A Century of Love by: itscontagious

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WARNING: contains mature content

Chapter 1: Flower Boy

The middle of Pacific Ocean, more specifically Hawaii, Honolulu, was a place where Eun Jiwon had been living since last year. Jiwon had asked his parents if he could move to the States to study because he thought the school in Korea had been too unchallenging for his abilities. That was, of course, not true. At least not all of it. Jiwon had good grades in school, but that was not the reason he had wanted to leave. His parents, whose only child he was, pampered him like no tomorrow and they supported almost every decision he made, so they did not hesitate to let him leave.

The real reason Jiwon had wished to leave was him being bored of the all pampering and wanting to have a bit of space. He had always wanted to live alone without anyone disturbing him.

His parents had chosen Hawaii since it was not as far away as the mainland of USA. And Jiwon had agreed to it in a split-second. There had been no way Jiwon would had missed his opportunity.

While being in Hawaii, Jiwon had found more other interests than school and studying.

As his parents hadn’t been stalking his every move, he hadn’t had to study so hard. And the school in Hawaii was not as challenging nor interesting as the one he went to in Korea. At least that was what Jiwon thought.

Jiwon only paid attention to the subjects he liked such as science and math. In the other lessons he would just sleep if he even was there at all. He had no reason to pay attention and no one dared to wake him up. In the school he was known as the tough guy you would not like to mess with, at least when Jiwon was sleeping. He just did not have good waking up habits.

And that was the case at the moment. It had been prior to a history lesson and Jiwon had drifted to sleep before the lesson had even started. But at this time Jiwon felt someone poking him. He felt annoyed. ‘Aish, who the heck is poking me?’ Jiwon thought.

“What?!” Jiwon said clearly pissed off while opening his eyes. He was met with an unfamiliar face with clear, sparkling and round brown eyes. Jiwon jerked himself fully awake. The unknown person before him was a cute, young looking, total flower boy. Jiwon was mesmerized. ‘How can a boy be that pretty?’ he thought.

Then Jiwon noticed the confused look on The Flower Boy’s face. Jiwon hadn’t even

realized he had spoken Korean. Before Jiwon had the chance to ask the boy’s name, the history teacher started talking, and the said boy turned around in his seat to concentrate on the lesson.

Jiwon, however, instead of going back to sleep as usual, stayed completely awake. He stared at the back of The Flower Boy’s head, wondering who he was and why he hadn’t seen him before. Jiwon even payed a little attention to the teacher which was a new record for a history lesson. ‘He looks like a Korean but he didn’t seem to understand what I said earlier’, Jiwon thought.

As the lesson ended Jiwon ran after The Flower Boy who had already left the classroom. The boy didn’t seem to notice Jiwon closing the distance between them. Jiwon grasped the boy’s hand. The Flower Boy turned to look at him surprised.

“Hey, I don’t think we have been introduced yet. I’m Eun Jiwon but you can just call me Matthew”, Jiwon introduced himself while waving his hand as a greeting.

“Hi, I’m Kang Sunghoon”, the boy, Sunghoon, answered with a light voice, smiling gently.

“So you are Korean!” Jiwon exclaimed loudly in Korean. Sunghoon nodded as an answer.

“Why did you come here?” Jiwon continued in Korean curiously.

“I just wanted to experience something new. And of course to pursue my studies”, Sunghoon answered straight. Jiwon nodded. He tried to seem as sincere and friendly as he could.

“And when did you arrive?”


“Wow. So you really are new”, Jiwon exclaimed. Jiwon didn’t know why, but he felt that Sunghoon was going to become like a little brother he never had. Even though he had just met him.

“Yeah. Please take good care of me”, Sunghoon said bowing a little. Jiwon smiled ‘He really seems like a responsible kid.’ Sunghoon smiled at Jiwon brightly.

“Show me your schedule. Maybe we have more lessons together. If not, you can just call me if you need any help”,

Jiwon really didn’t know why he was offering so much. ‘It’s because he’s also Korean like me and he seems quite young’ Jiwon convinced to himself. He would never admit that his innocent eyes and cheerful smile had anything to do with it.


After that they quickly became best friends. They could always be spotted together. Everyone was perplexed as Jiwon had never before shown that much interest in someone. He did have some friends but Eun Jiwon was not the one to always be hanging out with others. He even attended school more regularly for a while after Kang Sunghoon appeared.


At the moment Sunghoon, Jiwon and their friends were together at one arcade place near their school. The place was not crowded. On the contrary it was almost empty excluding them. Jiwon was playing by one of the machines.

“Hyung! How are you always so good at these games?” Sunghoon had been watching Jiwon play from behind.

Since Sunghoon had discovered Jiwon was older, he had started to call Jiwon Hyung, as it was common way in Korea.

“I’m just the best at everything”, Jiwon replied in English grinning.

“Matthew, please, as if”, one of Jiwon’s friend shouted across the room. Jiwon cursed back as an answer. Sunghoon laughed at that. Jiwon thought Sunghoon had melodious laugh, maybe he could sing too.

“Don’t listen to them, Hun-ah. They are just jealous I’m better than them”, Jiwon said to Sunghoon a bit annoyed.

Sunghoon continued to laugh. Jiwon ended the game and rose from his seat. Sunghoon clearly wasn’t taking him seriously and his pride was hurt. Jiwon’s expression changed as he got an idea.

Sunghoon noticed the change in Jiwon, his laugh fading away.

“Hyung? What are you doing?” Sunghoon asked wearily while backing away.

“Hyung just wants to show how much he loves you”, Jiwon said in a wicked voice, walking closer to Sunghoon.

Sunghoon was starting to panic.

“No! I already know your unconditional love for me” Sunghoon answered knowing what Jiwon was about to do. Jiwon was now only a step away from him.

“You don’t even know half of it”, Jiwon replied and lunged towards Sunghoon. But he wasn’t fast enough. Sunghoon managed to dodge Jiwon and sprinted towards their friends. Sunghoon hid behind their backs.

“Guys! Save me!” Sunghoon squealed in English. First their friends laughed but when they noticed Jiwon’s expression that clearly said ‘I’ll kill you if you do’ they backed up.

“Sorry mate, no can do”, and “Wouldn’t want to be in your shoes right now”, were heard as their friends backed away from Jiwon’s path. Jiwon lunged at Sunghoon again.

This time Sunghoon was not fast enough and Jiwon managed to get a grip of Sunghoon’s arms.

Sunghoon shrieked as Jiwon started his cruel scolding for laughing at him. Merciless tickling. There was no way out of it. Sunghoon was doomed.

“Stop! Oh god, you’re worse than Jiyong!” Sunghoon pleaded. Jiwon halted for a moment.

“Who is Jiyong?” Jiwon asked Sunghoon. He didn’t know anyone named Jiyong around here. Well, it wasn’t like Jiwon knew everyone anyway.

That was something that was different between Sunghoon and him. Jiwon hasn’t ever been the social type. On the contrary Sunghoon was a real social butterfly. He made friends easily without much effort and got along with everyone.

“He’s an important friend back home in Korea”, Sunghoon answered, while using Jiwon’s momentary break to wiggle away.

“Oh”, Jiwon had forgotten the punishment and Sunghoon sighed in relief. Jiwon felt stupid. ‘Of course he has friends in Korea’ Jiwon couldn’t imagine Sunghoon without people around him. Sunghoon just attracted people to himself without even noticing it. If it was his always present smile and sparkling eyes or outgoing personality or both,

Jiwon didn’t know.

“Hyung, it’s getting quite late. I think I should leave”, Sunghoon said disturbing Jiwon’s thoughts. Jiwon looked outside. It was already dark. Jiwon didn’t feel good about letting Sunghoon walk there alone.

“Wait!” Jiwon shouted as Sunghoon turned to leave. “I’ll drive you home”, Jiwon offered. Sunghoon turned to look at Jiwon.

“I don’t want to bother you”, Sunghoon replied honestly. Jiwon shook his head.

“It’s no bother. Come on, let’s go.” Jiwon urged, walking past Sunghoon, who looked taken aback. Then Jiwon’s word sunk in and Sunghoon smiled, hurrying after Jiwon after he had waved to his friends as a goodbye.

“Thanks, Hyung!” Sunghoon said grinning as he got next to Jiwon.

“No problem, kid”, Jiwon answered as got in the car. As Sunghoon sat next to him on the passenger’s seat, he was pouting.

“Hyung! Don’t call me that”, Jiwon knew Sunghoon didn’t like being called kid, so he was teasing Sunghoon.

“Why not?” Jiwon asked trying to keep a serious expression on his face. Actually he managed it pretty well. His lips didn’t even twitch.

“I’m not any less kid than you are”, Sunghoon stuck his tongue at Jiwon in a really adorable way. Jiwon just laughed.

“Whatever you say… kid”, Jiwon said grinning happily. For Jiwon there were not many other things that beat teasing Sunghoon. But he was the only who was allowed do that.

There was no way Jiwon would let anyone else tease or hurt Sunghoon.

“I should have just walked home”, Sunghoon said sulking.

“No way”, Jiwon replied fast. They arrived Sunghoon’s home. Sunghoon made no sign of leaving. Instead he opened his mouth to speak: “You’re always driving me around. And you also help me with my science homework. If you’re gonna continue like that, we should just live together”, Sunghoon joked. Jiwon startled.

“Ya, let’s do that”, Jiwon said. Sunghoon looked at him confused.

“Do what?”

“Move together”, Jiwon said as if it was obvious.

“I was just joking, Hyung”, Sunghoon said not believing Jiwon was serious.

“I’m serious Hun-ah. Let’s live together”, Jiwon said seriously. As Sunghoon eyed him, still disbelieving, Jiwon continued: “Then everything you said will become simpler.”

“Are you serious, Hyung?” Sunghoon asked for confirmation. Jiwon smiled.

“Dead serious.” A short silence followed Jiwon’s sentence, until Sunghoon said:


“Really?” Now it was Jiwon’s turn to be surprised. His eyes were round in surprise.

Sunghoon nodded and Jiwon’s lips spread in a broad grin. Sunghoon grinned too. They really were very similar to each other.

Then Sunghoon happened to look at his watch and he noticed how late it was. Sunghoon got out of the car and turned to look at Jiwon before leaving.

“Thanks for the ride, Hyung! Can’t wait to move. Bye!” Sunghoon waved happily at Jiwon, smiling broadly. Jiwon nodded and also said “Bye!” Before driving away, while glancing at the wing mirror to see Sunghoon still waving to him. Then Jiwon could contain his grin no more and his face spread into a broad smile. The same smile didn’t leave his lips before next day.


Chapter 2: Platonic Love

“Argh, I give up!” Sunghoon had been studying for his science exam three hours already, and it didn’t seem that he had learnt anything. He just couldn’t understand any of the formulas or theories. He was totally fed up with science. He wished that he would had been old enough to study these kind of theories when he was still in Korea. In Hawaii he had lessons with youngsters older than him, and he couldn’t help finding the lessons challenging for him.

“On what? On the staring competition with your school book?” Came a sound from the location of the door. Jiwon was standing there, smiling, and watching Sunghoon sulk over his school work. Sunghoon snapped his head towards Jiwon, looking overly annoyed.

“NO. I have an exam tomorrow and I don’t understand a thing”, Sunghoon was always a good student and he got great grades but at the moment he felt like he would get his first failed result. And he didn’t want to experience that. Jiwon watched Sunghoon carefully. There was no way to guess what he was thinking.

“Make some space”, Jiwon said, coming over to Sunghoon’s side. Sunghoon turned to look at Jiwon, questioning gaze covering his face. But he moved a bit either way, to give Jiwon enough space next to him. They were in the small living room of their apartment. Jiwon sat down next to him.

“Give me those books”, Jiwon said to Sunghoon who obediently gave his science books to Jiwon. Jiwon browsed through the books quickly, while Sunghoon eyed him curiously.

Without noticing, Sunghoon started to examine Jiwon’s facial features. For the first time Sunghoon noticed just how handsome Jiwon actually was. Of course, Sunghoon had known since they met that Jiwon was good looking and attracting with his bad boy looks but this was the first time Sunghoon had studied Jiwon’s face this closely. Now he understood why the girls in their school always did a double take whenever Jiwon walked past them.

Sunghoon remembered one time when, he had only been in Hawaii for a short while, Jiwon had shown him places around the island. Some girls had come to talk to them and one of them had said that she was jealous of Sunghoon because he had such a hot boyfriend and how he was a lucky girl. Yes, they had thought Sunghoon was a girl and Jiwon was his boyfriend.

“What’re you staring at?” Jiwon asked Sunghoon when he had finished browsing through the books. Sunghoon hadn’t noticed Jiwon finishing and had just kept staring at him.

Sunghoon looked confusedly at Jiwon.

“Huh?” He said. And then he realized he had been staring at Jiwon for far too long. “No, nothing. I was just thinking”, Sunghoon said quickly.

“What?” Jiwon asked eyeing Sunghoon curiously.

“About the day when some girls thought I was your girlfriend”, Sunghoon explained. Sunghoon didn’t like being called a girl even though he was pretty looking.

“Aah, that. You’re still angry about the girl part, right?” Jiwon had found the situation very amusing when it happened. As Sunghoon didn’t respond, Jiwon continued,

“But you can do nothing to the fact that you’re prettier than any girl in the world.” Jiwon said it like a matter of fact that could not be argued against. Sunghoon didn’t know why but he blushed at the comment or more likely at the fact that Jiwon considered him really pretty. Sunghoon tried to change the subject.

“Why did you want to see my books?” He asked.

“I wanted to see what was keeping you in this same place for whole three hours. But the things in those books looked pretty easy.” Jiwon said.

“Maybe for you”, Sunghoon snorted. He knew Jiwon was good at science and had no problem in math either. But other subjects… Sunghoon knew Jiwon could have been good in every subject but he was just not interested in them and had decided to disqualify them from his life. That was something Sunghoon had tried to change since they had become friends, with little success.

Maybe it was because he was the eldest child in his family that he felt a sense of responsibility for Jiwon’s studies. Even though Jiwon was older, Sunghoon felt responsible for his grades. That was something taught to him as an older brother.

“Fortunately for you, I can help you”, Jiwon said grinning. Sunghoon looked at Jiwon with a new hope in his eyes.

“Hyung, really? Please do”, Sunghoon pleaded with his irresistible big puppy eyes. He knew Jiwon couldn’t resist his charms. Jiwon sighed.

“In one condition”, he said, eyeing Sunghoon closely.

“Anything”, Sunghoon would have done everything to get Jiwon to teach him. He leant closer to Jiwon smiling happily.

“You will promise to come with me to the beach after this”, Jiwon had watched Sunghoon struggling with his school work for too long and he wanted to make him relax a bit.

The beach would be the perfect place.

“Yes, yes, anything for you hyung!” Sunghoon said grinning, jumping to Jiwon’s arms strangling him in a tight hug. Jiwon was surprised by the sudden hug. He fell backwards from Sunghoon’s weight and they ended up one on top of the other on the floor. They both looked at each other for a second in total silence until they both burst out laughing.

“I’ll remember that, Hun-ah”, Jiwon said between laughs. “Don’t regret it”, he grinned. Sunghoon just smiled.

“Thanks again, Hyung”, Sunghoon thanked again and, for Jiwon’s surprise, pecked Jiwon’s cheek. Sunghoon smiled happily at Jiwon, who had stopped dead after the peck and was looking like a truck had hit him.

“Can we start already, Hyung?” Sunghoon asked since Jiwon hadn’t even blinked after his action.

“Huh? Start? Oh, yeah, of course. Let’s start”, Jiwon stuttered and tried to look immersed in the books, while Sunghoon did the same, following Jiwon’s lead. What Sunghoon did not see, was how Jiwon’s ears turned slightly red.

Then Jiwon turned to show Sunghoon how some formulas were used and tried his best to explain everything to Sunghoon. Sunghoon listened to every piece of information Jiwon said, even the smallest details, and tried to absorb as much information as possible.

One hour went by fast. As Jiwon looked at the clock on the wall, he shut Sunghoon’s school books right in front of Sunghoon’s nose. Sunghoon turned his head to look at Jiwon questionably.

“Hyung? Why did you that? I had everything unfinished”, Sunghoon said confused. Jiwon shook his head.

“Let’s go to the beach now”, Jiwon said standing up from his sitting position. He stretched his arms and torso since they were stiff from sitting so long.

“But I’m not ready yet”, Sunghoon protested. He thought he hadn’t learnt enough and still had to study more. Jiwon just sighed heavily.

“Come on, let’s go. You clearly need a break to relax. And I know you already know more than enough”, Jiwon hoped to convince Sunghoon. Sunghoon hesitated.

“But…” Sunghoon started.

“No buts. Come on”, Jiwon extended his arms to Sunghoon, looking at him with a pointed look. Sunghoon still hesitated for a second before he took a hold of Jiwon’s hand and let Jiwon pull him up. Jiwon smiled at Sunghoon, delighted. Sunghoon smiled slightly back. Then, not letting go of Sunghoon’s hands, Jiwon pulled him all the way to his car.

Jiwon even opened the door for Sunghoon, who in turn turned to slap Jiwon slightly in his arm for pampering him. Jiwon just smiled at him fondly.

“Get in the car. Or do I have to lift you there?” Jiwon asked, knowing Sunghoon would get in the car on his own. As he did do. Jiwon walked around the car to the driver’s side and got inside.

As he started the car the radio also turned on. Jiwon smiled, satisfied.

“Forget tomorrow’s test. Let’s have fun and enjoy”, Jiwon said turning the music louder. The song was their favorite. As Jiwon started singing along, Sunghoon couldn’t not join him. After a few songs, they were both singing along with loud voices, not caring about anything else.

After living together for a while, they had noticed that they both loved music. They even shared a few favorite songs. And while they had been talking nonstop about music, they had even realized having the same dream of becoming an artist. Since then, they had developed a habit of singing together whenever possible.

Arriving to the beach, Jiwon stopped the car and turned it off, before he got out of the car prior to Sunghoon and hurriedly walked around the car to open the door for Sunghoon. Sunghoon was in a happy mood from the drive and singing so he just got out of the car not minding. Jiwon grinned happily. He was already succeeding in his attempts.

“Let’s go surfing. The waves look nice”, Jiwon said, again taking Sunghoon’s hand and guiding him to the surfboard renting point. Sunghoon felt his heartbeat speeding up at the gesture and he tried to recall if Jiwon’s touch had always had this kind of effect on him. He didn’t understand why it felt so different from usual. Sunghoon just shrugged and decided to disregard the confusion. He knew Jiwon had wanted him to relax and have fun and that was exactly what he was going to do.

The rest of the day went by quickly. First the boys went surfing and they spent time in the water many hours. After that Jiwon paid for ice cream and sodas and they sat on the beach enjoying the food. Sunghoon was really thankful for Jiwon as he had forgotten all of the stress he had had. He had been enjoying full hundred percent of the time.

At the moment it was already dusk. Jiwon and Sunghoon were sitting next to each other and singing all their favorite songs. There were not many people at the beach. Sunghoon was leaning his head to Jiwon’s shoulder while Jiwon had his hands supporting them, the other behind Sunghoon’s back.

“Thank you, Hyung”, Sunghoon said suddenly after a comfortable silence. Jiwon turned to look at him, wondering. Sunghoon continued,

“For today. For helping me study, for bringing me here and for just being here with me.”

Jiwon raised his hand to Sunghoon’s shoulder and patted it. “Anything for you”, he said, meaning every word. They were literally closer than brothers.

“I’ll also remember that”, Sunghoon said now grinning, recalling Jiwon’s words. Jiwon slapped the back of Sunghoon’s head in a joking manner. “I guess we’re both stuck, then”, he answered smiling, not seeming bothered by the fact.

Suddenly there was a voice coming behind them. “Hello. I was just walking by and couldn’t help noticing you speaking Korean.”

The voice belonged to an about forty-looking Asian man. He had spoken Korean. He was wearing a colorful flower t-shirt and shorts.

Sunghoon and Jiwon were surprised and turned their heads to look at the unfamiliar man. After they eyed the man for a while, they shared a look. There were uncertain expressions gracing their faces. Jiwon decided to speak first.

“Who are you?” he asked, suspicious about the man. The said man just smiled apologetically.

“Aa, I’m sorry for forgetting to introduce myself. My name is Jang Sung-Wook and I’m the co-president of DSP Entertainment,” The man, Jang Sung-Wook, introduced himself.

Sunghoon looked at Jiwon, who didn’t show any signs of moving, and then stood up from his seat next to Jiwon and bowed to the elder man.

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Kang Sunghoon”, Sunghoon introduced himself politely. Then he turned to look at Jiwon with a pointed look that clearly said to do the same. Jiwon just sighed and waved his hand, staying seated.

“Hi, I’m Eun Jiwon”, he simply said. He didn’t have reason to respect the elder man according to Korean manners like Sunghoon did.

“Well, boys, I happened to hear your singing a while ago and I must say I enjoyed it. And now I see you two also have the looks and you’re Korean. Say, are you interested in becoming stars?” The co-president asked Jiwon and Sunghoon.

Sunghoon and Jiwon shared a look indicating their incredulousness considering the question.

“I know this may sound false but please think about this. I know you could make it in the business”, Jang Sung-Wook handed a business card to the boys. “I’m staying here for a week. Contact me before I leave if you want to become singers.” Then he turned around and walked away leaving two bewildered looking boys behind.

After the man was out of sight, Sunghoon turned to look at Jiwon.

“What. The. Heck. Was. That?” he asked Jiwon. Sunghoon couldn’t grasp what had just happened. Jiwon shook his head.

“I don’t know. It seemed that some old guy offered us a job as singers”, Jiwon said seeming a bit confused himself.

“Do you think he was serious?” Sunghoon asked trusting Jiwon to know the answer.

“He did seem professional”, Jiwon started. “…Excluding his clothes”, he finished. Sunghoon laughed at that.

“That’s so true!” Sunghoon said grinning. He didn’t know if he could believe the man but he really would love to believe that his dream could come true. He knew Jiwon wished the same even though he would not say it aloud, at least not yet.

“Hun-ah, if this really was the real deal, would you accept?” Jiwon asked Sunghoon. Sung stayed quiet for a while until he answered.

