than that.” Hoyoung just rolls his eyes showing his annoyance.

“Haha sorry and thankyou again for everything, Hoyoungah!” With that Jiwon leaves Hoyoung by running. Hoyoung smiles and waves his hand. He is happy that he can help Sunghoon, his best friend. He’s no longer afraid of Danny, Tony, and Eric that forced him to destroy Sunghoon and Jiwon’s relationship. He realizes that Sunghoon and Jiwon’s relationship is too special to be disturbed, and he feels so wronged that he used to have an intention to break it.


Part 12

It has been more than one hour does Jiwon search for Sunghoon’s whereabout. Having no luck, Jiwon just give up and walk his way towards home. He intend to speak to Sunghoon tomorrow at school. Just as he arrives at his house, he finds his house so dark with no light. He is suspicious because his house will always be bright even at night because of lamps. But even inside his house is now dark. He then opens the door and find unordinary sight. A few candles is lighted and scattered on the floor. He then shift his gaze to the kitchen and sees a big candle is lighted. A big candle that is held by his longing brother, Kang Sunghoon.

Kang Sunghoon himself hasn’t noticed Jiwon’s presence as his eyes are still attached to the big candle he holds. He then let down a small humming.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Sunghoon. Happy birthday to you.”

Sunghoon sings a birthday song just by himself. Jiwon can see Sunghoon’s face clearly because of his candle and the view is not good. Sunghoon’s eyes are red and puffy and Jiwon can see tears falling down on her cheeks. Jiwon feels sad, and guilty.

“You have to be strong, Sunghoonah. You’re not baby boy as what Jiwon hyung said. You’re a brave fourteen years’ old man.” Sunghoon tries to console himself but the tears keep falling.

“Ugh, why are you still crying? I say stop!” Sunghoon is angry and sad at the same time. Jiwon that saw all of that can’t handle it anymore. He runs towards Sunghoon and gives him a backhug.

“You can cry as you want, Sunghoonah. You’re not a baby boy, you’re a real man!” Sunghoon is surprised by Jiwon’s presence. He turns his back and hugs Jiwon back.

“I’m sorry I’m really late. But happy birthday, Sunghoonah!” Jiwon still hasn’t let go his hug, even hugging him more tightly.

“It’s okay Jiwon hyung. As long that you with me, I’m happy. You’re the best present I’ve ever had in my birthday.”Sunghoon is sincere with it. He always think Jiwon is special to him, and what he adores so much.

“Don’t worry, I don’t bring just myself for the present. Here’s your present from me.” Jiwon lends Sunghoon the earing box that has been wrapped nicely by a cute wrapping paper. A wrapping paper itself is a drawing of Mickey mouse, Sunghoon’s favorite character.

“Wow so you do remember my birthday, Jiwon hyung. I open it now.” Sunghoon rips the wrapping paper, opens the box, and find a beautiful couple earrings that he has wanted a few days ago.

“Wow! It’s so beautiful! How did you know I like this type of earring, Jiwon hyung?” Sunghoon is still amuses by how pretty the earrings are.

“It’s because I know you better than yourself, Sunghoonah. Just that.” Jiwon lies and hides the fact that Hoyoung is the one who told him about it. He wants to feel special to Sunghoon.

“Haha, I think I’ve ever heard about it before. Hey, Jiwon hyung! Let’s wear it together!” Sunghoon gives Jiwon the earrings while he wears the other.

“What? No. It’s your present you should be the one who keep it all.” Jiwon refuses to wear it not just because it’s Sunghoon’s, but he is embarrassed to wear earrings.

“Couple earring wouldn’t be called couple for no reason. Come on, Jiwon hyung! Wear it!” Sunghoon lends the earring again to Jiwon.

“Ah, Sunghoon. It’s embarrassing to wear earring.” Jiwon admits that he ashamed about it.

“Aishh, it’s still my birthday now and you have refused my request?” Jiwon is baffled now at Sunghoon’s remark.

“Okay okay. Just once, I’ll wear it just once.” Jiwon puts on the earrings to both his ears. Sunghoon smiles at Jiwon.

“You look beautiful, Jiwon hyung!” Sunghoon gives his biggest grin and beaming brightly.

