Month: August 2014

12 Days of Healing: Day 4


Have you seen any bad habit of Hyun Joong which you soon found yourself accepting as as adorable human flaw? If so, what are they?

The only “flaw” I found in him is his 4Dness (especially in WGM) but eventually found it endearing, adorable and what I really loved about him.  I love how he doesn’t like corny things but shows how he cares for his loved one in a very sweet and caring way.  He is so fun and playful it’s very hard to be mad at him for a long time.

I want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile.
– Charles de Lint


12 Days of Healing: Day 3


List out 3 things of Kim Hyun Joong which you’ve grown to love over time.

His 4Dness has always endeared him to me.  I guess you can say his entire being has made me love him.  He is so candid and real.  Most of the time, he’s not even aware (or care) why people are laughing at what he said.

Comes with being real is I guess gutsiness.  He is so brave he doesn’t really care what people think of what he says or do.  He stands up to his decisions and of what he believes in.

His humility, humbleness, respectfulness and generosity has always amazed me.  Whenever someone compliments him (usually about his “beauty”) he always blushes and doesn’t know how to respond.  He also never fails to show respect to elders, sunbaes and co-stars.  He does his part in giving back to society and does not advertise the things he’s done.  That I say is true generosity.

Everyone in society should be a role model, not only for their own self-respect, but for respect from others.

– Barry Bonds

12 Days of Healing: Day 2


How did you get to know Kim Hyun Joong? And what’s your first impression of him?

I watched BOF to compare it to MG but I got hooked to it because of KHJ!  He caught my attention with his smile.  Whenever he smiles I can’t help but smile as well since it lights up his whole face and when I heard him sing in the Macau scene, that is when he reeled me in!

I don’t really have a first impression of him.  He seemed to be a regular korean entertainer to me because he enjoys being at the background.  Especially whenever he’s with the other members.  Seems he just lets the kids do all the talking (especailly JM) and joke around.  I thought to myself he is just the leader because he is the oldest but I was proved wrong when I watched WGM.  HwangBo was correct, he shows his leader role whenever the kids are there.  He takes charge and has a certain aura that makes the kids listen and follow him.  His leadership was mostly seen whenever hard choices where made and that was when DSP didn’t want to renew their contract as a whole group.  He decided to leave the agency first to protect the other members.

It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.
– Nelson Mandela

12 Days of Healing: Day 1


What makes you love Kim Hyun Joong in the first place?

I love how real and 4D he is.  He is not afraid to say what he feels like saying without thinking of what others will think.  He is so candid, watching his videos is always a treat and would surely make you laugh.

I love his smile.  His smile is so contagious that it’s makes me smile too.

I love his voice.  His voice (and smile) is what first attracted me to him.  His voice is so soothing that I always listen to his songs every time I feel down.

I love how brave he is.  Courageously leaving his old agency first was a very brave thing to do.  Doing this diverted the attention and hate to him and removed the pressure from his members.  He is truly the SS501 leader.

Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.

– Tori Amos