“Yes. I would accept. How about you, Hyung?” Sunghoon asked in turn.

“Maybe, I’m not sure”, Jiwon replied. Sunghoon understood that Jiwon was not confident enough in his own abilities to become a singer. Sunghoon knew Jiwon could become anything he wanted.

“Hyung, you’re the most talented person I know. You would be the most famous singer in the world.”

“Don’t kid with me”, Jiwon still didn’t believe he could become anything great. Sunghoon shook his head.

“I wouldn’t”, Sunghoon said seriously. He wanted to get it into Jiwon’s thick skull and make him understand. Sunghoon really cared about Jiwon, nowadays even more than before but it was not time for him to think about it. “I believe in you hyung, so should you.”

Jiwon looked touched from Sunghoon’s words. It meant a lot to Jiwon to have Sunghoon’s support. Jiwon didn’t know when Sunghoon’s opinion had begun to matter so much to him.

“Yes, you’re right, Hun-ah. Thanks”, Sunghoon’s believe in him made him believe in himself too.

“I will investigate about that man and if he’s serious. If the result is positive, let’s go back to Korea, okay?” Jiwon said to Sunghoon. Sunghoon knew Jiwon had his connections both in Hawaii and Korea.

“Really, Hyung? You would do that?”

“Yes. What do you say?”

Sunghoon’s lips spread into a wide, happy smile. “YES! Absolutely! Thank you, Hyung!” He rushed to hug Jiwon in a bear hug. Jiwon smiled at Sunghoon and hugged him back. Then Sunghoon’s grip lightened and turned soft.

“Thank you. It would mean a lot to me if I could do this together with you”, Sunghoon confessed. Then he lifted his head to look at Jiwon and smiled warmly at him. Jiwon couldn’t not stare at that smile.

“Yeah, it would mean a lot to me too.”


After that evening it only took Jiwon three days to figure out Jang Sung-Wook’s background. And it turned out to be a real deal. It didn’t take long for Jiwon and Sunghoon to back their things and head back to Korea. They were both excited. They were told that they would debut as a duo and Sunghoon couldn’t conceal his squeal after hearing that.

They both stayed with their families but tried to make time meet each other as often as possible. But then a boy group H.O.T debuted and got tons of affection from public and the president of DSP decided to also form a boy group. And the first members he chose were no other than Kang Sunghoon and Eun Jiwon.

Sunghoon had been furious at the time. He hadn’t wanted to sing with anyone else than Jiwon. He had marched to the office of the company president and had declined to be part of a boy group. But the president had succeeded in convincing Sunghoon to join and had even offered him to help in the choosing of the other members for the group.

Sunghoon had grudgingly agreed, he had, after all, still the possibility to sing with Jiwon. After that meeting, Sunghoon had met up with Jiwon and they had decided to be part of the group. They had excitedly discussed about possible new members and how they would look like. They had heard that DSP was having an audition the following weekend.

Sunghoon wanted to go there to check the auditionees. Jiwon didn’t quite care about that so he decided to let Sunghoon handle it.

It was Saturday afternoon and Sunghoon had decided to go for a walk. He had planned to go to a grocery store near his home. The day was sunny and Sunghoon was smiling happily while walking along the sidewalk.

Then as he was turning around a corner, he was met with another body. He realized he had collided with some other person as he felt himself crashing down from the impact.

But before he hit the ground, someone grabbed a hold of his hand and managed to help Sunghoon back to the standing position.

“I’m terribly sorry, I…” Sunghoon started, turning to look at the person he bumped into. But the words he was supposed to say never left his lips as he looked at the person before him.

“JIYONG!” Sunghoon shouted enthusiastically. Before him stood no other than Sunghoon’s long time best friend, Ko Jiyong. Jiyong was a black haired teenager. He was taller than Sunghoon and Sunghoon had to look up to meet his eyes.

“SUNGHOON!” Jiyong shouted as enthusiastically as Sunghoon had shouted. Sunghoon’s smile was brighter than the Sun in the sky. He laughed.

“When did you get this tall?” Sunghoon remembered being the same height as Jiyong when they last met, which was years ago. Jiyong laughed.

“When did you get so small?” he said grinning. Sunghoon stuck his tongue at Jiyong who just continued laughing.

Then Sunghoon pulled Jiyong to a hug. Jiyong yelped surprised.

“I have missed you a lot”, Sunghoon confessed.

“I have missed you too Hoony”, Jiyong said wrapping his arms around Sunghoon. “But if you missed me this much why do I hear from you only now?” he asked unwrapping the hug, trying to pry information. “It’s been years.”

“I only came back from Hawaii few weeks ago and I have had a lot going on…” Sunghoon replied thinking about Jiwon and the future group. Jiyong eyed him suspiciously.

“Hoony, do you have a girlfriend?” Jiyong asked bluntly. Sunghoon looked at Jiyong with a surprised expression.

“No, why would you think that?”

“I know you better than you know yourself. You’re definitely thinking about someone”, Jiyong knew everything about Sunghoon as he had known him for years. But there was one thing he didn’t know about, Jiwon. Sunghoon had forgotten how well Jiyong could read him.

“No, it’s just that I got a new hyung when I was in Hawaii and I’m gonna be a part of idol group”, Sunghoon explained.

“You’re gonna be a singer? Like your dream?” Jiyong asked surprised. Sunghoon had told him about his dream when they were little.

Sunghoon nodded his head. “Yes, Jiwon Hyung is also gonna be a part of it.”

“Jiwon Hyung? Is he the guy you were thinking?” Jiyong asked. For Jiyong’s surprise, Sunghoon’s ears got slightly red like they did whenever he was embarrassed.

“I wasn’t thinking about him”, Sunghoon answered protesting. He didn’t want to admit that he was thinking about Jiwon more often than not. He didn’t know why but it had just become a habit to think about Jiwon whenever he was happy. He shrugged that thought away as being brotherly love since he wanted to share everything with Jiwon.

“Okay, I believe you”, Jiyong said grinning. The boys started walking towards a playground that was their favorite when they were kids. They were talking about everything between the sky and earth and were laughing at funny stories they told each other. Hours went by quickly.

“Jiyong”, Sunghoon started, pondering.


“Would you want to join the group?” Sunghoon asked hopeful. He would like to spend more time with his best friend and knew Jiyong would be an excellent addition to the group. They had already three members as he had suggested Jang Suwon to be part of the group last weekend during the auditions.

“Me?” Jiyong asked surprised.

“Yes, I know you can sing. Come on, if you want to, let’s do it”, Sunghoon knew Jiyong had also wanted to become singer when they were little kids. “Wouldn’t you want to spend more time together?”

“Hoony, do you know what?” Jiyong started. Sunghoon had always considered Jiyong the saner between them, so he thought he would decline.

“Yes! Let’s do it!”

Or maybe Jiyong wasn’t any less crazy than he was, Sunghoon thought as Jiyong yelled.

“Really?! Awesome!” Sunghoon was bursting with excitement. Jiyong was the same until he looked at his watch which showed how late it was.

“I need to keep going. Let’s meet up again soon, ok?” Jiyong said to Sunghoon. Sunghoon smiled,

“Of course, tomorrow?” he asked, enthusiastic to meet Jiyong again. Jiyong nodded,

“Sure. See you!” he shouted, waving at Sunghoon while running away. Sunghoon waved back still smiling. He couldn’t wait to tell Jiwon what had happened. Sunghoon continued his way to the grocery store which had been forgotten after meeting Jiyong. Sunghoon would meet up Jiwon the next day.


The following day Sunghoon was standing before Jiwon home’s door, waiting for the door to be opened. He had rang the doorbell just seconds before. He heard some muffled voices coming closer before the door opened. In front of Sunghoon was standing Jiwon, already wearing his shoes and looking ready to go.

“Who is it, son?” was heard inside the house. Jiwon turned his head to yell inside the house.

“It’s Hun-ah. I’m going outside, see you!” he shouted before stepping outside and closing the door behind him. Then he turned to grin at Sunghoon, happy to see him. Sunghoon smiled back.

“Hi, Hun-ah”, Jiwon said and ruffled Sunghoon’s hair in a way which had become a habit.

“Hi, Hyung. Why aren’t we going inside?” Sunghoon asked taking Jiwon’s hand away from his head and clasping their fingers together, taking Jiwon’s hand in his.

“We can go to the back yard. Come on”, Jiwon replied and led Sunghoon to the back yard. Jiwon lived in a large house with a big yard. Sunghoon had always found Jiwon’s home fabulous. It even had an outside swimming pool.

The boys made themselves comfortable in one of the swings. Sunghoon turned to look at Jiwon.

“You can never guess what happened yesterday!” Sunghoon said excitedly. Jiwon turned to look at him.

“You found another band member?” Jiwon guessed. Sunghoon shook his head.

“No! Or maybe that too but something else too”, Sunghoon was bursting with excitement. Jiwon looked puzzled.

“You found another band member? Who?”

“Yes, that’s the thing. I found Jiyong!” Sunghoon squealed. He couldn’t conceal his excitement. Jiwon’s expression fell for a split-second but Sunghoon didn’t notice it.

“Jiyong? Your friend?” Jiwon asked. Sunghoon nodded.

“Yes. Can you believe it? I hadn’t seen him in years and he got so tall and it was so cool and…” Sunghoon could have had continued his babbling forever if Jiwon hadn’t interrupted him.

“He’s the new band member?” he asked.

“Yes. I informed about it to the president yesterday and he agreed. Hyung, I’m so happy”, Sunghoon smiled brightly at Jiwon. Jiwon couldn’t help smiling back as happy Sung

Hun was happy Jiwon.

“It’s good to hear the group is forming”, Jiwon said. Sunghoon nodded, agreeing.

“Yeah, it won’t take long for us to be ready”, Sunghoon replied. Jiwon hummed in agreement. A comfortable silence fell between them. Sunghoon always felt happy and safe with Jiwon. He didn’t feel anything so strong with anyone else. Expect with his family and Jiyong, he also felt happiness while being with them but Jiwon just made him feel incredibly safe.

“Hyung, I need to go”, Sunghoon said suddenly. Jiwon turned to look at him in surprise.


“I promised to meet with Jiyong today”, Sunghoon rose from his seat next to Jiwon.

“Oh, okay. Have fun”, Jiwon said trying to sound sincere. Sunghoon smiled at him.

“Thanks, Hyung”, he hugged Jiwon quickly. Then he shouted, “See you!” and left in a hurry to see Jiyong.

Jiwon was left sitting alone. He sighed. He had wished to spend more time with Sunghoon.

After they came back to Korea, both of them had spent time with their families which was, of course, natural. But Jiwon didn’t have many friends in Korea unlike Sunghoon who had tons of friends everywhere. Jiwon was happy that Sunghoon had found his childhood friend and was spending time with him. Jiwon convinced himself that he would only be happy for Sunghoon. Then he rose from the swing and walked back inside his home.


One week went by. Jiwon didn’t have much to do. Sunghoon’s visits had become rarer as he met his other friends and as Jiwon didn’t have much friends, he was bored all the time. He had spent much time with his family but there was a limit for spending time with family. at least if you were a teenage boy.

At the moment Jiwon was organizing stuff he had brought from Hawaii. There were a lot of memories hidden in all of the things he brought back. As he was going through some pictures from Hawaii, his eyes’ caught a sight of one particular photo.

In the photo was Sunghoon, smiling happily at the camera while Jiwon himself was hugging Sunghoon from behind, also smiling happily. Seeing the picture, Jiwon felt a large number of emotions flowing through him at the same time. He felt happy, watching Sunghoon smile. He felt sad, wishing they were still in Hawaii. He missed living with Sunghoon, being able to see him every day. He also felt annoyed, that some else got to spend time with Sunghoon. And he didn’t know why but he also felt that someone had stolen Sunghoon from him.

From then on, Jiwon decided to get Sunghoon back. There was no way Jiwon would let that Jiyong to have Sunghoon all for himself.


Over the next few days, Jiwon made up many excuses to see Sunghoon. Once it was to choose his clothing for the day, the next time Jiwon didn’t want to eat alone.

Once Jiwon even pretended to be sick just to see Sunghoon. At that time Sunghoon was with Jiyong, when the phone rang.

“I’ll answer that”, Sunghoon said to Jiyong and rose from his bed. They were in Sunghoon’s home just hanging around. Jiyong nodded.

“Hello?” Sunghoon said on the phone.

“Hun-ah”, a hoarse voice was heard.

“Hyung? Are you okay? You sound terrible”, Sunghoon asked worriedly.

“It’s nothing to worry about. I just have a little flu.”

“That doesn’t sound like nothing. Are you home?” Sunghoon became really worried.

“Yes, I’m alone. I don’t feel so good.”

“Oh no, and you’re a terrible cook. Who’s gonna make you some soup?” Sunghoon glanced at Jiyong.

“Actually. I was wondering, if it’s not too much to ask, could you come?” Sunghoon bit his lip. Jiwon had sounded really miserable and Sunghoon didn’t know what to do.

“I… ” Sunghoon was hesitating.

“You must have something important going on. I can manage on my own.”

“No! I will come. I will be there as fast as possible”, Sunghoon said quickly before Jiwon would had have the chance to say otherwise. Then he ended the call, turning to look at Jiyong who was laying at Sunghoon’s bed, looking at him.

“Jiyong… Jiwon Hyung sounded really sick. I need to go check on him”, Sunghoon explained before adding, “I’m sorry.”

“Nah, don’t be. Go take care of your boyfriend”, Jiyong joked, grinning. Sunghoon hit Jiyong.

“He isn’t my boyfriend! And you haven’t even met him”, Sunghoon replied. Then he realized what he had said. “Hey, actually… You could come with me so you will meet him.

You will be in the same group anyway”, Sunghoon added.

“To see your precious hyung? No thank you. I will meet him next week anyway along the other members of the band”, Jiyong declined. There was a scheduled meeting planned for the group members to meet each other. After that they would move to live together in a dorm. The group’s final head count was going to be six as the company had found two new members: Kim Jaeduck and Lee Jai Jin who were both exceptionally talented dancers.

“Hmm, okay. I’m leaving”, Sunghoon said getting out of his room.

“You own me! Bye!” Jiyong shouted after Sunghoon who was already by the door. Then the sound of door slamming shut was heard.

Sunghoon hurried towards Jiwon’s house. On the way he bought some ingredients for chicken soup and porridge. He hoped Jiwon would not be too sick and would recover fast.

He arrived Jiwon’s home and knocked on the door. It didn’t take even ten seconds before the door opened and revealed a pale and sweaty looking Jiwon.

“Oh, Hyung. You look really sick. Go to bed. I will be up there in a minute,” Sunghoon ushered Jiwon properly inside, he himself going inside too. Then he pushed Jiwon gently as a sign for Jiwon to go to his room. Jiwon smiled weakly and then withdrew to his room. Sunghoon sighed and looked at the ingredients he had bought. He put them to the kitchen table before going after Jiwon to his room. Even though Jiwon had seemed pretty ill, his eyes had been looking healthy and lively which Sunghoon found weird.

Sunghoon hoped that maybe Jiwon wasn’t too sick and would recover quickly.

Sunghoon opened the door to Jiwon’s room, where Jiwon was laying under a thick blanket. He had his eyes closed. Sunghoon thought he had fallen asleep so he tiptoed next to

Jiwon’s bed and sat on the edge of it.

Then Sunghoon lifted his fingers to stroke Jiwon’s hair. The motion was affectionate. After a while Sunghoon moved his hand to Jiwon’s forehead, just to feel if Jiwon had a fever. Which he didn’t seem to have, oddly enough.

As Sunghoon was about to stand up, Jiwon grabbed Sunghoon’s hand, preventing him from standing up. Sunghoon turned to look at Jiwon.

“Hyung, you weren’t sleeping. What is it?” Sunghoon asked, firstly surprised, but then concerned.

“Don’t leave”, Jiwon said, his voice not sounding anything like a sick person’s voice should sound like. Sunghoon became suspicious.

“I was only going to kitchen”, Sunghoon replied.

“Oh, so you weren’t leaving the house?” Jiwon asked. And then he suddenly feigned a cough and said, trying sound extremely sick, “Okay, you can go to the kitchen if you have to.”

Sunghoon wasn’t fooled anymore. He yanked his hand away from Jiwon’s grab and stared at Jiwon, mad. Jiwon knew he had got caught.

“Hyung”, Sunghoon said in a dangerously low voice. “Are you even sick?”

“Cough, yes, cough”, Jiwon said trying to save himself from Sunghoon’s wrath. That didn’t work as Sunghoon became even more pissed off.

“Jiwon!” Sunghoon even dropped all honorifics. “I was worried that you were really badly sick!” Sunghoon shouted. Jiwon dropped his act and looked at Sunghoon surprised.

“You were worried about me?” he asked, touched. But Sunghoon didn’t take any notice of that. He was upset that Jiwon had lied to him.

“You’re horrible! How could you! I came to you even though I was spending time with Jiyong.” Sunghoon said irritated.

Hearing Jiyong’s name, Jiwon couldn’t control his own emotions anymore.

“That’s the problem! You’re always with Jiyong!” Jiwon shouted angrily.

Sunghoon froze, not believing what he had just heard. “Are you jealous?” he asked baffled. He couldn’t believe Jiwon would had been jealous.

“Yes! I mean no! I’m not”, Jiwon realized his mistake too late as Sunghoon’s expression changed. Jiwon continued, knowing he couldn’t lie to Sunghoon anymore. “I just… I feel like you aren’t spending time with me anymore and I miss hanging around with you.”

Sunghoon felt horrible, not knowing he had hurt Jiwon. “Hyung, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you felt that way”, he said as a reply to Jiwon’s outburst. Then he continued,

“You do know I love spending time with you and I would never stop doing that.” Sunghoon was smiling gently at Jiwon who was starting to smile as well.

“You should spend more time with me then”, Jiwon said smugly. Sunghoon laughed.

“Yes, I will do that. Besides, we will be living together starting from next week.”

“Oh god. I totally forgot that! Now I can’t keep all of you to myself anymore. I will have to share you”, Jiwon said, probably talking to himself. But Sunghoon heard what Jiwon had said and was blushing. Jiwon didn’t notice that and continued, ”But at least I will be able to see you every day.” He was smiling.

Sunghoon didn’t know what to feel. His heart was racing but his brain was saying for him to calm down as he had no reason to feel that way. Jiwon was his precious Hyung and of course he wanted to spend time with him. It was only natural, Sunghoon thought. At least he felt happy and that was what mattered for Sunghoon. Then he smiled too.

“It’s gonna be awesome again Hyung!”

“Yeah, but this time there will be six of us”, Jiwon grinned. Sunghoon’s smile grew wider, more teasing.

“Don’t worry Hyung. I will only love you”, Sunghoon said jokingly, laughing brightly. Then he approached Jiwon and kissed his cheek cheesily. And for Sunghoon’s surprise, Jiwon blushed. That only made Sunghoon laugh harder until a pillow was thrown at his face.

Chapter 3: Here we come, it’s SECHSKIES!

After the first meeting between the members of the upcoming band named Sechskies, all of the boys were ordered to move as soon as possible. They weren’t given more than two days to collect their stuffs and move to the dorm. Jiyong wasn’t too happy about that as he had wished to spend a little more time with his family. But he decided to try to make a great impression on the other members, except Sunghoon whom he already knew all too well, and not be the last one to arrive.

Jiyong arrived to the dorm. He knocked on the door and waited for it to be opened. He had a feeling he wouldn’t be the first member to arrive.

He was proven to be right. The door opened and revealed Jai Jin, standing just inside the dorm. Jiyong smiled friendly.

“Hi, Jai Jin Hyung. Were you the first to arrive?”

“Yes, but you’re not the second. Jaeduck arrived before you. He’s in our room at the moment,” Jai Jin answered in a way which Jiyong was starting to recognize as Jai Jin’s unique way of saying things. He always seemed to tell something unexpected.

“Our room?” Jiyong asked, wondering. He walked inside the dorm, closing the door after him. He took his shoes off.

“Yeah, the rooms’ have been split between us. You’re rooming with Jiwon”, Jai Jin said and walked further inside, Jiyong following closely behind. They walked to a short corridor which had a few doors along it. There were small pieces of paper attached to the doors, indicating in which room the members were sleeping. The room on the left side was Jai Jin and Jaeduck’s. The first room on the right side was Suwon and Sunghoon’s and the second was Jiwon and Jiyong’s.

Jiyong was a little disappointed by the fact that he wasn’t in the same room as Sunghoon. Out of the members Sunghoon was the only one Jiyong had known before. And there was the fact that Jiyong was going to room with Jiwon, with their newly appointed leader, which was only natural as Jiwon was the oldest. After meeting Jiwon for the first time two days ago, Jiyong felt Jiwon was not the friendliest person. At least towards him because on the contrary Jiwon seemed overly keen on Jiyong’s best friend.

“That’s your room. And bathroom’s over there and kitchen is in the direction where we came from”, Jai Jin said and opened the door to his and Jaeduck’s room.

“Jaeduck, Jiyong is here”, he said. After a few seconds Jaeduck appeared by the door. He smiled brightly at Jiyong as Jiyong bowed a little, being polite.

“Hi, Jiyong! Didn’t know you arrived already. Did you see your room yet?” Jaeduck asked. Jiyong shook his head.

“Hi Jaeduck Hyung. No I haven’t checked it yet.”

“You’re rooming with Jiwon Hyung. Good luck to you. Go check it out”, Jaeduck urged Jiyong. Jiyong nodded and walked towards the door which had his and Jiwon’s name on it.

Before opening the door he took a deep sigh. Then he opened the door and stepped inside. The room was average, there were two beds on either sides of the room. Jiyong laid his stuff on one of the beds.

Then someone knocked on the door. “Jiyong, someone came!” Jaeduck’s voice was heard. Jiyong rushed to the door and opened it. Then he rushed towards the entry. He wished the one that had arrived was Sunghoon.

And he was not disappointed. Before Jiyong made it to the entry, he heard Sunghoon’s melodious voice echoing through the walls. Jiyong smiled as he got to the entry and saw Sunghoon smiling brightly.

“Jiyong! You were faster than us!” Sunghoon said excitedly and ran over to Jiyong to give him a big hug. Jiyong returned the hug.

