The Top Ten Best Songs by G-DRAGON

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Top Ten Best Songs By G-DRAGONFor the first solo artist to feature on my Top Ten lists, I could really only choose one person. In many ways, G-Dragon represents the epitome of kpop — endlessly creative, wildly influential as a fashion icon, and charismatic to a fault. He’s the brains behind most of Bigbang’s best songs, but his solo career is often even more entertaining. He’s the first hallyu star I completely fell in love with, and still the king of kpop.

10. G-Market Party (2010)

Only G-Dragon could turn a song that’s essentially an extended advertisement for a website into something so funky and irresistibly catchy.

9. Breathe (2009)

With its heavy use of vocoder, Breathe presented a fresh, breezy pop track to counter some of his more attitude-charged work. It’s still one of his lightest, most colorful singles.

8. Coup De’tat (2013)

A stark, trap-influenced hip-hop track that plays like a slow-motion fever dream. It’s…

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