The Top Ten Best Songs by GOT7

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top-ten-best-songs-by-got7Though they’ve only been active since 2014, JYP boy group GOT7 have already become one of k-pop’s biggest acts — especially internationally. They’ve released just enough title tracks to create a top ten list, though I’ve mentioned before that their Japanese output really pales in comparison to their Korean material. As usual, only promoted title tracks with music videos are eligible, though Home Run and Yo Moriagatte Yo are pretty solid in their own right.

10. Around The World (2014)

GOT7’s hip-hop heavy Japanese debut may have essentially been an extension of their first Korean mini album, but it lacks much of the charm of their better material.


9. Love Train (2015)

Kicking off with a faux-cinematic flourish, Love Train is their strongest j-pop single, thanks to that punchy, rock guitar-fueled hook.


8. Fly (2016)

Though its relative low energy suffers in comparison to their best title tracks, Fly has proved…

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  1. for me its
    10. Girls Girls
    9. Take My Hand
    8. Around the world
    7. Follow me
    6. Just Right
    5. This Star
    4. A
    3. Magnetic
    2. Like oh
    1. Hard Carry

    this was so hard to make

    1. i agree its very hard, took me hours to come up with my top 10:
      10. girls girls girls
      9. hard carry
      8. just right
      7. gimme
      6. A
      5. stop stop it
      4. magnetic
      3. i like you
      2. if you do
      1. forever young, confession song & let me
      i cheated! hahaha

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