“Us?” Jiyong asked puzzled, still hugging Sunghoon. Only then he noticed Jiwon behind Sunghoon. At the moment Jiwon was greeting Jai Jin but Jiyong noticed Jiwon glancing at him and Sunghoon, looking a bit something like jealous. But before Jiyong had the time to think more to it, he heard Sunghoon’s voice.

“Me and Jiwon Hyung. He picked me up on his way here”, Sunghoon explained, untangling himself from the hug and going to greet the others.

Jiyong turned to greet Jiwon. “Hi, Jiwon hyung”, he greeted and bowed respectfully. Jiwon nodded and greeted, lips in a thin line, “Hey Jiyong.”

“Better smile Hyung, you will be in the same room with him”, Jai Jin suddenly cut in. Jiwon turned to look at Jai Jin incredulously.


“We have been put into three rooms…” as Jai Jin started explaining, Jiwon looked at Jiyong who in turn smiled awkwardly. Then Sunghoon suddenly appeared before them, laughing.

“Hyung! You get to room with Jiyong, how unfair. But now you can at least get to know him better”, Sunghoon chirped happily in spite of feigning a pout. In Jiyong’s perspective, it looked that Jiwon would rather have been paired with Sunghoon.

“Yeah, but I thought we could finally be together again”, Jiwon said, sounding a bit sad. Jiyong remembered Sunghoon telling him that he and Jiwon had been living together in Hawaii. But Jai Jin didn’t know that.

“What? Are you guys dating or something?” he asked confused. Both Sunghoon’s and Jiwon’s ears got red. In the speed of light they turned towards Jai Jin.

“No!” they both said quickly at the same time. Then they turned to look at each other and Sunghoon started explaining, “We were roommates in Hawaii.”

Jai Jin nodded in understanding and left the hallway. Jiwon turned to look at Jiyong.

“Could you show the way to our and Sunghoon’s room?” he asked, lifting his and Sunghoon’s bags from the floor. Sunghoon gave a pointed look to Jiwon but Jiwon just shrugged and started walking further inside the dorm carrying both of the bags. Jiyong followed quickly behind. He started introducing the dorm.

“On the left is Jaeduck and Jai Jin hyungs’ room. And the first room on the right side is Sunghoon’s and Suwon’s. And the last door on the right is our room, Hyung”, Jiyong explained as they got to the corridor. Jiwon nodded and opened the door to Sunghoon’s room. Then he went inside the room and laid Sunghoon’s back on the floor. After that he came out of the room.

“Thanks, Hyung”, Sunghoon thanked Jiwon. Jiwon smiled, teasingly.

“Don’t bully the maknae too much”, he said ruffling Sunghoon’s hair. Sunghoon slapped Jiwon’s hand away.

“Hyung, don’t mess with my hair. You always do that”, Sunghoon said little annoyed but then smiled warmly at Jiwon.

“And don’t worry. We’re living under the same roof so we still see each other every day”, Sunghoon said reassuringly. Jiyong could only imagine what had happened between them for Sunghoon to reassure Jiwon that way.

Then Sunghoon went inside his room and closed the door behind him. Jiwon turned to look at Jiyong, expectant. Jiyong smiled and walked to their room’s door.

“This is our room, Hyung”, he said and opened the door to their room. Jiyong tried to be as polite as he could since Jiwon was their leader and he wanted to become good friends him.

Jiwon went inside and laid his bag on the empty bed. Then he turned look at Jiyong who had come inside after Jiwon. “You don’t need to be so formal. Just be comfortable since we’re gonna live together from now on”, Jiwon said.

Jiyong nodded. “Of course, Hyung”, he said, internally feeling relieved. Jiyong thought that maybe what Sunghoon had said about Jiwon being tough on the outside but caring on the inside was true.

Then they heard Sunghoon’s excited yell. “Suwon! You’re gonna be my roommate!”

Jiyong chuckled. The excitement was so like Sunghoon.

Jiwon looked at Jiyong, understanding why Jiyong had chuckled. He was also smiling.

“Let’s go. Apparently Suwon has arrived”, Jiwon said, grinning. Jiyong nodded, and so they walked out of the room to greet Suwon. Jiyong thought that maybe they could really become good friends after all.


After only a few months Sechskies debuted and they got the public’s interest right away from the start. They rose to the fame quite quickly. The members’ schedules were hectic. They rarely had any free time to just hang out or rest. As they became more famous, their schedules got even more hectic.

In the mornings they would wake up and get to a training session or recording. After that they had TV shows to film. After filming they still returned to DSP and continued practicing.

Late at night the boys would return to the dorm and just fall asleep. And the same routine would be repeated the next day.


Sechskies members were practicing dancing for their upcoming single. They had been practicing for hours. Jiwon glanced at the clock. It was already over noon and they hadn’t had lunch yet. Jiwon decided to change the situation and went over the music player. Then he just turned it off. The others turned to look at him, questioning his motives.

“What are you doing?” Jai Jin asked confused. He was still practicing his dancing even though he was able to it perfectly, same as Jaeduck. The main dancers both wanted to be better, so they practiced dancing even harder all the time.

“Let’s have lunch”, Jiwon simply said, expecting others to follow his order. As they did. Everyone stopped practicing and started gathering their stuff. One of the perks of being leader was the authority that came with it.

Jiwon walked over to Sunghoon, who was busy organizing his stuff, and grabbed Sunghoon’s hand in his own. Then he simply turned around and walked out of the practice room pulling Sunghoon with him. Sunghoon was smiling cheerfully.

The others followed them, used to Jiwon’s habits considering Sunghoon. First they had been surprised by it but they quickly adapted to not to notice the habit.

They went to the cafeteria and Jiwon ordered all of them lunch. Jiwon, as their leader, was feeling responsible for the other members and tried to take care of them as well as he could.

However, he still treated Sunghoon differently from the other four. He just had some kind of protective and caring instinct towards Sunghoon which he couldn’t explain. Jiwon felt that he always had to make sure that Sunghoon was okay before he himself could feel at ease.

They sat around one of the long tables in the cafeteria. Jiwon was, of course, sitting beside Sunghoon and on Sunghoon’s other side sat Jaeduck. Opposite Jiwon sat Suwon. Jiyong and Jai Jin were sitting on the left from Suwon.

The food arrived relatively quickly. As the others started stuffing their stomachs with the food, Jiwon made sure that everyone was eating properly. He prompted everyone to eat more, not eating much himself. He fed Sunghoon until he was sure that Sunghoon had enough energy for practicing. Then he turned to other members.

“Suwon-ah, here eat this”, Jiwon offered to Suwon more food and fed him. He repeated it a few times, not paying attention to Sunghoon at all. Sunghoon’s expression seemed like a mix of worry and jealousy. He was looking worriedly at the half full plate of Jiwon.

“Hyung”, Sunghoon said, serious. Jiwon turned to look at him.

“You need to eat”, Sunghoon said, giving Jiwon a pointed look.

“Don’t worry, I have already eaten enough”, Jiwon said nonchalantly. Sunghoon shook his head.

“That’s nowhere enough, Hyung. Come on, let me feed you something”, Sunghoon replied, picking food with his chopsticks. Then he offered it to Jiwon, who seemed reluctant. Jiwon shook his head and opened his mouth to speak.

“I said alr… mmgh”, Jiwon’s answer was cut short as Sunghoon stuffed the food into Jiwon’s mouth. That earned laughs around the table. The others laughed at Jiwon, even Sunghoon giggled, satisfied.

Jiwon chewed the food in his mouth, glaring at Sunghoon with a murderous gaze. However, the glare quickly melted away as he looked at Sunghoon who was laughing brightly. Jiwon had no resistance against Sunghoon’s smile or laugh, both of whom always seemed to make Jiwon’s heart beat faster. For whatever reasons, Jiwon wasn’t sure.

Then Sunghoon noticed Jiwon staring at him. Jiwon opened his mouth to speak but he didn’t manage to say a word before Sunghoon stuffed more food into his mouth. Sunghoon smiled in an adorable manner at Jiwon, clearly being satisfied with himself. Jiwon thought Sunghoon looked absolutely cute, being proud of himself, so Jiwon just chewed the food in his mouth obediently and let Sunghoon feed him more without any protests. Just to see Sunghoon happy.

Jiwon looked at Sunghoon while Sunghoon fed him. Jiwon liked the feeling of being fed by Sunghoon. Or maybe he just loved the attention Sunghoon was giving him. Either way, an affectionate smile spread to Jiwon’s lips without him noticing. But the members sitting opposite Jiwon did notice.

Jiyong turned to look at Suwon, who was sitting beside him, and motioned with his eyes at Jiwon and Sunghoon. Suwon looked at the two who didn’t seem to notice anything going around them. Sunghoon was happily feeding his hyung while Jiwon looked like he was in some kind of trance. Then Suwon turned back to Jiyong, a knowing look gracing his young features. Jiyong smirked in return.

Jiwon, not noticing anything else than Sunghoon’s delicate features as he concentratedly picked different kind of foods for Jiwon to eat, was bursted out his happy bubble when he heard Suwon’s teasing voice.

“Stop drooling over the kimchi, Hyung. I know it is good but you’re overdoing it”, Suwon said, smirking at Jiwon. Jiwon’s head turned to look at Suwon in a speed of light.

“Care to say that again, maknae?” Jiwon said in a dangerous voice, glaring at Suwon threateningly. Suwon gulped.

“Nothing, Hyung”, Suwon said quickly, not wanting to get into Jiwon’s bad side.

Jiwon smirked. He always liked to tease the younger members and scare them a bit.

As Jiwon was about to retort back, Sunghoon commented, “But you’re really drooling or you have something in the corner of your mouth, Hyung.”

“What?” Jiwon asked skeptically, lifting his hand to check if Sunghoon was speaking the truth. But before Jiwon’s hand touched the corner of his mouth, Sunghoon had already lifted a napkin to Jiwon’s lips and was wiping the stain away.

Jiwon’s hand froze in mid-air. He turned his gaze towards Sunghoon’s hand to see if he was imagining the touch. He was shocked by Sunghoon’s action that seemed so intimate and caring. Slowly, Jiwon moved his gaze from the hand that was wiping his lips carefully to the captivating, round eyes.

Accidentally Sunghoon’s hand touched Jiwon’s lips. For some reason Jiwon felt his heart starting to beat faster as he felt Sunghoon’s fingers on his lips.

Sunghoon quickly pulled his hand away to his lap. Then Sunghoon’s gaze flickered to Jiwon and their eyes met. Jiwon noticed that Sunghoon was blushing and he found it overly endearing. They just kept staring at each other. Jiwon felt like he could just get lost in Sunghoon’s beautiful eyes for forever.

But the forever appeared to be quite short. Suddenly Jiwon was startled by the sound of chair shrieking against the floor, coming near him. Jiwon turned his gaze to look at the source of the sound, at the same time noticing Sunghoon doing the same.

The sound was clarified to been made by Jai Jin who had stood from his seat.

“Everyone has eaten already, so let’s go back to practice”, Jai Jin said as Jiwon looked at him, questioning his actions. Jiwon looked around the table and noticed that everyone had indeed finished eating and was actually looking at him. Only then Jiwon realized that he had been staring at Sunghoon for way too long for the others not to notice it.

He felt his ears getting a little red as he figured out why the others were watching him. Then he cleared his throat.

“Y-yeah, we should go before we get scolded”, Jiwon said, trying to clear his thoughts which were occupied by a certain someone. That was nothing new for Jiwon nowadays. Jiwon had caught himself thinking of Sunghoon, more often than not. His thoughts just always drifted to Sunghoon’s sweet smile, beautiful eyes, pretty hair or cute nose.

But that moment wasn’t the time to dwell on his thoughts. Jiwon had to act as the leader of Sechskies.

The others nodded, following Jai Jin’s lead as he left the table. Only Jiwon and Sunghoon remained. Neither of them had stood up yet. Jiwon looked at the messy table the others had left behind. He sighed.

“Aish, those kids always leaving everything messy”, Jiwon said, annoyed. Sunghoon glanced at Jiwon.

“Don’t worry, Hyung. I will clean it”, he said reassuringly, starting to clean the mess on the table. Jiwon couldn’t allow that to happen so he grabbed Sunghoon’s hand and pulled it away from the mess. Sunghoon turned to look at Jiwon, confused.

“No”, Jiwon said. “There’s no way I’m letting a flower like you get your hands dirty. Come on, the others must be waiting.”

Then, without loosening his hold of Sunghoon’s hand, Jiwon stood up. Sunghoon stood up as well. Jiwon decided to move his grip on Sunghoon’s hand and entwined their fingers. As Jiwon saw a small blush forming to Sunghoon’s cheeks, he felt pleased with himself.

Then Jiwon led Sunghoon out of the cafeteria, leaving the messy table behind.


It was Saturday and the boys had gotten the current evening off. It was a rare opportunity for them. The members were just lying around doing nothing, or like in Jiwon’s case, playing games.

Sunghoon was bored. He was lying in his bed, staring at the ceiling because he had nothing better to do. Sunghoon was trying to figure out something to do. The others were somewhere in the house.

After about fifteen minutes Sunghoon got an idea. He quickly stood up and got out of his room. Sunghoon went towards the living room, knowing someone would be in there playing console games.

And he was right. On the floor of the living room sat Jiwon, a game console in his hands. Sunghoon grinned. Of course Jiwon would be playing. Sunghoon went behind Jiwon quietly so Jiwon couldn’t notice him. Then Sunghoon bent down and put his arms around Jiwon’s waist, back hugging Jiwon.

The reaction Sunghoon got was unexpected. Instead of being startled Jiwon took Sunghoon’s hands in his owns, pulling Sunghoon closer.

“Hyung!” Sunghoon said surprised. He knew his cheeks were reddening as he felt Jiwon’s firm back against his chest even through their clothes. He was only glad that Jiwon couldn’t see his face in their position.

“Did you think I wouldn’t notice you getting closer?” Jiwon asked and Sunghoon knew Jiwon was smirking just from his voice. Sunghoon felt like he should had known that he was never going to succeed in surprising Jiwon. It was always the other way around, Jiwon scaring Sunghoon.

“Hyung, that’s not fair. How do you always know when I’m close?” Sunghoon asked a bit frustrated. Jiwon’s hold on Sunghoon’s hands got a bit tighter.

“I always have this feeling when you’re near”, Jiwon said simply. Sunghoon couldn’t understand what Jiwon meant but Jiwon offered no more explanations. Then Sunghoon remembered why he had come to Jiwon in a first place. Sunghoon put on his best persuasion act.

“Hyung”, Sung said sweetly and stroked Jiwon’s hands gently. ”You know we have no schedule this evening. So I was thinking, would you come with me to the cinema?” Sunghoon turned his head so he could look into Jiwon’s eyes with his round eyes.

“Hun-ah, can’t you see I’m in the middle of a game? And I will finally get it finished today if I play it for the rest of the evening”, Jiwon said turning his head towards the TV.

“Are you really not coming? With your favorite dongsaeng?” Sunghoon asked.

As Jiwon shook his head, Sunghoon pulled his hands away from Jiwon and stood up.

“Okay then, I’m going to ask Jiyong!” Sunghoon snapped and went towards the kitchen where he knew Jiyong to be.

“Jiyong!” Sunghoon shouted as he got to the kitchen. Jiyong was sitting by the dining table, a book on the table. He had probably been reading it.

Jiyong lifted his head as Sunghoon entered the room. “What?” Jiyong asked the same time as Jiwon’s voice was heard from the living room. “Wait! Hun-ah! I’ll go!” Jiwon shouted and after a few seconds Jiwon emerged from the living room.

“I was thinking if you would like to come with me to the cinema? There was this one movie I have been wanting to see”, Sunghoon said, acting like Jiwon hadn’t just yelled. Sunghoon was annoyed that Jiwon had chosen his games over him.

“Really? Why not?” Jiyong replied, following Sunghoon’s disregard of Jiwon.

“Great!” Sunghoon said excitedly. “At least someone appreciates my company”, he continued, clearly directing the words to Jiwon. Jiwon was still in the kitchen, not knowing what to do in the situation.

“Hun-ah, I’m sorry. I will come with you, I will even pay”, Jiwon said a little desperately. Jiyong lifted his eyebrows in surprise.

“You’re paying? Sunghoon, you must let him come. He was probably just acting without thinking as usual, right?” Jiyong said, giving Jiwon a pointed look that prompted Jiwon to agree, even though Jiyong didn’t even know how Jiwon had made Sunghoon upset.

Sunghoon turned towards Jiwon, looking skeptic. Jiwon nodded his head, showing he had acted without thinking. Sunghoon felt a little bad acting so cold but Jiwon had deserved it.

Sunghoon smiled slightly and he saw Jiwon’s eyes brightening. Then the last bit of Sunghoon’s resistance melted away. His thin smile turned to a full, warm smile.

“Of course you can come with us Hyung”, he said, forgiving Jiwon. Jiwon started to grin happily, like a child getting ice cream. Sunghoon felt Jiwon was acting so under his real age sometimes.

“Where are you going?” A new voice was heard from the door. Everyone turned towards the source of the voice. By the door was standing Suwon who was looking at all of them questioningly.

“To movies, wanna come? Jiwon Hyung is paying”, Jiyong asked Suwon whose eyes lit up when heard that Jiwon was paying.

“You bet! I will ask Jaeduck and Jai Jin Hyungs too. There’s no way they’re gonna miss free film”, Suwon said excitedly and then he left the room to ask Jai Jin and Jaeduck.

Sunghoon glanced at Jiwon. Jiwon looked very pale. He was probably regretting offering to pay. Jiyong had clearly wanted Jiwon to pay as big sum as possible. Sunghoon giggled.

“What?” Jiwon asked, wanting a reason for Sunghoon’s sudden outburst. Sunghoon smiled happily.

“Thanks, Hyung”, he said and kissed Jiwon’s cheek cheerfully. Then he left the room, going towards the entry. Sunghoon felt happy that Jiwon had changed his mind as he had originally wanted to go watch the movie with Jiwon.

As Sunghoon left the kitchen, he left two boys behind. The other was standing in the middle of the floor flushing, feeling his heart beating fast. The other, on the other hand, was becoming suspicious that there was something more than brotherly feelings between his best friend and their leader.


The movie theatre was not far away from their dorm so they decided to walk. It was already becoming dark, so the boys believed that no one would recognize them and didn’t wear much covering clothes. Everyone had decided to go, Jaeduck and Jai Jin had agreed after hearing that Jiwon would be paying.

The movie theatre was almost empty which was fortunate for the boys. There was only a small chance for them to be recognized. Sunghoon felt relieved. He was glad that they would be able to enjoy the evening.

Jiwon left the other members and went to the counter to buy them the tickets. Sunghoon watched Jiwon’s back for a while until he turned towards Jiyong. Jiyong was watching him with a weird look that Sunghoon couldn’t identify.

“Jiyong? Do you have any plans tomorrow?” Sunghoon asked Jiyong. He and Jiyong were the only ones with no morning schedule the following day. Sunghoon and Jiyong hadn’t spent much time together in a while and Sunghoon missed hanging around with his childhood friend. He felt like the next day would be good chance to spend time with his friend. And Sunghoon had also been nervous around Jiwon, for some reason, for a while already so he wished that being with Jiyong could calm him down.

“Plans? No I don’t”, Jiyong replied.

“Great! Can we hang out together?” Sunghoon asked, really hoping for Jiwon to say yes.

“Why not? It’s been a while. Maybe we can finally carry out our plan”, Jiyong agreed. Sunghoon grinned happily at the idea. He didn’t notice Jiwon coming back until he heard Jiwon’s voice just behind him.

“What plan?” Jiwon asked curiously. Sunghoon startled, surprised.

As Jiyong started answering to Jiwon, “Me and Hoony are going to get…” Sunghoon panicked. He quickly shut Jiyong up by putting his hand over Jiyong’s mouth.

“Nothing, it’s nothing”, Sunghoon said quickly, smiling at Jiwon. Sunghoon didn’t want to let Jiwon know what he had planned with Jiyong because he didn’t know how Jiwon would react.

Jiwon looked at Sunghoon and Jiyong suspiciously. “Okay… So, I got the tickets. Everyone takes one and let’s move. I didn’t buy these so we could be late”, Jiwon said, handing out the tickets he had bought. First Jiwon handed one to Suwon, warning him not to lose it. Next he gave one to Jiyong, making sure he wouldn’t lose it either. Then he gave tickets to Jaeduck and Jai Jin and asked them to make sure the younger ones wouldn’t do anything stupid.

Sunghoon had a weird feeling in his stomach. He always had that weird feeling whenever he saw Jiwon interacting with other members. He couldn’t describe what he was feeling. After they had debuted Jiwon had paid much attention to other members and less to Sunghoon. Sunghoon knew Jiwon was their leader and was only acting as a good one as he took care of the other members. But still, for some reason, Sunghoon felt sad when Jiwon payed more attention to others and not him.

As Jiwon offered Sunghoon his ticket, Sunghoon took it, smiling only slightly. Then he turned towards the movie auditorium to go after the others who had already started walking towards it. Jiwon’s face fell. He quickly stepped next to Sunghoon.

“What’s wrong, Hun-ah?” Jiwon asked, seeming concerned.

“It’s nothing”, Sunghoon said quietly, shaking his head. He knew he was not convincing enough but was glad as Jiwon dropped the subject.

As Sunghoon got inside the hall, he sat beside Jiyong. He felt Jiwon sitting to the seat next to him.

The lights dimmed as the movie started. Sunghoon moved to a more comfortable position and laid his right hand on the handle of his seat. After a while he felt some else’s fingers lacing through his owns. Sunghoon’s breath caught in his throat and he felt his heart beating fast in his chest.

Jiwon was holding his hand tenderly. Sunghoon couldn’t see Jiwon in detail in the dark but he could feel Jiwon’s reassuring effect on him. Sunghoon didn’t feel sad anymore as Jiwon acted so affectionately towards him.

Sunghoon knew no one would see their joined hands in the dark so he squeezed Jiwon’s hand in response. Then Sunghoon felt Jiwon caressing his hand gently. Sunghoon couldn’t help smile spreading to his lips.