“The correct term is you look handsome, Sunghoonah. Handsome.” Jiwon pretends to be annoyed.

“Haha okay, you look so handsome, Jiwon hyung!” Seeing that Jiwon smiles and lets out chuckles.

“You too Sunghoonah. You are handsome with or without those earrings.” Jiwon touches Sunghoon’s earring and making his way to Sunghoon’s cheek. He carreses Sunghoon’s cheek and pinch it slightly.

“Aishh, it hurts Jiwon hyung!”

“Haha sorry. Can’t resist your cuteness.” Jiwon just smiles cheekily at Sunghoon.

“No, I won’t forgive you if you not promise something.” With that a little smirk is formed at Sunghoon’s lips.

“What promise?”

“promise me that you will keep this earrings for five years, ten years, twenty years, even more. You have to think of it as a reminder of me. So you will not miss me too much when I’m gone.” Sunghoon gives Jiwon a warm smile.

“Okay, I promise. And I will use it everytime I miss you, but I reckon I will not use it anytime because you will always beside me. You won’t go anywhere.”


March 2017

“Okay guys, so here is the coffee shop Hoony and I used to visit when we were in Hawaii, and that one are the chairs Hoony and I used to sit when we were in Hawaii, and across this building is an ice cream stand Hoony and I used to go when we were in Hawaii, and..”Jiwon is excited on telling all the sechskies member his nostalgic place in Hawaii with Sunghoon when Jaejin suddenly disturbs his tour.

“Hoamm, it’s so boring! I can’t handle it anymore!” With that Jaejin leave the members alone and go outside.

“Hey Jaejin! Where are you going? Aissh this kid always does what he wants!” Jiwon is now annoyed by how Jaejin behaves, especially how Jaejin says his story is boring.

“Haha, don’t worry hyung. He won’t go long.” Jaeduck tries to comfort his leader with smile.

“Jaejin is so lucky.” Just then Suwon speaks out of nowhere.

“What do you mean lucky?” Jaeduck is confused by Suwon’s statement.

“Yeah, he’s so lucky he can escaped from this boring tour for awhile, while we are still stucked to hear that boring story.” Actually Suwon is just saying it to Jaeduck but Jiwon hears it.

“Hey Suwon! I can hear you.” Jiwon is getting more annoyed now because of the youngest.

“But what’s Jaejin said is true, Hyung. This tour is so boring. Who is in the right mind interested in your and Sunghoon’s childhood tour? I won’t even join it if I don’t know you.” Suwon critises Jiwon more.

Jiwon’s face is now turning red. Just as Jiwon plans to tell Suwon off, Sunghoon comes back from the bathroom.

“What’s the fuss here?” Sunghoon tilts his head showing interest.

“Nothing. It’s just I told Jiwon that the tour of his childhood memories dream and sowhatever is so boring and there’s nothing special about it. That’s why Jaejin had left for refresing his mind from all of this boringness.”

Suwon strikes again and attacks Jiwon with his sharp words.

“Hey! It’s not boring at all. You’re just the one who can’t appreciate a high quality tour done by me.” Jiwon doesn’t want to lose at Suwon now.

“Haha, stop it you guys. Suwon is right. We come here not just for work, but also for vacation. So just let them do what they want and I will accompany you to do what you want. Furthermore, we can reminiscing past together and have a lot of fun.” Sunghoon gives Jiwon a delicate smile that just make all his annoyance gone.

“Yeah, I agree with Sunghoon. Let us get some free time. Me and Jaeduck are planning to do some surfing lesson at the beach. And you guys can have some alone time to date together.” Suwon winks at Jiwon and Sunghoon that’s just welcomed by Jiwon’s kick in the butt and Jaeduck’s chuckling.

“Aishh it’s hurt, hyung! You’re so rude! Hey Kang Sunghoon, teach your man some etiquette lesson because he’s definitely lack of it.” Sunghoon just laughs at Suwon’s remark. Since the reunion Suwon has been more open and his shyness has been reduced. He likes to see the new side of Suwon now, how Suwon has become more carefree and true of himself. He also like to see Suwon’s interaction with Jiwon. They are so cute when they’re bickering like that and it just tells him how Sechskies is still close with each other, even after 16 years separation.

