I got to know Hyun Joong after falling inlove with his voice in BOF.  Just like any other fan, I researched about him and discovered WGM.  I watched WGM multiple times and even noted my favorite lines and scenes and what happened per episode in my phone!  That’s how addicted I am with it!  With each episode, I got to know Hyun Joong better.  How relaxed and carefree he was when he’s with the boys (SS501 members) versus how uptight and awkward he is with HwangBo.  How playful, sweet, thoughtful and protective he can be and how good he’d be of a husband.  Through WGM, I also learned he’s a dog lover because of the affection he showed Jins.

I must also admit I’m a JoongBo fan.  I loved them so much that I cried and my heart ached on their last episode.  There are people out there who still believes that there was and is something going on between Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo.  LazerKim may be correct that they are professionals but the chemistry, care and sadness felt on the last episode is not just for good friends going on “separate ways”. I guess I’m one of those that believe there was something. 🙂  Hyun Joong once mentioned in Strong Heart he had a 5(?) month relationship with an active celebrity and everyone who heard that speculated it was Hwang Bo (or was it just me?).  I may be reading too much into their body language but when they were talking on the sofa on their last night, their hands were touching (holding hands?).  Is it because they were pretending to be married?  Or was it something natural since they really feel/felt something for each other? 🙂

3 years has passed since Hyun Joong invaded my world.  I may not be one of those that are anticipating they’ll keep their word and meet each other after 4 years (that’s regarding the Olympics I believe) but reliving the Ssangchu days is always welcome! 


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