They held hands throughout the entire movie. After the movie ended Sunghoon didn’t even know how it had finished. The only thing he remembered was the feeling of Jiwon’s fingers laced through his owns.


The following day Sunghoon and Jiyong finally got to fulfill their long-time-dream. As the other members were in their morning schedules, Jiyong and Sunghoon went and got matching tattoos.

They were walking back from the tattooing studio. It was already afternoon so they predicted the others were back at the dorm. They were talking about the experience.

“These tattoos are so amazing!” Sunghoon squealed excitedly. Jiyong nodded.

“Yes, I can’t wait to show them to others”, Jiyong replied, also excited. Sunghoon and Jiyong had finally some physical reminder of their friendship.

“Yeah”, Sunghoon started and then continued in a seemingly joking matter, “Although I think Jiwon is gonna go ballistic.” Sunghoon laughed lightly and grinned.

“Oh? Is your boyfriend gonna get jealous?” Jiyong teased Sunghoon who started blushing.

“He’s not my boyfriend!” Sunghoon shouted immediately, cheeks burning. Jiyong just laughed. Sunghoon slapped Jiyong’s arm.

“Whatever you say Hoony”, Jiyong grinned.

“Jiyoong”, Sunghoon whined but smiled nonetheless because he was excited about their tattoos. The apartment building, where their dorm was located in, came in to view.

As they arrived to the dorm, Jiyong was still grinning. He was excited about telling to the others about their tattoos. Sunghoon was feeling the same. They got to the door and Sunghoon used his key to open it.

As soon as the door opened, they stepped inside and quickly took of their shoes. Then they hurried to the living room where voices were heard.


Jiwon, Jaeduck, Jai Jin and Suwon had returned to the dorm from their appointment. Jiwon had been surprised to find Sunghoon and Jiyong gone. He had tried not to think too much about it but Jiwon couldn’t help feeling jealous as Jiyong was able to spend more time with Sunghoon than he was.

At the moment Jiwon was in the living room with the other three who were talking about everything that had happened that day. Jiwon didn’t feel like joining the conversation since he would have wanted to tell everything to Sunghoon. So he just sat in one of the armchairs and thought about Sunghoon and Jiyong together. For some reason Jiwon didn’t like the image of that.

Then he heard voices coming from the hallway. The voices were coming closer. Jiwon recognized them as Sunghoon’s and Jiwon’s. After a while Sunghoon and Jiwon appeared from the doorway, looking really happy.

“Sunghoon! Jiyong!” Jaeduck and Suwon said delighted.

“Hello guys!” Sunghoon happily said, smiling cheerfully. Jiwon carefully studied Sunghoon’s smile, knowing he wasn’t the one that causing it. Jiwon knew the smile had something to do with Jiyong whose expression was mirroring Sunghoon’s.

“Where were you?” Jiwon asked, curious.

For Jiwon’s surprise Jiyong started rolling his sleeve up, revealing a tattoo beneath it. The skin around the tattoo looked a bit red and Jiwon hadn’t seen it before so he assumed it was new.

“Sunghoon and I got matching tattoos!” Jiyong exclaimed excitedly.

Jiwon’s breath got stuck in his throat. He didn’t believe what he had just heard. Had Sunghoon gotten a matching tattoo with Jiyong and not him? Jiwon felt deep emotions emerging as he thought about his Sunghoon having something special with Jiyong and not him. As Jiwon was feeling hurt and jealous, he didn’t even notice that in his mind he had referred to Sunghoon as his.


The previous chapter: Sechskies move to the dorm and they debut, some cute Eunkang moments and Sunghoon and Jiyong get matching tattoos.


Chapter 4: Skinship

As Jiyong proudly showed his new tattoo, identical Sunghoon’s, to others, Sunghoon noticed Jiwon turning his head away. Sunghoon frowned, confused. He walked to Jiwon and laid his hand to Jiwon’s shoulder. Jiwon turned to look at Sunghoon. Jiwon looked a little offended and bitter.
Sunghoon’s happy mood drained away immediately and concern for Jiwon filled his mind. He wondered what could have been the cause of Jiwon’s offence.
“Hyung, is everything okay?” Sunghoon asked, concerned. There was a small pause, then Jiwon nodded his head slightly.
“Yeah”, Jiwon replied faintly, not meeting Sunghoon’s eyes. Sunghoon knew Jiwon was lying so he tried again.
“Are you sure, Hyung? You can tell me”, Sunghoon said gently, his hand squeezing Jiwon’s shoulder in comforting matter. Sunghoon felt Jiwon tensing under his touch.
“Nothing is wrong. Could you just leave me alone”, Jiwon snapped, clearly annoyed, and jerked Sunghoon’s hand away almost violently. Then he stormed out of the living room.
Sunghoon was left standing there, bewildered. He couldn’t comprehend what Jiwon was so upset about. Sunghoon just had a dreadful feeling that he was the cause of Jiwon’s bad mood but he didn’t know what he had done. He felt awful and tears began to form in his eyes.
Sunghoon hurriedly walked out of the living room, trying to cover his tears as not to arouse suspicions if the others happened to notice him leaving. He just walked straight to the first place in his mind, his room, and then collapsed on to his bed.

He didn’t know what had happened. Just a few hours ago Sunghoon had been bursting with happiness but at the moment he felt like Jiwon had slapped him. He had only tried to help Jiwon, not to make him angrier.
Suddenly Sunghoon heard the sound of knocking. He sat up and hurriedly tried to dry his tears, knowing it wouldn’t make him look any better as his eyes were still red and puffy.
“Sunghoon? Are you there?” Suwon’s worried voice was heard behind the door. Sunghoon didn’t answer as he couldn’t trust his voice to be stable. The door opened.
Suwon stepped inside, closing the door behind him. As he laid his eyes on Sunghoon, his gaze showed concern. Sunghoon knew he looked terrible and turned his gaze away.
He heard steps getting closer to the bed and felt Suwon sitting next to him. Suwon laid a comforting hand to his shoulder.
“Hey, what happened?” Suwon asked gently. Sunghoon realized that his and Jiwon’s discussion hadn’t gone unnoticed by the others. He shook his head.
“I-I d-don’t even know”, Sunghoon replied, trying to keep his voice stable. “I just, I don’t know. He just slashed out at me suddenly.” And then the tears came back. Sunghoon felt stupid, crying over such a small matter but Jiwon had always been something more than a small matter to him.
“Aish that leader”, Suwon said irritated.
“Sorry, Suwon-ah. I must seem stupid to you”, Sunghoon apologized, again trying to cover his swollen face. Suwon shook his head.
“No, you don’t. Jiwon Hyung can act stupid. He should know better than to make you upset”, Suwon explained honestly.
Sunghoon wasn’t sure if he believed Suwon, as he still felt guilty, but he was glad for the support. “Thanks, Suwon-ah”, Sunghoon said, a small smile forming to his face.
As Jiyong was showing his tattoo to Jai Jin, Jaeduck and Suwon, he heard Jiwon’s irritated voice. He turned to look at Jiwon, only to see him storming off. Then he looked at Sunghoon, who looked confused and hurt. Jiyong scrunched his eyebrows together.
Then Sunghoon hurriedly left the living room but not before Jiyong saw the tears streaming down his face. He became seriously worried.
“What’s up with them?” Jai Jin asked out of nowhere. Jiyong startled. He hadn’t noticed the others had also been watching. Jiyong turned to look at them.
“Seems like our leader needs a lesson on good behavior”, Suwon joked but then continued with more serious expression, “Sunghoon looked quite upset. Should you go check him?” he asked Jiyong. Jiyong thought it over a few seconds. He had a hunch why Jiwon had snapped.
“No, you go. I’ll go talk to Jiwon Hyung”, Jiyong said. He decided to go clear things up with Jiwon.
“Okay”, Suwon replied, leaving the living room. Jiyong followed him to the hallway. As Suwon entered his and Sunghoon’s room, Jiyong walked over to his and Jiwon’s room. He took a deep sigh, knowing Jiwon could be stubborn if he wanted. Then he knocked.
“Go away.”
Jiyong sighed. Then he opened the door, not obeying Jiwon.
“I said already, I don’t want to talk, oh it’s you”, Jiwon said as Jiyong stepped inside. Jiyong closed the door behind him.
Jiwon was standing in the middle of the room, looking anxious and angry. Jiyong decided to not to beat around the bush.
“What happened?” he asked straightforwardly. Jiwon cursed quietly. Jiyong came to a conclusion that Jiwon had probably hoped everything to go unnoticed.
“Nothing, what are you talking about?” Jiwon was feigning ignorance. Jiyong had known it to be hard so he didn’t give up easily.
“You know what I’m talking about. Is it because of my and Sunghoon’s matching tattoos?” Jiyong asked and as Jiwon’s expression wavered, he knew he was right.
“Look, getting the tattoos was our childhood dream and we finally got to fulfill that dream. It wasn’t something we made up today”, Jiyong explained. As Jiwon still looked offended, Jiyong continued,
“Your relationship with Sunghoon is special to him and you can’t ruin it just because of some stupid jealousy. I know it means a lot to you too”, Jiyong ended softly. Jiyong knew there were more not so platonic feelings in Sunghoon and Jiwon’s relationship than in his and Sunghoon’s.
Jiwon finally seemed to understand that his friendship with Sunghoon was also important.
“Do you think I ruined my friendship with him?” he asked almost a bit terrified. Jiyong sighed. Jiwon was becoming paranoid.
“No, of course not. A small thing like that can’t break something as deep as your friendship”, Jiyong explained.  Jiwon’s posture relaxed noticeably.
“Right, I just acted stupid didn’t I?” Jiwon asked, becoming embarrassed. Jiyong chuckled.
“Yeah,” he agreed. Jiwon glared at Jiyong jokingly.
“I’m your leader, you better remember that”, he joked. Jiyong shook his head.
“Shouldn’t you be thanking me?” Jiyong asked, grinning. Jiwon dismissed Jiyong’s question by a wave of hand.
“I’m going to find Hun-ah”, Jiwon said, then he walked to the door and opened it. Then, as Jiwon was almost out of Jiyong’s sight, Jiwon turned to look at him, grinning, “Thanks Jiyong.” And then he was gone.
Jiwon walked towards Sunghoon’s bedroom. It was the most logical place for Sunghoon to be. As Jiwon thought about Sunghoon, he felt embarrassed. He had acted childish when he should have been happy for Sunghoon. Jiwon’s emotions always took charge on the matters considering Sunghoon, no matter how hard he tried. He became possessive of Sunghoon, easily jealous over small matters. Jiwon wasn’t ready to admit the reason behind his actions to himself even though deep down he knew that he was becoming, or already was, too attracted to Sunghoon.
But Jiwon still felt a little disappointed by the fact that Sunghoon had chosen Jiyong over him, even if he now did know the story behind it.
Jiwon knocked on Sunghoon’s room’s door. As he heard no answer, Jiwon decided to open the door. But just as his hand was going take a hold of the doorknob, the door opened and Suwon stepped outside. Suwon just glanced at Jiwon and then walked past him.
Jiwon was wondering what Suwon’s glance meant as he stepped inside and closed the door. As he looked at Sunghoon, he got his answer.
Sunghoon was evading Jiwon’s gaze and even though their eyes didn’t meet Jiwon could see the tear stains on Sunghoon’s cheeks. He felt like a total idiot. He didn’t imagine his behavior would make his flower cry.

“I’m sorry, Hyung.”
Jiwon was surprised by the sudden apology.
“What?” he asked, confused.
“For making you angry”, Sunghoon said quietly, turning to look at Jiwon. Jiwon was confused. He had thought of many scenarios of how their talk would go but Sunghoon apologizing was not one of them.
“No… No. This is not how it’s supposed to go”, Jiwon started, shaking his head. Sunghoon looked at him questioningly, his teary eyes confused.
“I was supposed to plead you to forgive me. I know I acted stupidly but I just couldn’t contain my jealousy and I was a bit hurt that you did something so special with someone else than me and I’m sorry and-” Jiwon’s rambling was cut off as Sunghoon lunged to hug Jiwon tightly.
Surprised was an understatement for what Jiwon was feeling. He slowly wrapped his arms around Sunghoon’s petite figure, a figure that had become so familiar to Jiwon over their years together. But the feeling of Sunghoon’s body against his still made Jiwon’s heart beat speed up rapidly.
Jiwon didn’t know where the hug had come from but he wasn’t complaining. Gently, without thinking, Jiwon lifted his head a bit so he could kiss Sunghoon’s forehead tenderly. At first Jiwon felt Sunghoon tensing up but as Jiwon kept his lips on Sunghoon’s forehead, Sunghoon visibly relaxed under Jiwon’s affectionate touch. Jiwon loved the feeling of Sunghoon in his arms, maybe more than he should, but at the moment Jiwon didn’t care about it and just enjoyed Sunghoon’s warmth.
After what seemed like hours Jiwon lifted his lips from Sunghoon’s forehead, ending the kiss. Sunghoon lifted his head so he could look at Jiwon’s eyes.
“Are we okay now?” he asked gently, still hugging Jiwon. Jiwon could only nod.
“Yes. We always are, Hun-ah”, Jiwon replied smiling warmly. Sunghoon nodded and laid his head on Jiwon’s shoulder, smiling contently.
It was Wednesday evening and Sunghoon was getting ready for his and Jiyong’s weekly study lessons. They still studied regularly and for that day Jiyong had especially asked his help to his physic problems. Sunghoon was happy that he could be of help to his friend in any way he could.
As Sunghoon opened the door to Jiyong’s room he called out happily. “Jiyoong!”
But as he took in the view in front of him, he became confused. Jiyong was sitting on the chair, his books lying open on the table. He had been studying. But that was not what was unexpected. Leaning over the table was Jiwon who was pointing towards something written in one of the books.
Jiyong turned to look at Sunghoon who was standing by the door. “Oh. Hey, Hoony. I don’t think you need to help me tonight. Jiwon Hyung has already explained me the things I didn’t understand”, Jiyong explained. Jiwon waved his hand as a greeting and then ushered Jiyong to look at the explanation he had written. Jiyong turned around and started listening to Jiwon’s explanation while neither of them paid attention to Sunghoon.
Sunghoon just stared at them, still frozen in his place. He watched as Jiwon helped Jiyong to solve the problems. For Sunghoon they seemed oddly close. Jiwon was literally leaning over Jiyong’s shoulder and their hands touched occasionally.
Sunghoon felt jealousy rising in throat. Not only was Jiyong abandoning his help but Jiwon was also way too close to Jiyong to Sunghoon’s liking. He decided to interfere.
Sunghoon dragged a chair from one of the corners of the room to the writing desk and sat next to Jiwon, laying his books to the table.
“Can I study with you?” Sunghoon asked, smiling innocently. Jiwon and Jiyong turned to look at him. The latter was looking suspicious. “Didn’t you say you already understood this?” Jiyong asked.
“Not fully, so I could also use Jiwon Hyung’s help”, Sunghoon lied. Actually he had studied that topic in Hawaii already so he understood it fully but he wouldn’t tell that to Jiyong.
“Okay”, Jiwon said as Jiyong nodded. And so they started studying. Every time Jiyong asked for Jiwon’s help Sunghoon would tug Jiwon’s shirt’s sleeve and also ask his help. That went on for a while and Sunghoon felt he was succeeding in his mission to get Jiwon’s attention.
After about an hour Jiyong couldn’t stand Sunghoon’s jealousy act anymore. He sighed for the nth time. “I think I got this now. Thanks, Hyung”, he said and stood up. Then he made his way to the door and left.
“No problem!” Jiwon shouted after Jiyong. Then he turned to look at Sunghoon who pretended to be engrossed in his work. Jiwon crossed his arms and grinned.
“I know you have no problem with those exercises. Were you really so desperate for my attention?” Jiwon asked, teasingly smiling.
Sunghoon looked up from his notebook. He feigned surprise. “What are you talking about? I really don’t know how to solve these”, he said innocently, smiling up at Jiwon who was still standing.
Jiwon shook his head. “You know, you could just say when you wanna spend time with me”, he said, smiling.
Sunghoon grinned up at Jiwon. “Next time then”, Sunghoon said, standing up. Then he turned to leave. He had succeeded in his plan and he knew Jiwon wouldn’t let him leave.
And he was right. As he took the first step, Jiwon already grabbed his hand. “Wait!”
Sunghoon turned back towards Jiwon. Jiwon continued.
“As you already understand the theories, we can do something else”, he said, grinning mischievously.
“Like what?” Sunghoon asked, a bit suspicious of Jiwon’s expression.
Instead of answering Jiwon suddenly lunged at Sunghoon, lifting him up. Sunghoon shrieked in surprise. Then Jiwon threw him to the bed.
Before Sunghoon had time to react, Jiwon was already sitting on top of him, his legs on both sides of Sunghoon’s waist. His legs were pressing Sunghoon to the mattress.
Sunghoon tried to get free from Jiwon’s grip but in vain. The intimacy of their position made Sunghoon’s cheek turn red. As he didn’t want Jiwon to see him blushing, Sunghoon tried to tickle Jiwon from his position on the bed. But Jiwon was faster than him. In a split-second Jiwon had grabbed both of Sunghoon’s hands in one of his hands. He used the other to tickle Sunghoon instead and soon Sunghoon was laughing out loud.
Jiwon was smirking down at him and Sunghoon felt a surge of power flow through him. He didn’t want to lose so shamefully. In one quick motion Sunghoon jerked his hands away from Jiwon’s, surprising him.
But Jiwon was quick to recover and before Sunghoon knew it, Jiwon had again grabbed Sunghoon’s hands in his. This time he pinned Sunghoon’s hand to both sides of Sunghoon’s face.
Sunghoon gulped. Jiwon’s face was too close for his comfort and he was well aware of their intimate position. His heart was beating fast and he could feel his cheeks reddening again.
He was quickly trying to make up something to say. But Jiwon beat Sunghoon to it.

“I won you too easily”, he said, a bit breathless but still grinning. Then he pecked Sunghoon’s forehead quickly, Sunghoon noticed it had become a habit for Jiwon.
Then just as Jiwon was going to get of off Sunghoon, the door opened.
“I left my- oh”, Jiyong stopped in mid-sentence as he noticed the compromising position Sunghoon and Jiwon were in. His ears turned pink.
Sunghoon and Jiwon’s faces turned to burning red as they quickly disentangled themselves and stood up. Jiyong looked awkwardly between Jiwon and Sunghoon.
“I will just leave”, he quickly said and literally run out of the room.
Sunghoon and Jiwon turned to look at each other. Then after a few seconds they both burst out laughing. Sunghoon thought Jiyong’s face had been ridiculous.
But even though he was laughing, he could still imagine Jiwon on top of him and his cheeks grew hot again. Sunghoon was sure Jiwon hadn’t even noticed their position and felt stupid for overthinking the situation. He knew that Jiwon would never like him that way, he would always be just Jiwon’s dongsaeng and nothing more.
For some reason he felt disappointed.
All six Sechskies members were in the kitchen. For once, they had decided to cook together at the dorm. Sunghoon and Jiyong did most of the cooking, the others helped them in small tasks.
Jiwon’s task was to cut the vegetables. As he was cutting cabbage, Jiwon noticed Sunghoon offering Jiyong spoonful of soup.

“Jiyong, taste if it’s good”, Sunghoon said, directing the spoon towards Jiyong’s mouth. As Jiyong ate the spoonful of soup, Jiwon got an idea.
“Hun-ah, give me some too”, he pleaded cutely, walking over to Sunghoon.
“No, Hyung. We need to leave something to eat. I can’t have everyone tasting”, Sunghoon denied Jiwon’s plead, shaking his head. Then he turned to Jiyong. “How was it?”
“It’s delicious”, Jiyong answered, smiling from the taste. Sunghoon nodded relieved.
Jiwon wanted also be fed by Sunghoon so he wasn’t ready to give up. He hugged Sunghoon’s left hand tightly. “Please, Hun-ah. Give me some.”
“No”, Sunghoon replied. He continued the cooking with his right hand which wasn’t bound by an oversized toddler.
Jiwon pouted. “I won’t go back to cutting the vegetables if you don’t let me taste. I’ll just keep clinging to you”, he stubbornly declared.
Sunghoon sighed. He looked at Jiwon. “Okay, okay. But only one spoonful, okay?” he asked. As Jiwon nodded, Sunghoon took the spoon and scooped it full. Then he turned towards Jiwon.
“Open your mouth”, Sunghoon ordered and Jiwon happily obeyed. The soup tasted amazing and Jiwon smiled happily while savoring it.
“Are you satisfied?” Sunghoon asked as Jiwon swallowed. Jiwon smiled like a child who had got a lollipop and nodded.
Sunghoon smiled warmly at cute Jiwon. Then Sunghoon pecked his cheek. “Good, now go continue.” Then he turned around to concentrate on the cooking.
“Okay, but if you have anything else for tasting, let me taste, not Jiyong”, Jiwon said and let go of Sunghoon’s hand. He walked back to his half-cut cabbage.

