12 Days of Healing: Day 3


List out 3 things of Kim Hyun Joong which you’ve grown to love over time.

His 4Dness has always endeared him to me.  I guess you can say his entire being has made me love him.  He is so candid and real.  Most of the time, he’s not even aware (or care) why people are laughing at what he said.

Comes with being real is I guess gutsiness.  He is so brave he doesn’t really care what people think of what he says or do.  He stands up to his decisions and of what he believes in.

His humility, humbleness, respectfulness and generosity has always amazed me.  Whenever someone compliments him (usually about his “beauty”) he always blushes and doesn’t know how to respond.  He also never fails to show respect to elders, sunbaes and co-stars.  He does his part in giving back to society and does not advertise the things he’s done.  That I say is true generosity.

Everyone in society should be a role model, not only for their own self-respect, but for respect from others.

– Barry Bonds


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