5 Awkward moments that fans of Korean culture experience

1. 5 Awkward moments fans of Korean culture experience
If you’re a fan of K-Pop, without a doubt, you cannot avoid becoming more curious and immersed into Korean culture. From the foods and parties to even the language, there are so many exciting aspects but when fans give it a whirl they will, without fail, experience these 5 awkward moments!
2. Food
futurama animated GIF
If you thought Taco Bell sauce was spicy…lord bless your soul. Korean food will have your tongue doing a rain dance in hopes of some water. Not to mention some of the desserts that may throw off your taste buds. Expect to eat a lot of red bean in, pretty much, everything! Red bean donuts, ice-cream, you guess it, it’s probably in it. If you like Goya bean products you may stand a chance. I just hope you know how to use chopsticks.
3. Karaoke
Karaoke, also called noraebang, is every Korean’s go to spot after a night at the bar. It doesn’t matter if you can sing or not, but can you read the lyrics? If not, you may end up sounding like this.
4. Free Size
None animated GIF
The cursed tag attached to almost every piece of clothing. Free Size is basically Korea’s attempt of couture fashion when they are simply too lazy to make the same clothes in multiple sizes. If you are an M in America, you’re probably XL in Asian sizes. America is the land of the free and Korea is the land of the free size. Unless you’re trying to cosplay as the next Korean Hulk, take your pick.
5. Bowing
snsd animated GIF
To bow or not to bow, that is the question. When meeting your Korean friend’s parents, you better be prepared. Don’t make it awkward and pretend you were tying your shoe or look like a pigeon bobbing its head, go for the full bow and impress all Koreans you come into contact with. Use when needed.
6. Drinking
Now this goes for all drinks. Soju, mekju (beer), and banana milk may be littered with disappointment for some. Soju is so strong, sometimes waiters use the alcoholic substance to clean the tables. Bye-bye liver! Korean beers are pretty hardy in taste and often paired with soju, too, making for a real dynamic duo. Don’t try to chug this down at the next Korean company party if you still want to be employee of the month…or employed.
milk animated GIF

If you’re still underage there is the “as seen on TV” banana milk drink. In dramas and CFs they all look delicious, but the harsh reality is it basically tastes like drinking banana laffy taffy. If you like that candy -good, if not, mark my words as you have been warned. That awkward gag-reflex might just kick in.


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