Next Jiwon cut the onions. Jiwon managed only start the cutting when Sunghoon hurriedly came to Jiwon.
“Hyung, you’re doing it wrong”, Sunghoon said, stopping Jiwon. Sunghoon took the knife out of Jiwon’s hand and started chopping the onions correctly, showing an example for Jiwon. Unfortunately, for Sunghoon, Jiwon could only concentrate on Sunghoon’s lips and how they moved as he talked. His lips looked so soft and sweet and for some reason Jiwon wondered what Sunghoon’s lips would really feel and taste like.
As Jiwon was absorbed in his fantasies, he didn’t notice that Sunghoon was trying to get his attention until Sunghoon waved his hand in front Jiwon’s face. Jiwon blinked.
“Did you listen to me at all?” Sunghoon asked.
“Ee… Yes?” Jiwon replied, unsure. Sunghoon sighed, he probably thought Jiwon was a lost cause.
Jiwon chuckled as Sunghoon took the knife again and started chopping the next onion.
After the dinner was ready, the members settled around the table. The food was a success and everybody was enjoying the meal. During the meal Jiyong paid more attention Sunghoon’s and Jiwon’s interaction. He knew both of them harbored feelings for each other, their actions were the only proof needed for that. Even at that moment Jiyong could see how Jiwon continuously made sure Sunghoon had enough food and how their hands touched every few minutes, the touch always lingering.
Jiyong was tired of their jealousy banter which always put Jiyong to the middle. He remembered how Sunghoon had behaved when Jiyong was studying with Jiwon’s help and how he had later walked in on some really embarrassing situation. Jiyong shook his head to get rid of the image.
Jiyong decided to talk with both of them separately after the meal. He wanted to get his childhood friend and leader to stop tiptoeing around each other.
So after everyone had eaten, Jiyong asked Sunghoon to help him with something. He and Sunghoon had been exempted from washing the dishes as they did most of the cooking.
Jiyong led them to Sunghoon’s room and closed the door after they went inside. Sunghoon turned to look at Jiyong, confused.
“What did you wanna talk to me about?” he asked. Jiyong sat on Sunghoon’s bed and Sunghoon sat next to him.
“Hoony, I need an honest answer”, Jiyong said, looking straight into Sunghoon’s eyes. Sunghoon still looked confused but nodded.
“Do you have someone you like?”
Sunghoon seemed stunned. “Me… I-I… How did you know?” he asked, surprised.
“I have known you for over ten years. Of course I know”, Jiyong rolled his eyes.
“Well, what are you gonna do about it?” Jiyong asked. Sunghoon stared at Jiyong like he was crazy.
“Why would I do anything? It’s not like it’s mutual”, Sunghoon said, seeming a bit sad.
“How do you know it if you haven’t done anything?” Jiyong asked, trying to encourage Sunghoon.
“I.., well, I don’t know”, Sunghoon confessed. Jiyong shook his head in amusement.
“Maybe you should act on your feelings. I’m sure it’s mutual.”

“I’m not so sure, and how would you know if it’s mutual? You don’t even know who it is”, Sunghoon asked skeptically.
Jiyong couldn’t help chuckling. “Hoony, of course I know who it is. You have been swooning over Jiwon ever since you came back from Hawaii.”
Sunghoon’s eyes widened in shock. “I have? No, I mean, why are you talking about Jiwon Hyung?”
“Don’t try to deny it. I have known for a long time now. Even the other members are starting question your closeness”, Jiyong replied smiling, understanding.
“Does everyone know?” Sunghoon asked horrified.
Jiyong took Sunghoon’s hands in his. “Not everyone. Hoony, you’re not alone with your feelings. You’re the only one who can’t realize how Jiwon stares at you or how he takes care of you”, Jiyong explained, trying to help his friend.
“Do you really think that Jiwon Hyung could actually like me?” Sunghoon asked almost hopefully.
“You’ll only find out if you do something”, he said.
After Jiyong had talked with Sunghoon, he made his way to his and Jiwon’s room. Jiwon was lying on his bed, listening to music. Jiyong walked inside the room, closing the door behind himself.
Hearing the sound of door closing, Jiwon turned to look at Jiyong and sat up. He turned off the music.
“Hey, Jiyong. What’s up?” Jiwon asked. Jiyong sat next to him.
“Hyung, there’s something I would like to ask you”, Jiyong said, looking into Jiwon’s eyes.
Jiwon seemed confused, like Sunghoon had. “What is it?”
Jiyong took a deep breath. “What do you think about Sunghoon?” he asked.
Sunghoon seemed shocked. He was struggling for words. “Sunghoon? He’s my precious brother.”
“Nothing else?” Jiyong asked. As Jiwon didn’t answer, he continued. “What do you feel when you’re around him?”
Jiwon seemed even more confused than earlier. “I… I feel happy when I’m with him”, he answered, looking at Jiyong for explanation.
“How about when Sunghoon is absent?” Jiyong asked next, not offering any explanation.
There was a small silence until Jiwon answered. “I-I feel like something is missing. I miss him.”
Jiyong nodded. He was now one hundred percent sure that Jiwon had feelings for Sunghoon.
“What is your point?” Jiwon asked.
“I know you care about Sunghoon more than just a brother would.”
Jiwon froze. He didn’t dare to look Jiyong. He was silent for a few minutes until he said anything. “I guess you’re right. I do have feelings for Sunghoon. I can’t help it, he is just so cute, beautiful, considerate, delicate, funny-”
”Yes, yes, I understand”, Jiyong interrupted Jiwon. He didn’t need to hear why Jiwon liked Sunghoon. “But why haven’t you confessed to him?”
Jiwon stared at Jiyong like he was stupid, as similar to Sunghoon’s stare as Jiyong asked him the same question. “Are you stupid? He doesn’t like me back.”
Jiwon sighed. Sunghoon and Jiwon were so similar. “You’re the only one who can’t see it. He stares at you like you are the only person in the whole world.” Jiyong tried to get Jiwon to believe him.
“My Hun-ah does?” Jiwon asked surprised.
Jiyong almost cringed. “You’re already calling him yours. You really should confess already”, he replied. Jiwon blushed as he noticed his mistake.
“But does Hun-ah really like me?” Jiwon asked hopefully.
“You can only find out if you ask him”, Jiyong replied, not wanting do all the job for his friends. He knew they needed to confess to each other, not to him. But now as Jiyong had made them confess their feelings to him, he knew it wouldn’t be long until they were together for real.

Summary of chapter 4: Jiwon feeling jealous over Sunghoon and Jiyong’s couple tattoos. A few more jealously moments and Jiyong takes matters into his own hands. He talked to both Jiwon and Sunghoon separately and got them to confess their feelings to him (Jiyong).


Chapter 5: Confession Part 1

Jiwon just vaguely registered the sound of door closing, a sign of Jiyong leaving their room, since he was lost in his thoughts. He was laying on his bed, busy thinking about what he could do for Sunghoon now that he had gathered the courage to confess. He was debating whether he should take Sunghoon to the movies or the beach. After a while of pondering over the better option Jiwon realized that had been stupid, he could do both of them.

Jiwon decided to first take Sunghoon out for a movie and after that they would go to the beach nearby. Jiwon smiled confidently and nodded.

He left his room to find Sunghoon. Jiwon walked along the hallway towards Sunghoon’s room. He was about to open the door only to see it opening right before him.


Sunghoon was laying on the bed on his side, pouting. Sunghoon had decided to take Jiwon out to town but he had problem deciding where to. He sighed deeply.

Sunghoon knew Jiwon loved games and was sometimes, or maybe more often, acting like a nine-year-old. So after a while of pondering, Sunghoon decided to take Jiwon to an arcade and considered a karaoke as a second option if they had enough time, and energy, after Jiwon had poured all of his childishly cute energy to the games.

Sunghoon chuckled to himself. He knew Jiwon was going to enjoy the date that he had planned.

Sunghoon stood up from the bed and headed towards the door. He opened the door and was surprised to see someone standing just behind the door, hand extended in the air.


Jiwon found himself face to face with Sunghoon. Sunghoon was looking as perfect as ever. Smiling, Jiwon moved his already extended hand and grabbed Sunghoon’s hand in his.

Sunghoon was smiling his always-charming smile at Jiwon and Jiwon felt his affection for the other boy swelling.

“Hun-ah”, Jiwon said affectionately, “Do you remember the movie you mentioned a few days back? The action one?”

“Yes, Hyung. What about it?” Sunghoon asked, still smiling happily.

“Let’s go watch it?” Jiwon asked.

“Sure, Hyung just let me get my things first.” Sunghoon freed his hand from Jiwon’s and left to get his stuff. After Sunghoon was out of Jiwon’s sight, Jiwon couldn’t contain his happiness longer and punched the air in his excitement.


Sunghoon was basically jumping out of joy. Jiwon had agreed to their date and at the moment they were on their way to the first destination, the arcade. Sunghoon had chosen the arcade that had the smallest chance of meeting any fans. Since it was a weekday it was highly possible to be spared from the screaming fans.

Sunghoon glanced at Jiwon who was walking beside him. He looked handsome, as always, his features looking sharp and manly in the sunlight. Sunghoon almost blushed as he looked at Jiwon lips. He had always wondered what they would feel like. Maybe rough, like Jiwon’s outer appearance? Or maybe soft, as Jiwon’s affection?

They arrived to the arcade and luckily, for them, there were no fans around. Sunghoon watched satisfied as Jiwon’s eyes lit up seeing all of the games. Sunghoon already knew that it was going to be a long time before they would leave the place. Sunghoon shook his head, amused. He then followed Jiwon to the first gaming machine.


The movie was good, great even, but Jiwon just couldn’t concentrate on it since he was too busy staring at Sunghoon who was sitting next to him. But for his defense, it seemed that Sunghoon had no idea what was going on in the film either.

They just stared at each other and Jiwon played with Sunghoon’s hands, caressing them teasingly. Sunghoon’s reactions were far more interesting than any movie in the world, at least for Jiwon. Sunghoon would blush or smile shyly or just stare at their hands as if they were something magical.

After a while, Jiwon decided that he couldn’t just sit in the theatre so he took Sunghoon’s hand and lead him away from the hall in the middle of the movie. He got a new, much better idea.


Sunghoon walking with Jiwon through the streets, hand in hand. They had been playing in the arcade over four hours. Sunghoon was feeling a bit tired from all the playing but the small plush toy in his other hand reminded him it was all more than worth it.

Jiwon had won the small Pikachu from one of the gaming machines and had given it to him. Sunghoon had thanked him by giving him a big hug. He had almost kissed Jiwon’s cheek but refrained from doing so, having remembered the fact of them being in public.

But that fact was going to change fast. They arrived at the Karaoke. Sunghoon paid for a private karaoke room and they made their way in. The room was small and cozy, just enough for the two of them.

Sunghoon selected a song for them to sing as Jiwon ordered a few bottles of soju. At the sight of Jiwon grabbing a microphone and winking at him Sunghoon felt all of his tiredness fade away.


Jiwon had never felt so alive before. He had been spending his whole day with Sunghoon, something he hadn’t done in a long time. Jiwon couldn’t help smiling as he recalled the events of the day.

After they had left the movies they had gone to shopping. He had noticed Sunghoon ogling at one specific pair of white shoes and had decided to buy the pair for Sunghoon. After noticing the store had the same pair in different color, black, Jiwon had bought one pair for himself, too. And they now had couple shoes.

After that they had gone to a cafe. Jiwon had immensely enjoyed seeing Sunghoon with a white milk beard. He had looked adorable as he had cluelessly stared at Jiwon. Jiwon had leaned over the table and wiped the milk stain with his thumb. Sunghoon had blushed irresistibly at the action.

Jiwon chuckled.

“What are you chuckling about, Hyung?”

Jiwon looked over to Sunghoon who was sitting by his side. At the moment they were on their favorite beach, sitting and talking about the exciting day they had. It was already late in the evening.

“It’s nothing, Hun-ah. Just thinking about how adorable you are”, Jiwon grinned.

Sunghoon’s blush became visible again. He looked truly breathtaking, his features looking soft and beautiful in the faint light of the evening, eyes glittering in the last rays of sun.

“I am not adorable!” Sunghoon denied quickly, blushing fiercely.

“You are, and so much more.”

Sunghoon turned his gaze away from Jiwon. “Do you really think so?” he asked quietly.

“Yes.” And then Jiwon got an idea.


“That was a terrible idea!” Sunghoon shouted, a bit tipsy from the alcohol he had consumed. He had drank far less than Jiwon but for him it seemed that Jiwon had no problem handling all of the alcohol. Sunghoon had always been secretly jealous over Jiwon’s better tolerance of alcohol.

“No, it wasn’t. I even got 99 points. Can’t you see, it was the perfect song choice”, Jiwon replied, grinning widely.

Sunghoon sighed. There was nothing he could use against Jiwon.

“Okay, okay. I believe you”, Sunghoon said, surrendering.

Jiwon grinned happily. He looked cute, smiling so happily over such a small matter. Sunghoon got an urge to kiss him.

He turned to take a shot of soju. Jiwon’s grin vanished.

“Are you sure you should drink more?” he asked concerned. Sunghoon only grinned in turn.

“You’ll see”, Sunghoon replied teasingly. Then he sat down next to Jiwon on the couch.


Jiwon leaned closer to Sunghoon who was still not looking at Jiwon. He gently laid his hand on Sunghoon’s cheek, turning Sunghoon’s face towards his.


Sunghoon leaned closer to Jiwon. He could feel Jiwon’s breath on his lips. Jiwon was looking at him, clearly anticipating what was about to come.


Jiwon leaned closer and saw Sunghoon’s eyes focusing on his lips. Then he leaned the rest of the way and- “EUN JIWON!”


Sunghoon looked at Jiwon’s beautiful dark eyes as he started to close the gap between their lips. Just as their lips were about to touch- “SUNGHOON-AH!!”


“Jai Jin?” Jiwon asked utterly bewildered.

“Yes, Hyung. I have been trying to get your attention for a while now. I’m glad you decided to join me”, Jai Jin said, rolling his eyes. Apparently Jiwon hadn’t noticed him entering the room or even heard him calling his name. He had been too caught up in his fantasy of finally kissing Sunghoon.


He then felt annoyed. Jiwon had had a perfect fantasy about the other boy but Jai Jin had interrupted him just before the best part had taken place.

“And why the hell did you do that?” he asked irritated.

“Wow, calm down Hyung. I just came to inform you that we have the next week off”, Jai Jin replied, again rolling his eyes.

“Oh… Oh?” Jiwon was actually not annoyed anymore. The news was actually good.

Jai Jin left the room and Jiwon laid back down on his bed and tried to get some sleep, hoping to dream of the long-awaited kiss.


“What?!” Sunghoon asked, panicking…

“Nothing, just wanted to get your attention”, said a merry voice.

The voice sounded really much like Jiyong’s. Sunghoon focused on the environment around him. To his horror, he realized he was in his room, Jiyong standing before him, nowhere near the karaoke room.


Warning: This chapter contains mature content, if you don’t like it I suggest you don’t read it

Chapter 5.5: Confession part 2 written with: CHODINGBINHWAN

Warmth. Softness. Contentment. The short moment between sleeping and awakening which blurs the line between dreams and reality. The moment in which the emotions of the dream are occupying the mind. That exact feeling was the reason why Jiwon was smiling as he woke up.

He still remembered the feeling of his peaceful dream which, no surprise there, included one cheeky, cute-looking boy. Even though Jiwon hadn’t dreamed of the kiss like he had hoped, he did remember what Jai Jin had told him the day before. They had a week off!

Jiwon decided to make the most of the week. He would spent as much time with his beloved Hoonah as he could since they hadn’t had the chance to spend much time together in the last few weeks.

But first, Jiwon would, at least try to, cook breakfast for Sunghoon.

It was still quite early and Jiwon was sure the other boys were asleep since they had probably stayed up all night in order to celebrate the week off. So he was surprised to hear noise coming from the kitchen. Cautiously, Jiwon made his way towards the kitchen. He was in for a big surprise.

As Jiwon got to the kitchen, his breath got stuck in his throat. In front of him was the dining table full of different kinds of dishes, all looking delicious. But that was not the cause of Jiwon’s breathlessness. All of his attention was directed towards the boy standing by the counter.

Sunghoon was only wearing his pajamas, set of Pikachu shorts and tee. His hair was all tangled and ruffled up and sweat was covering his face. Jiwon thought he looked fabulous.

Sunghoon turned around and was surprised as he noticed Jiwon standing in the doorway, watching him. He froze. Jiwon couldn’t say a word, he could just stare at Sunghoon.

An awkward silence filled the room. Both of the boys could only stare at each other. Jiwon was thinking about the talk he had had with Jiyong the other day and the opportunity of Jiwon’s feelings being mutual. Sunghoon seemed only to be able to stare at Jiwon with a weird expression.

The silent tension between them stretched for a few more minutes. Sunghoon was the first to snap out of his stare, slightly shaking his head before smiling warmly at Jiwon, maybe a bit warmer than ever before.

“Good morning, Hyung!” Sunghoon said, smiling his all-too-contagious smile which got butterflies to flutter in Jiwon’s stomach.

Jiwon snapped out of his thoughts as he heard Sunghoon’s voice calling for him. Unconsciously his lips spread to a wide smile. “Morning, Hun-ah”, Jiwon answered. He still couldn’t take his eyes off of Sunghoon and Sunghoon blushed cutely under his stare. Jiwon felt warmth building up in his chest.

Sunghoon looked away to hide his obvious blush and his gaze caught the sight of the dining table, full of food.

“Hyung, I cooked breakfast”, Sunghoon said, obviously happy to find a way to start up a conversation.

Jiwon had forgotten all about the food, he realized, as he turned his gaze to look at the table full of food in front of him. He had been too caught up in staring at his Sunghoon’s adorable expression.

“You did this?” Jiwon asked amazed. He had known of Sunghoon’s ability to cook edible food but the feast in front him was almost like out of heaven.

Sunghoon smiled shyly. “Yes, for you, Hyung”, he confessed.

Jiwon was speechless. Sunghoon had stolen his idea and had been faster in carrying it out. But in no way was Jiwon complaining. After all, the person he had feelings for had cooked for him. Him. Jiwon was internally jumping out of joy but outwardly he only smiled warmly, showing no sign of his childish glee.

“It looks super delicious, thanks Hun-ah”, Jiwon said sincerely. He sat down on a chair, Sunghoon sitting down on the chair opposite of him.

“How are you awake this early, Hyung?” Sunghoon asked as they started eating. The food wasn’t only delicious looking but also tasted good. Jiwon knew that if he had been the one to cook, the result wouldn’t have been that good.

“I actually had the same idea as you”, as Sunghoon looked puzzled, Jiwon added, “The cooking, I mean. But you’re probably fortunate that I wasn’t the one to cook for you”, Jiwon grinned unapologetically.

At first Sunghoon looked touched but quickly the gratitude changed to a feigned fright. “Thank god for that. I wouldn’t have wanted to be in the hospital when it’s our week off”, he said sounding terrified but the playful glee in his eyes betrayed his facade.

Jiwon smacked Sunghoon’s head playfully, not truly mad. “You’d have deserved it, you little brat.”

Sunghoon only grinned as an answer. Jiwon shook his head, he was sure he liked Sunghoon too much for his own good. But still his feelings for the boy with a smile as bright as the Sun grew every day.

“But the other reason I have for waking up early is that… I thought… as we haven’t had time, you know, to hang out lately. I was thinking we could go somewhere?” Jiwon half-asked, half-stated. He had never before been nervous asking Sunghoon to hang out with him but never before had he been about to confess his feelings for Sunghoon. Jiwon almost hoped Sunghoon would decline so he could escape his intentions.

But Sunghoon didn’t seem to have any intentions to decline Jiwon’s offer. The smile that Jiwon loved spread across his face. He happily said, “Of course.”

And there it was, Jiwon couldn’t run away anymore. But looking at Sunghoon’s smile, Jiwon wasn’t sure if he had needed to fear it in the first place.

After the breakfast Jiwon and Sunghoon headed outside, leaving the other boys to sleep. There was no knowing when they would wake up.

They walked around the city, looking at everything but nothing in particular. Jiwon had intentionally chosen the part of the city which had less people and, therefore, less fans around. But still, it was weekend so the masses of people were inevitable.

Luckily for them, there were no fans around so they were at least safe from the screaming and crushing hugs. Even so, they attracted people’s attention with their good looks and were almost constantly under curious glances. Once Jiwon unconsciously reached for Sunghoon’s hand but as their hands touched Jiwon remembered the spectators and quickly withdrew his hand. Sunghoon had seemed disappointed and so Jiwon grew annoyed with the spectators.

Jiwon knew it would be impossible to confess when there were so many people around. He wanted to take Sunghoon’s hands in his, he definitely wanted to kiss Sunghoon’s lips, he had been fantasizing about his kissable-soft-perfect looking lips far too long, but he knew it would be impossible in public.

Therefore he asked Sunghoon if it would be okay to go to his home. Sunghoon had apparently also been fed up with the constant spotlight and offered for them to go his home instead since they had no one home. Jiwon accepted it in a heartbeat since it would be easier to confess without his parents in the next room.

So that’s how they ended up in Sunghoon’s empty home, blasting music in his room, laying together in his bed. They used to do that a lot in Hawaii when they lived together Jiwon liked it as it brought back many memories of their time in Hawaii. Jiwon could remember them singing the same songs they sang at the moment.

After the current song ended Jiwon reached to the player to turn off the music. He didn’t notice Sunghoon doing the same, as if their minds were connected, so their hands brushed against each other as both of them pressed the off-button.

Complete silence filled the room. Both of them were on their stomachs, their hands touching. The happy, carefree feeling of only a moment ago was gone. Jiwon turned his head to look at Sunghoon.

Sunghoon looked as beautiful as always, his bright eyes shining nervously, hair framing his face nicely, cheeks just a bit reddish.

Throughout the day Jiwon had gathered the courage to confess his feelings to Sunghoon. He knew the time to finally confess was in his hands and he couldn’t back down anymore. He sighed deeply.

“Hun-ah”, Jiwon started at the same time as Sunghoon said, “Hyung.”

There was a short pause as they just stared at each other. Then Sunghoon smiled slightly and offered, “You can go first,” to Jiwon.

Jiwon nodded stiffly and took a deep breath, again. He had to do it then or never.

“Sunghoon-ah”, Jiwon said, then paused and sat up. He took both of Sunghoon’s hands in his, also pulling Sunghoon to a sitting position.

Sunghoon was watching him with a confused expression, noticing the seriousness showing in Jiwon’s posture. Jiwon didn’t know if he was doing the wrong decision and would only ruin their friendship by making Sunghoon uncomfortable.

He shook his head, there was no going back anymore and he knew it. He couldn’t be just friends with Sunghoon anymore, that at least was sure for Jiwon. He just hoped for Sunghoon to be feeling the same.

While Jiwon stayed quiet, Sunghoon gently squeezed Jiwon’s hands in a comforting manner. Jiwon felt himself relaxing immediately under Sunghoon’s touch. The act as simple as that was enough for Jiwon to gather every ounce of courage he had and to continue. He looked straight into Sunghoon’s eyes.

“Hun-ah, I have been having this new kind of feeling lately and I cannot ignore it anymore.” Sunghoon only smiled encouragingly and nodded. Jiwon tightened his hold of Sunghoon’s hands.