“Hey you guys stop bickering. And Jiwon hyung, I want you to follow me somewhere.” Sunghoon shifts his gaze to Jiwon.

“Where are we going?”


“Hey Kang Sunghoon. Stop picking up random stuff like that. We’ve been here for an hour now.” Right now Jiwon and Sunghoon is inside a gift shop located near the coffee shop they visited a while ago.

Jaeduck and Suwon has gone to beach followed by Jaejin that sneakily missing and is found by Jaeduck and Suwon at the beach.

“It’s not random stuff, Jiwon hyung. They are couples necklace, couples tees, couples socks, couples keychains, couples bracelet, couples rings, and couples earring. It’s not so much and useful.” Sunghoon just shows Jiwon what’s inside his shopping bag making Jiwon perplexed.

“Hey, why are buying all of this in couple? Don’t say that you will give each of it to me.” Jiwon is still hoping that what he said isn’t the truth, but his feeling tells him otherwise.

“Sure! Who else will I give this couples thing to? I don’t want to have couples thing with anyone except you, hyung.” Sunghoon then winks and shows his flirty side to Jiwon. Jiwon is taken aback by it.

“Ewe, stop being so flirty. But we have them enough, even too much. Don’t you know that yellkies has become suspicious again with our relationship? Even international forums has been discussing about our relationship, mainly because of all the matching item we got. Thank goodness some of them think that it’s because we’re from YG and it is common to have matching items with each artist. Otherwise, they will think that you and I really have that love relationship that has been circulated since our debut.” Jiwon pouts in worry. Sunghoon sees that and pinch Jiwon’s cheek.

“Ishh, since when you are allowed to pinch my cheek?”Jiwon is slightly annoyed.

“You yourself often pinch my cheek so it is my turn. And I don’t mind if they think like that. You know what? I even check that site regularly just in case they find new evidence of our relationship, and you should know that our yellkies are so amazing. They even manage to find your awkward gaze at me. So if I want to catch you staring at me I can just read it there. Sometimes I even pretend to be a fan and ask them for more interaction.” Sunghoon smiles cheekly that is welcomed by Jiwon’s disbelief expression.

“Hey Sunghoon what have you done? What if you get caught?” Jiwon is still in disbelief by how brave Sunghoon is.

“No way they will know. Our yellkies always think that my English is elementary level thanks to you so they wouldn’t have a thought that I visits that site and watch their conversation.” Sunghoon lets out a smirk.

“Huh, it’s up to you then. I’m not responsible with it. Back to the topic. We have couples item more than enough, Sunghoonah. And you always buy me some while I buy you nothing. It’s not fair.”

“You have heard the reason, Jiwon hyung. I buy many things for you because I want to express my gratitude. I know what you’ve done can’t be measured by money and you have been filthy rich to fulfill your desire by yourself. So rather than buying you expensive gifts, I’d like to buy you something memorable, something that can make you always remember me, and remember our friendship.”

Sunghoon’s words are so beautiful that make Jiwon amaze and happy. He sometimes forget how thoughtful Sunghoon can be.

“But what I’ve done is nothing. I just do what I should do.” Jiwon still thinks that Sunghoon overatted his effort. He just did what he should do, couples of years ago.

“No. You saved me again, Jiwon hyung. Just like the first time we met. Just like the second day we lived together. And just the last time we disbanded.” Sunghoon reminds on how Jiwon used to be there when he needs him, and still beside him until today. He also remembers his dark past couples of years ago where he was tricked by a mean businessman and he had to go back and forth the court, and how Jiwon helped him until the end. In 2013, after the news of him being divorced with his wife, Jiwon came to the jail and told Sunghoon to be calm. Jiwon said that he will get Sunghoon out in no time. And what Jiwon said ended right. Jiwon hired the best lawyer in the country and some private detectives to find and gather all kinds of evidence that lead toSunghoon’s innocence. Everyday Jiwon would always visited Sunghoon and brought him all kind of food Sunghoon like and all kind of things Sunghoon need. Jiwon can be there from the moment visiting hours started until it finished. Sometimes he would sneakily come and slept outside Sunghoon’s jail just to accompany Sunghoon’s sleep. He bribed all the detainees there with some food or money so they wouldn’t tell the officer about him sneaking into the jail. He has never been caught even until Sunghoon’s innocence has been proven. He is called Eun genius not for nothing.

