The Top Ten Best Songs by SS501

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Top Ten Best Songs By SS501SS501 was DSP Media’s juggernaut boy group in the mid to late 00’s. Along with groups like TVXQ, Shinhwa, Super Junior and Bigbang, they’re responsible for writing the template of modern k-pop, but unlike those other groups, I feel like they don’t often get as much recognition as they deserve. Leaving behind a stellar kpop discography, SS501 released their last single as a group in 2010. Since then, members have gone on to solo careers and sub-unit Double S 301 promises to come back next week for their eleventh anniversary. That makes it the perfect time to look back at their ten best title tracks!

10. Snow Prince (2005)

A classically cheesy boyband pastiche, complete with swelling chorus and chintzy dance-pop beat. But none of this is a bad thing!

9. U R Man (2009)

U R Man presented a newly matured sound, highlighted by its layered chorus and repeating, ever-heightened key…

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