“This feeling always emerges when I’m around you. I feel happy when you’re with me, warmth whenever you smile your pretty smile, comfortable hugging you, jealous when I see you with someone else, warmth and tingling all over my body when we touch, when you kiss my cheek I would like you to do it again countless of times, and…,” Jiwon took a deep breath, “…And I guess the thing I’m trying to say is that I like you.”

Sunghoon was staring at Jiwon, speechless. As the silence stretched, Jiwon started to again doubt if he had done the right thing. But before he had time to say his thoughts aloud, he was suddenly enveloped in a crushing hug.

“Me too, me too! I mean, I like you too”, Sunghoon said, his enthusiastic voice muffled by Jiwon’s shoulder. But the happiness and relief was still evident in his voice.

Jiwon startled. He couldn’t fully grasp the meaning of Sunghoon’s sentence. Had Sunghoon said he liked Jiwon back? Jiwon still wasn’t sure but he couldn’t resist putting his hands around Sunghoon’s waist and pulling him closer.

As they embraced each other tightly, Jiwon finally realized the situation. He had confessed to Sunghoon and Sunghoon liked him back – Jiwon was in cloud nine. He had never felt as happy in his life as he did at the moment, Sunghoon in his arms.

Slowly, Jiwon detached himself from Sunghoon, just enough to look at his beautiful face. And that face had never seemed more beautiful. Sunghoon’s brown eyes flickered towards Jiwon’s lips and Jiwon gulped. Sunghoon licked his pink lips and Jiwon could no longer restrain himself.

Slowly, but steadily, Jiwon leaned closer to Sunghoon, closer to his lips. Just before their lips touched, Jiwon glimpsed at Sunghoon’s eyes and noticed the feeling of anticipation and faint blush in his cheeks. Jiwon leaned the rest of the way.

The kiss was soft and gentle. Sunghoon’s lips were just as soft as Jiwon had imagined. He savored the feeling of Sunghoon’s lips on his own, slowly moving his lips against Sunghoon’s. Sunghoon mimicked the action. Jiwon lifted his left hand to cup Sunghoon’s cheek, caressing it gently.

The kiss lasted about ten seconds. Sunghoon gently pulled away from the kiss, leaning his forehead against Jiwon’s. Jiwon gazed at Sunghoon’s face- he was blushing, eyes looking a bit dazed but he was smiling. Jiwon couldn’t help smiling back. He caressed Sunghoon’s cheek gently and Sunghoon leaned to his touch.

Then, as Jiwon was starting to straighten up, Sunghoon suddenly lunged forward, reattaching their lips for a second kiss, causing Jiwon to fall back on the bed. Their second kiss was completely different from their first one.

The second kiss was full of the long-awaited need and excitement Jiwon had been suppressing.

Their lips were crushing together as they were fighting for dominance and trying to get closer, feel the heat of the other’s body.

The sound of their wet kisses and the deep, pleasure-filled moaning were the only things heard. Sunghoon’s hands were tightly grabbing the bedsheets underneath them as he started to grind against Jiwon, desperate to create more friction. Jiwon’s hands roamed underneath Sunghoon’s shirt, intent on feeling up every inch of the perfect smooth skin and bringing him closer. He was getting painfully hard and could feel Sunghoon in the same state.

Sunghoon’s lips were growing weaker against his and Sunghoon’s kisses were getting sloppier, but no less arousing, as he focused more on rolling his hips against Jiwon’s. Sunghoon’s breathy moan was muffled by Jiwon’s mouth. Jiwon could feel the growing pleasure both of them were feeling.

The overwhelming feeling of pleasure and arousal made Jiwon take the opportunity to flip them over so he was the one on top instead. Breaking the kiss, Jiwon attacked Sunghoon’s neck, trailing his lips along the slender neck, leaving a hickey on the perfectly toned collarbone. Sunghoon could only moan loudly in return as Jiwon sucked the sensitive spot, receiving the pleasure that he was feeling by his beloved man. With only their clothes separating them, they continue to grind against each other faster, wanting feel more of the immense pleasure and their moans were muffled by their sloppy kisses.


“Hun… ah”

Their names were the only sounds coming out of their mouths as they both reached their climax.

With the last roll of his hips Jiwon collapsed on top of Sunghoon, totally spent but feeling amazing.

Heavy breathing was followed as Jiwon got off of Sunghoon and laid down beside him. Jiwon tried to take in what had happened. He was still in cloud nine, and didn’t seem to be descending any time soon.

Jiwon and Sunghoon exchanged loving glances before they started giggling at the other.

Jiwon brought his hand towards Sunghoon’s cheeks, caressing it gently, “You are mine, Hun-ah.”

And he did mean it.

Sunghoon smiled lovingly at Jiwon. “Hyung.. we should probably clean up”, Sunghoon urged Jiwon, only to receive an unexpected reply.

“You mean round two?” Jiwon smirked and sneaked his arms around Sunghoon’s waist, pulling him closer.

“Oh .. No No NO! I mean seriously clean up”, Sunghoon said firmly as he tried to get out of Jiwon’s grasp.

Jiwon only pouted teasingly in response but let Sunghoon go to the shower first. They both knew that they would probably have trouble in keeping their hands to themselves if they were to shower together. Jiwon could barely contain from doing anything too harsh when they were fully clothed, what would he do if they were both naked?

As Sunghoon came out of the bathroom, Jiwon went to take a shower to clean himself up. He had ruined his underwear but he paid no mind to it. He was sure he could borrow a pair from Sunghoon, his boyfriend.

Boyfriend. The word sounded good in Jiwon’s mind.

As Jiwon came out of the bathroom -he was wearing clothes borrowed from Sunghoon- he saw Sunghoon already laying in his bed, asleep. Jiwon had never seen Sunghoon looking cuter. His hair was damp from the shower and he was smiling in his sleep, overall he looked perfectly content.

Jiwon walked over to the bed and slid under the sheets. He shifted closer to Sunghoon so he could sneak his hands over his boyfriend’s slim waist.

Sunghoon stirred awake. He slowly opened his pretty eyes and a lazy smile spread to his lips as he noticed Jiwon. Jiwon couldn’t resist pecking his lips, and did it again as Sunghoon’s lips pouted at the loss of contact.

“Hyung? What’s it?” Sunghoon asked sleepily, also sneaking his hands over Jiwon’s torso and shifting closer.

Jiwon kissed his forehead. “It’s nothing, just go back to sleep”, Jiwon replied affectionately.

Sunghoon nodded and pressed his head against Jiwon’s. Not long after that Sunghoon was again in deep sleep and Jiwon followed him, holding him tightly against himself.


Jiwon woke up feeling something in his arms. He felt a smile spreading across lips as he opened his eyes and saw the view before him. The something in his arms was someone, more specifically Sunghoon, his bestfriend-now-boyfriend.

Sunghoon was still sleeping peacefully. For a while Jiwon just enjoyed the feeling of the other in his arms but then he slowly and quietly detached himself from Sunghoon, careful not to wake the other.

He adjusted the blanket and leaned over to kiss Sunghoon’s forehead before leaving the room.

As Jiwon made his way downstairs he heard a sound of plates clattering. Sunghoon’s parents had come home. As Jiwon walked to the kitchen he was greeted by the gently smile of Sunghoon’s mother.

“Good morning Jiwon-ah. Did you sleep well?” she asked immediately, not at all surprised to see him there. She was used to seeing Jiwon around.

“Morning, Mrs. Kang”, Jiwon replied, walking to the dining table. He sat down.

“I made breakfast. Help yourself and tell me to what do I owe this pleasure of having my boys home?” she indicated towards the breakfast she had made and sat opposite of Jiwon.

“Thanks, and we have no promotions the next week so we decided to hang out”, Jiwon replied, filling his plate with food.

“That’s wonderful to hear! You know I trust you to keep my son safe,” Mrs. Kang said cheerfully.

Jiwon almost blushed, realizing the possible double-meaning of the sentence. Not that Mrs. Kang could know anything about their new found relationship. At least that was what Jiwon hoped, not even sure himself what the relationship between him and Sunghoon was going to be.

“Of course, I’ll take care of him”, Jiwon answered sincerely.

“Take care of who?”

Jiwon turned to look at Sunghoon who was walking through the doorway. He was yawning and rubbing his eyes. The act looked terribly cute to Jiwon but he didn’t say anything about it in front of Sunghoon’s mother.

“Morning Sunghoon-ah, Jiwon-ah here promised to keep sure that you’re safe”, Mrs. Kang said, smiling warmly, still not realizing the other meaning of her sentence could have.

But Sunghoon apparently did since he blushed at her mother’s words. “What?” he asked, almost terrified.

“Yes, I promised to keep us safe”, Jiwon said, grinning. He felt immense joy in teasing Sunghoon.

Sunghoon blushed in even deeper red. But before Sunghoon could say another word Mrs. Kang’s voice asked, “Are you okay darling? You look a little red.”

Jiwon had to do all to keep himself from bursting out laughing. “I’m sure he’s fine, Mrs. Kang. He is just so happy that we are going to spend the whole week together”, Jiwon replied for Sunghoon and motioned for Sunghoon to come sit beside him.

Slowly, still a little confused, Sunghoon sat next to Jiwon, his blush fading away. Under the table Jiwon squeezed Sunghoon’s hand in reassurance, messaging that he had been joking and Sunghoon’s mother didn’t know anything about their relationship. Sunghoon sighed in relief and squeezed back.

As Mrs. Kang left the table Jiwon turned to look at Sunghoon, his expression firm.

“You do know that I’ll keep you safe, don’t you?” Jiwon said, serious.

Sunghoon smiled at him warmly. “Yes, Hyung. I know.”


Chapter 6: Are we blessed?

Jiwon was bored. Well, that was not uncommon since Jiwon was easily bored but at the moment he felt the itch to do something, anything than just laying on the couch, watching some boring TV shows. The only upside was that he could lay his head in Sunghoon’s lap, relax in his touch.

Sunghoon’s parents had left thirty minutes ago. It was a weekday so they had to work. Jiwon was really glad that they had the week off. And the fact that he and Sunghoon had the whole house for themselves was a huge bonus.

There was no one to disturb them, not the loud boys or the all too sharp Mrs. Kang and his husband.

But if only he wasn’t so bored.

Jiwon glanced at Sunghoon who was absentmindedly stroking his head in a sweet, gentle motion. Jiwon wasn’t sure if Sunghoon was interest in the show but if his bored face was any indicator then he was quite surely bored too. Jiwon decided to change that.

“Hun-aaah, I’m bored. Let’s play some games, eh?” Jiwon complained in Sunghoon’s lap, drawing Sunghoon’s attention to him.

“Hmmm? Okay, Hyung. Let’s do that”, Sunghoon replied smiling down at Jiwon.

But neither of them made any move to turn on the game console. Jiwon was lost in the others deep, dark eyes which he could easily drown in and not have the need for breathing.

Sunghoon’s hand had stopped caressing Jiwon’s hair and slowly moved to touch his lips instead. The touch was as light as feather, only a soft caress. Jiwon lifted his own hand to his face, taking hold of Sunghoon’s hand. Then he softly kissed each of Sunghoon’s fingers, keeping them on place with his hand. Sunghoon’s fingers were so soft. Jiwon looked at Sunghoon as he pressed a kiss to the next finger. Sunghoon was looking at his hand, his lips moving a bit every time Jiwon’s lips touched his hand.

As Jiwon pressed the last kiss, Sunghoon started leaning down. Jiwon didn’t divert his gaze from Sunghoon’s eyes as he leaned closer. He was slowly becoming more and more anticipating.

Then the moment was completely ruined.

Sounds of the front door opening and slamming shut reached Jiwon’s ears, and in a flash he was up from Sunghoon’s lap. And not a second later someone entered the living room.

“Oppa! You’re home. And Jiwon Oppa too!” Kang Yoon Ji, Sunghoon’s little sister cried out as she noticed the two boys sitting on the couch. She rarely saw her brother and Jiwon understood her joy for seeing his brother home.

Fortunately, for him, it meant that she was too happy to notice the small blush on her brother’s cheeks or how uncomfortable he himself looked.

“Yoon Ji-ah! Where have you been?” Sunghoon asked, meeting her half away the living room to hug her. She gladly put her hands around her brother’s neck.

“Shouldn’t I be the one asking that?” she asked teasingly, all smiles.

Sunghoon laughed in response. “I asked mother earlier about your whereabouts but she was just as clueless. I hope you’re not doing anything unfavorable.” Jiwon could see that Sunghoon had his full big-brother mode on. Jiwon found him cute, being protective and caring over his little sister.

“I’d never. Well, only on occasion”, she added the last part as she noticed his brother’s meaningful gaze.

“But, Jiwon Oppa! It has been long since I have last seen you around”, she quickly diverted her attention to him, escaping further interrogation.

“Yes, it’s nice to see you too Yoon Ji”, Jiwon smiled, amused. She and Sunghoon had many similarities.

“What were you doing before I came?” Yoon Ji asked, turning to look at Sunghoon again.

And of course Sunghoon’s blush came back in full force. Even Jiwon couldn’t keep his embarrassment completely hidden. Sunghoon started to stutter an answer.

“We, uhh, did nothing special. We, actually… We were going to start gaming”, he finished, probably remembering what they had been supposed to do before something entirely different almost happened.

Yoon Ji eyed her brother suspiciously. Then she nodded slowly. “Okay, well, can I join you?”

“Yeah, if it’s okay with Hyung”, Sunghoon turned to Jiwon and as he nodded in agreement turned back towards Yoon Ji. “But don’t think I’m satisfied with your answer”, he threatened her.

“Yeah, yeah. And neither I’m with yours”, she shot back.

Sunghoon quickly closed his mouth and turned to prepare the game for them. Jiwon watched in amusement, the siblings really reminded each other a lot.

“Hyung, what are you just standing there? Come here and help me”, Sunghoon commanded, annoyed by his sister’s comeback.

“Of course, your highness”, Jiwon chuckled out loud and walked to Sunghoon, intending to help him. First Sunghoon stared at him, probably debating whether to say something or not, then he just turned around and let Jiwon help him.

Jiwon smiled warmly, his boyfriend was just so cute. He ruffled Sunghoon’s hair gently, before setting the game ready.


Yoon Ji eyed his brother carefully as he played with Jiwon. He looked the same but still so different. She wasn’t sure what it was but her brother seemed kind of lighter and happier. Of course, her brother had always been bright and joyful but never to this extent.

And then there was the inexplicable shyness. He just blushed over and over again. Her brother was not the shy type, not at least in Yoon Ji’s memory. Unless her brother had…

A crush.

That it was, her brother liked someone. Yoon Ji was sure of it. But the question in her mind was that who that someone was.

Yoon Ji studied her brother a bit more. He was acting really touchy with Jiwon, more than usual. She was used to her brother and his friend being really close but never to that extent. It was just the way their touches seemed more thoughtful, more meaningful, like there was a hidden message, which she didn’t see, in every touch.

“Oppa”, she called after Sunghoon had lost another game to Jiwon. She knew it was useless for her brother to dream of winning against Jiwon, he was just so much better.

“What is it, Yoon Ji-ah?” Sunghoon turned to look at her fully.

“Do you have someone you like?” she went straight to the point since she had no point not to and she wanted to know who had captured her brother’s heart.

“Wha.. what? What gave you that kind of idea?” he asked, baffled.

Yoon Ji smirked. “Don’t try to deny it. It’s all over you. Just tell me.”

Sunghoon glanced quickly at Jiwon which she found a little weird but she disregarded it.

“I, I… No! I won’t tell you”, he refused.

Yoon Ji sighed. “I’ll tell you where I was. It’ll be like trading secrets. Please, Oppa.”

That at least got his attention. He seemed to be really considering it. After a while he, again, glanced at Jiwon. The gaze they shared seemed to hold a lot of meaning since it lasted quite long and after a while had gone by Jiwon nodded. That seemed to be the final decision as Sunghoon turned towards her again.


“Yes!” she couldn’t conceal her excitement and just had to shout out loud.

But, I need you to keep this as a secret, okay?” Sunghoon said seriously.

Yoon Ji couldn’t imagine how his crush could be so serious thing but nevertheless she nodded. “I understand, Oppa.”

“Good”, he replied. But then he seemed to hesitate again and that almost got her annoyed.

Before she could say anything Jiwon took Sunghoon’s hand in his and said encouragingly, “We can trust her, and we need to start somewhere.” That seemed to relax her brother and he took a deep breath. Yoon Ji was becoming more suspicious.

“Okay, well the thing is that the person I like is… Jiwon Hyung,”


“And, we’re dating.”



“Well, it could have gone worse.”

Sunghoon agreed. His little sister had taken the news quite well, considering her brother had turned out to be gay.

And he was as thankful to her as she had accepted him almost immediately, not counting the first shock of hearing the news. After he had set off the bomb his sister had just stared at him in shock, probably not believing what he had just confessed. But after a while she had shaken her head, as if clearing her thoughts, and smiled at him warmly. Then, out of the blue, she had hugged him tightly, murmuring ‘it’s okay’ in his ear. Then Sunghoon had had a hard time keeping his tears, which were threatening to fall, in check.

He had no idea how his parents would react if they ever found out the truth but he was deeply relieved that his sister was on his side, at least. And Jiwon, he was also by his side.

Sunghoon glanced at his boyfriend with whom he was still gaming with. He seemed to be fully focused on the game but Sunghoon knew better. Sunghoon had won the last three games and he knew it was not a coincidence. Jiwon was letting him win.

“What? Did Jiwon Oppa lose?” came Yoon Ji’s surprised voice behind them.

Yoon Ji had a moment ago excused herself to get her schoolwork from her room but apparently she was back.

“No, he is letting me win”, Sunghoon replied, glaring at Jiwon.

“No I’m not”, Jiwon denied, crossing his arms. Sunghoon rolled his eyes.

“Yes, you are”, he pressed on. He didn’t like Jiwon going on easy on him just because he found him weak.

“Only ‘cause you always sulk after you lose.”

“I do not!”

“Yeah, you do.”




“Ahem”, his sister’s voice got his attention. He turned to look at her questioningly. She sighed. “You do sulk”, she pointed out, and Jiwon grinned at that.

Sunghoon looked incredulously at her and then at Jiwon’s snickering face. Then he sighed. “Okay, but I promise not to do it this time”, he promised, looking hopefully at Jiwon.

“Don’t believe you”, Jiwon replied coldly.

“Please, Hyuung”, Sunghoon pleaded, putting his cuteness act on. But Jiwon only shook his head in response.

Sunghoon got an idea but he was not sure whether he should do it in front of his sister or not. He glanced at Yoon Ji and as she just smiled and nodded, indicating she wouldn’t mind whatever he was about to do, Sunghoon felt affection swelling in his chest. His sister was so precious.

He then leaning towards Jiwon and quickly pecked his cheek.

That got the exact reaction as he had wanted. Jiwon startled, turning to look at Sunghoon with an expression which was a mix affection, want and fleeting resistance. Then he even accidentally looked at Yoon Ji and his cheeks turned pinkish.

“Well, will you play fair?” Sunghoon prompted, smiling happily. Jiwon turned to look at him and Sunghoon knew he had won even before Jiwon opened his mouth to say, “Okay.”

Sunghoon’s smile turned satisfied. He quickly gave Jiwon a pat on his shoulder. “Thanks”, he said, and glanced at his little sister. Yoon Ji winked at him and Sunghoon couldn’t conceal a little chuckle escaping his mouth.

“Let’s play together Yoon Ji-ah. Let’s beat Hyung”, he said, motioning for her to come play with them.

“Like you could ever win”, Jiwon sneered.

“We’ll see about that, Wonnie”, Sunghoon replied with a sugar coated voice, smiling sweetly at his boyfriend and sent him a flying kiss. Next to him, his sister made a vomiting voice while, at the same time, Jiwon blushed embarrassed.

“That’s just too much. The kiss is okay but that is just too… eww. If you won’t stop that, I’m gonna leave”, she announced.

Sunghoon smiled affectionately at her and ruffled her hair.

“That brings us to another topic we were supposed to discuss about. Tell me, sister dear, where were you?”

Sunghoon wasn’t going to forget the other part of their deal.

Yoon Ji had clearly hoped we would since she sighed unhappily and almost sadly. That only aroused his interest more. She began, “Oppa, you know how our parents have been since you joined Sechskies.” Sunghoon nodded, knowing well how their parents had been burdened.

“When they saw how you have to live and how hard it is, they have been trying to make sure I won’t do anything even similar to you”, she continued.

Sunghoon nodded, understanding what she was saying. His career choice was not the easiest one. “Singing for profession doesn’t always guarantee a good income.”

“That’s the problem. I can’t even do something I enjoy for fun ‘cause they fear I’ll end up like you. Not in a bad way of course but you know what I mean. They won’t even let me go to karaoke or friends to sing for fun. They just want to keep me home and force me to study all the time and I’m fed up with it. That’s where I was, at my friend’s house, singing, in secret from our parents.”

Sunghoon was taken aback. He hadn’t even thought his parents would be so scared of what his future would become that they would make sure Yoon Ji wouldn’t make the same choice. And they had taken it too far, not even letting his sister sing as a hobby or a way to use her spare time.

He looked at his sister. She looked hurt and offended and Sunghoon felt that it was partially his fault. He leaned in and gently wrapped his arms around her petite form. Yoon Ji immediately buried her head in his chest and grabbed a hold of his shirt.

“I’m sorry, Yoon Ji-ah. I’m sorry”, Sunghoon whispered to his sister, gently stroking her back. “It must have been hard for you, I’m sorry.” Yoon Ji just tightened her hold of his shirt.

Suddenly Sunghoon felt a warm hand on his own shoulder and he turned to look at the owner of the hand. Jiwon was watching him quietly, thoughtfully.

Jiwon gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze and motioned towards the door. Sunghoon realized he wanted to give them a moment alone and nodded, grateful. Jiwon gave him a fond smile and left the living room. Sunghoon watched his back as he left and wondered how he could ever have got such a good person. He felt something more than just liking building up in his chest.

“It’s not your fault Oppa”, Yoon Ji quietly said to his chest. Sunghoon hugged her a little tighter.

