13 Sure ways to get your crush’s attention as told by K-Dramas

By mssylee   Wednesday, Septempber 30, 2015



One-sided love, or unrequited love, is one of the most painful things. Pouring your heart out for someone who doesn’t feel the same way drives you to the edge of craziness and confusion.
You can even find similar situations in almost every romance Korean dramas out there where the main character makes bold to outrageous moves to gain the attention of their crush.

Here are some K-drama approved (but maybe not real-life approved) tips on how to get your crush’s attention.

2. Give him/her a surprise smooch on the lips
3. Become a knight in shining armor when s/he are in trouble
4. Be honest and just confess your feelings
5. Food is the way to anyone’s heart!
6. Dress differently from the way you always have
7. Walk at the same pace and make eye contact
8. Go out of your way to find them, wherever s/he is hiding
9. Challenge him/her to a 15-second stare off
10. Get him/her a thoughtful present
11. Get to her/him through her/his parent first
12. Work out together!
13. Woo him/her with your unique talent
14. Eat well and deliciously

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