“Okay then. I have followed your wish. Now, you have to follow me in return.” Jiwon opens up new topic.

“Where are we going?”

“Just see.”


“Wow, your house remains the same and it’s still good.” Sunghoon amazes by how Jiwon’s house still looks good although Jiwon has leaved from there more than twenty years. Right now Sunghoon and Jiwon has been in the backyard of Jiwon’s house.

“My aunt live here now so she is the one who take care this house.”

“Oh, I see. So what exactly do you want to do here?” Sunghoon is curious by Jiwon’s plan.

“Do you remember the memory box we made before we went to Korea twenty years ago? I think we can open it by now, although it has been late ten years from the initial plan.”

“Oh yeah! I remember it. Our memory box. Let’s go, let’s open it now!” Sunghoon is excited as he remembered how he was curious about Jiwon’s letter back then. Now his curiosity can be fulfilled.

“I buried it down here. Wait a moment.” Jiwon dig out the ground under a big shady tree and find a memory box that he has buried two days ago. Sunghoon then open up the box and look for Jiwon’s letter in excitement.

“Hey easy boy easy. The letter won’t be missing anyway.” Jiwon’s trying to calm Sunghoon’s excitement and Sunghoon just smiles at it. He finally find Jiwon’s envelope and opens it straight away. What’s inside the envelope are something that give Sunghoon a surprise.

“What? Candle? You wasting your time burying this memory box just to store a candle?” Sunghoon is in confusion and disappointment. He thought it would be something heart-touching, like the poem he made for a week just to give it to Jiwon.

“Hey, don’t be mad at first. I have a reason for that.”

“What reason?” Sunghoon still has a disappointment tone in his way of speaking.

“Do you remember the first time we celebrate your birthday? The one where we had big fight and the one where you lighted candles in my house?”

“Yes, I remember.” Sunghoon is now interested by Jiwon’s explanation. He remembers all the details of that event, because it was the most memorable thing happened between him and Jiwon. It was the time they reconciled from the fight, the time Jiwon opened up all his hidden secret, and the time they promise to be with each other even when the path gone rough.

“These are small candles that I collected from that event. I melted it and forming it to become a big candle we see now. On the surface I carved the date of the event, 22-2-94. I want this candle to simbolise our friendship. I hope with all the small things that we’ve been through can make our friendship become stronger and bigger, just like this candle. I also hope if we’ve been through fight again we can recalling this memory and solves our problem just as we used to to on that date.”Jiwon’s words is so touching that make Sunghoon in the verge of crying. He than gives Jiwon a long hug and Jiwon hugs back.

“Thankyou hyung. Your letter is so good.” Sunghoon’s muttering his words as he now buries his head on Jiwon’s chest. Sunghoon lets go his hug and stares at the memory box again.

“Hyung, now it’s your turn to open my letter.” Sunghoon is excited to show his poem. He felt proud back then on how he could manage writing a really long poem.

“Umm, about that I have a confession.” Jiwon looks down in embarrasement.

“What confession?” Sunghoon is again confused.

“Actually, I have opened it five years ago because I found it under my bed. And actually, it has just been two days the memory box being buried here. It used to located under my bad because I  rought it to Korea, just in case we haven’t got a chance to go to Hawaii in 10 years time. Sorry Sunghoon.” Hearing that, Sunghoon is startled.

“What did you say? Aisshh Jiwon hyung it’s not like what I imagined. You ruined the moment.” Sunghoon is now pouting his lips signaling his dissatisfaction towards Jiwon.

“I’m so sorry Sunghoonah. I will do anything for you to forgive me.” Jiwon feels guilty because of his clumsiness.

“Hmm anything?” Just then Sunghoon shows a smirk in his face.

“Yes anything!”

“Okay, start from now you have to wear all of the couple items I’ve bought you. Try to make all the item noticeable to the fancam or other cameras, and I will do the same. Lets blow up the rumour and maybe we can win best couple award in the year end.” Sunghoon smiles cheekily and winks.


As I am wondering of the word fate
I start to show my trust on it
Because I believe that although time has passed
And life keeps on revolving
My life will always encounter yours
It is called fate



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