“Without me you wouldn’t have to suffer this much. If I hadn’t chosen to become singer-”

“But singing is your passion.”

“It’s yours too”, Sunghoon remarked, lifting Yoon Ji from his chest so he could look into her eyes, “And that’s why I’ll talk to mom, don’t worry.”

Yoon Ji’s eyes shined with unshed tears and she nodded gratefully, “Thanks, Oppa.”

Sunghoon smiled at her warmly and for a while they just stayed like that, watching each other. Slowly Yoon Ji’s expression changed from sincere to teasing. Sunghoon didn’t like that expression at all.

“You do know, Oppa, Jiwon Oppa’s quite handsome”, she said smirking.

Sunghoon rolled his eyes, “Of course he is, don’t say you like him?” he teased her.

“No, wouldn’t dream of stealing him from you. Like that would be even possible since he can’t take his eyes of you”, Yoon Ji replied and grinned satisfied at Sunghoon’s blush. Then she continued, “You better get him back here since it’ll be boring to play without him.”

“Yeah, I’ll go get him”, Sunghoon stood up and practically ran out of the room and away of more embarrassment.

He was sure he heard his sister laugh as he fled the room.

He found Jiwon in the kitchen, sitting on a stool and drinking soda. Sunghoon walked up to him and sneaked his arms around Jiwon’s lean body from behind. Jiwon put his free hand over Sunghoon’s.

“Is everything okay?” Jiwon asked, concerned.

Sunghoon hummed in agreement. “Yeah.” They stayed in their positions for a while, Sunghoon always felt content near Jiwon.

Sunghoon didn’t know how much time had passed when he heard his sister’s yell from the living room. “Oppas! If you’re not here in fifteen seconds, I’m gonna come find you and you better not be making out!”

Jiwon and Sunghoon both chuckled. Jiwon turned around in Sunghoon’s arms and set his soda on the table.

“We better go before she comes, Hyung”, Sunghoon said, detaching himself from the hug. But Jiwon kept a hold of his hand, not letting him fully away.

“What is it, Hyung?” Sunghoon asked.

“She gave me an excellent idea”, Jiwon smirked and kissed him.

At first Sunghoon couldn’t resist Jiwon’s inviting and irresistible lips and shortly kissed him back. He could feel Jiwon grinning in the kiss. But then he remembered his sister in the next room and quickly pulled away.

“She’ll really come”, he panted, a little out of breath.

“She already knows”, Jiwon replied and tried to lean in again but Sunghoon quickly stepped away.

“She’s my little sister. And the game is still on, I’ll win this time”, Sunghoon took Jiwon’s hand in his and pulled him towards the living room.

“Just don’t blame me when you lose. And if I win every game you must promise me that we’ll continue from where we left before Yoon Ji came.”

“You bet”, Sunghoon was sure he would win at least one game.

A few hours later Sunghoon had a promise to fulfill.


Chapter 7: Are we blessed? Part 2

They were going to Sunghoon’s, again. That was basically how Jiyong and the other band members had spent their whole week off, not counting the first day when he, Suwon, Jaeduck and Jai Jin had been too hungover to do anything. They really had partied hard, so hard that not even one of them had noticed Sunghoon and Jiwon missing. The morning after that Jiyong had felt like shit and it had took him a while, even then, to notice the crushing-but-not-yet-together couple missing.

And as he had later found out, the pair had been at Sunghoon’s. After that they all had been going there every day, just to hang out and play games. And that was the reason why they basically lived there, only leaving to the dorm to sleep.

“Aah, I hope Mrs. Kang has cooked something delicious for us.”

“Yes, her foods are the best.”

“Yah! Jai Jin and Suwon, don’t you feel even a bit of guilt? Making her work so early in the morning just to cook for us”, Jaeduck scolded Jai Jin and Suwon both of whom had been fantasizing about Sunghoon’s mother’s meals.

Jiyong laughed at his friends’ behaviors. Jaeduck was unofficially nominated as the mother hen of the band and he sure did act the part. Even though Suwon and Jai Jin often acted childishly no one could compare to Jiwon in that, their leader or not.

Jiwon was not in the van with them since he had left earlier saying he had some things he had to take care of. But Jiyong wouldn’t be surprised if he saw Jiwon opening the door for them when they arrived. That had actually happened a few times, Jiwon saying he had something to do and that he had to leave earlier only for them to find him opening the door of Sunghoon’s home. Then he had made up some incredulous excuses of why he had arrived before them. Jiyong just found the excuses pathetic since it was obvious that he had wanted to spend time alone with Sunghoon, although Jiyong wasn’t sure if the others had noticed it.

As they stepped out of the van and thanked the driver, Jiyong quickly scanned the others. Even if Jai Jin hadn’t noticed it was unlikely that Jaeduck and Suwon hadn’t. Jaeduck was quite perceptive and even Suwon did seem to get the hang of things pretty quickly.

‘Knock’ ‘Knock’, Suwon knocked on the door.

And just as he had thought, Jiwon opened the door of Sunghoon’s home.

“Oh, you’re here already.” And why was it no surprise for Jiyong to see Jiwon disappointed at their arrival.

“Hi, Hyung!” they all greeted him and Jiyong couldn’t help rolling his eyes at Jiwon’s comically resigned sigh.

“Well, at least now I have someone who can last more than a minute against me.”

“Hey! I’m not that bad”, said Sunghoon in a playfully annoyed voice as he came to the door to greet them.

“Yes Hun-ah, you are”, Jiwon replied, motioning for the others to get inside so he could close the door.


As Jiwon stretched his hand to ruffle Sunghoon’s head, Sunghoon pointedly turned his head away and came to greet them, ignoring Jiwon. Jiyong was certain it was just to prove a point to Jiwon.

“Hi guys!” Sunghoon said, smiling at them. Then he came to give Jiyong a hug which Jiyong returned.

“Hi Hoony, how’re you doing?” Jiyong asked as he pulled away from the hug, not missing the threatening look Jiwon was casting his way. If looks could kill, Jiyong was certain he would be dead already.

As Sunghoon answered, Jiyong noticed a red mark on Sunghoon’s neck. For a second Jiyong wondered from where Sunghoon could have gotten a bruise but as he realized what exactly the mark was he quickly looked away, trying not to stare at the obvious love-bite on his friend’s neck.

At that moment Jiyong’s suspicions were confirmed. Their leader was finally dating his best friend. Jiyong had been suspicious about the change in their relationship since their small vacation had started. In the beginning of the week, when Jiyong and the others had visited Sunghoon’s home the first time, Jiyong had noticed something different in the way Sunghoon and Jiwon treated each other. They had been kind of more aware of each other, more considerate.

Jiyong had been about to ask Sunghoon about the sudden change in the atmosphere between him and Jiwon but he hadn’t found the right moment to do that. But at that moment Jiyong decided to make time to have a little talk with Sunghoon, to make him confess. There was no way Jiyong was letting him keep the secret any longer, at least not from him.

“Jiyong? What are you still standing there for?” Sunghoon’s voice cut through Jiyong’s thoughts and brought him back to present. He hadn’t noticed he had zoned out as the others had moved to the living room hence he was standing alone in the hallway.

“Oh, nothing. I’m coming”, Jiyong replied, shaking his head to clear his thoughts.

He walked to Sunghoon and again caught a sight of the mark on Sunghoon’s neck. Then a devilish smirk threatened to spread to his lips.

“Hoony?” he asked, already smirking inwardly.

“What?” Sunghoon asked, looking at him puzzled.

“Nice hickey”, Jiyong calmly stated and left the suddenly dead silent and furiously blushing Sunghoon, whose hand had flown to cover his neck, behind. Jiyong could almost imagine the gears in Sunghoon’s head turning in a fast speed, trying to think what it meant for Jiyong to say that and if he knew.

But Sunghoon got no chance to ask him about it since at that moment Suwon came to the hallway, asking if they were coming or not and Sunghoon had no chance than to follow them to the living room.


A hickey, a hickey. Sunghoon couldn’t believe it. How could Jiwon have done that to him? And why couldn’t he have noticed it earlier.

Sunghoon was too embarrassed. His best friend had caught him because of a love-bite. And he didn’t know if Jiyong was the only one. Maybe the others had noticed it too.

Sunghoon couldn’t imagine what would happen then. He wasn’t sure if he was ready for the others to know yet. Again, Sunghoon blamed it all on Jiwon.

Sunghoon needed to have a little talk with Jiwon so as he followed Suwon and Jiyong to the living room, he shot Jiwon a meaningful glare.

“Hyung, a few words, please”, Sunghoon said, trying to sound as calm as possible but at the same time keeping a commanding tone in his voice.

Jiwon looked at him, confused. “Okay”, he replied and stood up from his place on the sofa, next to Jai Jin.

Sunghoon led them to the kitchen where they would not be overheard by the others. Then he turned to face Jiwon who was just behind him. He looked a bit confused while Sunghoon was angry.

“Hyung! How could you?” Sunghoon demanded, crossing his arms.

“What? How could I what?” Jiwon asked, still confused. He was probably wondering why Sunghoon seemed angry at him but Sunghoon was damn sure he had a good reason.

“You know what!” then Sunghoon pointed towards the mark on his neck, “How could you leave a mark, especially when the others were coming over?”

“Oh, that?” Jiwon exclaimed, the understanding finally dawning to him. “I think it looks kind of hot on you.”

Sunghoon couldn’t help blushing to that comment but he tried not to let it affect him. “Hyung! What if the others saw? No, actually, they already did, or Jiyong at least.”

“He did? But you know I can’t resist you”, Jiwon at least looked a bit surprised to hear that Jiyong had noticed the mark but it quickly faded away and a smug look took it place. Jiwon slowly drifted closer to Sunghoon meanwhile Sunghoon continued his nagging.

“Hyung, that is no reason for you to-” Sunghoon was abruptly cut off by Jiwon’s lips. Jiwon’s sweet, alluring, impossibly delicious lips. Sunghoon’s previous thoughts flew out of the window as he got drowned in Jiwon’s sent and touch as Jiwon had circled his hands around Sunghoon’s neck.

Sunghoon’s hands automatically landed on Jiwon’s hips and Jiwon smiled satisfiedly to the kiss. Then Jiwon slowly started to kiss his way down to Sunghoon’s neck, and that was when it hit Sunghoon. The mark. Sunghoon had almost forgotten about it. He cursed inwardly Jiwon and his unfair tactics.

“Hyung, stop”, Sunghoon said, although he might have sounded not at all convincing. But luckily for him, Jiwon withdrew from his neck to look at his face properly.

“You can’t do this-”

“Would it really be so terrible for the others to know about us?” Jiwon interrupted Sunghoon before he could continue any further. “They have to know at some point. We can’t keep this as a secret forever. And Jiyong already knows.”

“Yes, but Jiyong is Jiyong and the others-”

“Are you really that ashamed of me?”

Sunghoon stopped. He knew he could never be ashamed of Jiwon. Had he been implying it? At that moment, as Sunghoon looked at Jiwon, Jiwon looked hurt.

“No, of course not!” Sunghoon responded.

“Then would it be impossible for the others to know? To reveal it to them together?” Jiwon inquired again, this time softly, at the same time lacing their fingers together.

Sunghoon looked at their joined hands. He knew his fear was unreasonable but he couldn’t help feeling nervous thinking about their bandmates’ reactions to the news. But then, he did have Jiwon to support him, and that was something he hadn’t realized earlier. He didn’t have to go through everything on his own. He had someone next to him, ready to back him up and vice versa.

Sunghoon slowly lifted his gaze from their hands to Jiwon’s eyes. In his eyes, Sunghoon could see uncertainty and fear but also deep affection and trust.

“I… You’re right. Together”, Sunghoon sighed, but still managing a small smile as a silent thank you.

“Together”, Jiwon confirmed.

As Jiwon squeezed his hand and gestured towards the living room Sunghoon nodded and let Jiwon lead the way, their hands still joined.

Together, Sunghoon thought and braced himself for the explanations waiting for them just around the corner.


Are we blessed? Part 2


As they entered the living room, still holding hands, Jiwon scanned the room. Jai Jin and Jiyong were sitting on the floor in front of the TV, gaming against each other, while Jaeduck sat on the armchair and Suwon on the couch. Jai Jin and Jiyong were too engrossed on the game to notice Sunghoon and Jiwon returning but Suwon, who was closest to them, did. He also noticed their joined hands.

“Hi, Sunghoon and Jiwon Hyung. What’s with the hand holding? Are you two dating or what?” Suwon greeted and then teased them, joking but Jiwon’s reply quickly shut him up.

“So what if we are?” Jiwon asked seriously, lifting their joined hands upwards so everyone could clearly see them. “Yes, we’re dating.”

That got the others’ attention too. The reactions were immediate. Jaeduck’s head whirled to look at them and he yelled “What? Really?” in surprise. Suwon looked at him as if he was joking, only trying to pull their legs. He seemed to be frozen in his place. Jiyong’s reaction was just as Jiwon had predicted but it was still annoying. He hadn’t moved at all but he had that knowing smirk, which clearly said ‘I told you so’, on his face and he muttered “finally”.

It was Jai Jin’s reaction or more like the lack of it which seemed a little unexpected to Jiwon. He hadn’t shown any kind of movement after Jiwon’s revelation and he seemed to be deep in his thoughts. Jiwon briefly wondered what he could have been thinking about but Sunghoon’s voice got his attention.

“Yes, its true”, he said, trying to sound confident but Jiwon knew he had to be anxious inside. For Sunghoon it really mattered what their bandmates thought of their relationship. Jiwon didn’t care so much but he knew it would be much easier and more comfortable if everyone accepted it.

Jaeduck was the first to comment, “Okay then”, he replied coolly, shrugging his shoulders.

Jiwon blinked. Had Jaeduck just accepted them just like that? Jiwon had to make sure.

“Just ‘okay’?”

“Should I say congratulations?” Jaeduck asked confused.

“Congrats!” Jiyong shouted from his place in front of the TV. He had continued playing and was totally winning since Jai Jin was still in his trance.

“Hey man! Wake up, you lost already”, Jiyong poked Jai Jin who blinked and looked at the TV confused until he saw the result. Then he cursed in surprise.

Suwon had also gained his voice again. “Wow, now everything makes sense. Why didn’t I notice this earlier?” he wondered out loud.

Jiwon turned to look at Sunghoon in confusion. Sunghoon’s expression was mirroring his.

“Are you all really okay with this?” Sunghoon asked, unbelieving.

“What is there not to be okay with?” Jaeduck asked as if Sunghoon’s question had been stupid. The others nodded, agreeing.

“Yeah, Jaeduck Hyung’s right. Even though it may have been a bit of a shock it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be okay”, Suwon replied and Jiwon’s jaw fell. Suwon had never sounded so mature before but Jiwon was glad it had happened at that moment.

“Thanks guys”, Sunghoon said shyly, looking at the others in gratefulness.

“Yeah, thanks”, Jiwon agreed and nodded to their bandmates.

Then all of them returned to playing. Jiwon and Sunghoon sat down on the couch next to Suwon. Sunghoon was in the middle, Suwon on his right and Jiwon on his left. For a while they watched Jai Jin and Jiyong play. Jai Jin was obviously on a guest of revenge for his earlier loss.

At first Sunghoon seemed a little tense, sitting next to Jiwon in a room with the others but after a while had gone by he slowly relaxed and laid his head on Jiwon’s shoulder. Jiwon enjoyed the closeness of Sunghoon and laced their fingers together.

After Jai Jin’s flashy victory dance it was Jaeduck’s turn to play against him. As Jiyong finished his turn Suwon again wondered out loud.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Can you believe it? They were all okay with it.”

“I told you they would be”, Jiwon said softly.

“Yeah, you did. Thank you”, Sunghoon said and gave Jiwon a gentle peck on the cheek. Then he circled his arms around Jiwon’s waist and hugged him tightly. Jiwon also put his hands around Sunghoon, getting comfortable in the hug.

Jiwon knew not everyone was as acceptive as their bandmates, especially his parents. He wasn’t certain if he could ever tell them about him being gay. If he did, he would probably be disowned and his parents would hate him. Jiwon would be bad for the family’s reputation. But as he at the moment had Sunghoon in his arms, he chose not to think about the future and the possibilities of his parents finding out.

“Hun-ah”, he said softly.

“Yes, Hyung?” Sunghoon asked, withdrawing from the hug to look at him.

“There’s only the two of us now.”

“Yes, so?” Sunghoon asked, not getting where Jiwon was going with his sentence.

“So, that means I can do this”, Jiwon said and kissed Sunghoon.

Sunghoon instantly returned the kiss, cupping Jiwon’s face with his hands. The kiss was sweet and that made Jiwon smile into the kiss, absolutely content on staying exactly where he was for the rest of his live.


Jiwon was in big trouble. His parents had found out that he had had a week off. He hadn’t told his parents about his week off in hopes of them never finding out. Oh, how wrong he had been. They had found out and were furious. Furious because Jiwon hadn’t visited home even once during the time he was free.

That was why Jiwon had taken a morning off and had promised to visit them. He purposely woke up earlier than usual, to get ready. The others were still sound asleep so Jiwon was the only one moving around the dorm. As he passed Sunghoon’s room, he had to use all of his willpower to not enter through that door to the room where he knew his boyfriend was sleeping. Jiwon would have done anything to just have a chance to snuggle next to Sunghoon. Except anger his parents more.

With a resigned sigh Jiwon left the hallway to put on his shoes and jacket. Then he grabbed his car keys and left the dorm, closing the door behind him as he went.

Just as he reached the door of the apartment building his phone rang. Confused as to who was calling him, Jiwon grabbed his phone and looked at the caller id. It was their manager. Jiwon couldn’t figure out a reason for the manager to call them so he answered the call a bit cautiously.

“Hello?” Jiwon started.

Jiwon, bring yourself and the others to the studio at 10 am.”, came their managers stiff voice over the phone.

“What? No, I have a morning off”, Jiwon denied. He deserved his leave.

We’ve got an album to record and write. Bring everyone here.”

“But I, please, I need this morning off, it’s important”, Jiwon pleaded.

Stop complaining, 10 am. No questions.”

And then the manager hung up before Jiwon had the chance to say anything else.


Chapter 8: It’s my fault

“Five more minutes”, Sung Hun mumbled sleepily, tucking his blanket all way up to his chin in order to keep the warmth from disappearing. He desperately tried to hold on to his fleeting dream.
“Wake up, Hun-ah.” Sung Hun vaguely registered the voice as Ji Won’s and knowing that Ji Won was not one to give up, he gave up on falling asleep again. Sung Hun slowly opened his other eye to glare at his hyung.

“It’s too early”, Sung Hun complained with a hoarse voice. Apparently he looked funny since a small chuckle escaped Ji Won’s lips in an affectionate way.
“I need your help with something”, Ji Won said quietly, lowering himself closer to Sung Hun.
Sung Hun eyed Ji Won closely. He looked absolutely stunning that morning, or at least for Sung Hun since his opinion might have been a little biased. His hair was styled nicely, his shirt was more formal than usual and he wore clean jeans. Sung Hun wondered whether Ji Won also smelled fine.
Sung Hun felt tempted to test his theory and decided that Ji Won had had to work a little to get his help. Smiling cheekily, he quickly yanked his hands from inside the blanket so he could grab Ji Won’s waist and pulled Ji Won down next to him on the small bed. Ji Won let out a small a yelp as his vision rotated to horizontal.
Sung Hun wasted no time and snuggled his nose against Ji Won’s neck, taking in Ji Won’s scent. Sung Hun had been right, Ji Won had applied cologne and it did smell nice, very nice.
As Sung Hun felt Ji Won’s breath get caught against his throat, Sung Hun gave a light feather kiss on his neck in order to make him relax.
Ji Won swallowed loudly.
“Hun-ah, what are you doing?” he asked breathlessly.
Sung Hun smelled Ji Won’s neck again, finding Ji Won’s natural scent under the cologne he was wearing.
“You just smell so good”, Sung Hun replied, hugging Ji Won closer to him. He felt immediately relaxed against Ji Won, Ji Won just had that kind of effect on him. Sung Hun could cuddle with Ji Won all day long and never get tired of it.
Sung Hun lifted his head from Ji Won’s neck with the intention of giving a morning kiss to his handsome boyfriend. He smiled sweetly at Ji Won and leaned in for a kiss.
He softly pecked Ji Won’s lips, feeling the surprisingly soft lips pressing back to his lips, trying to make the kiss last longer as Sung Hun was already trying to pull back. But he didn’t get the chance to withdraw from the kiss since a hand was suddenly placed behind his neck, keeping his head in place against Ji Won’s lips. Ji Won slowly moved his lips against Sung Hun’s and Sung Hun couldn’t suppress a quiet moan escaping his mouth.
The kiss was sweet and lazy, with no signs of rush in it. After a little while, which seemed like hours for Sung Hun, they both pulled away to catch their breaths.
Ji Won eyed him closely.
“You know what?” Ji Won asked a little breathless.
“Your breath stinks”, Ji Won pointed out, grinning as a blush spread across Sung Hun’s face.
Sung Hun quickly pushed the grinning Ji Won so that Ji Won was on his back and under him as he got on top of him. “What?! How dare you-”
“Is it morning already?” came a sleepy voice from across the room, interrupting Sung Hun. Suwon had probably woken up to Sung Hun’s loud exclamation.
Sung Hun and Ji Won both froze in their places as Suwon took in the view before him. Slowly his expression changed from confused and sleepy to one of embarrassment and cheekiness.

