Banmal Song


I’m currently addicted to this song, well I’ve always liked these type of songs.  Who would not like acoustic songs?  Or am just a sucker for guitared (if there’s such word) songs and guitarists?! 🙂  Since I was young, guitarists have always been cool for me.  Its like every time they play the guitar for you, they are serenading you. 🙂
When I watched YongSeo couple, I was shocked.  I find Yong Hwa (or Shin Woo) similar to Ji Hoo and he has angles that makes him look like Hyun Joong.  What are the chances Yong Hwa would also sing Falling Slowly in WGM?!

When YongSeo ended, I was sad.  I must admit I enjoyed watching their jealous spats!  But nothing beats JoongBo (in my heart at least). I cried so much when I watched JoongBo’s last episode.

If I were to compare YongSeo and JoongBo, YongSeo is like a typical couple.  They’re sweet to each other and did things that are typical of couples.  They gave DIY gifts and called and texted each other.  But that’s it.  I somehow felt they’re just reel and would never be real.

JoongBo on the other hand, treated each other like they’re friends (and Hyun Joong treats his girlfriend like a friend! 🙂  I’m a believer after all!).  Extreme fondness can be seen and felt in this couple.  When they said their farewell, its like they’re saying goodbye to their best friend.  Someone who’s been with you through hardships and knows you inside out.  Hyun Joong admitted its hard for him to open up but he was able to with Hwang Bo.  I guess that’s the reason it hurt so much when they ended.  After exerting all your efforts, that someone you invested on would suddenly leave.

Going back to YongSeo, let’s say they’re real (and not virtual) then I could say they had a pretty good relationship.  Who wouldn’t be touched with a song made by you’re husband, handmade stuff (which I think is quite cheesy since it came from the guy) and balloon surprise (I love balloons!).

One thing confuses me though.  If they’re really not real, how come when they were asked to kiss during the photo shoot, I felt their reaction was just for the sake of?  Its like they’re saying no just so people (or the partner) wouldn’t think they’ve actually been waiting for that.  Protecting ones self?! 🙂


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