“What are you doing? Didn’t I say something about not doing it in my room?” he yelled, grinning but still not pleased with the first view he was seeing after waking up.
Ji Won rolled his eyes. “We’re not even doing anything”, he said, at the same time prompting Sung Hun to get off of him.
Sung Hun stood up, followed by Ji Won who took his hand in his. Then Ji Won started guiding him towards the door.
“Even though I’m feeling very tempted to continued from where we left off, there really is something I need your help with”, Ji Won said.
Sung Hun had entirely forgotten that fact while they had been in bed. “Okay, Hyung”, he replied and let Ji Won lead out of the room.
Sung Hun was sure he could hear Suwon mutter something along the lines of ‘did nothing my ass’ as they exited the room.
Sung Hun was sitting on one of the kitchen stools, waiting for the others to drag themselves to the kitchen. Ji Won had left a while back after briefing him about the situation. According to what Ji Won had told him, the company wanted them to come to the studio by 10 a.m but since Ji Won had promised his family to spend time with them he wasn’t going. Sung Hun had promised to cover for Ji Won while he was away because Sung Hun believed that Ji Won deserved to spend some time with his family. Sung Hun and the others were going to the studio, or at least they would be if the others weren’t still half asleep.
After a while of just sitting around, his bandmates started to crawl in the kitchen one by one. All of them were probably annoyed by the early call, Sung Hun wasn’t pleased with it either since it would have been their morning off.
“Okay, spill it out Hoony. Why did you wake us up?” Jiyong asked as they had all settled around the kitchen table.
Sung Hun took a deep breath. “Okay, guys. The company ordered us to be at the company at 10 a.m since we have the new album still in preparation. The manager called Ji Won Hyung.”
“Wait”, Jaeduck said, “Where’s Ji Won anyway?”
The others also noticed his absence in the table and looked questioningly at Sung Hun.
“He’s.. Ji Won Hyung has other plans and won’t be coming”, Sung Hun said, not entirely truthfully informing the others about Ji Won’s whereabouts.
But Jai Jin wasn’t satisfied with Sung Hun’s answer.
“If we have to drag ourselves to the studio then so should our leader too.”
“Hyung has personal matters to attend to. Don’t worry Jai Jin Hyung, I’ll take the full resbonsipolity about this”, Sung Hun replied. Sung Hun could take care of Ji Won’s absence, he was sure of it. He wouldn’t let the others get in any trouble, especially Ji Won, if there was something he could do about it.
“If you say so”, Jai Jin said, a bit skeptical. Then Jaeduck opened his mouth,
“I’m sure Hyung wouldn’t leave if it wasn’t important. We’ll help you to keep his secret Sung Hun-ah”, he said reassuringly.
“Yeah, Hyung is a good leader. He’s always helping us out so now it’s our turn to return the favor”, Suwon agreed and Jiyong nodded along. Even Jai Jin couldn’t argue with that and nodded his head.
Ji Won really was a reliable leader. He had often saved all of them from trouble within the company and had taken the blame. Ji Won always made sure they had eaten and drunk enough before eating himself. Even though he often scolded them all excluding Sung Hun, it was in their best interests.
Sung Hun was very proud of Ji Won.
“Hey, whose phone is that?” Jiyong asked and Sung Hun startled. He hadn’t heard his phone ringing and immediately stood up so he could reach for his phone. The caller was Ji Won. A happy smile spread to his lips immediately.
“At least we all know who the caller is”, Suwon said, grinning teasingly.
Sung Hun blushed slightly and quickly exited the room, not wanting the others to hear their conversation. As he entered to the living room, he allowed himself to stop and pressed the answer button.
“Hi Hyung.”
Hun-ah, I need your help”, Ji Won spoke, his voice sounding a bit embarrassed.
“What’s it?” Sung Hun asked, wondering what could have made Ji Won feel shy.
My parents are still asleep and I want to surprise them by cooking breakfast but the problem is that I don’t know how to cook, you know how terrible I am.”
Sung Hun couldn’t help chuckling, remembering one particular memory of Ji Won trying to cook for him which had ended in disaster. Sung Hun had had to save the kitchen from utter destruction. But if Ji Won wanted to cook for his parents, Sung Hun could try to help him cook something simple and delicious. “It’s okay. I can help you over the phone. Just tell me what they have in the fridge and we will start with that, okay?”
Oh god, you’re the best, thanks baby.”
Sung Hun felt his ears flush red at the nickname. Ji Won calling him ‘baby’ always had that effect on him, it got him warm all over.
After Sung Hun had assisted Ji Won over the phone for a long while, the breakfast was finally ready and Sung Hun had to start getting ready for the day.
“Now you just need to clean your mess. I have to go get ready now, will you manage to do that on your own Hyung?” Sung Hun asked as he strolled towards his and Suwon’s room.
Yeah, thanks Hun-ah. See you later.”
“No problem,-” Love you. Sung Hun stopped in his tracks. Where had that thought come from? He had almost said it aloud to Ji Won but luckily he had caught himself in time. He didn’t love Ji Won, right? He liked and cared about him a lot but love was just too strong of a word to use, right? It was just a usual thing to say over the phone when saying goodbye, right?
Hun-ah? Everything all right?”
“Yeah, just, I’ll see you later.”
Okay, bye.”
The call ended but Sung Hun stayed on his spot. After a while he shook his head, trying to clear his head, and continued towards his room.
Ji Won put the final touches to the breakfast, which he had prepared by the help of Sung Hun, and eyed his achievement proudly even though he had to admit that he wouldn’t have been able to do it without Sung Hun’s help. Without his boyfriend’s help the food would surely have been burned. Ji Won just hoped that Sung Hun wouldn’t get into trouble while covering for him.
“Ji Won? What are you doing here, darling?” a voice of a woman coming from the doorway got Ji Won out of his thought. He lifted his gaze and saw his mother standing in the doorway, looking bemused. Ji Won smiled.
“Mother, can’t your own son come see his parents?”, Ji Won replied, making his way across the kitchen to hug his mother.
“If my son just ever would visit me”, his mother said with an exaggerated sigh as Ji Won hugged his mother warmly.
“But I’m here now, aren’t I?” Ji Won asked his mother cheekily, withdrawing from the hug.
His mother shook her head in amusement. Ji Won grabbed his mother’s hand, guiding her to the table where the freshly cooked breakfast was waiting. Her mother gasped.
“Ji Won dear, where did all of this food come from?”
Ji Won smiled confidently. “I made all of it, mother.”
Before his mother could answer, a new voice was carried to the kitchen from the doorway. Ji Won’s father had entered the kitchen.
“Good mor- Ji Won?” his father said confused as he noticed his son standing in the middle of the kitchen. Ji Won’s father was looking as tidy as ever in his suit and tie.
“Hi father”, Ji Won greeted his father as he moved closer to Ji Won and his mother.
“We haven’t seen you in a long time, son. What on earth could bring you here? You didn’t get in any trouble, did you?” his father asked suspiciously, adding the last part with an unbelieving tone.
“No, I’m never in trouble. I just came over and made you breakfast, why it is so hard to believe. Come on, let’s eat”, Ji Won rolled his eyes, motioning towards the abundant amount of food placed on the table.
His parents sat down but they were still looking suspicious. Ji Won sighed inwardly, he guessed he hadn’t done much for his parents lately. He had been all over Sung Hun, forgetting all about other things. His boyfriend was just so enthralling.
Ji Won almost couldn’t suppress a warm chuckle as he thought about Sung Hun, his cute pouty lips, adorable nose, beautiful eyes,-
“Ji Won? Aren’t you joining us?” his mother asked suddenly and Ji Won noticed he had once again zoned out while thinking about Sung Hun.
Ji Won quickly shook his head and answered to his mother, “Yeah”, and then he sat down on the chair opposite of his mother.
The family started their breakfast. As everyone took their first bites, Ji Won noticed that his parents shared amazed looks. It was as clear as day that they hadn’t believed in his cooking abilities and Ji Won almost laughed out loud at that. Again, it was all thanks to his Sung Hun.
As the breakfast continued, his mother started to lecture him again on how little time he spend with them.
“-You’re a huge star now but that doesn’t mean you should forget your parents, Ji Won”, she reminded him sternly.
“I didn’t forget you. I even came here today to see you even though the company wouldn’t want me to”, Ji Won replied, defending himself. Then, before his parents could remark anything, he continued,
“Let’s talk about something else. Please, mother.”
Her mother eyed him, sceptical, for a while until she seemed to agree and nodded. “Okay, honey. Well then, how is the group doing?”, she asked.
Ji Won  inwardly sighed in relief. “We had this filming a while ago, for a movie called Seventeen”, he replied, happy to discuss about the safe subject that his group was.
“Oh, really? Wasn’t that your first time acting? Did you discover a hidden talent?” his mother asked curiously.
Ji Won quickly shook his head. He had been downright awful actor but Sung Hun instead- “No, I’m terrible at acting but Hun-ah was amazing. You should have seen him, he was literally perfect. He has talent for anything.”
Ji Won remembered watching Sung Hun act while he had his own break. He hadn’t been able to move his gaze from Sung Hun, he had been that mesmerized. He could have just run to Sung Hun and kissed him there.
“He must have been quite good since you praise him so much”, his father noted, getting his son to blush a little. Ji Won usually didn’t praise anyone so freely in front of his parents so they were a bit surprised to hear their son praising someone sincerely.
Over the breakfast Ji Won told his parents more about Sechskies or rather more about Sung Hun. For some reason, every Ji Won’s story revolved around the smiling, cheeky member of Sechskies. Ji Won didn’t even realise that all he could recall from each of the band’s recordings, filmings or meetings was everything that Sung Hun did. Everything he told to his parents ended with Sung Hun doing something.
After the breakfast Ji Won spent more time catching up with his parents, not noticing as the time flew by. It was already over noon as Ji Won looked at his watch. He cursed inwardly before exclaiming worriedly,
“Oh no, Hun-ah”, Ji Won realised worriedly. How could he have been so stupid to have forgotten Sung Hun? Ji Won cursed again, this time out loud but still silently enough for his parents not to hear him. Sung Hun was probably in big trouble and it was all Ji Won’s fault.
“What about Sung Hun?” his mother asked worriedly.
“It’s nothing, I need to go. I’m already late”, Ji Won glanced at his mother, sending a silent apology to her. He had to go before Sung Hun got in more trouble than he already was in.
His mother shared a look with his father before turning to look towards Ji Won again. She smiled at him in an understanding way. Even though she had been a little disappointed and sad by Ji Won’s rare visits, she understood how important his career was to him. She just had to hope that his only son would be happy.
“We’ll take you, me and your father have some business in the city actually”, she said.
It was already almost 1 p.m. Ji Won hadn’t arrived and their Manager was getting really pissed off. They had started to write lyrics for their new album right after they had arrived but it felt like they weren’t making any progress. Sung Hun had been trying his best and he was sure the others had too but the stress of needing to have an album ready by the end of the next month added to their manager’s decreasing patience was taking a toll on them.
Sung Hun turned to look at Ji Won who eyed them with a worried look before turning his gaze towards their manager, the worry disappearing from his face completely and being replaced
“Ji Won! Where the-” their manager started, not getting to finish as Ji Won interrupted him.
“My band members knew nothing about my whereabouts and even if they had known, it would have been my fault any way, coming late”, he said, coming to stand between their manager and Sung Hun and the others, shielding his band members.
“Late? Yes, you are over three hours late! I think we need to have a little talk-” again Ji Won cut him off by interrupting.
“And that’s exactly why you should leave us alone if you want us to meet the deadline”, Ji Won said coldly, walking to the table where the others were sitting around.
Their manager was furious but Sung Hun saw it in his eyes that he understood Ji Won’s point was good. Cursing silently about misbehaving brats he left the studio, leaving the Sechskies alone.
As the door closed behind the manager, leaving the boys alone, Ji Won immediately hugged Sung Hun, murmuring a soft ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ in his ear. Sung Hun shook his head, telling Ji Won he didn’t need to apologize. Sung Hun had done it on his own will, there was no need for Ji Won to apologize or thank him.
As Ji Won withdrew from the hug, he addressed the others, sorry.
“I’m sorry, I should have known he would be difficult”, he apologized and Sung Hun could see Ji Won was really feeling sorry. Sung Hun wanted to comfort him so badly but he restrained himself from doing so in front of the others.
“It’s okay we all agreed to it”, Jaeduck assured at the same time as Jai Jin said, “Yes, you should have.”
All of them turned to look at Jai Jin who continued in a sharp tone, “Why did you tell Sung Hun and made him lie for you? Actually, why weren’t you here in the first place? It got all of us into trouble.”
Sung Hun sucked in breath. Ji Won hadn’t made him lie, he had done it volunteeringly. “He didn’t make me lie, I-”, he got cut off by Ji Won.
“Don’t you blame this on Sung Hun! I can admit this is my fault but I can’t accept you blaming him”, Ji Won replied angrily, taking a step closer to Jai Jin.
Jai Jin wasn’t backing down. “Even if it was your fault, we’re still the ones who got in trouble!”
“Don’t worry Jai Jin Hyung, I said I’d take the blame for you earlier”, Sung Hun reminded Jai Jin of his promise from hours before. He knew he deserved at least some of the blame for lying to their manager.
“You’re not taking any blame for anything. It’s solely on me”, Ji Won quickly said, dismissing all of Sung Hun’s attempts to take responsibility for the incident.
Sung Hun was becoming frustrated and furious. Was Ji Won only regarding him as a helpless child? He had covered for Ji Won because he cared about him, he had known what he had been getting into. Why couldn’t Ji Won see that?
“Maybe we should all calm down, okay?” Jiyong suggested in a way that was only a little like a suggest and much more like an order to his hyungs, interrupting the argument before it could get out of hand.
Ji Won took a step back, away from Jai Jin. Jai Jin took a deep breath and seemed to calm down. Jiyong and Suwon sighed in relief and Jaeduck motioned towards their unfinished lyrics sheets.
“Maybe we should continue writing the lyrics”, he suggested gently.
Everyone agreed, except for Sung Hun who still hadn’t accepted that Ji Won had placed no trust on him. He knew he couldn’t concentrate on writing lyrics at that moment so he did something he had never done before. He stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him and leaving the others bewildered. He had to get some clean air.

​For anyone wondering about the timeline of this episode, it’s around the time they were filming Seventeen, in the end of 1997 or early 1998


Chapter 9: What’s Wrong? Part 1

Sung Hun was fuming. How could he not have been when Ji Won only regarded him as a helpless girl, he thought as he walked through the company’s cafeteria. After he had left the studio, Sung Hun had firstly walked through the long corridors of the building before descending to the first floor where the cafeteria was located on.
As he came to a stop in front of a big window, which was showing the cloudy weather outside, he couldn’t help muttering out loud,
“How can he think of me as such a fool, it’s not like I’m his girlfriend or something…”
It was a sunny day and Sung Hun was hanging out with Ji Won at their favourite cafe near their school. They had just ordered their drinks and since Ji Won had been insistent on paying, Sung Hun had left him to the counter while he had chosen a table for them. As Ji Won walked towards the table, Sung Hun could see something was clearly bothering him in the way he seemed much moodier than usual.
Actually, Sung Hun had already noticed Ji Won’s poor mood in the morning and that was the reason he had suggested them going out. He wanted to cheer Ji Won up. And he also had one matter to discuss with Ji Won. And that matter might just be the reason for Ji Won’s current mood.
“Thanks, Hyung”, Sung Hun said as Ji Won got to the table and handed over his drink.
“No prob”, Ji Won replied as he sat down on the chair opposite Sung Hun.
For a minute they both just drank their drinks in comfortable silence before Sung Hun cautiously asked,
“What, Hun-ah?” Ji Won replied, nonchalant.
“Why isn’t Soo Yeon Noona hanging out with us anymore?” Sung Hun asked.
Ji Won stayed silent. Ji Won’s girlfriend, Lee Soo Yeon, usually spent a lot of time with them and their mutual friends but for the past week Sung Hun hadn’t seen her around that often.
“We broke up.”
Ji Won replied after a moment of silence. Ji Won didn’t want to talk about the break-up directly, Sung Hun noticed, so he chose a bit different manner of approach. Honestly, Sung Hun was quite surprised. He had thought that Ji Won and Soo Yeon had been happy together.
“But didn’t you always have fun going out?” Sung Hun asked compassionately.
A small smile tugged at Ji Won’s lips.
“Yeah. That’s how we first met, actually. It hadn’t been long since I had moved here from Korea and I was only getting to know everyone. I was invited to hang out by some of the guys and as I got there she was there. As we were introduced, I was surprised that I wasn’t the only Korean around there. And we got along so well pretty quickly. I started to care for her and she was happy.”
For some reason, Sung Hun felt a pang of pain in his head while hearing Ji Won tell him how he had cared for her. But he quickly brushed the pain to the back of his mind.
“But that changed”, Ji Won continued, more solemnly. “You know how much she liked when I showed her affection like how I wanted to protect her even though she’s older than me.” Sung Hun nodded. “Apparently, for some reason she felt that I had started to care about someone else more than her and didn’t want to be with me anymore since she felt like a third wheel.”
A third wheel? Ji Won wouldn’t cheat on her, Sung Hun was sure of that. Noona must have misunderstood, Sung Hun thought. Ji Won was the perfect boyfriend, not that Sung Hun would know since they weren’t dating. A slight blush rose to his cheeks as he thought of Ji Won as his boyfriend.
“What? Who did she think you care more about?” Sung Hun asked, not letting himself to think about Ji Won as a boyfriend.
“Don’t know. She didn’t tell me. She just wanted to break up with me”, Ji Won replied, looking upset.
“Well, in that case, she’s not good enough for you, Hyung! I’m sure you’ll find someone much more better and then she will realise what she’s missed”, Sung Hun declared brightly.
That brought a small smile to Ji Won’s face.
“Thanks, Hun-ah. You know just the right thing to say”, Ji Won replied, ruffling Sung Hun’s hair fondly over the table.
And even though Sung Hun didn’t like the hair ruffling, he didn’t protest as he felt accomplished in making Ji Won smile.
“I’ll always be there to say the right thing to you then”, Sung Hun said, grinning.

Ji Won found Sung Hun in the cafeteria, standing by the window, looking out at the city. After Sung Hun had stormed out of the studio, Ji Won had turned to look at the other members and demanded from them what had made Sung Hun upset. The others had stared at him blankly, like he had been stupid. None of them had opened their mouths, until Ji Won had been about to command them again to tell him who had made his boyfriend upset. Then Jiyong had commented how it was obvious that Ji Won was the one at fault, who Sung Hun was upset at.
Ji Won had stayed quiet awhile until he had rushed out of the studio. He hadn’t even realised how rudely he had treated Sung Hun while trying to protect him. Even though Ji Won didn’t regret what he had done, he had just defended his boyfriend, he knew Sung Hun hated being treated as a helpless child.
And that’s how Ji Won found himself standing right next to Sung Hun, his reflection mirrored from the window along with Sung Hun’s.
As Sung Hun noticed Ji Won standing next to him, he immediately jerked away from Ji Won, creating more distance between them. He refused to look at Ji Won and his fierce gaze to the sky told Ji Won how pissed off he was and Ji Won wanted nothing more than to pull Sung Hun into a loving hug.
But Ji Won knew that he couldn’t possibly do it in front of all the people in the cafeteria so he had to find a way to lead Sung Hun to a more secluded place.
“Hun-ah, I need to- I want to explain”, Ji Won started but Sung Hun was still pointedly looking out of the window, paying no mind to Ji Won’s attempt at starting an apology.
“Come on, would you even look at me?” he asked, desperately, trying to keep his own anger locked away from sight.
For Ji Won’s surprise, Sung Hun turned around and practically shouted, “Why? So you could just order me to sit in a corner and smile prettily, huh?”
“No, just-” Ji Won glanced around and noticed that they had started to attract spectators, probably a result of Sung Hun’s outburst.
“Just what?” Sung Hun asked, sneering.
“Just come with me”, Ji Won commanded while taking a hold of Sung Hun’s forearm.
Sung Hun started protesting but stopped as soon as he noticed Ji Won’s stare. Something in his eyes must have told Sung Hun to stop playing around and so he silently followed him out of the cafeteria.
Ji Won lead them to a remote hallway. Then he let go off Sung Hun’s arm and started again talking before Sung Hun could open his mouth.
“I know I said the wrong thing to you, I can admit that, at least.”
Sung Hun snorted, “Yeah, you definitely did.”
Ji Won rolled his eyes, his childish side showing. Then he continued more seriously, “But I don’t regret defending you- And don’t even think about starting with the bullshit, would you have just stood by if someone had insulted me?”
As Sung Hun stayed silent,  Ji Won knew he had found the right way of persuasion. He decided to continue.
“Look, the album is really important and you know we have a tight schedule. From now on I will try to be more professional if there isn’t any need to behave differently”, Ji Won smiled , “You have my word.”
Sung Hun managed a small smile. In Ji Won’s opinion, Sung Hun looked impossibly adorable, trying to resist giving in to Ji Won but not quite succeeding, the smile giving him away.
“You’re smiling”, Ji Won stated, grinning.
Sung Hun blushed slightly. “I’m still angry at you”, he said stubbornly but not managing to hide a small grin. Ji Won’s grin was contagious.
Ji Won laughed inwardly. He quickly turned his head to look if anyone was in the hallway, and as he noticed no one, Ji Won leaned towards his now fake-sulking boyfriend and gave him a peck on cheek. Then he kissed Sung Hun’s nose, jaw, other cheek and forehead. Lastly he kissed his lips.
Sung Hun couldn’t help smiling happily while Ji Won pecked him on the lips and Ji Won could feel Sung Hun’s smile against his own lips. He teasingly pulled away and grinned as Sung Hun’s leaned forwards, chasing after his lips, clearly not wanting the kiss to end. Ji Won had no opposition to that so he leaned back towards his boyfriend’s lips and engaged him in a proper kiss.
As the kiss lasted longer and longer and Ji Won was becoming more and more intoxicated by the kiss, he was taken aback when he suddenly felt the loss of the touch of Sung Hun’s lips against his. Confused, he opened his eyes to see a slightly flushing but grinning Sung Hun looking at him teasingly.
“Weren’t you the one who said that we have a tight schedule?” Sung Hun asked teasingly, noticing Ji Won disheveled state.
Ji Won just blinked and it took him awhile to get an answer out.
“Maybe”, he started, smiling sheepishly, “But no one’s gonna miss us if we take a moment”, he finished while smirking suggestively. Honestly, he just wanted to drag Sung Hun to an empty room. But unfortunately, for him, Sung Hun had no such thoughts.
“Hyung, none of that right now. We have work to do”, Sung Hun replied sternly.
Ji Won couldn’t help a groan escaping from his mouth, damning himself for mentioning the group.
Sung Hun only chuckled and took Ji Won’s hand in his.
“Come on Hyung, thank you”, he said and led Ji Won towards the stairs, holding Ji Won’s hand gently.



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